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December 2014, Jaipur, Rajasthan:
Kabir is with the Inspector (his friend, Altaf) at Vidyanagar Police Station. Kabir leaves to meet the Principal of his school. Its been a very long time and today I am free so I am going.

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur:
Kabir comes to Alok Vyas ji’s House but the lady, who opens the door, tells him that he has sold the house to them. Kabir is confused. Guru ji wanted to spend his life after retirement in this house only, along with Ma ji and kids.

A few years ago:
Alok ji thanks all the guests for coming to his retirement party. I am actually getting free of a routine life. I have worked very hard to build this house. There is a very big garden behind this house. A lot many plants and flowers are planted there. But honestly speaking, I have never

watered any of those plants. I will make do it religiously from tomorrow onwards and watch them grow. Everyone claps for him. he talks about his dreams, all his wishes of living a relaxed life and spending time with his family.

Present: The lady has no idea where Vyas ji lives now but Mr. Verman lives in the neighbourhood. Vyas ji’s son often comes to meet him. Kabir thanks her and leaves from there.

Kabir goes to meet Alok Vyas’s son (Gautam). He talks about Guru ji’s desire to spend the rest of his life in that house only. He had built it with his hard earned money. Why did he sell it then? Gautam tells him that his father has divided the property in two – one part for me and the other one for Didi. Kabir finds out that Guru ji not living with either of the kids. He wanted to be with mom so they are living on their own. My brother-in-law (BIL) is responsible for all of it. He had his eyes on my papa’s money. He used to take loan from my papa every month for one or other reason. Papa’s PF, Gratuity, they took everything. Didi did emotional drama as they wanted more money. She asked for her share in the property finally. I haven’t met Ma since last 4 months. Papa always makes some or other excuses whenever I asked him to let me meet her once. He doesn’t even let me come inside his house. I am surprised as my mother used to love me like anything. She never even came to see me at the door. What’s my fault in this? Kabir takes Vyas ji’s new address from him.

Alok Vyas’s House, Patel Colony, Jaipur:
Kabir is about to ring the bell when he notices the lock on the door. He waits outside for a while and his Guru ji returns by then. Kabir touches his feet. Guru ji appreciates Kabir for his good work. He then tries to go inside but stops when Kabir tries to talk to him. Kabir asks about Ma ji. Is she not at home? Guru ji denies. she is at home only. She is not so well so I locked the door from outside as her sleep might be disturbed. You should meet her. He just closes the door from inside and Kabir stands there all worried for him.

Flashback: Kabir recalls how Guru ji and his wife never used to let anyone leave from the house without making them eat. Alok ji is happy with what Kabir is doing in life. I will suggest you just one thing. Speak truth but not when it is bitter. But I will change the words a little bit for you. You should always speak truth, even if it is bitter.

Present: Kabir is confused. The door of Guru ji’s House was always open for me but I found him a little different, tensed today. he is hiding something from me. I am worried about him. Sakshi (host) agrees. You are not wrong in what you are thinking. What has happened to the man who used to be so friendly with everyone? How come he is so alone after separating from his kids? What happened that the door of his house got closed down for his own kids?

Alok Vyas’s Daughter’s House, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur:
He tries to talk to her (Sheetal) about what Gautam said to him but she blames Gautam’s wife for everything. She is a very greedy woman. She looted my papa. They both took my papa’s room first and then his house.

Flashback: Alok ji’s wife is all dressed in a Kashmiri outfit. He praises her and then clicks her photos. His DIL praises her MIL too. She clicks a photo of the couple. Sheetal comes there with her husband. Her SIL goes to make tea while her mother goes to change her clothes. Alok’s son-in-law talks about how hard it is to survive today. Alok talks about hard work but Sheetal comes to the point. We were thinking of buying a new factory. The bank is ready to give us loan too but we need your sign as a guarantor. Alok ji is not happy with the fact that they are thinking about taking loan from the bank when he is there. He agrees to help them with the amount (40 lakhs). Gautam doesn’t need any money as he is in a government job. Gautam’s wife hears it and is taken aback. She looks at him angrily.

Present: I agree that we took help from papa and we were going to return every single penny to him. But my bhabhi thought that we are looting papa. She filled Gautam’s ears against us. The bitterness grew so much that it all ended on division. Papa divided everything between us equally. I don’t like telling it to you but Gautam and his wife are the ones who have done this drama.

Flashback: Gautam asks for 5 lakhs from his father. His father tells him that they will discuss this matter in the even when he is back from the office but Gautam loses his cool. You dint ask any question to Didi when she had asked for 40 lakhs but now you are asking me! Alok ji doesn’t have that much money in his account as of now. Gautam has his eyes on the money that will be coming in his father’s account next month (from LIC). Why are you doing drama when I am asking for money? Jija ji’s factory is running smoothly. Didi has even bought a new scooty while Jija ji has bought a bike. They can return the money if they want to but they don’t want to do it actually. Sheetal overhears this. Alok tells his son that Sheetal is his daughter, and your sister. No father ever asks his daughter to return the money given to her. Gautam is not interested in any of it. we have been married for 2 years and we are still living in a small room. You have bigger room than us. Sheetal intervenes. Both the siblings fight. Gautam’s wife too speaks against Sheetal. The argument ends at the fact that both Gautam and Sheetal have equal right on everything that is in the house.

Alok ji sells his house to Mr. Shekhawat. His kids are still not happy. Alok says now I will have two houses to live in – my son’s house and my daughter’s house! He talks about a house that he has got on rent for himself and his wife. We will live there only. I can pay the rent with my pension money. Let us live together in our old age atleast. Sheetal invites them at her home but Alok politely declines.

Present: Sheetal says we tried a lot but you know our society. Parents don’t drink water from their daughter’s house even in today’s date. Kabir wants to know what happened then. Did Guru ji shift to his new house? You must have met him. Sheetal agrees. We used to go there but Gautam had instigated Papa against so much that Papa never used to let us go inside the house. He dint even let us meet Ma. Its been 4 months. He used to open half of the door, talk to us and then used to close the door on our face. Kabir realises that Sheetal too has not met her mother (like Gautam).

Next day:
People have gathered outside Alok ji’s house. A foul smell is coming from inside. Kabir too reaches there. He overhears a lady talking about the incident. He (Alok) looked like a decent man but he turned out to be something else altogether. The dead body is in the house since last 4 months but no one got to know anything. Kabir rushes inside the house. He is shocked to see Alok ji’s wife’s dead body on the bed. Alok ji is still holding his dead wife’s hand and is staring blankly. Kabir asks Gautam about it. Gautam tells him that his Papa has killed Ma. He dint let me meet her once in all these 4 months time. The landlord smelled something foul and informed police. This is how we found out about it. He shouts at his father to speak up. Why did you kill her? Sheetal and her husband too come there. Sheetal also blames her father. This is why you dint let us meet Ma! Alok Vyas gets arrested.

Vidyanagar Police Station:
Altaf understands Kabir’s point but all the evidence is pointing against Alok ji. The dead body was found in his house only. The case is very complex. A case is bound to be registered if the dead body was in his house since months. Kabir wants to talk to his Guru ji once. Altaf relents. Maybe he will share something with you atleast.

Kabir talks to his Guru ji. I know all the charges are wrong. Please tell me what had happened. You only had taught me to always speak truth even if it is not desirable. How did Ma ji die? Why did you hide this matter for so long? Alok shouts back saying that she had promised him that she will not this leave this world before me! She broke her promise. She left me. I couldn’t accept this truth. I kept thinking that she will live with me for as long as I am alive. He breaks down. Kabir says your kids are blaming you for it. Alok ji replies that an animal is much smarter than human beings. When the babies of animals grow up they become capable of taking care of themselves. Their mother sets them free but human beings are nasty. They keep their children close to themselves for life, just like we did! Kabir asks him if his kids are the reason behind his state. Whatever I am today is because of you. I am not asking you this question as a reporter. Please tell me the truth.

Alok ji tells him that Gautam was the apple of his mother’s eyes and I loved Sheetal more than my own life. I had never thought that our own kids will do this with us. They wont understand our feelings at all. The house that I had built after working so hard, was a mere property for them. they wanted to make their future by selling it. I dint give up by any of it. I decided to start a new life with my wife.

6 months ago:
Alok comes to his new house with his wife (Sanyukta). She is not as positive about life as him. he tells her not to talk negative ever. We spent our whole life looking after the kids but what did they do? They threw us out of our own house, their lives for money! Should we give up on life then? It is time we start living our own life again. She offers to help her in every little thing. This is our time finally. We can romance now. She wonders if they will be able to live without their kids at this age. He gives her hope. Life is to live. Smile for as long as you are alive. There will be no more tears from now onwards in our life. She smiles.

Alok and his wife become friends with their new neighbours. Alok is all positive about life. It is our time now, free from all the responsibilities. His wife is sad. Other day, Alok brings bed tea for his wife. They both enjoy spending time together and even go to watch a movie. They return home but there has been water leakage in the house. Alok ji advises her to walk inside very carefully. She steps in and slips. Sanyukta was completely bed ridden after that. She was more hurt on her heart rather than the hurt on her body. Alok ji is taking care of her. She is in very much pain still. He starts telling her a story. Tears fall from her eyes and she slowly drifts off to sleep. He is concerned for her. Next day, he plays her favourite movies for her. She smiles listening to his words. He holds her hand but it is all lifeless. He checks her and cries.

Alok ji lights incense sticks all around the room. He even applies Chandan on his wife and then sits down to read a something for her. Body dies but the soul remains alive. I could see her soul in her smile and her eyes. Her eyes used to talk to me daily so I decided to never let go of her for as long as I am alive. I knew that my kids will come and shed fake tears if they find out about it. I knew that they will take her away from me and burn her. They had already taken everything from me. I only wanted to live with my wife till my last breath. I knew it that they would separate me from her so I dint tell anyone. I started taking extra care of my wife’s dead body.

Present: The rest of my life was going on nicely but one day, someone complained to the landlord. He informed police and this is why I am here. Is it a crime to live with your wife? I was just fulfilling the promise that I had made to her. I had promised her that I will live with her for life. Now these people will burn her. what will happen to me? Gautam, his wife, Sheetal and her husband are there only. They feel bad about it. Alok ji cries for his wife. Why did you leave me? What will happen to me now?

Kabir too is in tears to see his Guru ji thus. He tells Altaf that he cannot keep an innocent person in jail. He is not a killer. He loved his wife very much. This is the only reason for keeping the dead body with him. Altaf can understand it too but he has to wait for the post-mortem report. Kabir asks him how this reason justifies the crime. Russia’s citizens love Lenin a lot. They have kept Lenin’s dead body intact in a Museum till date. Guru ji kept Ma ji’s dead body for only 4 months. What’s wrong in it? Which section of IPC can prove it a crime? These are the real culprits. Take action against them. Arrest them for they have thrown their parents out of their own house only. See, our friendship is entirely different but I promise I will create a big drama tomorrow in the newspaper if you don’t release him right away. Guru ji is innocent. He should be freed right away. Altaf is in thoughts.

2 days later:
Alok ji gets released from the jail. Gautam and Sheetal accept their mistake. We are your culprits. We have cheated you. we became selfish. We were only thinking about ourselves. We have realised our mistake. We wont let you go now. Please give us one last chance. come with us. They all sit down on their knees and fold their hands before their father. We will never give you a chance to complain. We will never leave you alone. Alok looks at Kabir who nods at him. Alok forgives his kids and hugs them. Kabir folds his hand when Alok ji looks at him. He leaves with his kids.

Alok ji explained that he kept his wife’s dead body for months because of his love and attachment for her. Police too did investigation and found out that the reason behind Sanyukta ji’s death was her illness only. Alok ji forgave his kids. I would have certainly dragged them to court if Guru ji had not forgiven them so this case can become an example. Day by day, the elderly people of our society are becoming lonely. As per speculations, there is a chance that the number of senior citizens by 2015 will go up to 177.4 lakhs. The crime rate (against old people) is only increasing. 40% of old people are tortured by their loved ones only. It is important to stop such crimes and provide social security to the elders. The question is not just restricted to law but is for our outlook too. Is it not wrong to leave those alone who have given birth to us and have raised us?

Sakshi asks if we are forgetting that if we hurt a tree on its roots then neither the tree not the fruits survive. Are only those trees valuable in today’s time on which money grows? Is money above relations? We request you to look around you, if you see any senior citizen / old person alone like this then don’t be quiet. It is possible that you might be in their place tomorrow!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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