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A lady (Mangla) and her daughter (Nidhi) are fast asleep when a guy comes out of an almirah. He covers the mouth of Nidhi and tries to take her with him. The mother wakes up as the girl makes noise. Another man comes out. A lot many people stand there in the dark as the main man forces himself on the girl. They all go back in the almirah.

New Delhi:
Nidhi runs on the street. She finds a PCR van on the way and complains to the Inspector. People come out of an almirah. They beat me and my mother. She shows her wounds to him too. Please save us. Inspector goes with her to the house where they both are staying. Mehru and Jasmine (Mehru’s daughter) open the door. Nidhi cannot find her mother in her room. She points out at the almirah too. Mehru calls her

mad. She has attacks. Nidhi denies. I am not lying. Jasmine too says that the girl hallucinates. No one works here except Nidhi. Only Ahmed works here other than her. She lost her everything in Nepal’s earthquake. NGO brought her here. Nidhi insists that her mother is there only but police takes her with them.

Kabir is in the police station. The Inspector asks him to tell the name of anyone whom he suspects. I think it was murder only. Do you have any enemy? Kabir does not share anything. Nidhi is standing right behind him talking to the Inspector. She still requests Inspector to help her. Inspector says I have registered your report. I will call you if there is something to tell. Outside, Kabir thinks of Sakshi telling him about Rao Sahib. Nidhi comes out. She looks at the photos in Kabir’s hands. I know this man. He brought me here from Nepal. His name is Manish. Kabir points out that the name of the man is Anwar. Nidhi shares that she knows him as Manish. I lost everything in the earthquake in Nepal. We had nothing to eat or no place to even stay.

Nidhi’s father has sustained many injuries in the earthquake. Both Nidhi and her mother are berserk. Doc advises them to shift the patient to Delhi or some good place where he can be treated. Anwar (in the disguise of Manish) offers to help them. Sushma (an NGO worker) too pretends to help Mangla. Mangla wants to do any work so they can get some money for survival. Anwar agrees to take care of the passport or other formalities. Sushma and Anwar smirk at each other.

Sushma tells all the girls who are looking for work to listen to everything that the people ask them to do. Anwar tells them about the money they will be getting for the work that they do. Anwar gives passports to everyone. Sushma advises them all to do as they are asked. Rao Sahib comes there too. Sushma tells all the ladies to show the card of the NGO to everyone. You are going there as domestic helpers. They all leave for Delhi.

Mangla and Nidhi leave the place where they have been working one random day. Anwar tracks them down. They both refuse to go back to that place. We both were raped there and beaten. He still acts all sympathetic. Mangla innocently tells him how they escaped out of the house. Many girls of Nepal are in a similar situation. They want to return to Nepal. Anwar takes them to Mehar’s (Mehru) house in Gulmohar Park. There is another girl from Nepal who is working at Mehru’s house. She keeps quiet when Mangla asks her her name. Mehru’s husband comes there. He is probably a Sheikh. He looks at Nidhi from top to toe. He asks Anwar to say his hi to Rao Sahib.

The Sheikh has an eye on Nidhi. The other maid notices the same. At night, Nidhi is sleeping int he same room where the old maid is sleeping. The girl simply turns her face to the other side when a man comes there in the middle of the night.

Nidhi is all shaken up next day too. She tells her mother about the ghost that came from the almirah. The other maid asks them why they came here. Mangla asks Nidhi to sleep in her room tonight. The first incident is shown.

Next day, the Sheikh refuses to believe it as the door was locked from inside. Mangla says they all came from the almirah. Two people were wearing similar attire like Sir. They misbehaved with us. Sheikh goes inside to check but there is nothing but clothes. Mehru calls it their hallucination. Jasmine suggests making them meet a doc. It might be post accident trauma. Mangla says we have experienced it. we aren’t lying. Mehru tells them off but Jasmine asks them not to speak rudely to them. Sheikh keeps his hand around Nidhi’s shoulder. I will not let anything wrong happen to you. Jasmine signals him to leave.

Nidhi and Mangla spend the night in fear.

The old maid asks for a leave for 4 days. Mehru denies. She next says something to Jasmine in hushes tones.

2 days later:
There is a party at the house. The men at the party try to touch Mangla or Nidhi one way or the other. Anwar and Rao Sahib also come there. Anwar does not even talk to them. Mangla and Nidhi feel bad. Jasmine notices their sad faces. They tell Jasmine that they were not hallucinating. Jasmine takes them to her room. Sleep on the carpet in this room for tonight. I will talk to mother. She closes the door from outside. Two men are already waiting outside. Jasmine tells them to take it asy. You have a whole night before you. Jasmine sends them inside and closes the door from outside. She then winks at her parents.

Next day, Mehru hits Mangla on her back. Why are you sleeping in the kitchen? Mangla tries to tell her what happened last night when Mehru slaps her. Jasmine smiles at her mother.

The Sheikh leaves new people in Nidhi and Mangla’s room every night. Mehru beats Nidhi.

1 week later:
Nidhi is very hungry. She tries to eat a piece of bread as she has not eaten since last 2 days. Mehru throws away the piece of bread from her hands. Why did you leave your room that day? Nidhi reasons that she wasn’t well that day. Mehru stays put. You wont get anything till tomorrow morning. Nidhi and Mangla pack their bags to go back to Nepal. Mehru’s husband stops them. He calls Mehru. Mangla insists upon going when Suleman’s guests get up to find his way to the washroom. Suleman sends him with Nidhi. Meanwhile, Mangla heads Nidhi screaming. She runs inside. Suleman goes in after them.

Mehru beats Mangla. You are our servant. You have to do everything that we say to you. Mangla refuses to do anything that they say. We aren’t your slaves. They turn to go but Suleman beats them with hunter. Mangla begs them to let them go. You too have a wife and a daughter. Suleman calls Mangla and Nidhi his slaves. He beats them badly. The other maid feels bad for them while Jasmine smiles.

2 weeks later:
Nidhi gets out of the house in Jasmine’s disguise.

Nidhi tells Kabir that her mother is missing. The same had happened with the other maid. Amma says that Manish / Anwar too is involved in it. Kabir explains to her that it is his profession to sell / buy girls. Can you tell me the place where he brought you first? She says Sundernagar. The other man is called Sahib. He is the friend of Suleman too.

Sakshi points out to Kabir that this is not his personal problem anymore. So many people lost their loved ones or their lives in the disaster. It is impossible to even think that people can use others in such situation too. You must stop them by staying in the limits of law. I will always be with you.

Kabir takes Nidhi with him.

Rao Sahib and Anwar are at Suleman’s house. Rao Sahib makes Anwar call Kavya.

The House in Sunder Nagar (described by Nidhi):
Kabir finds no one there. He gets a message from Kavya to reach at some place if he wants to find out about Rao Sahib.

Kavya tells her father that he wont kill Kabir. I wont support you in this. I understood it with him what is right and wrong. You are so rich. You have so much yet you are so low. Rao Sahib says one has to do all this to be in the good books of the clients. She asks him if he will make a deal of her one day too. Wrong path can never be right. I have learnt it from Kabir. Anwar and Rao Sahib are not happy to hear her talk like that. Kabir enters just then. She is not on my side but she chose the right path. Rao Sahib asks them who gave this address to kabir. Kavya tells her father that she gave the address of this place to kabir. I have also decided to tell everything to police. Anwar aims his gun at Kavya. Rao Sahib asks him to take the pistol down but Anwar stays put. He shoots at Kavya but Rao Sahib stands in front of her as a shiled. He is hurt right in the middle of the chest. Kabir beats Anwar. Anwar falls on a show piece (of a soldier) by mistake and gets dies on the spot as the stick passes past his neck. Rao Sahib breathes his last in Kavya’s hands. I did everything for you. Please forgive me. She looks on in complete shock. Kabir keeps his hand at Kavya’s shoulder to offer his support to her.

Inspector reach Suleman’s house. They rescue Mangla and the other maid. A lot many of Suleman’s friends get arrested too. They were trying to misbehave with Mangla and the other maid at that time.

People are not to be bought or sold. It is a blot on the society. One should not let it happen and raise their voice against human trafficking!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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