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Medha, Maharashtra, 2009:
Patil Bungalow:
A couple asks their son (Subodh) to sleep with them but he wants to sleep in his own room. The couple discuss about how lucky they are to get such a big house at such a low cost. He tells her that the broker was also in a rush to sell this Bungalow. The lady goes to the washroom when her husband (Vikram) hears some sound. The electricity goes off. The lady comes out to see what happened. She finds Vikram pinned to a wall. His throat has been slit. She finds Subodh dead as well. A lady is holding Subodh in her lap. She is rubbing the blood on her face. The lady tries to run but something pulls her back.

2 months later:
The lady has gone mad. She comes to the house to look for her son but the guard sends her out.

Haunted House


Prof. Dinesh, parapsychologist:
A team of parapsychologists has come to find out more about the reason as to why this house has been kept closed since last 4 years.
Kiara and Tajasvi will be monitoring voice readings and temperature readings. Prasad will be handling audio and Sanjay is the cameraman. Low intensity bulbs have been put all around the house. They will get fused when the spirit comes near them. Tejasvi pairs with Prasad. Kiara is not happy as she has to work with Sanjay as a team. She walks out of the house angrily. Sanjay apologizes to her on his mother’s behalf. I had no idea she will say all that to you (it was 3 months ago). Kiara is upset with him for he dint say anything to his mother back then. Prof tells Kiara that she doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. The girls will be in one team and the guys will make the second team. Sanjay senses something near the tree outside the house but doesn’t see anything. The spirit peeks out from a corner.

Prof tells the team to be together as anything can happen in this house. They only have the permission to do the research tonight. The girls come to light the lamps in a room. Tejasvi hears something and gets scared. Kiara picks up the instrument and walks closer to another room. It was Prasad who was trying to scare them. Prof assigns him the task to survey the room on his own now. Everyone leaves.

Prasad walks inside a room. The instrument starts making noise. He hears someone’s voice. Kiara comes there. He tries to tell her what he had heard ( a little girl’s voice telling him to go away from there) but she doesn’t believe him. She asks him to come and eat dinner. He joins everyone but Prof tells Prasad to finish his work first. Tejasvi too excuses herself.

The ghost of the little girl walks inside when Prasad goes outside for a smoke. Tejasvi turns the other way round. Prasad follows her.

Kiara hears some noise in the instruments. Prof and the team decide to head upstairs too as it is coming from upstairs.

Prasad closes the door of the room. He hugs Tejasvi. She has his back to him. Prof tells Sanjay to bring Tejasvi and Prasad there. Tejasvi comes there just then. They are surprised to see her there. The team is right outside that room. Prasad finds Tejasvi all quiet. The lady (ghost) turns and he screams out loud. The team breaks open the door. They find Prasad lying dead on the floor.

Tejasvi is crying in a corner. The team wants to contact police but the network is jammed. They are shocked to see a gramophone there. The ghost comes to attack Sanjay but something happens just then. The ghost instead slashes Tejasvi’s throat. Prof sends Sanjay and Kiara upstairs to look for a way out. The ghost attacks her. They are shocked to see the ghost of the little girl hiding in a cupboard or something. The elder ghost tries to attack them but she cannot enter inside. Sanjay thinks about the connection. They open the cupboard and find a book inside along with a locket. They read the name – Pramlia Patil, 1973. Sanjay is sure they will find a help through this book only.

32 years ago, 1973:
Manoj and Pramila’s daughter Swapnila is leaning dance from her Massi Rupali. Manoj gladly joins her in the dance. Is your kaka looking for a groom for you? She nods. I don’t like any of them. He asks her what kind of a guy is she looking for. She replies that she wants someone like him. He invites her to stay at their house. She knows that her sister doesn’t like it. Manoj thinks of finding an excuse to come there then. Pramila asks her sister about what her husband was saying to her. She lies to her.

1 month later:
Manoj marries Rupali. It is raining that day. One of the ladies call it inauspicious but Pramila doesn’t believe her. Pramila does the aarti of the newlyweds. Rupali is very happy. She fakes to apologise to her sister. I couldn’t say no to him. Pramila knew it was going to happen one day but to my own sister! She replies that he wants a son. This is why I said yes to him. Pramila explains that it doesn’t matter to Manoj if he gets a son or not. He only wants an excuse to marry young girls. He will bring another when he is done with you. She leaves as Manoj comes there. Rupali asks Manoj if he will leave her when she gets old. He says I am also not young yet you accepted me. I will always love you. She hugs him.

1 year later:
Swapnila is trying to teach her mother. I will be very happy if you get educated. Pramila gives her a locket she has got for her from Devi Ma’s temple. Pramila wants to give tea to Manoj but Rupali offers to do it instead. She mixes something in the tea. Manoj is talking to someone outside. He drinks the tea. He agrees to give loan to the guy but in turns asks the guy to send his daughter to work in the fields. Rupali feels bad / insecure. She proposes a vacation to Manoj so they can spend some time together. He taunts her that she couldn’t give him a son even in a year’s time. I will have to bring another girl in your place. A guy invites Manoj with his family to some event. Manoj agrees. Rupali too wants to come but Manoj instead tells her to clean her room. Pramila reminds her sister of what she had said at the time of their wedding. Rupali is in tears.

Rupali meets the tantric. She asks for a solution so she can remain young forever and her husband never leaves her. He says only black magic can help you. You will have to give a sacrifice. It should be a young person. You have to do it tomorrow itself. You can stay young only by giving that sacrifice! You will have to bathe in that person’s blood. You will become young then.

At night, Rupali is restless. She finally makes up her mind to do what the tantric had suggested her.

Manoj and Pramila leave. Rupali takes Swapnila to a room with a pretence to oil her hair. Manoj and Pramila have missed the bus. Pramila wants to go back home but Manoj still wants to go. They leave.

Rupali kills Swapnila.

Pramila and Manoj return home. Pramila is looking for her daughter. She finds Rupali bathing in blood. She screams out in shock.

They tie Rupali and hang her outside on the tree. Manoj talks about the decision of the panchayat. They stone her to death while she pleads for mercy.

Pramila realised that the true culprit was Manoj. Pramila started studying and wrote her story in that book. Rupali is still looking for youngsters present in the house.

Kiara and Sanjay find some shlokas written at the end on the book. Prof asks them to meet him downstairs. He retracts when he notices the book in their hands. He tells them to keep it back. Sanjay keeps the book back. Sanjay and Kiara notice Prof’s dead body downstairs. Rupali’s ghost comes to attack them. Sanjay is still holding the locket in his hand when Rupali’s ghost tries to attack him. Kiara brings the book down and reads the shlokas. Swapnila’s soul holds the locket next and Rupali’s ghost fails before her.

Police refuse to believe the theory of ghosts. They take the dead bodies away. Kiara smiles when she notices Swapnila’s spirit.

Ghosts, spirits still roam on earth when their wishes remain unfulfilled. Rupali’s ghost continued to kill all the young people who came to this house in her thirst of staying young forever.

Sanjay and Kiara never returned here. People haven’t heard of any death stories ever again but they have heard voices of someone playing in the house with toys. Maybe it is Swapnila’s spirit who is still looking for the motherly love that was snatched from her!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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