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Kinnar Didi

Mumbai, Maharashtra:
Many eunuchs are dancing, getting ready as it is Kiran’s birthday tomorrow. They all have brought gifts for Kiran. Anu wants to send her sister Kiran to college. She wont live here with us or be like us. Kiran is sad to know that her sister wont stay tonight with her. Anu makes her smile. My sister will go to college and make a name for herself. You will fulfil mother’s name. Kiran nods. All the eunuchs leave for the night.

Next day, 8:30 am:
Kiran wakes up but does not see her sister anywhere. Jayanti Massi wishes her happy birthday. Anu will come in a while. It often gets later in our work.

10:30 am:
Anu is still not back even till 12:30 pm.

Guru Ma comes there. All the eunuchs greet her. Guru Ma assures Kiran that

her sister will surely be on her way. They start dancing to celebrate Kiran’s birthday. Kiran keeps looking towards the door. The food that Anu had ordered comes but she still is not home. Kiran is in tears. Guru Ma too is concerned. Anu has never been so late. It is 2 pm now. She should have been here.

Jayanti tells everything to the Inspector. Anu left with Mangal (the rickshaw driver) took her with him like usual. She is never this late. Plus Mangal is one of us. Inspector agrees to register an FIR if Anu is not back till 24 hours have passed. This is the rule for registering any complaint of missing persons. Kiran is crying.

Manju Didi scolds Guru Ma and others for not listening to her. This work isn’t good. Guru Ma says sorry to her. We did it just to fill our stomachs. Please help us. Manju Didi thinks of contacting Kabir.

Kabir tells Kavya to book their return tickets to Delhi. She refuses to go by train. My papa has enough money. I will take flight. Kabir thinks how much attitude she has. He receives a call from Manju Didi.

Kabir meets Manju Didi. She has told him everything. Kabir asks Kiran how she came here. Kiran shares that she came here to live with Anu Didi three months back only.

3 months ago, Nazargaon, Uttar Pradesh:
The neighbouring ladies are sure Anu will now put Kiran in her work too. Anu shows them the door. I will get her educated. We have some compulsion because of which we are forced to do it. We still send money to our parents. We aren’t like you all who turn their face away from their responsibilities. The people pay no heed to her. Kiran asks her why they were talking to her like that but Anu asks her to have faith in her.

Sakharam Slum Area, Meera Road, Mumbai:
Anu brings Kiran to her place. Guru Ma talks positively to Kiran. You are our sister now. We will all work to fulfil your dream.

I am their sister since then. Everyone was prepared to celebrate my birthday today. Didi was going to bring me a present but she still isn’t back yet. Kabir comforts her. He turns to Manju Didi. Let us meet Mangal first who takes Magal to all the clients.

Mangal shares with Kabir that Anu was only with him for one hour. She kept talking about her sister and all her plans for her sister. Mangal gets down talking to a big customer. He fixes the deal for 6k. Any is thrilled.

She left then. I came back. I went back in the morning too but she wasn’t there. I dropped her off on Meera road highway. I don’t know the number of the car. It was a big white car. I don’t know how many people were inside the car.

Guru Ma receives a call from Inspector Tawde. He informs her about a dead body that the team has found in the jungle area in Meera Road. It is Anu but she is still breathing. Police takes her to hospital. Guru gets a call from Kiran.

City Hospital, Meera Road:
Kiran sits next to Anu. Will you not talk to me or celebrate my birthday? It is my first birthday with you. Wont you hug me? Say something. I don’t want anything. You get up only. You brought me here by making me believe in you. Will you break your promise? I have to make my name in the world. Get up please. I wont let you go. I wont talk to you ever if you don’t reply to me. I will leave Mumbai. She cries and reminisces the old times with her sister. Anu holds her hand. Kiran gets a hope.

Doc tells the eunuchs to transfer Anu to a big hospital. It is internal bleeding. You will need 6-7 lacs as the operation will be big. Kiran shares the latest development. Doc tells everyone to take care of KIran. She doesn’t know how big the problem is!

At night, all the eunuchs put together their jewellery. They still need more money though. Manju Didi lends support of 2 lacs. They still need more money.

Kabir is at the police station. He tells the Inspector that there must be some clue in the CCTV. Inspector has already worked on that point. There is only one CCTV in that area on toll road which wasn’t working that night. No one wants to get involved in such cases where Kinnars are involved. There is no way to find out who the driver was.

Kavya updates Kabir that his morning tickets have been booked. He tells her that he wont be leaving tomorrow. She asks him about his tomorrow’s meeting with Rao Sahib. Kabir thinks of his past but then realises that it is Rao Singh Chaudhary. I will reschedule it. Kavya gets curious.

Kabir finds a bank in Meera Road area. There is a CCTV camera there. I might find some clue through its footage.

Kiran gets ready. Kiran recalls the first time she had seen her sister getting ready. I too want to put lipstick. Why do you do it? Anu replies that she has to do everything for survival. World sees us through one opinion only. I will have to earn to send you to college. Kiran suggests earning together so they can reach for their dream soon. Anu slaps her. You will never take this path till I am alive!

Kiran puts lipstick. Jayanti asks her once again if she wants to do it. KIran wants to save her Didi.

Kabir tells the Inspector that there is no other way to go to highway. That man would have taken this route only. They see the footage through which they track a white car and its number. Constable is told to find more details about the owner through RTO.

Jayanti is with Kiran. Anu will find out about it. She wont spare me. Kiran says it will happen if she is alive. I only want her to live. Jayanti says our work is very bad. You will age in 5 years. Kiran cannot think of anyone but her sister. Jayanti meets Raghu. She asks for money first as she needs it for operation.

Police reaches Kamal Saxena’s residence. The car is also parked downstairs. Police arrest Kamal. He accepts his mistake. I was drunk. I dint do anything intentionally.

Anu sits in Kamal’s car once Mangal finalises the deal. They reach an isolated spot in Meera Road. He is disgusted to realise that he is with a Kinnar. Anu asks for money. Kamal hits Anu on her head with a bottle.

He got stuck on money. I got angry so I hit him and threw him there only. Kabir asks him if he dint think if Anu will live or die. It was your mistake. She is in hospital right now. We need 6-7 lacs for her operation. Her friends are trying to arrange for money. Kamal had no idea people wont find out about a eunuch’s case. Kabir asks him if Anu is not a human being. Police arrest Kamal. Savita apologizes to Kabir. It can never be forgiven but I want to save Anu. I will pay for her operation. Kabir shares that Anu went with Kamal that night so she could arrange money for her sister’s education.

Kabir shares the good news with Manju Didi and the group. They look for Kiran but find her nowhere. One of them tells Manju Didi that Kiran was seen last with Jayanti in the red light area. Something is wrong. Guru Ma and her team decide to save Kiran anyhow. Kabir calls the Inspector too.

Raghu sells Kiran to a man named Sanjay Raichand. Raghu takes 4 lacs for Kiran. The man pays him 4 lacs. Jayanti asks for money first but Raghu assures her that he has money. KIran leaves with Sanjay. She sits inside the car. Kabir, Manju Didi and everyone reach there just then. They head upstairs while the car is going ahead.

Guru Ma slaps Jayanti. Raghu pays them 2 lacs. The deal is done. Guru Ma threatens to kill him if he wont tell her about Kiran. Raghu shares that Kiran left with a man just now. They all leave immediately to track down Kiran and that man.

Sanjay stops his car outside his bungalow. He tells her not to cry as he will take care of her. The police team reaches there with Manju Didi and Kabir. All the eunuchs beat him. How dare you take our daughter! Sanjay and Raghu get arrested. Kiran breaks down. Guru Ma scolds her for doing such a stupid mistake. Kiran only wanted to save her sister. Guru Ma shares that Kabir has arranged for the rest of the money.

1 week later:
Anu thanks Kabir but Kabir tells her to thank Kabir instead. She arranged for that much money. She got 2 lacs in a night. She followed your footsteps. You sell yourself for you. She chose that path too. Anu breaks down. We have no other option. We are people with bad destiny. Kabir gives Lakshmi’s example to her. She lives for other people. She reaches US. There are many more renowned eunuchs. You should set a good example for her. See a dream for yourself as well. Live a respectful life. Anu agrees to try her best.

Anu has opened a tea stall. Kiran returns from her college and asks for a ginger tea.

Eunuchs should not be looked down or shouldn’t be considered any less than a man or woman. They too have a right to live their life with respect and dignity. We need to give them a chance so they can make space for themselves in the society. They too are human beings after all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Tysm pooja
    and I completely agree with last para every human being is child of god. Each one has right to live a life of self respect with self esteem it is this bad society who is partial and such biased ppl who don’t respect humanity must be punished.they are too children of one god and should be given equal rights and respect in education society n in the world created by creator of us all. Although my words may seem lecture but we don realise their pain which society gives them we don’t value humanity. 🙁 🙁

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