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Everyone gets a different life to live. What will happen when someone gets to live while fighting a constant battle with themselves and others?

Kolkata, 2015:

S.M. Studio
The interviewer welcomes Supriya (a transgender). We need to need to know you and your story. Supriya replies that they will have to know her story first to understand it. Our society celebrates the birth of a boy. My parents were super happy when I was born. I was the fifth kid (son) after their 4 daughters.

Calcutta, 1969:
Supriya’s parents were thrilled to have a son. Supriya’s father names him Subroto.

Sonagachi, Kolkata:
The life was tough. There were 4 girls already in the house. Baba was experiencing loss in business. He had to live in a shady area like Sonagachi because of the


Subroto also attends his mother’s dance classes. His father finds him wearing ghungroo. He slaps his son. Subroto rushes to his mother in fear. Subroto’s father tells his wife not to make his son a girl. He is my son! He walks away. Subroto cannot understand why his father keeps hitting him time and again. His mother explains that his Baba dislikes dance.

Subroto’s father brings new clothes for everyone. Subroto likes the dresses that his father has brought for his sisters. His father has brought a pant for him but Subroto insists upon wearing his sister’s dress. His father sternly asks him to wear the pant. Subroto’s mother thinks that the colours of the dress might tempt him. Subroto’s father hopes that that is not the case.

Subroto is fascinated by colourful clothes, bindi’s, cosmetics. He often wonders why he never liked the games that the other boys play. Do I have a disease?

Supriya explains that she took time to understand her truth. I am a transgender. I was born as a guy but I was different. Eunuchs are different while transgender are completely different set of people. My father had realised it in the beginning only. He arranged for me to study at home only so he is not embarrassed because of me.

Subroto’s friend (Arindam) asks him to play but Subroto reads a love story. He asks Arindam to help him. He plays the role of the girl and also puts bindi and lipstick on. Arindam is not interested. He wants to play cricket. They make a deal. Subroto agrees to do his homework for him while Subroto asks for a frock in return. Arindam gladly agrees.

I had no idea what made me fall for the love stories. Arindam was my first love.

Arindam keeps bringing gifts for Subroto so Subroto continues to do his homework.

Raima Aunty’s House:

The men in Sonagachi keep talking cheaply to Subroto.

Subroto teaches Raima’s daughter. Mrinal (a customer) pays less money to Raima. He pushes her when she tries to get money from him. She is sad that she has to do all this. If my daughter continues to stay here then she too will be forced into all this one day. Promise me that you will take her away from here. Subroto nods.

Subroto wants to do a teacher training course. He asks Arindam to do the course with him. I want to teach kids. Arindam wants to become an engineer. He feels helpless as he cannot support Subroto at the moment. Subroto suggests him to leave his house. I also feel suffocated in my house. No one is ready to accept it that I am a woman! Arindam comforts him. Subroto’s father notices them hugging.

At home, Subroto’s father confronts Subroto calling him a eunuch. Subroto tries to make him understand that he is a woman. His father locks him in his room.

That day, I could see all dark around me. No one was ready to understand me. I used to cry, and miss Arindam. I hadn’t seen him in months. I thought I will never be able to do what I want.

Raima’s daughter is going for an exam. Raima thanks Subroto for all his help.

Mrinal tries to get cosy with Raima on a road at night. Raima denies but Mrinal insists. Subroto interrupts them. Raima runs away. Mrinal forces himself on Subroto.

Subroto is all shaken up at home. Subroto’s mother thinks of going to police. Her husband is drinking. He tells her to go to sleep. I will see what is to be done. A little later, he tries to suffocate Subroto in sleep but his wife reaches there in time. She saves Subroto from him. She makes Subroto run out of the house. Run so fast that you don’t come back ever. Subroto meets Arindam outside. Arindam promises his full support to Subroto. Subroto wants to accomplish his dream. I want to become what I am from inside. From today onwards I will be what my soul feels, and not my body. Arindam hugs him.

Subroto wanted to be a teacher since he came from Raima’s house. He wanted to teach the kids in these localities so they can have a better future. The first thing he wanted to change was his name. Along with his name, he changes his dressing style too.

Swami Vivekanand College, 1994:
The kids tease Supriya as she enters the class. The teacher writes down a question on the board. Supriya is the first one to find an answer. The teacher is impressed but it all goes away when he realises Supriya’s identity. He talks about Indian Culture where all this is not welcome.

The taunts never stopped but I had hope. But it is said that when everything is going fine then we are unable to look at the bad things. It pops up in front of us all of a sudden.

Principal gives suspension letter to Supriya. You passed your exams as Subroto but are here admitted as Supriya. You cannot cheat us. Only Subroto is eligible for this seat. Surpiya’s replies fall on deaf ears.

Supriya is even thrown out of the house where she has been living. The owner calls her a eunuch. Supriya gets to know that Arindam left with his mother.

Arindam was my strength. What was my mistake? I loved him dearly. Everyone in the world is so happy. Everyone has someone to love them. Why don’t I have someone?

Supriya comes to her home. Her mother doesn’t mind her new identity. She cannot call Supriya inside as her husband wont be able to see her in this condition. She comes out of the house. Supriya hugs her mother and breaks down. Why is Durga Ma taking so many tests? Her mother replies that these fights started the day she was born. Death can come anytime but you have to win this fight called life. Never give up. Keep fighting.

A mother is someone who stands with us no matter what. Supriya was all broken up but her mother’s support gave her strength. Supriya got up again. She was all set to fight.

Mrinal meets Surpiya on the way. He does not recognize her in the first go. Surpiya hurts him in the sensitive place. Don’t dare to think of anyone to be weak. A so called eunuch in your eyes is stronger than a normal person as she is both a man and a woman! Supriya slaps him. Mrinal looks on.

That day, I replied to Mrinal on behalf of Raima Kaki and many other women. I wanted to take that college’s case to court. I met Ashish one day. He understood my point and agreed to help me. He dint even take any money for it.

Supriya gives court notice to the Principal. This is not just my fight but a fight of many other like me. Now we will meet in court. Ashish shows his belief in Supriya. She is also very positive that new laws can be framed if they aren’t there already. That day isn’t far when I will study here. After that I will join this college and become your colleague. Maybe I will take a bigger seat than you.

Supriya lived up to her word. She passed her exam and then joined the college as a teacher.

Supriya’s mother is no more. Supriya cries. My mother was so close to me. She taught me how to fight but I couldn’t even see her cremation. Whatever I am today is because of her. Everything was left behind. I only regretted the fact that my Baba never accepted me. I got what I wanted. It took 12 years but Government had to give us our right. Now there is a separate column in official papers for transgender. I became the first transgender Principal of India.

Kolkata, 2014:
It is the felicitation day of Supriya. Surpiya thanks Ashish for being his support. Supriya thinks of her family. I wish my Baba could understand me. Ashish assures her that her Baba will bless her from wherever he is. She looks at him with confusion. The speaker comes on stage before she can ask Ashish anything further.

Everyone claps for Supriya as she goes on stage. The speaker calls a special guest on stage who will be felicitating Supriya. Supriya is surprised to see Ashish wheeling her father on stage. Supriya’s father apologizes to Supriya. Hope no kid gets a father like me. I am proud to call you my daughter today after what you have done. You made yourself and me proud. Supriya says I thought that the world is full of pains. It was just about a period of time. Everything gets fine after a while. I am very happy today. They share an emotional moment / hug.

Baba finally accepted me. Nothing could be bigger than that for me. Supriya ends the interview as it is time when her Baba will be home. The interviewer thanks Supriya for sharing her story with them.

One should not keep quiet. One should fight for their rights. You should also look around you to make sure no one is compromising with their dignity for any reason. We all should help each other.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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