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Patna, Bihar, 2005
Thakur Haveli, Arwal Village:
A lady wakes up with a start as she hears the sound of anklets. She gets up and finds her pram empty. She starts crying.

Residents believe that there is some spirit here in this village. The spirit kills all the new born babies. This has been happening since the last 20 years. According to people, the haveli is cursed. Is is some superstition or is there some truth behing it?

Thakur Haveli, 2015:
Sneha and Arjun are in the Haveli. She is a big businesswoman and enjoys her work thoroughly. She is wearing anklets and has also applied alta. Arjun tries to look closer but she tells him against it. Everyone sleeps here early except Dadi. They get intimate.

Arjun loves kids. Why you are extra careful when you love kids so much?

I have taken a year’s break for coming to India. What’s the problem? He begins to talk about the Haveli but stops. I am saying it so we wont plan a baby right now. She likes it here more. this feels more like home as everyone is here. He nods. We have to go back ultimately to America. She agrees.

Sneha and Arjun take good care of Arjun’s Tauji. Tau ji (Mahendra) is paralysed. Arjun later tells Sneha that Tau ji is like that since Radha Tai ji died. She died during of childbirth. Tau ji got paralysed because of the shock. Since then Chacha ji and Chachi ji are taking care of him. Sneha and Arjun have been here since 2 weeks now. Everyone is good but Dadi keeps quiet.

1 month later:
Sneha is awake. The window starts opening / closing suddenly. Sneha walks up till the windo to see if anyone is outside. She touches her stomach and pukes. A woman is watching her from outside.

Next morning, Arjun pulls Shena aside. She has been cooking. He compliments her on her beauty. She shares the good news with him but he is not happy. I had told you. dint you take those pills? She dint take them intentionally. You love kids. This is high time that we can plan kids. He refuses. Not here. She wants to know the reason. I thought you will be happy but I was wrong. She sadly walks away. he is tensed.

Sneha greets Dadi. She touches her stomach and is in for a shock. Sneha gets no reply so she walks away. Dadi too looks tensed.

The same incident is repeated another night. This time Sneha can see a lady standing at the window. She tries to call out for Arjun but cannot talk. The lady continues to stare at her. She tries to shake Arjun but he just turns to the other side. Sneha cries. The lady is gone by then though. The very next moment she finds the lady sitting next to her. She touches her belly in shock but sleeps when she cannot see the woman in that room anymore.

Next day, Arjun tells Sneha to get the baby aborted but she is against it. he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. I too want a baby but this our family is under a curse. No one knows why but all the kids born in the past 30 years in the family couldn’t survive! She wonders what has happened to the guy working in the biggest IT company of the world. He replies that this has been happening since Radha chichi’s death. Chaya Chachi too couldn’t become a mother after losing her first child. No one could! Sneha says it might be a coincidence. He replies that it is good to listen to. I too had an elder brother who died. My parents left this haveli afterwards. I am alive as I wasn’t bron here. I am the only kid of the third generation of this family. She reasons that they are killing their baby themselves by getting the baby aborted. He says we will anyways lose this child. We will be selling this haveli soon. chacha ji needs my help for the same. we will plan our baby once we go back.

Sneha asks Chachi ji about what Arjun had told her. Chachi says I lost my two kids because of that curse. I couldn’t conceive afterwards. One died in the womb only. The second was born. I put him to sleep and fell asleep too. I saw a weird dream that a lady has taken my baby. I woke up with a start and saw my baby all blue. He was dead. This haveli is yearning to hear the sounds of a baby since so long.

Sneha thinks of Arjun and his Chachi’s words. Chachi ji calls out for Sneha from the opposite side. Amma ji is not well. She is mumbling something. Sneha goes there with Chachi ji. Dadi wants to talk to Sneha. She sends everyone outside. Dadi / Amma ji tells Sneha not to be scared. I know you are pregnant. There is nothing to be surprised about. You think I am mad but I know everything that happens around me. I also know that I am the reason behind it. But is should be stopped. I know you will be having lots of questions. It is very important for you to know the truth.

30 years ago, 1985:
My Mahendra wasn’t like this once upon a time. We were a happy family. Radha was pregnant. It is her baby shower day and she looks really happy. The haveli was decorated and everyone was celebrating. Everyone blesses her. Amma ij is anxiously waiting for the next 2 months. I am so waiting to see my grandson. I don’t want anything else.

At night, Amma ji gives herbs to Radha with milk so she gives birth to a baby boy. Radha asks her what if it is a girl. Amma ji tells her not to say it ever again.

Radha gives birth to a baby girl. She is happy to hear her baby’s cries. Amma ji is not happy though. She had not expected / wanted a baby. She doesn’t even pick the baby girl in her arms. Radha is unconscious.

At night, Amma ji had a word with Pandit ji. We will have to give another test. We will have to offer this baby to Mahadev ji so we can have a baby boy next time. A girl is a burden on family. What’s the harm in sacrificing her if you get a son next time? Don’t you want to continue your lineage? Mahendra goes quiet.

Radha and the baby are sleeping at night. Mahendra takes the baby with him. Pandit ji starts the puja. Radha wakes up but finds the pram empty. She panics. She comes to the room where the puja is going on but it is locked from inside. She begs Amma ji not to do this with her baby. Amma ji doesn’t let Mahendra get up from the puja. His wife keeps begging for her baby’s life from outside. You too are a mother. Please give me my daughter back. Baba dips the baby in a big pot full of milk. Radha curses them all. The first son of this family will never be alive till forever. Don’t forget it! She passes out. The puja is finished. Amma ji tells Mahendra not to discuss about the matter with anyone. Mahendra checks Radha’s pulse but she is dead. The Baba tells him not to worry. Your lineage will certainly grow now.

Amma ji and Mahendra bury Radha in their garden only. I too feel sad btu there is no point losing ourselves in this pain. I will bring another wife for you but this matter should stay between us only.

The entire family had done the crime of female foeticide. Mahendra became paralysed after that incident. Arjun’s parents lost their first son while they were in the haveli. They left the haveli and broke ties with everyone there. Arjun had returned to revive the old relations only.

Present: Radha returns whenever a woman of this house is pregnant. She is back again. She is crying for her baby. I can feel it very well. You are a part of our family. Go away from here with Arjun. This is the only option to save our heir. It wont be saved otherwise. She is here to take your baby with you. it is your responsibility to save the baby. Take Arjun from here. Sneha cannot leave them all alone here. I am part of this family too now. Your pain is my pain. You have been punished enough but it is time to free Radha Tai ji from her pain. I will give birth to my baby in this very haveli only. But we will have to free Radha Tai ji before that. There is only one way to do it.

Labours dig near the same place where Radha was buried. They find some bones / skeleton there. A puja is going on in the house. Sneha and Arjun are sitting in the puja while the family members watch from a distance. Radha appears there. Sneha can see her. She sadly thinks of what had happened with Radha. She has tears in her eyes and she continus to look at Radha without blinking her eye. Radha lowers her eyes and walks away from there. She turns to look back at the haveli once but then resumes walking.

Dadi had realised the sin that she had committed by killing a baby. Boys can bring fame to family and girls will be a burden. This is not true in today’s time. Sneha gave birth to a baby girl who is hail and healthy. The curse was gone. The haveli was filled with baby’s laughter once again and everyone started feeling good about life again. This story has brought just about another perspective of life before us. It doesn’t matter if you have a baby girl or a baby boy. It is a baby that matters!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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