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The Game Changer

25 May 2015, Red Rose Bar, Mira Road:
Dharma Patil (a sand seller) is in the bar with his trusted ally Jayanta. He gives money to a bar dancer named Simran. She gives him a flying kiss and he later walks out of the bar with her. Dharma is a regular customer of Simran. They talk about going to various places together.

Dharma and Jayanta are returning from the bay when Raja Thakur’s (another sand seller) car stops him. They talk about another contract of the bay side area. Both want this contract badly. They both are about to get into a fight when Dharma’s left hand man interrupts them. Dharma resumes drinking. It is almost night when they reach home. Dharma cannot even walk properly. Varsha (Dharma’s wife) looks miffed.

Next morning, Varsha tells her son to

study well and become a good man. Don’t become like your father. She scolds Dharma for setting a wrong example for the kids. Dharma says I am giving you money to run the house. They get into a verbal duel.

28 May 2015, 11 pm, Patil Niwas:
Varsha opens the door.

Next day:
The maid knocks at Patil niwas but there is no reply. She goes towards the window and knocks but in vain. She finds the backdoor open. She enters inside and screams out loud.

Varsha, her kids and her FIL are dead. Dharma’s left hand guy cries sitting next to them. Dharma is missing.

Kabir reaches there. He is sad to see the dead bodies lying before him. Jayanta tells the Inspector about Dharma’s yesterday’s statement. He can never do it. He loved his kids a lot. He was a gentleman but fights do happen at home. Inspector asks him if Dharma had an affair. Jayanta declines but Inspector understands the truth. He gets to know about Simran. Jayanta adds that Dharma was going to Lonavala with Simran.

Simran says every customer promises to take me some place or the other but they never return after leaving. Dharma too had come and had said so but in vain. You are wasting your time. Inspector leaves.

Kabir thinks of the dead bodies. He gets a call from his boss and seeks his permission to investigate this case. I won’t sit peacefully till I get justice for those innocent kids.

Shanty Nagar Police Station, Naigaon:
Kabir is with the Inspector. Why would an owner of the house enter inside the house through backdoor? Inspector too has been thinking of the same. Constable informs them about a man named Dharma Patil checking out from a hotel. Inspector tells him to get that guy at any cost.

Kabir meets the maid next. He asks her about Dharma and the family. He was a good man but he used to lose his senses when he was under the effect of alcohol. He started drinking alcohol since last year. She was at their house till 8-8:30 pm. Bhabhi was very much tensed.

Flashback: Varsha is talking to Dharma. She tries to put some sense in him. I know what you are doing and who you are spending money on. It will cost you badly if you shout on me this time. She cuts the call and cries. Maid turns to go when Jayanta comes there.

Present: Jayanta says I went to deliver a payment to Patil house. Inspector asks him why he went alone that day. Jayanta replies that I thought Bhau had some other plan (with Simran) so I went there alone. Constable informs Inspector that the photo of Dharma Patil is not matching with the guy who checked out of the hotel.

A guy finds Dharma’s body hanging by a tree in Naigaon forest area.

Inspector feels that maybe Dharma killed his family first and then killed himself because of the guilt. Kabir gives a counter logic. Doc tells Inspector that someone killed Dharma first and then hung him on that tree. He died 2-3 hours before his other family members.

Raja comes to pay respects at Dharma’s funeral. Jayanta is not happy to see him there. Kabir observes it. Kabir finds Jayanta crying outside once everyone has left. He comforts Jayanta. He asks Jayanta if his Bhau had any enemy. Jayanta takes Raja Thakur’s name. He is the only one who will be benefitted in Bhau’s absence. He will get all the contracts now.

Raja’s House, Om Nagar:
Raja denies doing anything like that. It was between Dharma and me. I too have a family. Why would I do so? I was not here. I was at a family wedding out of town.

Inspector and Kabir talk to Jayanta in the police station. Kabir asks Jayanta if Dharma hurt anyone in the past few days or if someone

Flashback: Dharma slaps his accountant (Rane) when he retorts. You broke my trust by doing such a big scam. Money doesn’t matter but trust does! Rane walks out from there angrily.

Present: Rane gives his statement. I was angry but I cannot kill anyone. I too have a family and kids. Why would I do so? I was at the hospital that day. You can confirm from the hospital. Kabir gets thinking. He meets a Kaka next. You know Patil family since ages. Was there some past dispute in the family? Kaka shares about Dharma’s father’s brother (Shiva). They had gotten in some property dispute some 20 years ago. Dharma’s father had beaten his brother very badly. He was even jailed for 2 years. They live somewhere in Mumbai. We haven’t seen them since then.

Kabir checks the records in police station. He takes a photo of the address from the file.

Kabir reaches Shiva’s house. Shiva’s wife is glad that God did justice. My husband is paralysed since last 20 years because of Dada Patil. He is just waiting for his death since last 20 years ago. Kabir feels bad. He turns to go when he notices the photo of Jayanta on the wall. The lady says it is my son Keshav. Kabir thinks of all the instances. He leaves from there.

Police arrests Jayanta. He gives his statement. I only killed Dharma and his family. I ended the burden. I don’t care what I have to go through now.

20 years ago:
Shiva demands for his rights in property. Dharma pushes him. Shiva tries to give sense to him but Dharma’s father gets angry. He beats Shiva badly.

I had only one intention since I matured. I decided to seek revenge from Dada Patil and his family. I met Dharma. I gained his trust. I pushed him towards alcohol and girls. I used to tell Varsha every single thing. I slowly got Varsha closer to me.

One day, Varsha was crying over Dharma’s behaviour. Jayanta made use of the opportunity and comforts her. She hugs him. She realises what she is doing and breaks the hug. Next day, Jayanta hugs Varsha from behind while she is drying clothes on the terrace. They get intimate. It continues for a year. I hollowed the family.

28 May 2015, Naigaon Jungle:
Jayanta brings Dharma to the jungle. Dharma is drinking. Why have we come here? Jayanta replies that he has brought him here to make him pay his dues. Dharma is confused. Jayanta says one has to pay for his deeds. He tells his real name to Dharma. Dharma looks at him in shock. My father’s life stopped because of what your father did to him. He is still waiting for his death and is in such a miserable condition. He doesn’t eat, talk, drink or sleep. I have come here for final settlement. Dharma reasons that his father got punished. He spent 2 years in jail. Keshav / Jayanta is in no mood to relent. Dharma offers him 50-50 partnership. We are brothers. Keshav tells him that he has made him a beggar. I used your wife too. Dharma holds him by his collar but Keshav beats him and then suffocates him to death.

Later, Keshav reaches Patil Niwas. He enters through backdoor. Varsha opens the door for him. She gets concerned about Dharma. What if he comes suddenly? Keshav laughs. He will never return. Varsha finds something off about him. Keshav slits her throat. He next kills both the kids and Dada Patil in their sleep.

Present: I took my revenge.

Keshav was charged under different sections of IPC. We reap what we sow! Dharma’s family had to pay for what his father had done. Revenge, anger never takes us to the right path. Jayanta got his revenge but he got away from his family. Another story of revenge starts from where your story of revenge ends. Raise your voice against someone who does wrong to you. Take legal action but don’t take law in your hands. You will end up ruining your life otherwise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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