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Code Red 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi talks about a trap that has been laid. You are bound to fail. But don’t worry, I still got a chance to play my cards!

A guy thinks of using the gun but then decides against it as the sound might be audible to the neighbours ever. I used use a knife instead to stab him.

A guy (Rajdeep) turns (from Rajdeep Constructions). Dhananjay Shastri thinks that he is playing a game. He doesn’t know that his moves will fall back on him only.

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Dhananjay Shastri, M.L.A.’s Residence:
A man gets down from a car and walks inside the Residence of MLA Shastri.

Rajdeep talks about Shastri. He gets me contracts

for constructions which I subject to small contractors. He gets a commission of whatever I earn. He enjoys the money which I earn the hard way. I have two faithful people. One, my driver Mukesh Kumar and two, my bodyguard Jagan Singh. But who knows what faithfulness is? There is cheating where there is faith! We have no option but to trust! What should I do about Henna now? He calls out for Henna and throws a letter in her direction. He grills Henna about the details written in the paper. She looks scared of him as she fumbles for an answer. He smiles seeing her fear. He thinks about her beauty. I fall for her at times. He asks her if she will drink with him. She nods to whatever he asks. He dismisses her after enquiring about Jagan and Mukesh. She is my toy, just like the remote doll that walks / stops as per the remote button. I can make her do whatever I want to.

Henna talks about how she is compelled to do whatever he asks her to do. I left my town and came in the city to earn some money. There is mom, dad and a little brother at home. I have to think about his studies, his future, which is why I am bearing with all this. but till when? I don’t know!

Jagan asks Mukesh if he knows how much money is in the bag. Mukesh replies that he has never asked Rajdeep bhai anything. Jagan says we both have been faithful to him for 6 and 10 years respectively. We just pick up his left out meat. Mukesh reasons that they get paid for what they do. Don’t even think of cheating Rajdeep bhai. Jagan eyes the bag. They reach MLA’s Residence. Jagan goes to give the bag inside to the MLA.

MLA finds lesser money in the bag. Rajdeep is cheating me. Jagan reasons that he is only delivering it. I have no idea how much money is in the bag.

Rajdeep gets MLA’s call. Dhananjay is angry with him for giving such a tiny share to him. Rajdeep explains that he has got many more subcontractors to pay. I don’t get much after paying everyone. MLA points out that he got him a contract of 18 crores but only got 3 crores in returns. We had a deal of 50-50 share. Rajdeep says 14 crores got spent in the contract as they had to make something for which he had taken money. I gave you 3 out of the 4 remaining crores. MLA refuses to buy it. I can see your heavy pocket. Rajdeep is irked but still tries to butter the MLA. Dhananjay ends the call. He has started flying high. His PA suggests doing something to Rajdeep. The only problem is he has all the details about you which is why he is enjoying. Dhananjay is waiting for the right moment to do something. I am just looking for the right time.

Mukesh walks out of the cabin. Rajdeep notices Henna. He signals her to sit / stand nonstop and she obliges all the while. Rajdeep ends up smiling big time. Jagan observes everything quietly while Henna cries.

Rajdeep asks Jagan and Mukesh if Shastri asked them anything. Jagan replies that they have no answers to give to. Rajdeep nods. You have to be on high alert in this game of faithfulness. You never know when one becomes a cheater. Jagan nods. A dog will sometimes bark and even bite too, in case the need arises! Jagan drops Rajdeep back to his home.

MLA’s PA is talking to someone. This is the time to only give a demo. MLA hears him. the trap is laid. The spider itself will fall in it.

Henna gets ready.

Jagan comes to Mukesh’s house. Is it true that you will change in case our destinies are about to change? Rajdeep Sir is cheating MLA. Let us unite and do the same with Rajdeep Sir. Mukesh denies. Rajdeep bhai has done many favours on me. he took me in and raised me. Jagan replies that he has already paid back by servicing him for 10 long years. We are not his remote toys. We get mere thousands while he earns in crores. I have decided that it is payback time whether you help me in it or not. You must know so much about him as you are working with him since so long. Mukesh thinks and then joins hands with him.

Rajdeep’s wife tells her husband to send Rs. 50000 for her son to Dehradun. She knows about his weak points and he agrees for it. don’t talk about locker. There are so many servants at home. You never know when they might turn greedy.

Rajdeep comes to office next day. He makes Henna repeat the sit / stand thing again. Jagan decides to do the same with him today. He simply walks inside Rajdeep’s cabin which surprises Rajdeep. Didi you forgot your manners? Jagan straight away tells him that he wants a share in his earnings. I put my life in risk for you. I too should get a share in your earnings. Rajdeep isn’t pleased. You took 5 lakhs for your marriage. What about it? Jagan talks about his past records about all the contracts, the contractors, the money. You don’t do any work on your own and pass it to small contractors. I know you can bribe the police, hire a good lawyer and get out of jail but it will certainly ruin your image. Think which option is beneficial for you! Give me and Mukesh a share. Rajdeep smirks. Mukesh is with you too? Jagan nods. I just have to ask people and your game will turn against you.

Rajdeep thinks about the situation. You will be ruined. Give this man a share. His other self warns him against it. Jagan is asking for a share today, tomorrow he will ask for everything. Rajdeep confirms with Jagan if Mukesh is with him too. Jagan nods. If you want then I can get that doll on my side too. I can get many people on my side actually and you anyways have so much money in your locker. He recalls his wife’s words yester night. Henna comes inside just then asking for his sign on a cheque. Rajdeep is irked that she too stormed inside the cabin without any permission. Get out. She leaves. Jagan smirks seeing Rajdeep.

Rajdeep drives the car himself.

Dhananjay Shastri checks the posters that have been made by his party people. Rajdeep reaches there. Dhananjay was actually expecting him. Dhananjay reminds Rajdeep that he was just a small contractor. I won the elections and made you a contractor in my every big and small deal. But you cheated me? Rajdeep repeats that he has never cheated him. Jagan and Mukesh are cheating me. Please help me this time. They wont sit quietly now. Dhananjay knows that he wants him to kill them actually. He thinks of extracting whatever he wants to from Rajdeep first as the chance is good. You can kill two birds with one stone. Lay the trap. Remove your own pawns from the way and then remove this Rajdeep too. Be careful though as Rajdeep is a chameleon. He can change his colours anytime. Hope you yourself don’t get trapped in something. Dhananjay tells Rajdeep that he wont do anything by himself but he can show him a way. There is a girl in your office, Henna. Use the formula of Divide and Rule. Divide Jagan and Mukesh. Use Henna for this work. Make her your shield and aim at Mukesh. Love, money and prey will be Jagan then. Rajdeep understands the whole game plan. He praises Dhananjay and his PA before leaving from there. Dhananjay thinks, you can make anyone your prey but I only am the king of this jungle.

Rajdeep tells Henna to trap Mukesh. Make him agree to backstab Jagan. Don’t think too much. I can make your life colourful and will make Mukesh’s life better too. Henna thinks. She knows she cannot say no to him. Rajdeep tells her to show the true colours of Henna now.

Mukesh peeks at Henna as she works. Henna goes and sits closer t him on the sofa. They start going out on dates together. Someone is following the all the time and even clicks a photo of them together. The photo reaches MLA.

Jagan tells Mukesh that Rajdeep is falling in his own trap. Mukesh is glad. Our time should come too.

Mukesh and Henna get intimate. Dhananjay tells Rajdeep to attack as it is the right time. Rajdeep doesn’t tease Henna this time as he heads to his cabin. Jagan is observing everything keenly. Mukesh and Henna spend quality time together in the office too. Rajdeep observes it all.

Henna tells Mukesh that this is good for both of them. Mukesh is hesitant. I think it is all a trap laid by Rajdeep bhai. He sent you closer to me and then telling me to get Jagan out of my way. You are doing all this on his askance right? Why are you doing this? She replies that they both are poor and helpless. What will we get by fighting against Sir? It will be good if we side with those who are rich and powerful. You only had told me that you were an orphan and how Rajdeep Sir has raised you. You are ready to cheat him only today? You will support Jagan? We have our own life too. what will we achieve by going against such a powerful man? Jagan needs you today but he wont think twice before taking you out of his way once he gets his share tomorrow. there are so many cases against him already. Another case wont hamper him.

Rajdeep forgives Mukesh and even applauds Henna. I thought you were just a remote doll but you did wonders. He turns to Mukesh. I will call Jagan on Sunday to give him his share. I wont be in office though. You will be here. The pistol will cause noise. Neighbourhood can hear it. stab him with knife and run away. I will keep my locker here. I will do a big drama in front of the police. I will blame it on a thief and how Jagan died while saving my locker. Who knows who the thief was? Your right time has come Mukesh!

MLA’s PA tells his boss that Rajdeep has chosen Sunday to execute his plan. Dhananjay decides to wait and watch. We will see who the player is and who the pawn is.

Rajdeep asks Jagan to come to the office on Sunday to collect his share. But don’t dare to open your mouth afterwards. Jagan nods. Rajdeep tells Jagan to keep it between them only. I will give Mukesh his share separately. I had brought him from the drain. I will see him. Jagan says I am only concerned about my share. Rajdeep goes inside his house. Mukesh confronts Jagan. You made a separate deal with Rajdeep bhai? Don’t you dare cheat me. Jagan assures him that he wont cheat him.

Mukesh tells Henna that she was right. Jagan has a separate setting with Rajdeep bhai. He will take his share from him on Sunday. Good that you told me! Henna is thoughtful. I have hidden so much from you. please forgive me. it is impossible here to tell who is cheating whom!

Rajdeep shifts his locker to his office. Henna remarks that the game is much deeper than what you can see. No one knows what this Chakravyuh is all about and who is the mastermind actually.

Rajdeep drives the car. Henna gets ready. Mukesh leaves. Henna looks at a pair of keys. MLA’s PA calls someone. We are waiting to hear the good news.

Jagan walks inside the office. He is surprised to see Mukesh. you thought you will join hands with Sir and cheat me? Jagan is confused. Who told you about the deal? This means Sir has played game with both of us. Mukesh stabs him multiple times. Jagan falls on the floor and dies. Mukesh puts the knife on the table and takes out money from the locker. He is shocked to see Rajdeep. Rajdeep says I came to check if everything happened as per the plan. Jagan is dead. The locker is open as per my request which is good. Mukesh says I will run and then you can call police. If I stay here then we both will be trapped. Rajdeep points out that only he (Mukesh) will be trapped. Your fingerprints are on the locker, desk, knife and even on the money. Mukesh requests him not to trap him. I did everything as per your word. Rajdeep says you killed Jagan as he was trying to stop you from looting my locker. He died in the process. The story is still the same but you dint know the whole story. I forgot to tell. You came to steal money from my locker. You killed Jagan. He even attacked you in return to stop you. You couldn’t run and you died in the process as wel. Rajdeep stabs him. Mukesh too dies. Rajdeep leaves the knife in Jagan’s hands. He does a drama of what he will say to the police. Both Jagan and Mukesh were loyal to me but one of them was cheating me. I don’t know who it was! No one will find out anything.

He gets a call from Dhananjay. I wish I stab this Dhananjay Shastri someday too. He picks up the call. You called me at the right time. Dhananjay remarks that he only sets the time and plans things as per his liking. Both are dead, right? Rajdeep is taken aback. You only knew that Jagan was going to die. Dhananjay says I have the video (MMS) of your game with me. Rajdeep is shocked. I did everything to trap me but I got trapped in all this. Henna greets him. Are you done now? I will make you dance on my fingers now. I too can play right? Dhananjay tells Rajdeep that Henna was his prey.

Dhananjay had sent Henna. You should have a sad story. Henna asks Rajdeep if he really thought she is a remote doll who will dance on his tunes quietly. Dhananjay leaves no option for Rajdeep. Call police and tell them the same story. But there is a cost for my silence. I want my 12 crores back. Next time onwards I will take 80% of whatever you earn. I will do business with you only and will keep this video safely with me. Rajdeep realises that he is trapped badly. This Henna has played a very dangerous game with me.

Henna gets her money. Dhananjay tells her that Rajdeep has given his statement to the police. They have registered the case of mutual enmity. My men will drop you at the airport Arpita (/Henna). Poor Rajdeep doesn’t even know your real name. She leaves with Dhananjay’s men. Dhananjay knows that he doesn’t need her anymore. His PA smiles. Now she will directly go up.

Arpita is in the car. Driver stops the car at an isolated place. All the men point their guns at Arpita and ask her to get down. She obliges. She tells them to call their boss once. Hope he doesn’t regret it later. You have guns in your hands while I stand here unarmed. Call him once, I am not going anywhere. You can shoot me later on. One of the guy takes out his phone and she attacks them. She gets hold of their guns, takes his mobile and calls MLA’s PA. She tells him that the game has just begun. Pick up your men from the road. Be ready. I have Dhananjay’s video too. he only has tonight. Tell him to have fun tonight. PA tells everything to his boss. Maybe someone had sent her to trap all of us.

The whole story about Rajdeep, Dhananjay, Jagan and Mukesh is out on the news.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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