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Jaati Panchayat

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 4 am:
A family sleeps in their house. One member is missing. A jeep stops outside the house. The men come in to look for Kaushal but he isn’t there. Ranndeep asks Parasram.

5 am:
Kaushal and Preeti are on their way to city. They both love each other and want to marry. Preeti is scared of her family. If we keep walking then we wont be able to get far from here. Are you not worried for your family? Kaushal spots a car. The couple take lift.

Ranndeep and his men beat Parasram. The villagers gossip that this was bound to happen as the kid loved a girl from Thakur house. Parasram’s daughter keeps asking people for help but in vain. Parasram will have to come to Panchayat tomorrow.

Parasram’s daughters take care of

their wounded father. The younger girl asks her sister about their brother. Parasram asks for Kaushal as soon as he wakes up. He ruined everything. They will kill us all.

5:30 am:
Ranndeep gets to know about the couple who took lift from a white qualis. They decide to find that car.

6:30 am (50 kms away from Lucknow):
Kabir sadly thinks of his parents. He gets Kavya’s call. She talks about cremation but he refuses to do so till he finds Anwar. He ends the call. Kaushal and Preeti reach the same dhaba. She goes to the washroom when Ranndeep reaches there along with his men. Kaushal hides under a bed. He too runs towards the washroom to alert Preeti. Ranndeep’s men show Preeti’s photo to everyone. Kabir is in no mood to get involved in anything so he retorts angrily. The guy asks people about Preeti. she is my sister.

Sakshi questions Kabir what he is doing. You cannot see a helpless girl? You have to help those who are in trouble. Kabir declines to do anything for anyone else at the moment. Sakshi prods him to fight for helpless people. You are a journalist. Many more Anwar will be born even if this one dies.

Preeti and Kaushal have locked themselves in the bathroom. Kabir knocks at the door. Those people have left. You can come outside. Kaushal opens the door. Kabir asks them why are they running. He takes them with him.

Preeti’s house:
Randeep and his brother want his father (Pradhan) to kill the family members of Kaushal. Their father reasons that Kaushal has not done anything like that. There will be justice.

Kaushal’s family packs their bags. Parasram tries his son’s number once again but it is switched off. His elder daughter (Rani) tells him not to do so as he wont come to help them. The younger sister (Chutki) still wants to wait as their brother might come for rakhi. The Rani declines. Brothers don’t leave their sisters. We have no one. A man comes to call Parasram to the Panchayat. Parasram leaves with his Rani.

At the Panchayat:
Pradhan ji remarks that he is the leader of the Panchayat. He wont decide thinking just about his family. I will not throw Kaushal’s family out of this village or kill him. Kaushal has blackened our faces. We will do the same with Parasram’s daughters. My sons will rape Parasram’s daughters in front of the entire village. He gives two days time to Parasram to get Preeti back or his decision will be put into action. No guy from the lower caste will dare to look at the girl from the rich caste ever again! Parasram begs Pradhan ji for his daughters’ dignity. Pradhan ji stays put. Rani calls it injustice. Please don’t do this. Pradhan ji reminds her that women don’t talk in Panchayat. You have 48 hours to call Kaushal back home. He walks away with his sons. Parasram’s daughter breaks down.

Kabir brings Preeti and Kaushal to his place. He asks Kaushal if he dint think about his family once before taking this step. Kaushal replies that they dint think of anything but their love for each other. Now there is only one option left – to apologise. Preeti refuses as her father wont spare anyone. Kaushal breaks down thinking about his sisters and father. Kabir gets thinking.

Chutki asks her father and sister about the decision of the Panchayat. Rani wants to approach police but Parasram knows that they too will just watch the drama from a distance. There is only one way to protect our dignity now. He brings rope. Rani makes him throw it. Why should we kill ourselves because of Pradhan? Will we quietly dance to his tunes? We wont die. We will go anywhere we wish to and do it with respect. We will leave this place.

Pradhan’s sons are pleased by their father’s decision. They talk about who will enjoy first with whom. Pradhan reminds them that their sister is absconding. Think about her first. We will wait till 48 hours after which justice will be done. We will forgive Parasram’s family if my daughter returns. If that does not happen then the village will be shocked to see what happens with Parasram’s daughters.

At night, Parasram and his daughters try to flee from the village but a neighbour (Sunil) notices them. He immediately calls Pradhan ji. His wife asks him to let them go safely but Sunil wants to use this chance to get money for his daughters. Randeep picks the call. Parasram and his daughters come a little far from their village. Randeep and his brother reach there in their jeep. They catch hold of Parasram and the younger daughter. They both cry thinking of their fate. They are still looking for the Rani in the jungle. Chutki notices her but keeps quiet.

Next day, Kaushal paces in the room. He thinks of Chutki. She was making rakhi for him. Kabir and Preeti’s words echo in his head. He switches his phone on.

Pradhan’s men are keeping an eye on the house. He comforts Chutki that nothing will happen to Rani. He gets Kaushal’s call. Rani escaped but Chutki is still here. Pradhan’s men will take her away and rape her. Kaushal accepts his mistake. Parasram says he has ruined everything. Now you will only see my dead face. He ends the call. Kaushal tells Preeti about the verdict. I will have to go the village. Kabir advises him against it. Kaushal asks him to save Chutki somehow. Kabir heads towards the police station.

Lakhanpur Police Station:
Inspector and Constable are talking about Kaushal’s case only. They find the punishment justified. Rani approaches Police Inspector to seek his help. The constable goes aside to call Pradhan. Inspector meanwhile takes Rani inside on the pretext of registering her complaint. He plays games on his phone in the police station. Rani asks him to take action now. It’s been a while. Pradhan’s sons come and take Rani with them. Kabir enters just then. He questions the Inspector about what is happening. Rani asks him for help. Inspector advises Kabir to stay out of it. Kabir threatens to call SP in case he does not stop the men. He is forced to do so at the moment. Inspector tells Pradhan’s sons about the same in lower tones. Kabir insists upon registering a FIR first. Inspector asks Rani to come in.

Kabir brings Rani to where Kaushal and Preeti are. She slaps him as soon as she sees him. You left us amongst the devils. It would have been better if I had no brother! Kabir says we have to think of Chutki at the moment. There is someone above Panchayat.

Pradhan’s sons come to Parasram’s house. They take Chutki forcibly with them and beat Parasram.

Kabir approaches City Magistrate. He explains the case to her. She gives some papers to Kabir.

Chutki begs Pradhan to leave her. I dint do anything. Parasram too asks him to spare her but Pradhan signals him to be quiet. He signals his men something. They bring in a bed. Pradhan asks the women and kids to go from there. Whoever wants to see it can stay. Pradhan’s sons blacken Chutki’s face. Parasram looks on helplessly.

Kabir is at another police station. He shows the papers given by City Magistrate to him. They head for the village.

A few villagers makes video when Pradhan’s son tries to force himself on Chutki. Police reach there just then. Pradhan and his sons get arrested. Rani thanks Kabir through gestures. He immediately leaves from there. Parasram hugs his son. Kaushal apologises to his father. The girls share a hug.

Kabir’s informer meets Kabir. He shows him the photo of Rao Sahib. Kabir looks shocked to see the photo of the guy. It is the proprietor of Nayi Aawaz (Kavya’s father). His informer also gives him a gun wrapped in a paper.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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