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Code Red 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mumbai, 2014:
Kalpatru Society, Mahim:
A couple has come to look for a plot (203). Guard wants the broker to tell the couple the truth. It’s so late. The broker doesn’t pay heed. He takes the key from the guard. The three of them take lift. The lights go off as soon as they reach 2nd floor. The lady notices that all the flats on this floor are empty. The couple feel something amiss here. The broker insists and goes inside. He notices something and tries to back out but the door closes on its own. Someone attacks him and he screams out.

This flat was empty since long but there is someone inside the house that are not leaving – Bhabhi (Antra) and her dog. Many people have seen her. No one stays on this floor.

2nd floor Bhabhi:

Kalpatru Society, 2015:

tells his mother to take lift. He has claustrophobia so he tries to avoid it but the broker tells him to get in. The light is dim at third floor. He gets in. His mother notices the broker chanting some mantras. The lift stops at second floor. Gaurav wants to take the stairs but the broker stops him. Gaurav hears the noise of some dog barking. The lift starts again.

Gaurav smiles back at a lady who is looking down at him. His mother looks up but the lady is gone by then. She is there again when Gaurav looks up.

Gaurav’s mother is irked as the house is not so nice. He is an army officer. She cannot see him angry ever, on any topic whatsoever. He reasons that any war is won by staying calm. The electricity goes off. He heads downstairs to look for the main switch. Gaurav notices the dog on the second floor. He whistles at the dog. The dog takes a turn to the other side instead of coming to him. the same lady is behind him by then. He turns with a start. Is that your dog? He is hurt and bleeding. I can nurse his wounds. He gives his intro to her. He hears the dog making angry sounds. He turns to look at him. The lady disappears by then.

Next day, Gaurav comes to give something to the that lady but then heads back upstairs. He tries to call out for the dog so he can nurse his wounds. The dog disappears in the same alley. Gaurav notices blood coming and disappearing from the front door of Room No. 203. He runs back upstairs.

Gaurav wears his uniform. He hears the dog. He goes out to check but there is no one. He hears someone calling for him. He goes back inside his house and hears the dog wailing again / even making scratching sounds at his door. He checks again but there is no one. Gaurav’s mother asks Gaurav if he saw some bad dream. Were you sleeping with your uniform on? He asks her if she heard some noise. She denies. Go and take some sleep.

2 days later:
Gaurav is returning from his meeting. He avoids taking lift. He crosses 2nd floor but keeps returning to the same floor every now and then. He finds Antra standing at her door. She goes inside and leaves the door open for him. He follows her. there are blood marks on the wall. She starts banging her head on the wall. He runs upstairs.

Gaurav complains to the guard about that lady in 203. He tells him that that lady died 13 years ago.

It was surely Antra’s spirit then. Gaurav was not the first person to see it. This meant that Antra was trying to tell something to gaurav.

15 years ago, Year 2000:
Antra’s husband (Yash) gives a surprise to Antra. They had an arranged marriage. He has brought chocolate truffle for her. He has not called anyone else. She wants him to wait for the clock to turn 12. Yash gets upset that he is not enough for her. She apologizes to him. You are enough. I wanted them to show that I found what has been looking for for life – an army man! I just wanted to show off a little. Yash gets up and throws the cake at the wall. Did you want to show that you got an ex army man, a handicap? Why do you always remind me that I am handicapped? I know you think that you have made a mistake by marrying me. I love you so much. Yash makes her open a gift next and sings happy birthday song. She is crying all along though.

Antra’s mother complains to Antra for not meeting her or calling her. Antra lies that her husband (Yash) never says no for anything. She is crying but hides her tears. Her mother is happy to hear Antra talking well about her husband. Yash returns home. A while later he is tending the bruise on Antra’s face. Aren’t you happy with me? Why do you always drag them (her parents)? You are my wife. You will have to be with me here for life. All your happiness needs will be fulfilled by me. The landline rings. He loses his calm eventually. She requests Yash not to tell anything to her mother. It must be her. He removes the cord. No one calls me and now this phone never stops ringing! She holds her head sadly.

Yash looks at his uniform. Antra calls out for him as breakfast is ready. He tries to talk to her. I wasn’t like this before. Life was unfair to me. An Army officer’s life is in the fields. One bullet ruined my life. I don’t know what I am bearing. Everyone used to salute me earlier and now it is vice versa. You came in my life and everything changed. I know I cannot control myself at times but I am scared of losing you. I promise I will try to change myself. I will never get angry. We will go out tonight for a movie and dinner. She smiles.

Antra gets ready. Door bell rings. It is the laundry guy. She gives him clothes. Yash looks at them from a distance. Antra talks nicely to him. Yash starts beating him. How dare you touch my wife! Antra tries to stop him but in vain. The guy runs away to save himself. The neighbours look on.

Antra’s parents got Antra married to Yash. He was an ex army man but still an army man. She was living her life as a prisoner though.

Antra boards lift. A guy (Manav) returns from his job with his dog Bruno. He gives his intro to Antra. They are on the same floor. Antra becomes friends with Bruno. Antra checks his watch and suddenly excuses herself.

Manav and Bruno often play together. Manav notices Antra standing in her balcony. He calls out for her. She joins him downstairs and they both play with Bruno. At night, Manav comes to Antra’s house. He wants to keep Bruno there for a while. He wont stay anywhere else. Bruno enters inside. Yash is certainly miffed. Manav leaves. Yash questions Antra. Since when is this going on? Since when is this lover coming here? Antra reasons that Manav is a kid. Yash refuses to believe him. She retorts that he has lost his mind. It has been going on since so long. I am here because of my parents or I would have broken this relation long ago. He slaps her and holds her hairs. Don’t you dare to speak to me in that tone again? You are my wife. You will not step out of this house or my life ever again! Antra cries.

Manav and Bruno are playing. Antra crosses by quietly. Bruno runs after her but Antra closes the lift. Manav opens it in time. Manav looks at her.

From then onwards, a vegetable vendor comes to deliver veggies at Antra’s house. She doesn’t even step out. She holds out her hand, takes it and pays him back. Antra tries to slit her wrist but is unable to. Antra is sleeping. Yash puts anklets in her feet. Please forgive me. I try not to get upset with you but you don’t listen to me. I have right on you. You are my wife.

Antra is returning home. Her pallu gets stuck. She frees her pallu. But maybe her anklet drops. She doesn’t notice it. Bruno picks up Antra’s anklet. Manav picks it from where he drops it. They board the lift. Yash too gets inside. Manav is playing with the anklet. Yash holds him by his neck. From where did you get it? I will teach you a lesson. He takes Manav to his home. Yash asks Antra about her anklet. She says maybe it fell on the way. Yash shows it to her. Will you still say that you are Manav’s bhabhi and he is a kid? You forgot your anklet at his house. Who comes / goes where? Bruno is getting angry by every passing minute. Yash dials Antra’s parent’s number. Bruno attacks Yash but Yash shoots him with his gun. Manav runs from there. Yash closes the door. He drops the gun. He holds Antra’s hairs. She tries to free himself. Please let me go. I don’t want to live here. He refuses to leave her. She continues to beg him but in vain. He bangs her head continuously at the wall. She dies. Yash asks Antra about what she was saying. Ok, I won’t touch you / beat you. Get up. You cannot leave me! He realises that she is dead. He tries to shoot himself but there are no more bullets. He cries. He walks out of the house.

Police could never find Yash. No one knows where he is. Some people say that he died when a dog bit him or some people say that he lost his mind. Antra and Bruno still stay there. Maybe she is still looking for the love because of which she married an army man. She is looking for that love which only that animal could give to her.

A postman comes to deliver letters at Yash’s house. He freaks out when he notices someone pounding on the lift.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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