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Dacoit Roshni Yadav

22 July 2015, New Delhi:
Nayi Aawaz’s Head Office:
Kabir gets a call from some informer. He tells him that the so called Dacoit Roshni Yadav isn’t dead. She is in Mathura. There is prize money of 5 lacs on her.

Morena, Madhya Pradesh:
Kabir meets Roshni’s parents. They tell him that Roshni used to go to college but dacoits saw her and abducted her.

6 years ago:
Roshni talks about becoming a lawyer.

She is going to college when the dacoits kidnap her.

Present: She wasn’t a dacoit. Kabir points out that there are many crimes listed against her. They deny. Roshni’s mother breaks down saying that no one knows

The same informer calls Kabir once again. Roshni has changed her name to Bhuri Devi. She is acting to

be a social worker in Mathura.

Kabir reaches Mathura. He tracks down Bhuri Devi aka Roshni Yadav’s house. He is standing outside when he finds Bhuri / Roshni getting out of her house with a kid.

Next day:
Kabir keeps a watch on Bhuri / Roshni’s house. Someone puts a blanket on him and abduct him. He asks for Roshni Yadav. The gunmen tell him that she is dead. She died 4 years ago. Kabir talks about Bhuri aka Roshni’s past. She has so many cases lined up against her. gunmen don’t protect a social worker. Roshni comes there holding a gun. Roshni has never killed any innocent, abducted anyone or done anything wrong. Kabir takes the gun from her. She is surprised to see him so trained. He replies that this is his present. He was something else sometime back.

Flashback: Sakshi tells Kabir about the guys involved in the mess. Anwar is also one of them. Kabir breaks the glass and his hand gets hurt. Sakshi wipes the blood. Kabir vows to take his revenge from Anwar. Sakshi reasons that they have to find Anwar alive so they reach the main guy who is running the nexus.

Present: I have done my penitence. Now it is your turn. He calls the inspector. Roshni gets arrested. She shouts at him that he did the wrong thing by getting an innocent arrested.

Kabir comes to jail to ask Roshni about her truth. I met your parents too. They don’t even know if you are alive or not. She retorts that he should tell them that she is dead.

Roshni gets abducted and is brought to a forest area near Morena. There is another guy who keeps on crying / begging to free him. He is a rich guy’s son. The head beats the guy who had kidnapped Roshni. We don’t deal in girls. Roshni refuses to go anywhere with that guy so the head takes charge. She requests that guy to let her go. I don’t want to stay here. The head walks away quietly.

Aother guys eyes Roshni wrongly. The rich guy’s son is all scared and in tears. He gets slapped by the head. He is told that he will be set free as soon as they get ransom money. The guy is indeed let off as soon as his father comes and pays the ransom money. Roshni keeps on crying in a corner. Head (Vikram Singh) asks her to read the poster. It is a wanted poster of him. He tells her that he isn’t a dacoit but a Baaghi. He tells the others that Roshni will stay here only.

Vikram’s guy calls at Roshni’s house. He demands for 10 lacs. Roshni knows that her father doesn’t have that much money. From where will he bring that much money?

At night, Vikram offers food to Roshni but she pushes the plate away. He goes away to eat food. People talk about the change of behaviour in Vikram.

Roshni’s father requests the goon to understand his position. I only earn 4k per month. Roshni begs Vikram to let her go back home but he tells her to learn how to cook and use guns.

Roshni is ill. Vikram covers her with a blanket. She hasn’t eaten since the time she has been brought here. A guy updates Vikram that the police is heading to this place. We shouldn’t take this problem with us. Vikram simply tells him to keep her in the car. She will go with us.

At the new abode, A few days later:
Roshni gives food to everyone. At night, she waits for everyone to fall asleep. She tries to run away but is caught by one guy. The guy tries to force himself on her when Vikram shoots him. He walks away without saying anything.

While travelling, Roshni falls asleep on VIkram’s shoulder as they are sitting next to each other. She collides into him when she is bringing water the other time. He drops his gun and hugs her tight. She too hugs him back. They get married as per the Hindu rituals. A priest is brought there on gunpoint especially for their wedding. On their wedding night, Vikram gives a gun to Roshni as a gift. She drops it in fear. This isn’t a gift even if it is expensive. Vikram is confused.

Vikram trains Roshni on how to use the gun. She learns it with time.

Vikram and his men including Roshni go for their mission dressed police. They come across a police check post. The police men instead mistake them to be real police and are able to get past them easily. They rob people and drop pamphlets that say Baaghi Roshni Yadav. Vikram says I am making you famous. There will be a tv film on you one day.

Roshni gives birth to a baby boy. He wont become a Baaghi but an engineer or doctor. Vikram’s gang celebrates the occasion by firing their guns up in the air.

Vikram kills an informer. Roshni is not happy with it. He asks for forgiveness from her. I couldn’t leave an informer. I had no other option. I will get free the day I die by someone’s bullet. My father was very poor. I saw him struggling in life. I became a Baaghi and robbed rich to give everything to the poor.

I had thought of my husband as my everything but a dacoit’s life is a dacoit’s life after all.

Flashback: Dalbir Singh (a gang member) eyes Roshni lustily. He tells Vikram to give him Roshni now. Vikram reminds him that she is his wife. Dalbir is in no mood to give up though.

7 days later:
Dharma has sent his messenger to ask for Roshni. Vikram beats him. Roshni steps in to save that guy. Vikram still beats him a little.

Roshni gives food to Vikram. He is shot just then. Roshni is shocked. She runs to him but he is dead by then. Dalbir Singh comes there with his gang. Roshni’s son starts crying. Vikram’s men surrender before Dalbir’s group. Dalbir offers them a chance to join his group. Now Roshni is mine. He orders one of his men to throw Roshni’s son in the river. Now I will have my son. Roshni kills the guy whom Dalbir sends inside the tent to bring Roshni. Roshni recalls Vikram’s words. He had told her to gather whatever she could in case there is a problem. You should not be scared. Roshni ties her son on her back. She gathers whatever ammunitions she can get. She shoots Dalbir on his chest. He dies. She next throws a grenade at his men and runs away from there with her son. She is glad to see two members of her gang alive. They reach the highway. There are posters of her at every place. She notices them as well.

Present: Vikram wanted to make me as famous as him. I dint kill anyone. I dint even kidnap anyone yet there are so many pending cases against me. Kabir admits his mistake. I will help you in getting justice.

Kabir writes, an innocent 18 year girl is made to join a famous dacoit gang. If government keeps a tight vigil then there will not be another Roshni Yadav.

State government has decided to appeal the court to relieve Roshni Yadav instead of punishing her.

Roshni meets her parents in the court. She wipes the tear off her son’s face too. Her father assures her that her son will live with them. Roshni is not worried about anymore. I have gained my respect back. If everything goes well then I will be back soon.

A request to lessen Roshni’s punishment has been made by the State Government. Her accomplices have been charged for the necessary crimes though.

At home, Kabir recalls what had happened years ago. He is beating one of Anwar’s friends to get info about Anwar. Sakshi reaches there just then. She shouts at him not to shoot. There is a gunshot just then. Kabir wakes up screaming Sakshi’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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