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Vikramgarh, 5 km:
Some people are trekking in that area. The guide takes them to a barren building which was a grand building once. One of the guys ask him about the well which is closed. Guide shares that evil spirits reside there. I haven’t seen any of them though. They all head towards that barren building. One of the guys walks closer to the well. Smoke appears and he feels dizzy. He leans closer to the well. A sage comes there and pushes the guy back. He puts vermilion over his forehead. The guy is back to normal. Sage shares that a very evil spirit resides inside this well. It only needs a body to find an escape. This spirit is way too dangerous. Don’t come here ever again. The boy runs away while the sage chants Hanuman Chalisa around the well.

Indore, MP, 2015:

is an ardent Bajrang Bali fan. Priest gives him Prasad first and then to everyone else. Priest is very happy because of his belief in Hanuman ji. Priest shares that Pawan never eats anything without taking Prasad. He has been taking care of his little sister Sudha since their parents died. Pawan says I come here for the Prasad too.

Sudha is going away for a day on a college trip. Pawan is very much concerned for her but she assures him that she is fine. Nikhil offers window seat to Sudha but she goes to sit with her friend Mala. They pass the same milestone – Vikramgarh, 5 km. Nikhil pulls Sudha to him while pretending to help her climb a rough hill. Sudha tells him to be in his limits.

At home, Pawan sits down to tell the kids the story of an Asur named Kalnemi. One of the kids wonder why they say ‘Bhoot Pishach Nikat Nahi Aawe, mahabir Jab Naam Sunawe’ when Hanuman ji is there. There is no evil too. Pawan reasons that God may come before them in some other form when they are in trouble.

Sudha calls her brother. Mala has gone away for a minute. Nikhil says sorry to Sudha. She knows that whatever he did was intentional. He tries to hold her or come close to her. She pulls herself free and slaps him. I will complain against you if you try to act smart. Sudha walks away. She tells Mala everything. Both the girls are standing near the well at the moment. Nikhil too comes there. He fights with Mala and pushes her. You will complain against me? Mala is hurt on the head. Nikhil makes Sudha fall and tries to use advantage of her. Smoke is emitting from the well. Mala hits Nikhil on his head. A little fight ensues during which Nikhil slips in the well. Heavy smoke is coming out of it. The girls run away scared.

Police sends a team down the well but they don’t find Nikhil. Inspector doubts that maybe some wild animal would have attacked him. He will be found by morning. Mala and Sudha are scared. They decide to keep quiet or they will get stuck in all this. They are unable to understand where Nikhil would have disappeared to!

3 days later:
Sudha had not told Pawan about it too. It started killing her from inside. Pawan and Mala are thinking about the day of the incident. Is Nikhil alive or not? Mala suggests her to forget it but Sudha thinks of telling her brother atleast. Mala declines. What will we tell him? The truth? Whatever happened with Nikhil is right. Don’t worry I am with you. Just keep quiet. I had come to your house to study. Shall we resume? Sudha nods. They sit down to study.

At night, Sudha goes to terrace. She finds all the clothes dripping water. The lights start flickering too. She looks around scared. Someone calls out for her. Sudha calls out for Mala. Mala is still in Sudha’s room. A lot of water appears in the room. A man comes there too. Water fills in every drawer. Mala is standing before the mirror. It gets bloodied. Sudha starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Nikhil holds Mala by her neck. Did you miss me? Mala says sorry to him. We dint want to do anything wrong to you. Sudha comes to her room and finds Mala dead. Nikhil is waiting for her only. It is your turn now. Sudha keeps screaming loudly. Pawan reaches home. He asks her what happened to Mala. She tells him that Nikhil has killed Mala. Now he will kill me too.

Inspector is at Pawan’s house. He has to investigate as it is a murder case. Pawan offers him his full support. He goes to drop off the Inspector till the door. Sudha lies down on the sofa all scared. Pawan keeps her head in his lap. What is it? She again says that Nikhil is here. He has killed Mala. He will kill me too. He has full faith in Hanuman ji’s powers. Nothing can go wrong till he is with us. He makes her wear his locket. Keep this always with you. Have faith in him. he will always protect you. We will meet priest as well.

Priest tells Pawan that some evil spirit has cast its shadow on them. You will have to go to Shreerampur. You will meet a Saadhvi there. She only will be able to help you. Pawan agrees to do anything for his sister.

Next day, Pawan prays to Bajrang Bali before leaving for Shreerampur.

Pawan and Sudha reach Saadhvi ji’s house. She tells pawan that he is right. No one other than Hanuman ji can help you. But for that you will have to go back to the exact spot. Sudha is scared as the well is very scary. Saadhvi ji knows all the stories that are prevalent about that particular well. There is a stone inside that well which was used in the Ram Setu which Hanuman ji had made for Shree Rama. That stone is very pious. You will have to find out that stone so a Hanuman temple can be built. Till the time that is done, your sister wont be free of the evil spirit. I will meet you there tomorrow night only. Pawan and Sudha leave.

Vikramgarh, 5 km:
Pawan and Sudha reach near that well. Saadhvi ji is already there. Pawan forgot to bring along a rope. She sends him back to bring one. A monkey is watching them from above the tree. Saadhvi ji tells Sudha to remove her locket. Any metal can become a hindrance in the puja. Sudha declines but Saadhvi ji insists. The monkey starts making noise. Saadhvi ji keeps asking Sudha to remove it. Sudha finally does so but keeps it next to herself only. Sudha joins both her hands. Saadhvi ji smiles as she looks at the smoke emitting from the well. The weather suddenly changes. Sudha opens her eyes but cannot find Saadhvi ji there. She shouts for her brother. Everything catches fire. Sudha is shocked to see a hand coming out from the well.

Flashback is shown where Nikhil reaches Saadhvi ji’s house as soon as Pawan and Sudha leave from there.

Sudha cannot run or move as her feet are stuck. She keeps calling out for her brother. Nikhil vows to take his revenge. He holds her and tries to bite her. Pawan reaches there just then. He keeps the locket on Nikhil’s forehead. Nikhil retracts. You are a very big Hanuman devotee! Save yourself now. Ask your Hanuman to help you! He does something because of which Pawan falls. The locket drops from his hand. Nikhil throws him in the well. Nikhil goes closer to Sudha once again when the monkey starts shouting. Nikhil’s attention is diverted. The monkey jumps around tress and sits atop a stone. This is the same stone about which Saadhvi ji was talking. He drops that stone in the well. Pawan catches it. The stone stays afloat and so does Pawan. Pawan throws the stone at Nikhil. He / the spirit is in pain after holding that pious stone. Sudha gets hold of that locket. Pawan too climbs out of the well successfully. Nikhil goes back inside the well as Sudha and Pawan try to walk closer. The monkey is back on the tree. Pawan says Hanuman ji sent his messenger to us to help us. Now Nikhil’s spirit wont be able to hurt us ever. Hanuman ji always helps his devotees. Now this stone will be the first stone for the Hanuman temple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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