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1999, Ahmadabad, Gujarat:
Mehta Medical College, Room Number 33:
A guy reads a letter sent by his mom. He is crying as he reads the letter. She has all hopes pined on him. You will be the first doctor from our village. Study hard.

Few months ago:
The seniors are ragging juniors. A guy (Shashank) talks against it. You would know that ragging is banned. The seniors aren’t affected by his threat. One of the guys (Mayank) promises to show him what he will do to him now.

Shashank is coming back to hostel after buying some eggs from the market. The same group of seniors surround him. they yet again ask Shashank to remove his shirt. Shashank denies so they start slapping him on the head / back. They even break an egg on his head. Shashank gives in. He is made to strip down completely

and then is told to run away from there. Everyone looks on sadly while Shashank runs away in tears.

Later, they tie Shashank on a chair, gag his mouth and throw itching powder on him. They enjoy torturing him thus. They even give him shock treatment. Shashank pleads them but in vain.

Shashank cries while reading the letter sent by his mom. The seniors come there again. They get hold of the letter and mock him. They again decide to punish him for no reason. Shashank steps back towards the balcony of his room. He climbs the window sill. They light fire to the letter. Shashank thinks of his mother’s words and how proud she is of him. he jumps off from the balcony. The seniors are in shock. They run from there (one guy has to pull the Mayank while he stands by the window in shock).

The college students talk about ragging and room number 33. People talk about the incident and how no one goes towards their room as they have witnessed some weird things there.

The word ragging scares students like anything. It breaks their confidence for forever. At some places, it takes years while in some, it takes a lifetime to gain it back. What was Shashank’s mistake? He had come here to fulfil his and his mother’s dreams. But ragging ended his dreams. There have been many laws regarding ragging but it never stopped, and neither did the incidents. Were those students punished for their mistakes? Was ragging still going on in that college?

3 years later (2002):
A lady comes to drop off her daughter (Anushka) to her hostel. The girl wants a sharing room. Her mother is against it (compromise). You are the first daughter from our family who is going to study in such a big college. I feel so good about it. The girl assures her that she will study well. You forget that I am scared of dark so I cannot stay alone. Her mother realises the same. You did the right thing then. they reach the room. Khyati greets them. Anushka gives her intro. Anushka’s mother gives special instructions to her and then leaves.

9 pm:
Khyati wants to check out the hostel. We wont get time once the classes start. Anushka agrees. They both decide to explore it together. they both come across a board which says, entrance is prohibited. Anushka doesn’t want to go but Khyati insists. Watchman finds them and stops them. they are curious about the board. He only tells them that something had happened here sometime back. They leave from there. A little while later, Khyati yet again drags a reluctant Anushka back to the same place. Khyati walks past the gate and stands before room number 33. Anushka suddenly feels as if someone is pulling her. Khyati has a hard time holding her and pulling her back safely. The girls rush back to their room.

The girls are at a loss of what happened. Anushka feels that they might have got scared after listening to the watchman’s story. We have come here to become doctors. Let’s sleep or we might get late for class. She lies down. She shares with Khyati that she is scared of dark. I sleep like that since childhood. Khyati too doesn’t mind it. there are some imprints on Anushka’s hand.

Anushka gives all the answers in the class. they receive a message which mentions that they have to come to the foyer at 10 pm.

10 pm:
All the girls are confused about the sender of that message. No one knows anything. The same batch of seniors comes there. They have called them there for ragging. They recognize Anushka as the one who knows all the answers of all the questions. They ask Khyati to dance. She complies. Anushka is next. She refuses to do anything like that. Don’t behave like this with me from henceforth. She walks off from there with Khyati following her. the seniors are pissed.

Next day, Khyati is crying in some room. Anushka says you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. You skipped class and now are hiding here. Why were you doing what they asked you to do? They will scare you more if you will appear to be scared of them? She apologizes as the seniors were at fault, not Khyati. Come, we will complain to the principal. They get up to go but the door of the room closes automatically. Wind blows. A few paper clippings fall before them. Anushka picks up one of them. It has the news clipping of Shashank’s suicide. Sir comes so they have to leave from there. Anushka comes to the principal room along with Khyati. Some seniors are trying to rag / trouble us. We also found this clipping. This means that ragging was going on back then as well and is taking place now too. you must do something about it. Principal agrees to register their complaint. I will take strict against them. Shashank dint die because of ragging. You know the stress that kids take nowadays because of studies / family so they take such extreme steps. I will surely work on your complain though. They thank him as they leave from there.

Seniors confront them outside the principal room. Mayank asks Anushka if she has any idea who she is messing up with. She knows that he is trustee’s son so you think you can do anything. It will be good if you apologize to us and the rest of the juniors. We may take our complaint back then. she leaves with Khyati following her. Mayank decides to show Anushka what they can do.

They were the very same seniors because of who Shashant had committed suicide. They had no regrets even after that incident. A student had lost his life because of them but they weren’t affected by it. Mayank was the trustee’s son so he misused his father’s position and ragged his juniors along with his friends, Akash and Tanya. He continued to ruin the life of the juniors. Nothing has changed today as well, except one. Anushka had raised her voice against them in place of Shashank.

Mayank and Tanya come to the library where Anushka is making notes. They tear all of them. Mayank is about to tear another when it catches fire on its own. Mayank drops it in shock. He leaves right away with Tanya. Anushka looks on in surprise.

Anushka comes to room number 33. She hears Shashank’s voice and can even see a shadow sitting at the window sill. You are at the same place today where I was a few years ago. The only difference is that you are alive. Me and my mom’s dreams were killed together. they are trying to do the same with you today. I wont go anywhere without punishing them. you should do something or your mom too will go through what my mom is going through today. He jumps off from the window. Anushka wakes up with a start (6 months later). She shares it with Khyati. I feel we should talk to principal sir. Something is wrong here. Khyati reasons that we have no proof. Our results will be out. the seniors will leave the college now.

Anushka fails in her exams. I don’t believe in these results. I cannot fail. What will I tell to mom? She receives a call from her mom just then. She asks about the results. Anushka lies to her that results are still not out. Mayank, Akash and Tanya come there so she ends the call. Mayank promises her that this tradition will continue. I can do it easily as I am trustee’s son. Anushka says I have come here to study. I don’t care about anything else. Please just let me study. I don’t want to even talk to you or complaint about you. Mayank talks about telling the truth to her mother. How can you hide this from her? He tries to take Anushka’s phone forcefully. She agrees to do whatever he will ask her to do now. He tells her to meet him in the evening or he might get Anushka’s number from the office diary.

12 am:
They bring Anushka to Shashank’s room. You just have to go inside. Neither of us will rag you after that. She knows that it is Shashank’s room. They nod. You just have to be inside for 5 minutes. they push Anushka inside the room. She looks around in fear. She walks near the window. She touches some cloth and feels some wetness. She looks down and finds blood on the cloth. She finds a hand under it. She screams out in fear and bangs at the door but it is locked from outside. Mayank, Akash and Tanya laugh. Let her scream for little longer. The screams are going to increase with time. The fun factor will increase with it. they simply leave from there while Anushka continues to scream on top of her lungs for help.

A while later:
Mayank, Akash and Tanya return to check on Anushka. They find her sitting at the window sill (exact place where Shashank was sitting before he jumped off the window) eating something (a hand). They are a little scared. They point the flashlight at her face and she smiles as she looks at them. She also jumps off from the window. The seniors run away in fear.

Anushka is in hospital. Her mom is shedding silent tears as she sits beside her. Principal comes there but she takes him out. you have come here to show fake sympathy? I left my daughter in your care. Tell me how it all will be fine now. I have heard that Mayank is trustee’s son so you wont do anything. Remember one thing, my daughter is not so weak that she will commit suicide. I wont spare you or your college if anything happens to my daughter. Principal agrees to do everything that they can do in the case. But we don’t have any substantial proof. She is not ready to buy his story and vows to get justice for her daughter on her own.

What will be the condition of a mother who had sent her daughter to study in such a big hostel? Her own daughter is in hospital now because of ragging. Anushka’s mother dint give up. She went to register a complaint at the police station. Anushka got a lot of support from social media / candle march. It wasn’t of much use though as the people involved in the case were powerful. The surprising point is that the culprits were still roaming around freely while Anushka was in coma.

Tanya is blow drying her hair but it drops on the floor suddenly and the tap turns on. It falls directly on the dryer. The bulb gets fused. She notices Anushka standing behind her in the mirror. She screams out in shock and the next moment is lying dead on the bathroom floor. Water continues to fall on the floor. Past incident shows where Shashank was given shock treatment.

Akash and Mayank are shown running in the corridor. They notice Tanya’s condition and run out from there. They are completely freaked out. Akash feels itchy and starts scratching his body. It is all red. Mayank notices this with shock. Anushka is sitting right behind them. She calls out to Mayank and the guys start running away from there asap. Akash removes his shirt and continues to scratch himself. He enters the restricted area, slips from the stairs and breaks his head. Mayank looks down in shock. He is sitting right outside room number 33. He tries to peek down at his friend when the door of room number 33 opens suddenly. He is pulled inside by some magical force.

Mayank comes to principal’s room naked. He begs him to save him. Shashank died because of me. I am responsible for Anushka’s condition but she is back now. She has killed Tanya too. Principal tells him that Anushka is alive and in coma. Mayank insists. Anushka has killed both Tanya and Akash. She even pulled me in the room. Ragging is a crime. I made a very big mistake. Principal checks with the hospital staff about Anushka. Nurse tells him that Anushka is still in coma. He tells the same to Mayank. Mayank is crying / smiling as he recalls what all he had done with Shashank.

Posters of ragging is prohibited are put in the college. Anushka returns to college on a wheelchair. She still has fractures. She yet again is ready with the answer to her sir’s question. He looks at her proudly.

It will remain a secret how Mayank’s both friends died. Science can never explain how Anushka was at both the places at the same time. No one believed Mayank as he lost his senses (to understand / to explain). The biggest question here is as to why Shashank saved Anushka time and again. why did he choose Anushka only to take his revenge? It may be that their similar dreams are the reason. Maybe he was waiting for someone who could understand his life and his mother’s dreams, can understand his pain and is the single child of his / her mother just like him. So many Anushka’s, Shashank’s and their families are waiting for a society where their dreams are not killed; of friends who support them always and don’t break down in the process. Ragging is a very big crime which we have to abolish from our society. Many dreams break because of it every other day. You don’t even get to hear / read about them. hope our Talash for a ragging free society ends soon.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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