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19 July 2015, Solapur, Maharashtra:
People have gathered for a wedding. Lakshmi More gets married to God. A lady puts tilak on her forehead while she says, Devi Aayi!

A week later:
Lakshmi’s brother (Jagan) tries to seek help from police but Inspector sends him out. Kabir questions the Inspector. I have got to know about a girl who has been made Devdasi in the village a week ago. Inspector’s behaviour changes when he looks at Kabir’s ID card. He instead suggests Kabir to stay out of this village matters. Kabir replies that he has stopped listening to free advises years ago.

May 2010, Central Jail, Delhi:
DIG releases Kabir. DIG advises him to get back on the right path. You belong to a good house. Kabir instead advises him not to give free advice to anyone.


Kabir finds Jagan sitting outside and crying. Kabir offers to help him. Jagan requests him to help them. They will kill us.

I used to live with my sister and my mother in this very village. Didi and I used to study well in the school.

Middle School:
LAkshmi too talks of becoming a teacher. I will open a school in my village and teach all the kids. Everyone applaud for her. Jagan too wants to become like her. A guy stops his bike and teases Lakshmi. Jagan steps in and holds a big stone. Lakshmi tells the guy to leave asap.

Manda (Lakshmi’s mother) scolds Lakshmi for retorting to that guy. Lakshmi is happy instead. Manda is combing Lakshmi’s hair when she notices something.

Village Mata’s place:
Manda comes to meet the village Mata at her abode along with her kids. She tells the village Mata about what she has noticed in Lakshmi’s hairs (Judi). Village Mata says it is a good news. Devi Aayi has called her. She will serve Aayi for life. She will become a Jogan. Your daughter cannot marry anyone now. She will have to marry God. She will become Devdasi.

Lakshmi’s teacher tries to tell Manda that this is all superstition. You know the meaning of this so called wedding. Lord Shri Krishna had killed Narkasur and had married all those 16k girls whom Narkasur had kidnapped so they are respected in the society. Manda is helpless before Village Mata’s threat. You are educated. We are weak and poor. You will go back to the city but we have to spend our lives here only. We cannot go against the people of the village. They wont spare my daughter and set fire to the house. What if Devi Aayi gets upset with us? I have no one except my kids. Lakshmi will be alive however she will live. She will be in front of my eyes atleast. The teacher feels helpless.

Lakshmi is made to do all the necessary rituals. She is in tears. Another such girl tells her not to cry. This is our fate. We have no right on our lives at all. Only Dev Aayi and (she goes quiet) has a right on us now.

Lakshmi comes to the school while asking for food material. She recalls her dreams. The teacher is also unhappy to see her thus. Jagan runs after his sister. Laskhmi tells him to go back. He asks her to come to school with him but she denies. The same loafer comes back to tease Lakshmi. Now you have become Devdasi. How will your brother come with you? He suggests Lakshmi’s brother to wear a saree too so he can accompany her. Your sister has become Devdasi. She is the Jogan of God and wife of the entire village!

Lakshmi begs her mother to save her. I want to study and become something. You wanted me to be a teacher. What happened to it now? Try to talk to Village Mata once for me. Manda denies. I am very small. I cannot fight with God. You cannot neglect God’s orders. What if Devi Aayi gets upset and something wrong happens to you and Jagan! Who can go against God! A man (Pandit Devdhar Joshi) walks in. You are right. The entire village will become hell if you go against God’s orders. We have to make Lakshmi marry God now. That is the only ritual that’s left.

Manda and Jagan helplessly look on while Lakshmi is made to marry God.

Pandit Devdhar Joshi comes to Lakshmi. God has called his wife. Manda tries to divert it till tomorrow but Devdhar warns her about God’s wrath. Manda is helpless. Lakshmi reluctantly leaves with Devdhar.

Devdhar has kept Lakshmi in a room in temple. Jagan heads towards the temple. The sarpanch walks in. I do any puja first. I will do this puja too. Devdhar goes out. Jagan comes there but the sarpanch closes the door on his face. He cries helplessly as he hears his sister screaming for help from inside. Jagan had fallen asleep outside that room only. It is morning. He keeps asking his sister to open the door. Lakshmi has passed out.

Present: The villagers have taken my sister somewhere. My mother is unwell. Kabir says I have been given a chance to rectify my past. It isn’t your fight alone but mine too.

Inspector calls Jagan a liar. I met Manda but she said that nothing has happened to Lakshmi. What should we do now?

Kabir is at Jagan’s house. Manda says it is a curse. I had big dreams for Lakshmi. I had thought that both my kids will become my support in my old age but God had different plans. Kabir calls it all superstitions. This is against law. Law and Government can help you if you raise your voice against it. There is a law which has put a ban of Devdasi. Trust Devi. She wont let anything wrong happen to anyone. People sell any ideas on the basis of religion. They trap innocent people like you. You can see your daughter’s life getting destroyed by I cannot. I will take police’s help in the morning to look for your daughter. It is up to you whether you want to come with me or not! He leaves. Jagan comforts his mother.

May 2010, Central Jail, Delhi:
Kabir is let out from the jail. His friends are already waiting there and so is Sakshi. She tries to seek his help but he refuses to help anyone. Find info on your own. He leaves with his friends. Sakshi knows that he will regret it as she had actually come to help him today. You will surely regret it!

Kabir is boozing and gambling with his friends. One of his friends receives a call. He goes aside to pick it. Someone has killed a girl. The guy tells the caller to become underground. He next suggests his friends to go for a stroll.

Kabir’s House, Pritampura, New Delhi:
Kabir’s parents are waiting outside for Kabir. Kabir calls out for his sister as he heads inside. His mother gets a call. Kabir loves his sister a lot. He notices his stubble.

Kabir hears his parents crying for Chutki. Kabir rushes out and is shocked to see his sister’s dead body. His father disowns him. This is what we will get by staying with such company. You will ruin yourself. This lady (Sakshi) was looking for you but you dint help her. Your friend Anwar is the reason behind Chutki’s death. Kabir tries to go to avenge for his sister’s death when police stops him. His father tells him that his sister wont return this way now. You took to wrong path just because you couldn’t find a job for yourself. Look what it has cost us! The family breaks down.

Present: I swear Chutki. I wont let them do anything similar to any other sister in the world now.

Present Day – Solapur, Maharashtra:
Devdhar tells Kabir to leave from their town right away or my people wont spare us. You are meddling with our religion and dharma. He gathers more men. Kabir points out that it is against law. You can be punished for this. Devdhar doesn’t mind it. He sends Kabir with those men and goes back to where he had kept Lakshmi. Sarpanch is still inside the room. He tells him about Kabir. He was asking about Lakshmi and Devdasi. Sarpanch is worried. A party from Mumbai is due. The money was fixed but this keeps on happening. It will be handled easily.

Sarpach’s House:
Sarpanch tells Kabir that no one can change the rules of his village. You must leave from here right away. Devi Aayi will get angry later but the villagers wont spare you. Kabir makes it clear to him that he wont let Laksmi become a Devdasi at any cost.

Jagan asks Kabir if his sister will never return home. Kabir says I wont let any other sister die now. He calls SP and asks for his help.

Inspector gets a call from his senior regarding the case. Inspector goes with Kabir and Jagan to the place where the Sarpanch has kept Lakshmi. They break open the lock of the room. Lakshmi hugs her brother.

Sarpanch tries to instigate the villagers against Kabir and Lakshmi. Leave this Devdasi to us. We are doing this for our village’s safety. Who will save us from Devi Aayi’s wrath? Kabir agrees with him. I wont be able to forgive myself ever if anything happens to the people because of me. I will hand her back to you and go away from here for forever but I have a condition. You will have to continue this tradition for forever. You will make every girl a Devdasi who gets a Judi. I have noticed one such girl. He calls out for Sarpanch’s daughter. Sarpanch’s wife comes ther with her daughter. Sarpanch gets angry. Kabir tells him and everyone that Sarpanch’s daughter has Judi. We have to get her married to God today. Sarpanch tells the villagers to beat Kabir. Kabir points out to everyone that Sarpanch changed his belief when it came to his own daughter. He and Devdhar are into selling girls. This is what he has done to the other 5 girls who had Judi. This is just a superstition that they are spreading against poor innocent people in the name of religion. Your daughter doesn’t have Judi. Your wife had helped me. This tradition was started by the kings for a right reason but some bad people have twisted the notion for their own cheap reasons. How can we do this to our own daughters! I am going to free Lakshmi from these chains. Don’t even dare to stop me. He wpies Lakshmi’s tilak and removes the neckpieces from around her neck. Lakshmi shares a group hug with her family.

Lakshmi resumes school. She and Jagan hug Kabir. He has tears in his eyes.

5 years ago:
Kabir keeps looking at his sister’s photo as a tear escapes his eyes. Sakshi comes there. I know this isn’t the right time but I still want to say something to you. I know you are a good human being and can still change. Don’t give up so easily. Fight with the situation. You have lost your loved one. You must have realised that the end result will be bad if you take a wrong path. Do something to get those guys caught. Don’t you want your sister to get justice? I know she wont return even then but there are a lot many Chutki’s who need you. Help them. Kabir agrees to help.

Sarpanch and Devdhar were charged under IPC and Devdasi Act.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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