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People trust doctors after God. Doctors equal to Gods for a patient. They leave their lives in the hands of the doctors. Any decision that the doctor takes, matters.

Life Cell Hospital, Mumbai, 2015:
Dr. Sushmita checks a patient. She makes the kid open his mouth wide. She hears a voice. Save me doctor I don’t want to die. Dr. Sushmita steps back in shock. The kid runs out of the room.

Dr. Alok (Shushmita’s husband) advises Sushmita not to think of all this. We are doctors after all. She knows it too but cannot understand what’s happening with her since last few days. It is their son Ishan’s birthday. They get down from the car. A girl is shown sitting in the backseat of the car. Blood is dripping out of her mouth.

Sushmita is arranging food when she coughs.

Her MIL gives her water. Sushmita drinks a sip. Next she takes the cake outside. Ishan stands between his parents. Sushmita suddenly pukes on the cake. All the kids are taken aback. Alok is by her side.

Alok brings Sushmita to hospital. Doc tells Dr. Alok that ultrasound is perfectly fine. I cannot see anything wrong. I will write down some tests. She should stay here for the night. She can go home tomorrow. Alok thanks him. Sushmita wakes up. She feels bad as Ishan’s party got ruined. He shares that she will have to stay here tonight. She nods. She sends him home as her mother and Ishan must be worried. He switches off the lights as he leaves.

At night, the lights start flickering. Sushmita sits down in her bed. She checks her ultrasound. There is blood on the corner of her lip.

We always try to find a scientific reason behind something. But there are some things which lack any scientific reasoning. Dr. Sushmita could sense that something was wrong with her but she couldn’t exactly fathom what it is. Maybe what happens in the past does not go away easily.

Next day, Alok cannot find Sushmita in her room. He tells the nurse to find her as she is seriously ill. He notices blood on the bed sheet.

Dr. Gupta boards lift. The lights of the lift start flickering and it stops. He is surprised to see Dr. Sushmita there. She holds his hand. You did wrong. You shouldn’t have done it. She kills him.

Nurse tells Alok that Sushmita is sitting at a place all by herself. Alok runs to her side. You aren’t well. You should be in your room. He shakes her out of her thoughts. I am sorry I was scared for you. Let’s go. The lift opens. Nurse drops the tray in shock as she looks at Dr. Gupta’s dead body. Alok too goes there to see.

Alok advises Sushmita to take rest for a few days. Dr. Gupta has been murdered. Sushmita says he deserved it. Alok reminds her that he was the chief surgeon who had trained both of them. The spirit leaves her. She has no clue what she had said a minute ago. Alok is boggled by her behaviour. I cannot understand anything. I have kept the bags in the car. She leaves. He looks at her keenly.

Sushmita wakes up in the middle of the night. The spirit of the girl is there too. Sushmita comes downstairs in trance. She comes to Ishan’s room. The spirit is playing piano there. Sushmita and the spirit look at each other. Sushmita’s mother has come to fetch water for her. She asks Sushmita what is she doing here at this hour. Sushmita holds her neck. Go away from here. I will kill everyone. Alok’s mother calls out for her son. Ishan too wakes up by then. Alok has to free his mother from Sushmita’s grip. Ishan runs to his father’s side as Sushmita falls on the bed.

Alok’s mother tells Alok that it is some spirit which has gotten inside Sushmita. You doctors wont understand it. Alok talks about mental tension. Nothing has happened to Sushmita. She will be fine. His mother wants him to make Sushmita well asap. I cannot see her thus. He comforts her.

In hospital, the other doctors discuss about Dr. Gupta’s murder. No one saw anything. The murderer knew exactly which vein to cut and when. The killer is very sharp.

Alok goes to freshen up while his mother is setting food. He comes to ask about Sushmita. They hear Ishan calling for help. Alok breaks open the door. The spirit / Sushmita says I will kill everyone. She has a knife in her hand. Alok gets into a scuffle with her. He even gets hurt in the process. Sushmita faints when the spirit leaves her for another short moment.

They have tied Sushmita’s hands. Sushmita / the spirit tells Alok that she will kill his son. Leave me. Alok looks at the scalpel in his hand. Alok is at a loss of answer. I don’t know what to do. Sushmita needs someone’s help but I don’t know who can help her. Medical science has no answer for this. He breaks down.

Alok had understood that Sushmita only had killed Dr. Gupta and now she wanted to kill IShan. Dr. Alok had no answer for anything as to what had happened to Dr. Sushmita. He had realised that a spirit had gotten hold of Sushmita. He had no idea whom to seek help from. Someone suggested him to go to Shree Balaji Mandir. He was ready to go to any extent so his wife gets better.

Sushmita wakes up and finds herself in the car. She asks Alok about it. He lies that he is going away for a short break. The spirit gets hold of Sushmita. I know everything. I will kill everyone. You know how I killed Dr. Gupta! I will kill you all too. Alok’s mother sprinkles water on Sushmita and chants Jai Shree Balaji. Sushmita passes out.

Shree Balaji Mandir:
Alok meets Mahant ji. We have come here but I still cannot believe in any of this. Mahant ji says being a doctor you treat people. But it is also true that Balaji is above everyone else. When doctors give up then Balaji helps. A lot many things are out of science’s grip. This isn’t your wife but only her body. A spirit has gotten inside her. We have to get it out of her if you want your wife back safe. He sends him to visit all the temples first.

The spirit gets inside Sushmita again. I wont leave anyone. I will kill everyone! Priests take her to where Mahant ji is sitting. The spirit keeps trying to break free but in vain. Mahant ji asks her what she wants. The spirit says I want to kill her. She and her family will have to die. She killed me! Mahant ji says doctor saves lives. The spirit is angry as the doc dint save her life. I wanted to live. I dint like going to hospital. I dint want to go that day too.

1 year ago:
Parisha comes for a check up. Parisha is scared of hospitals and check up. Dr. Sushmita checks her. She sends Parisha outside as she wants to talk to her mother. Dr. Sushmita suggests her mother to follow a small procedure and remove the tonsils for forever. Parisha’s mother trusts Dr. Sushmita. You only do it as you are the best.

Dr. Sushmita operates upon Parisha. Dr. Sushmita later tells Parisha’s mother that the operation was successful. You can take her home. There can be a little bleeding for a few hours.

At home, Parisha coughs blood. She takes her to hospital as Parisha keeps on vomiting blood. Dr. Sushmita checks Parisha. Parisha requests Dr. Sushmita to save her. Dr. Sushmita assures her that she will get well soon. Parisha’s pulse starts dropping. Dr. Sushmita tries to save her. She sends the nurse to call Dr. Gupta. They lose Parisha by the time Dr. Gupta comes there. Parisha’s mother breaks down.

Parisha shares the story. An enquiry was set after my death. It was found that an artery got cut by Dr. Sushmita during the surgery. I died because of the bleeding. Plus it was also found that the operation wasn’t needed in the first case. It could have been set right by giving me the right medicines. But then everyone hid the matter. I died because of her carelessness. Now I want my revenge! I want justice! I killed Dr. Gupta. Now I will kill her daughter too. Her blood will be shed in a similar manner like mine. Mahant ji reasons that doc dint do it intentionally. She made a mistake. She will be punished for it. I cannot let you kill anyone. You are dead. It is time for you to leave her body. Go back. He puts vermilion on Sushmita’s forehead. You have no other option now. You will have to leave this body. He keeps the coin on her forehead next. The spirit leaves Dr. Sushmita and she passes out. Alok and his mother look on. Mahant ji tells them that Dr. Sushmita is free now. Jai Balaji!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thank you Pooja. but what happened with Sushmita killing Gupta, was she charged

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  4. Pooja

    That wasn’t mentioned anywhere so I too have no clue about it. I don’t think she was charged for it though..

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