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A pregnant woman is heading towards the well of her village at night. She fetches water from the well and pours it over herself. She next hits her womb with the empty bucket.

2014, Rajasthan:
A board is kept next to the well which reads – don’t drink water from this well.

The residents of Bhu village feel that no woman is able to give birth to a baby after drinking water from the well. They are scared as they get to hear a lot many noises by the well at night. They are even afraid to go out to see what’s happening there at night. They are not sure if it has poison or is there some ghost. Everyone has a different opinion on the same.

There are many planets in the galaxy but life survives only on Earth because of water. This well has given nourishment to Bhu village

for years but something happened in the past that compelled people to stay away from the well. Pregnant women started to lose their children when they drank water from this well. Many weird incidents were happening nearby the well. Even the animals were not given water from this well anymore. Even cow used to stop giving milk afterwards. Was it superstition? Some logical scientific explanation (about a poisonous plant inside it) or something else? Amidst all this, the collector of the village decided to dig the well and get it clean.

The labours are taking all the water and dirt out from the well. The collector is waiting nearby for his wife. The guy who has gone down in the well, finds something in there. Another man pulls it out. Everyone is shocked to find a skeleton. They find a bangle with the name Saraswati written on it.

1993, Saraswati’s village:
There is a folk music programme going on. Saraswati is sitting with her friends dressed up as a bride. Her mother makes her wear a beautiful bracelet. I started saving money since you were 4 years old. Your name is also written on it. But do remember, the new house becomes everything for a girl when she leaves her parents house. She leaves that house only when she stops breathing. They are your everything. Wear this bangle for forever so you think of your parents whenever you look at it. Saraswati says I don’t need a bangle to think of you both. I will think of you whenever I will breathe.

Saraswati’s parents bid a tearful adieu to their daughter. The groom (Jogi) stands at a distance all uninterested in any of it. His brother teases him about the wedding but Jogi quietly sits in the car. Saraswati sits down in the car with her groom.

Bhu Village, Rajasthan:
Jogi is tired. He cleans his side of the bed. I know you too must be tired. Take rest. She talks about milk but he doesn’t like it since his childhood. He dims the lantern and lies down to sleep. Saraswati looks at him. He is awake.

Next morning, Saraswati brings tea for everyone. Her brother-in-law (BIL) sits there with bare chest so she looks away. He tells her not to feel shy as he is her BIL only. She tells him to drink tea first then. She sits down to help her MIL in her kitchen work who asks for a grandson. I always wanted a girl but got two sons. You have come in the house so that wish has been fulfilled. Give me a grandson now. Saraswati assures her that she will take care of her and the house like a daughter only. Jogi leaves. MIL asks Saraswati if Jogi takes care of her. the BIL is listening too. Saraswati shares the truth with her MIL. MIL suggests her to win Jogi’s heart by making gajar ka halwa for him. My MIL was very mean but used to make very tasty halwa. You too should make it so Jogi wont leave your side then. Saraswati smiles.

Saraswati serves Gajar ka halwa in dinner to everyone. Jogi doesn’t appreciate her but her BIL does. Jogi goes out for some work. Saraswati and her MIL is tensed. Later, Saraswati looks at her mehendi and removes her earrings. Jogi returns home. He appreciates Saraswati for her effort. She feels good. He tells her to dim the lantern and sleep. She wants to sit for a while and talk to him but he is tired. Saraswati is sad.

A daughter should always become a good wife and a good DIL. Saraswati’s parents had taught her the same. Saraswati tried her best to get the same love / affection from her new house like every girl wants.

Next morning, Saraswati is having trouble tying the thread of her blouse. Jogi wakes up and notices her thus. She too is watching his reaction in the mirror. He simply wears his shirt and walks out of the room. Saraswati follows him but he doesn’t even so much as look back.

Saraswati sits in a corner lost in thoughts. She looks at her hands sadly.

A year later, 1994:
Saraswati and her MIL (Pushpa) come to the well. A lady invites Pushpa to come to her house in the evening for baby shower ceremony. Women ask Pushpa why no good news came from her home even though its been a year since your DIL came home. Pushpa says the news will come in this year only. She leaves with Saraswati. Saraswati drops the earthen pot by mistake. Pushpa tells her to break the pot just like she has broken all her dreams (grandson). Its been a year but you couldn’t do anything. She blames Saraswati for not being able to get pregnant. Saraswati is hurt. Her BIL notices her all sad. He says Ma is not bad. She gets upset but loves us as well. I know my brother is a little different and doesn’t talk much but don’t worry I will help you. Saraswati nods and then goes inside.

Saraswati was a good daughter, a good DIL but it dint matter as she dint give birth to a baby. She actually dint want to share her husband’s truth with anyone. the women of our society are taught this only. They can bear any problem / any insult to their dignity but should not let anything happen to her husband’s respect. People think that women are weak!

Everyone is having dinner. Pushpa refuses to eat as she is still stuck on her topic of grandson. She scolds Saraswati but Jogi tells her to stop it. Pushpa talks about having a heir who will continue their family lineage. Jogi gets up and walks out from there.

Later in their room, Saraswati hugs JOgi but he pushes her away. she asks him why he maintains a distance from her. Why did you marry me if you don’t love me? I have to hear so many taunts when I am not at fault? She demands her rights, her answers but he pushes her away. keep quiet! He leaves from the house and comes to meet someone. Saraswati is also following him. Jogi hugs his friend and they sit down close as they talk to each other. Saraswati is shocked.

She comes to sit by the well. She pours some water on her face and then over her head as she thinks of what she saw just now. She goes back to her house. She cries in her room. Her BIL comes there so she covers her head with her dupatta. He says it would have been better if you would not have followed Bhaiya. I had told you that he is a little different. He is not interested in you or any other women in the world. Please stop crying. Saraswati says why he married me then. he could have said no. he ruined my life. BIL says it was all a sham so no one doubts the world and mother is also happy. Saraswati asks what about her happiness. He offers to keep her happy. I will fulfil all your needs. Saraswati looks at him in shock. Ma wants a grandson from you. Bhaiya can never give it to you. I will fulfil all your expectations. Ma will be happy with the baby and Bhaiya will be happy in his world. You have been through a lot in life but not anymore. I will give you the love that you need. She slaps him.

Saraswati is in tears while she is cooking. Jogi asks about mother. She tells him the answer. She confronts him about his whereabouts yester night. He tells her to keep her mouth shut. I wont spare you if you share it with someone. She asks him what she should do. She even shares with him what Bhuvan (her BIL) had said to her. he doesn’t mind it. I cannot fulfil your needs but Bhuvan can do it. Ma will get a grandson and the matter will stay indoors only. Bhuvan is my brother so we share the same blood. Our family will get a heir too. From tomorrow onwards, Bhuvan will come to our room once I leave. Stop following my now, I don’t like it! Saraswati is left speechless. She cries badly.

Saraswati walks towards the well thinking about what everyone has been saying to her; her mother’s words. She removes her bangle and keeps it on the boundary of the well. A lady asks her for water. Saraswati helps her. the lady asks her if she hates her mother so much. Saraswati shakes her head. they are my own people in the world. The lady says you might have paid them back. Saraswati denies. the lady yet again asks her if she is a God. Who gives you the right to kill this body if you haven’t made it? if you don’t hate your parents then why are you hurting them? why are you running away like a coward if you are unable to pay them back for what all they have done for you in life? Saraswati is amazed as to how she knows what she was going to do. How would you know what my pain is? The lady tells her to think of the pain that her mother had to bear to bring her in this world. If she would have been scared of that pain then you would not have been here. Saraswati doesn’t want to hurt her mother but she cannot bear it any longer. The lady explains her the significance of what a woman is (and why earth is also compared to a woman). Saraswati too has given up. The lady tells her to end the pain, and not her life. It is important to teach a lesson to those who have inflicted that pain on you. they should not do the same with anyone else in future. The lady leaves. Saraswati can see herself in that woman. She wears her bangle again.

At night, Pushpa asks Saraswati about her whereabouts. Saraswati bluntly tells her that she went to commit suicide. Pushpa isn’t concerned. What’s the point of this life when you cannot give birth to a baby? Saraswati says there is no point in doing so. You would have brought another DIL but even she would not be able to give you a baby. The problem is with your son. Your son likes men. Pushpa is in a state of disbelief but Saraswati sticks to her words. Your son can never become a father so stop blaming me for it. Pushpa sends Bhuvan to talk to her.

Bhuvan instead locks the door from inside and holds Saraswati. Can’t you understand that I am after you since past 6 months? Saraswati hits him on the head and begs Pushpa for help. Pushpa doesn’t mind it. they both are my sons. Go to him. Jogi returns home just then. She requests him to help her. Bhuvan is trying to force himself on me. Pushpa shares what Saraswati has said about Jogi and what she has done to Bhuvan. Saraswati requests them to let her go. I wont tell anything to anyone. no one listens to her pleas. They tie her hands and feet and put her in a sack. Jogi and Bhuvan throw her in the well.

It is said that the spirits, of those who yearn for something while they are dying, never goes in vain. They haunt us till the time we accept their truth or they seek their revenge. What do you think? Was Saraswati’s spirit really in search of her justice?

Police come to Pushpa’s house. They arrest both Jogi and Bhuvan. What happened to the girl named Saraswati? You only registered a report that she ran away with someone. But her family members and friends dint buy your story. Saraswati is not that kind of a girl, they said. Still, Police continued to look for her since last 2 years. We have found a skeleton in the well of a young woman. The bangle belongs to Saraswati. Surely someone killed her and dumped her body in the well. Villagers said that she could not give you a baby. Was that the reason? Now you will tell me the truth. Bhuvan denies so he gets a tight slap.

The accused were caught but only Saraswati’s spirit knows whether she got freedom or not. it is said that Saraswati’s spirit is still around that well. This Talash was for a husband’s love which Saraswati could not get; for those parents who had lost their innocent daughter for forever. Saraswati’s parents cry for their daughter.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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