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Kabir, 5 years ago:
Kabir was a criminal some time back.


27 July 2015, City Hospital, Delhi:
A lady (Nanda Pandey) brings her a kid to hospital. She doesn’t let anyone else touch her son. She takes him in the OT. Docs operate on him.

Kabir wakes up with a start and screams Sakshi’s name. Kabir looks at the album kept on the table. It has Sakshi’s photos. He thinks of her and is in tears. It is 27 July. Such an unfortunate day! I cannot run away from it ever. He caresses Sakshi’s photo and hugs it close. Tears well up in his eyes.

Sakshi asks him if he is fighting with himself, his memories or his past. Don’t fight! Your past isn’t that bad that you will try to push it out of your memories. Accept it.

City Hospital, Delhi:

checks Ashu. He had fainted. Ashu’s parents reach there just then. They ask doc about Ashu. Doc says the pulse rate and heart beat of the kid is normal. We have to observe him and wait for blood results. Looks like he ate something wrong. Ashu’s mother wonders what’s happening to Ashu since last one month. He is falling ill constantly. Nanda says maybe someone cast their evil eye on Ashu.

Doc gets to know that Ashu was under Dr. Arvind’s observation earlier.

Kabir brings someone to hospital. It was an accident case.

Ashu’s father (Sanjeev Gupta) recognizes him. His wife comes out and tells him that Ashu is vomiting. Kabir goes to call the doc. Doc checks Ashu. Your son is out of danger now. Call me in case there is something wrong again. Sneha sends Nanda home. She is very much concerned for Ashu. Kabir asks the couple about Ashu’s condition. They have no idea but he is ill since we shifted here 3 months ago. Sneha tells him that she got a good job. Nanda takes care of Ashu when I go to office. There is something wrong in the house or maybe Nanda is right.

Everything was fine initially but then Ashu’s condition started to worsen.

3 months ago:
Ashu’s parents return home. They find Ashu looking towards the window. He is crying. Nanda shares that Ashu has not stopped crying since last half an hour. He is not taking his eyes off. Nanda suggests Sneha to do the necessary ritual to ward off any evil eye from Ashu. Sanjeev scolds her for talking such stuff.

Ashu vomits. Sneha follows what Nanda had told her to do. Sneha then cleans the mess. Sanjeev tells her not to give off to Nanda on Sundays. Sneha agrees.

Sanjeev and Nanda bring Ashu to Dr. Arvind’s clinic. He calls it check infection. Does your caretaker sit down to watch tv? Kids get scared if they see some horror show on tv. It makes an impression in the kid’s mind. Take care of it next time. He writes down some medicines.

Next day:
Nanda questions the teacher at Ashu’s play school as he was crying. Ashu tells her that the lady had scolded her. Nanda scolds the lady and takes Ashu home.

Sneha is getting Ashu ready when Nanda notices some marks on Ashu’s back. Sanjeev questions Nanda but she tells them that Ashu cries badly whenever he is coming from school or going to school.

Ashu’s School:
Ashu’s parents complain to the principal. They refuse to believe it that teachers here don’t beat anyone. We wont send our kid here anymore. We will lodge a complaint and drag you to court.

Ashu’s hairs have started falling. Sneha and Sanjeev notice some marks on his head. They call doc. Dr. Arvind checks Ashu. It might be some allergy. He recommends them a few tests. Everything is fine. Nanda yet again suggests Sneha to get a havan done in the house. She goes quiet when she notices Sanjeev returning to the room.

This time it is Sanjeev who has told Nanda to do the purification of the house. Sneha is surprised. There is no side effect of this.

Present: Parents do everything for their kids but nothing helped. Kabir is surprised. Doctors are unable to diagnose anything. Can you tell me something more about it? Sneha replies that things changed since they came here. My son sleeps a lot these days.

Flashback: Sakshi requests the DIG to let her try. He is a good man. I want to bring out the good from inside him. I know it isn’t easy. I don’t mind wasting my time. DIG allows her in. Sakshi tells Kabir that there was one thing common in all those kids. They got fever and used to pass out. they were drugged. They were about to be used for human trafficking. I need your help so I am talking to you. You know those drug manufacturers so I came here. I thought you will melt down after hearing about those kids and help me. But your heart is dead! Kabir scolds her and then lies down to sleep. Sakshi does not give up. I need your help for those innocent kids. He shouts back saying that no one came to help him when he really needed it. She refuses to give up till she brings back that old Kabir out once again.

Present: Ashu has been allowed discharge but his blood reports are yet to be collected. Kabir gives them his number. Contact me when he is awake.

Kabir comes to Ashu’s play school. He notices a CCTV Camera installed there. He asks the head if something wrong went with Sanjeev’s kid. She reasons that there is CCTV camera here. We would have noticed it if something wrong happened here.

Kabir asks the guard about Gupta’s house. He tells him that the house is good. He next meets Sanjeev’s neighbour.

Kabir and Ashu’s parents are with the doctor. The drug was found in high quantity in the kid. It can damage the liver, slows heart beat and makes the kid sleepy. Afeem was given to Ashu regularly. All of them are shocked. Sneha recalls seeing the bottle of the drug empty. Nanda had told her that she had thrown away the rest of the medicine so Ashu doesn’t drink it. It was the same day when Nanda had brought Ashu to the hospital. Our son is still with her!

Nanda mixes the drug in the glass of milk. She gets a call from someone and scolds the caller. She gets Sneha’s call. She asks about Ashu. Give him milk as it is time. Nanda replies through gritted teeth.

She makes Ashu sit on the sofa and forces him to drink milk. Sneha, Sanjeev and Kabir reach Gupta’s house. They act all normal. They give her off. We are taking Ashu out for a stroll. Nanda leaves. Kabir tells the couple that Nanda comes to their neighbour’s house for every 3-4 hours. She gives Afeem to Ashu for the very same reason. The couple is shocked. Kabir knows that kids cannot say much so they stay quiet. They know the difference between right and wrong so they tell us if we ask them their way. I had worked on a similar case a while ago. We will have to do something similar to know Nanda’s truth.

Sneha sits down with Ashu. They have put a camera on recording. Ashu throws away all the toys. Sneha beats the tiger that Ashu calls bad. Ashu tugs at its hairs to punish him more. Ashu thinks of how Nanda used to sit and talk on her phone while he used to wipe the floor clean. She used to pull his hairs when he went too slow. Kabir and Sanjeev are shocked to see it. Ashu next suggests using a hot bulb to punish the bad tiger. Ashu puts it on the tiger. He tells his mother that aunty had put it on him. Flashback shows one day when Ashu had wet the bed. Ashu cries as she scolds him. She is fed up of his cries. She takes out the hot bulb and touches it on his back. All the elders are in tears. Sneha asks Ashu how to punish the tiger more. He replies that they can make him sit outside and window and threaten to throw him down. Aunty used to do the same with me. Aunty is bad! Sneha hugs her son. Sanjeev too rushes in to hug his little son. Nothing will happen.

Police arrests Nanda. Kabir tells police that Nanda used to feed Afeem to Ashu so she could go out to work in another house. You fed him the whole bottle of the drug. It could have resulted in his death. How can you be so cruel to a little kid? You hurt him with a bulb and scared him. Nanda accepts her crimes. Sanjeev is about to charge at her but police stops him. Kabir tells him that he too is at fault. You yourself could not take care of your kid even on a holiday. We all have to work in today’s time but you have to devote your quality time to your kid. You cannot give your kid’s responsibility to anyone! it is your responsibility to ask your kid if he is safe in someone’s hands or not. Nanda apologizes to them but she says I was forced to earn more money as I was under stress due to my marital life. Police takes her away.

It is your responsibility to understand who you are leaving your kids with. Kids don’t open up too much before people but you have to pay attention to them and their behaviour. One should work but such problems wont arise if there is an elder in the house. Do police verification if you want to appoint an outsider for the task. But don’t leave your kid completely on someone else. You must keep an eye to make sure nothing wrong is happening with your kid. Kids often tell everything without saying much. You just have to keep your eyes open.

Nanda was charged under different sections of IPC and Narcotics Act.

Kabir returns home. He looks at the album again. You always show me the right path. I am better person today because of you. He thinks of her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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