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Mumbai, 2005:
A lady runs downstairs and hides. A clown follows her downstairs. He is looking for her and is holding a knife in his hand. The clown finally tracks her. She begins to chant Hanuman Chalisa. Anushree cuts the scene as the scenes aren’t properly written or executed. Who chants Hanuman Chalisa? This is such a dumb thing. How do you scare a ghost by reading Hanuman Chalisa? She calls Rupesh. He comes there and she tells him to change the script. Another senior guy (Hiten) tells her against it as this is a movie on Shaheen’s life. We have to show what she used to do and believe in, not you! A reporter is waiting for Anushree so she excuses herself to give the interview.

Anushree shares with the reporter that it a biopic on Shaheen Fatwa. Anushree is curious as to why she committed

suicide. Reporter says her husband Vivek was considered responsible for the suicide. You are shooting in the same studio where she used to shoot. Any particular reason? Anushree wants it to be as real as it can be. Reporter asks her a question about her personal life. Rajveer comes there just then.

Anushree asks Rajveer about the same question that the reporter had asked. He tells her that he loves only her. She is a little confused about the character. He advises her to live the character’s life if she wants to live it to perfection. You should go to Shaheen’s makeup room. Her makeup room has been closed since her death. Go there and spend some time. You might be able to relate better or get some good idea there. She agrees to give it a shot.

Next day, Anushree comes to Shaheen’s makeup room with Rupesh. This room has been opened for the first time since her death. Shaheen had set the entire room with her own hands. Rupesh excuses himself. Anushree wants to live the life of her movie’s character. Her junior goes to plan out her day. Anushree looks around the room. She looks at herself in the mirror. She picks up a smaller mirror and looks around the room. She finds someone standing behind her. She turns around in shock but does not see anyone.

At night, Anushree turns in her sleep. She hears someone calling out her name. She looks around but cannot see anyone. She hears someone saying, I want justice, I want revenge! Anu goes downstairs to see who it is. She finds a lady in her house. Who are you? Go away from here. This is a private property. She calls for security. He comes running to her but runs past that lady. The guy is wearing a clown’s mask. It is Rajveer. He wishes her happy birthday. The entire unit wishes her happy birthday. Rajveer feeds her cake. She is a little lost. She tells him what she saw today. She was trying to show me something. She suddenly disappeared. He takes it lightly as a joke.

Next day, shooting is going on. Shaheen fell in love with a guy who is elder than her. He already has a son from his first wife. Anu speaks dialogues on her own. The Hiten applauds Anu on her acting and so does Rupesh.

Anu tells Rajveer that she got standing ovation today. He cannot understand why Shaheen committed suicide if she got her love. Anu has no idea. Maybe she had some compulsion. Anu relaxes in the bathtub when she feels a hand reaching out for her. She is shocked. Anu tries calling Rajveer but he isn’t picking her call. She feels someone’s presence and screams out in shock as she looks at the lady.

Anu looks at the HIten differently. She touches the floor before taking her seat. The guy is in thoughts. Shooting starts. Shaheen is tired of life. I cannot take it anymore. She holds the rope but does not put it around her neck. I did not die like this. I dint commit suicide. I was killed. My killer is none other than the man I loved! Anu runs towards the Hiten and attacks him but he ducks. Shaheen screams that she wont spare him. I did so much for you. Anu faints. One guy (the light man) is observing it all. People hold Anu.

Rupesh shares with Rajveer that they feel this role is pushing Anu to depression. Rajveer is planning to shift Anu to his house. The men go out. The light starts flickering. Anu / Shaheen comes there. I want justice / revenge Rajveer tells her to rest. Anu / Shaheen says I am not Anu but Shaheen. I wont leave my killer. Manoj Dada, the light man, walks inside. He starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Anu faints. He tells others to take Anu to Shree Balaji Mandir asap. He only can get Anu free from Shaheen.

Rajveer, Rupesh and Hiten brings Anu to Shree Balaji Mandir. They are having a hard time controlling Anu / Shaheen’s spirit. They chain her next. Mahant ji keeps his hand over Anu’s head. Shaheen calms down. She wants revenge from her killer (Hiten). I loved two things

10 years ago:
Rainbow Studio, Mumbai:
Shaheen is in her makeup room. Hiten applauds her for her work. She gifts him a watch as they had shot their first film this day only. He has brought no gift for her. She wishes to spend more time with Rupesh. She has put her everything in Rupesh’s name. Shaheen is doing a thriller film. Later, Rupesh likes his father’s watch. Rupesh reminds him that his mother died 12 years ago. Shaheen tries to talk sweetly to him but he refuses to accept her as his mother. Rupesh is irked with his father as he never gives him money. Hiten does not want him to waste money. Shaheen gives him money. A mother can feel her motherly love only through her kid’s love. My everything is his only after all. Hiten jokes if she wont give him anything. She jokes back saying she wont leave him even if she dies. They smile and share a hug. A guy brings a new heroine on the set and introduces her to Hiten. Shaheen looks uncomfortable.

6 months later:
Hiten is doing a scene rehearsal with the new girl. Shaheen gets angry. What’s going on? This is the reason why Rupesh used to stop me from coming here. She doesn’t let the girl speak. She scolds Hiten for cheating her. I am leaving you and your house today. Rupesh goes to talk to her. Shaheen is crying in her makeup room. Rupesh calls her Ma. Come home. I apologize to you on father’s behalf. She pushes him out of the room and closes the door. Shaheen breaks down. Hiten tries to talk to her but in vain. You are right. I am a failure. That young actress is better than me! He warns her to open the door or she will have to pay a heavy price for it. She doesn’t budge. He leaves eventually. Shaheen opens the door but he is gone by that time. She comes downstairs but no one is there. A man wearing the clown’s getup comes there. He puts a rope around her neck and suffocates her to death. She notices the watch in his hand before leaving and thinks it is Hiten!

He killed me! I want my revenge, my justice. Hiten says I loved you dearly. Why would I do so? Shaheen refuses to believe him. You left me for the younger girls. She holds his neck. Mahant ji puts the coin on her forehead. You seem a lost spirit. I will help you find your killer. I will help you in getting justice too. You will have to leave Anu if I help you. Shaheen agrees finally. I will leave this body if I get my revenge.

Mahant ji starts the puja. He ties a holy thread around Anu’s hand. He holds her hand. He is taken back to the past. He shares that Hiten dint kill her. The man who could get maximum benefit from your death is your killer! He takes Rupesh’s name. Rupesh denies. She is my mother. What are you saying? Mahant ji says you will have to speak truth. Rupesh feigns ignorance. Mahant ji asks him who was wearing the mask. Rupesh declines knowing anything about it. He starts running away. Hiten and Rajveer pull him back. Rupesh finally confesses his crime.

The killer removes the mask from his face and it turns out to be Rupesh.

Shaheen is stunned to know that Rupesh killed her. Rupesh killed her as he was the rightful owner of her entire property after her death.

Shaheen says I will sell everything and go away. rupesh denies. That property is mine too. You cannot do anything to it. Shaheen realises that Rupesh is after her money and maybe Hiten is only after her beauty. She sends Rupesh out of the room (on the day of the incident after she had seen Hiten with that young girl).

Rupesh says I had no other option left. Please forgive me Ma. I am your culprit. He tries to attack Anu with a trident but a priest holds his hand in time. Mahant ji has created a block for Shaheen. He reminds her of her promise. It is time for you to leave Anu’s body. He puts the coin on Anu’s forehead. Shaheen leaves Anu. Anu faints. Mahant ji tells Rajveer and Hiten that Anu is free now.

Rajveer feeds water to Anu when she gains conscious. Anu starts believing in God after going through this experience. She leaves with Rajveer.

Faith and belief show us the right path. Till the time we get to encounter evil, we cannot understand how much we trust God. Anu’s film was a success. Even though she dint get any award but she still goes to all the temples, mosques and every holy place to look for the God who helped her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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