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15 June, Mr. Vilon Kapoor’s Bungalow, Mumbai:
Many people, reporters have gathered outside the bungalow. A very foul smell is coming from the house. Police breaks in and finds a dead body inside. The dead body is days old. They find some clothes and a driving license inside them. A diary is also found. Inspector checks it. a suicide letter falls from it. I wanted to be a big man but couldn’t become one. I wanted to be a singer but I am driver here. I cannot fight with all this anymore.

Next day:
Mr. Kapoor is back from Delhi. He looks at the photo of the deceased. He was my driver. Inspector shares that this happened 10 days ago. Mr. Lalwani says Mr. Kapoor was on a business trip since long time. We left on 7th.

14 November 2014, Mr. Vilon Kapoor’s Bungalow, Mumbai:

has come from Gaya. He wants to be a lyricist. But he has to work meanwhile to survive in Mumbai. Mr. Kapoor appoints him as Malini’s personal driver.

Mr. Kapoor says my wife goes clubbing, parying at night. I wanted someone to bring her home safe. Raghu was a nice person but a loser. He did a wrong thing by committing suicide. I have no sympathy with him as he has committed suicide. He has only given pain to his family members by that. Mr. Lalwani, his PA, keeps on telling about the exact dates (7th) of Mr. Kapoor meeting Raghu for the last time. Malini is not at home.

Mud Island Police Station:
Inspector Bhonsle says the case is closed from our end. Kabir talks to him alone. It is weird. I read Raghu’s diary. He was a simple guy from Gaya. He wanted to be a lyricist. He was capable enough. Why would he commit suicide? Inspector replies that maybe Raghu was not able to compromise with the changes in his life. Kabir has done some research. I think it wasn’t a suicide. He was murdered. There are many reasons. His fist was closed. It happens when the person is trying to save himself or when it isn’t by his wish. Raghu’s neck was straight. Generally it bends or cracks. Third, his eyes were close. Sudden death leaves them open. Raghu’s tongue is inside. His mouth is closed. Inspector replies that the handwriting is same. the post-mortem report is here. The door was locked from inside. Who would kill him? The case is closed. The body has been sent back to Gaya. Let us do our work peacefully. Kabir decides to dig deep.

Kabir reaches Raghu’s House in Gaya. Raghu’s parents refuse to believe it that Raghu will commit suicide. He was all hopeful last week. Kabir reads the letter. It has a poem written in it. Kabir asks about Raghu’s friend. Raghu’s mother tells him about Manohar. He was the chef in that bungalow. Kabir checks all the letters which Raghu has sent them. He gets a photocopy of them.

Kabir cross checks the writing of those letters with the suicide letter. He calls Inspector Bhonsle. Bhonsle is irked as his sleep is disturbed. Kabir tells him that everyone writes differently. Raghu too had a specific writing pattern. He had not written that suicide letter. First, he starts with respected ma baba. He used to write ‘hum’. He writes his nick name in the end. Suicide letter was entirely different. Handwriting is of Raghu’s but the words are of someone else. Bhonsle says you are in the wrong profession. You should have been a detective.

Mr. Vilon Kapoor’s Bungalow, Mumbai:
Kabir meets Mr. Kapoor. He asks him about Raghu but Mr. Lalwani tells him against it. Manohar has been sent to jail as he had tried to steal some jewels. Kabir asks about the day of the incident. Mr. Lalwani gives all the details from his diary. Kabir asks about Raghu’s mobile. As per Raghu’s call records, Raghu used to talk more with your wife. Mr. Lalwani reasons that a driver will talk to his owner. Kabir wants to talk to Malini. Mr. Kapoor goes to make a call. A lady enters. She ties Shaurya’s (her son’s) laces. It is Malini Kapoor. Kabir notices the age difference between the couple and the kid. Kabir gives his intro. I am investigating about Raghu. Maybe he was murdered. Malini calls it a suicide. He was my driver. I know nothing more. He asks her about Manohar. Mr. Lalwani calls out for her. Kabir gives his card to her. Mr. Kapoor asks about something and she answers beforehand.

Manohar says I tried to stop Raghu but he dint listen to me. he had an affair with Malini. Mr. Kapoor was in Delhi. No one was at home.

Flashback: Raghu and Malini enjoy some private moments. I was going upstairs when I heard some noises from Mam’s room. He peeks in. Malini thanks Raghu for making her boring life exciting. I love you.

Present: I told Raghu that he was wrong. Kapoor will not spare them. He said that Malini loves him a lot. They are going to get married soon but love is blind. I even had a big fight with him. Raghu tells him to be in his limits. Manohar slaps him. I am telling you to come back on track. I had given a false warning but he dint pay heed. One day, jewels were found in my bag. I thought Raghu has done it so I don’t tell anything to Mr. Kapoor. I cursed him a lot but now I think Mr. Kapoor got me out of his way first. He is a very dangerous man.

Malini comes to meet Kabir at a far place. Kabir asks about her relationship with Mr. Kapoor. Malini says I was some 10 years old. My cousin Sheela was 23 years old. She was married with Mr. Kapoor. Shaurya was their son. They were going for a vacation when they had an accident. Sheela died in that accident. Mr. Kapoor’s one leg was crippled in that accident. I married him. I became a Ma from Massi. I became Shaurya’s mother but Mr. Kapoor dint pay any heed to me. I have his bank balance but not his love. Kabir understands that she took to alcohol and smoking in anger. You had an affair with Raghu. Malini breaks down. Every girl dreams of a guy who can take care of her / love her.

Flashback: Mr. Kapoor scolds Malini for coming home late and drunk. Shaurya fell asleep while thinking of you. I have to leave in the morning. How can you be so irresponsible? He walks back in his room. Malini drinks more. I am irresponsible! I take care of his house, him, his kid. I gave up on studies, my dreams. Am I immature? He will realise my importance when I wont be there. She trips and Raghu holds her.

One day, Malini drinks a lot. It is raining and she is on terrace. Raghu takes her inside. He helps her lie down on bed and wipes her head. She pulls him a little close. You are very good.

Slowly I started feeling that he started making me laugh, smile and take care of me. We became friends. Malini calls him good, very good. I have become a burden. Raghu says friendship is never a burden. He says some nice lines to her. Malini is touched. She hugs him.

Present: Raghu did everything for me that my husband should have been doing. My husband only married me and brought me home. I was only a caretaker for him. Raghu had become my life. Mr. Kapoor found out about our affair. I begged him for Raghu’s life and he sent me to my parents place. I promised to stay away from Raghu in Shaurya’s name. But then I got to know about Raghu’s death.

Inspector Bhonsle is amazed at Kabir cracking the story. They decide to investigate on Kapoor but in a way so he doesn’t find out. We will have to be careful. Maybe he had hired someone. I will get his call details. Kabir insists on finding Raghu’s mobile too. there is something in it because of which it has been hidden. Police looks for it everywhere but cannot find it.

Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Lalwani come to police station. Bhonsle tells Kapoor that as per his call details he was in Mumbai only. We have full doubt on you as you had a motive for murder. Kapoor denies. Bhonsle tells him about Raghu’s affair with Malini. Raghu wasn’t scared of you. He had decided to take Malini out of your cage. Kapoor gets up but constable signals him to stop. I dint do it. My one leg is not working. How will I tie such a young man above? Bhonsle is sure Lalwani would have done it. Bhonsle arrests both of them.

Kabir comes to talk to Kapoor and Lalwani. Kapoor tells him that he wont get any news from them. we dint commit any crime. Kabir offers to help him. just tell me your side of the story. Why did you lie that you were in Delhi on 10th june when you were in Delhi? I always support truth. I may be able to help you. Kapoor agrees to tell him everything as he has promised not to share it with anyone else. Someone had tipped me that there was going to be an IT raid on my office. There were some papers of black property and black cash in my office. I put them some place safely. I went back to Delhi next day. I seriously have no idea about Raghu and Malini’s affair. I had given Raghu that mobile. It might be a proof of my innocence.

Kabir shares with Bhonsle that he still feels something is missing in the story. Things would have been clear if we find Raghu’s mobile. The mobile has been put on tracking. It will be tracked through the IMEI code of that phone. He gets a call from someone. The phone has been found. He goes to bring it.

Bhonsle is heading to where the phone’s location is. They stop a man but he tries to run away. He lives in a nearby village. He only came to cut wood here. He had taken Raghu’s phone as it was in good condition.

Bhonsle shows Raghu’s phone to Kabir. The entire data has been deleted from the phone. They have software in the laptop through which the data can be retrieved. They check the phone.

An hour later:
There are many romantic photos in the phone of Raghu and Malini; some videos and a voice message. They hear a voice message. Raghu threatens to tell the truth to Kapoor. I loved you so much and you used me! You don’t pick my calls now or reply to my messages. I want to marry you and now you say you cannot be with a loser like me. I can use Manohar’s statement for it. Meet me or I will not think twice before sharing the truth with Mr. Kapoor.

There is another voice mail from Malini on 10th. She tells him to meet her in the bungalow on 10th June at 6 pm. I too cannot live without you. I have made all the preps.

Malini and a guy are in a compromising position when Inspector Bhonsle enters with his team and Kabir. He has an arrest warrant. You deleted everything from it but Mumbai police retrieved it.

Malini lies that she loved Raghu. I wanted to marry him and leave from this place but this Vikas came in picture. He sent me out of the room and killed my Raghu. He warned me not to tell anything to police. Vikas declines. I am innocent. She told me that Raghu was blackmailing her. I was mad in her love to believe her. Inspector Bhonsle is not ready to believe Malini. Your game is over. You should confess now. Malini agrees that she was just passing time with Raghu. He had fallen for me. How could I marry such a low person! He threatened to tell everything to Mr. Kapoor. I had married him for his money. Raghu was a little mad. He had started threatening me. I dint want to take any chances. I had no option but to take him out of my way. Malini says Manohar found out about relation and I got him behind bars. As per the plan, I met Raghu in the bungalow and took him to his room. Malini closes the door. Vikas jumps in from the window. Raghu gets tensed. Malini slaps Raghu and scolds him for threatening her. Now tell Kapoor! Follow my instructions quietly. Write what I am telling you to. Raghu says I used to love you for real. Malini has no time for emotions. She makes him write the suicide letter. Raghu has no option but to write it. We strangled him and then hung him with a rope. Malini breaks the chip and gives the phone to Vikas to throw away. Kabir points out the differences to Malini about the mistakes that she had made in the letter. How did you close the door from inside? The idea was borrowed from Sherlock Holmes. She explains that she closed the door from outside using a thin wire and then I pulled it back.

Malini and Vikas were arrested and charged under IPC. Malini trapped and then used Raghu. She played with his emotions. She got another toy when she was fed up of Raghu. She killed Raghu with Vikas’s help. She framed Kapoor when she was under the scanner. But she was ultimately caught.

Love is not a bad thing. But loving a married woman is wrong. Raghu came to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a lyricist. He was only trying to make someone’s life better but forgot his dreams in the process. It shouldn’t be thus!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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