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Epi begins with Sakshi giving an intro of today’s story. Parents always do the best upbringing for all their kids. But all kids together are unable to take care of their parents. What is the mistake of those parents who give good values and upbringing to them but the kids leave them alone? They start thinking of such things that they feel like ending their lives.

Worli Estuary, Mumbai:
Few fishermen are heading back to the shore when they notice someone lying there unconscious. They check his pulse and pick him up.

Inspector asks the fishermen if they found some ID near the man. They deny. Inspector tells them to go. I will call you in case I need something. They both nod and then leave. Even the doc dint find any ID with the man. Doc also denies noticing any kind of stretches

on the man that may indicate that the man was pushed in the sea. His clothes don’t even hint of any kind of struggle that he may have put up to resist some kind of force. We cannot say anything. It can be an accident too. inspector thanks him.

Ashima is waiting for Bhaskar Sir at the office. He is always on time. She is about to call him just when she receives a video call from him. he shows her his fractured feet. I wont be able to come to office for a while. Doc has told me to rest. There is a very important and suspicious suicide attempt case in Thane Hospital. A doc there, Dr. Shyam, is a very good friend of mine. He only alerted me about this case. She agrees to reach Thane Hospital right away. get all the details and share them with me. contact me as and when you need me. I will be in constant touch with you through video and direct call. She agrees.

City Hospital:
Dr. Shyam assures Ashima that no wound can do anything to Bhaskar. I know him very well. This is a normal injury. They discuss the case of an old lady. He tells her that she was brought to his hospital yesterday. There was a cut on her left wrist. She looked scared also. She dint share anything about her. I had asked her but she was all quiet. I was a little doubtful after seeing the other (young) lady’s reaction who was accompanying her. Flashback shows a couple accompanying the old lady. The young lady tells the doc to ask her anything. She was in kitchen, was working when the knife slipped from her hand and she got hurt. Doc isn’t ready to believe it as the wound was deep. Her behaviour with the old lady was little odd. Plus initially she was going to write some other address but ended up writing something else altogether. Why will someone write their wrong address? Ashima deduces that it all doesn’t hint at any accident. The knife couldn’t have ended up slitting the wrist by mistake plus the odd behaviour of that young lady mean that the old lady was under some kind of family pressure. She took such an extreme step to end her problems. She takes the address from the doc.

Worli, Mumbai:
Ashima checks with the guard who tells her that no lady by the name Sudha Kumari lives in that particular flat. A guy (Manish Joshi) lives there with his father. Ashima informs the same to Dr. Bhaskar. While talking, the guard points at a guy walking past them. He is Manish Joshi. Ashima greets him. He tells her that only he and his father live in his flat. She asks him if she can meet his father but he tells her that his father has gone to meet some relative. What has happened by the way? She shares that the Sudha ji that she is looking for wants to commit suicide. He is taken aback. Are you in the police? You are searching at the wrong place. He leaves hastily. Prashant Bhaskar has heard their entire convo. I am sure he knows something. He reacted very strangely. This man is definitely hiding something. Ashima too feels the same. he tells her to keep a tab on Manish. Note his every day activities.

Manish is waiting for the lift when he calls someone. Are you mad? Can you not handle an old woman? She wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide otherwise. What was the need to write my name and real address there? A girl came here to enquire about you. the bigger problem is that the old man is missing. I had gone to register a complaint at the Worli Police Station but they said that they cannot register any complaint before 24 hours. I wonder when we will get rid of them! I have spoken to the lawyer regarding property papers. Once that is done both these oldies can go and die anywhere they want to. But please take care of them till then. I will check in the nearby hospitals. I may find them there. Ashima takes the stairs and starts following him. She updates the same to her sir. He advises her to be careful. She assures him that she will make sure he is not able to catch her. just then some kids come rushing and her phone falls. She bends to pick up her phone but Manish disappears by then. She tells her sir that she lost Manish.

Prashant and Ashima work at all the clues they have got. Manish knows Sudha Kumari but he refused it in front of you. ON the other hand, he is looking for his father. As per their telephonic convo Manish and Sudha surely are connected in some way. Ashima’s colleague brings a whole list of all those people found in the past 2 days whose family members have not come to take them yet. There is an old man (Sudhir Joshi) who is admitted in the hospital since last 2 days. He is still not awake. Prashant tells Ashima to meet the guy right away. we might find some clue from him.

Doc briefs Ashima about the patient. He fell from a height and it has affected him badly. He will take time to gain conscious. Ashima wonders if he really fell or if he jumped in reality. Doc suggests her to wait as only he can give an answer. She nods. She leaves her card with the doc. Inform me as soon as he wakes up.

Ashima comes out but notices Manish in the corridor. She turns her back to him and moves just one or two steps away from the door. Manish notices his father in the ward and goes inside. A nurse walks in and enquires Manish if he knows the patient. Manish answers in negative. Ashima tells the same to Prashant. Manish is hiding the truth. He has no emotions on his face upon seeing his father thus. Prashant suggests her to talk to Manish’s neighbours. Be careful, he shouldn’t get to know that someone is keeping an eye on his activities.

Ashima meets the other society members. Everyone is full of praises for Manish’s parents. They were also a favourite of even the kids of the society. They both used to love kids a lot. Their granddaughter was their life. Mini too used to run directly in her grandparents arms when she used to return from the school but Mini stopped coming here suddenly. Flashback shows the elderly couple tries to contact Mini but in vain. The ladies tell Ashima how Mrs. Joshi left from here 6 months ago while Manish came to live with his father. Mr. Joshi stopped coming out of the house after a few days itself. Ashima shows them Mr. Joshi’s pic (of hospital). The ladies affirm that it is him only. Ashima finds out that Mrs. Joshi’s name is Sudha.

Prashant states that the old man in the hospital is Mr. Sudhir Joshi while that other old lady in Thane Hospital is Mrs. Sudha Joshi. I still cannot understand why Manish is lying about his parents. Only he can give an answer to that. We can reach his mother through him only. You should wait there only for Manish to return.

Ashima waits in her car all night but Manish doesn’t return home. Prashant is more worried about Mrs. Joshi. If someone fails in their first suicide attempt then he surely tries it again. We will have to reach Mrs. Joshi before she tries to commit suicide again. Ashima tells him about Manish going to Worli Police Station to file a missing complaint. Maybe he has registered a complaint and has left his number there. I will try to find his number which can help us trace him. Prashant likes her idea.

Inspector gives Manish’s number to Ashima. Ashima shares the number with her colleague. Find out who was the caller talking to at 11 am yesterday. Also find the address of the receiver. Sms it to me as soon as you are done. Ashima updates her Sir that the address is of a lady named Rashmi Dubey. The house number in the address was initially mentioned in form but then she wrote the wrong address there. Prashant sends Ashima to meet Rashmi Dubey.

Thane (East), Maharashtra:
A maid walks out of the house all irritated. Ashima asks her about Rashmi. The maid is not happy working there. There is an old lady in the house who is not given food or water. She remains locked in a room all the time. She even cut her wrist a few days back. These people are not good. They dint even give me gave me my pay for this month. I am not going to work for them anymore. She leaves irked.

Ashima rings the doorbell. She lies to Rashmi that she is Manish’s lawyer. I came here to talk regarding the property papers. Rashmi gets happy and welcomes her inside. Ashima hands an envelope to Rashmi. Read it once I leave from here. Rashmi agrees. She goes to bring water for Ashima. A girl (Mini) greets Ashima. Ashima tells her that she is her Nana ji’s friend. Mini gets happy but her mother returns just then. she sends Mini inside. Ashima asks about her MIL. Rashmi panics but shows the door to Ashima as her work is done. Ashima leaves. Rashmi checks the papers but they are all blank. Outside, Ashima checks their mailbox and finds a letter for Sudha Joshi.

Prashant is surprised to realise that both the husband and wife have tried to commit suicide. What prompted them to do it? it is very important for us to meet Mr. Or Mrs. Joshi. Ashima has an idea. I read Mini’s school name on her ID.

Ashima reaches Mini’s school. She recalls meeting Ashima at her home yesterday. Mini shares with her that her mother has told her that Nana ji died. I wont be able to meet him ever. Ashima shows her the photos. Your Nana ji is alive. Mini smiles seeing his photos. I want to meet him. Ashima asks her about her Nani. Mini tells her that her parents torture Nani a lot. They lock her in a room. Nani cries all the time. My mom and dad are not at all good. Nana ji is really nice. Ashima gives her a little task to do. Give this letter to Nani ji but make sure no one else gets to know about it. Mini nods.

Rashmi gives dinner to Mini who instead wants to give it to her Nani. They both argue over it while her husband tells her to let Mini go. She scolds Mini for taking chocolates for her Nani. They are not good for her health. Mini hides the letter under the plate and smiles.

Sudha ji calls Ashima. She gives her NGO’s intro first. Your husband is alive and will meet you real soon. please don’t do anything wrong with yourself. Sudha ji is relieved. A white car will be waiting outside your house tomorrow morning. Reach till that car anyhow.

Ashima and her colleague wait outside Rashmi’s house. Sudha ji breaks expensive crockery intentionally. Rashmi is upset. She tells Sudha ji to bring broom and dustpan from outside. Sudha ji goes outside and manages to meet Ashima. She sits in the car and they drive off from there. Rashmi hears the noise of the car engine.

Ashima brings SUdha ji to her office. Prashant is on video call. Ashima wants to know about the wound on her hand but Sudha ji shows an inclination to meet her husband first. Ashima promises to make her meet him as soon as he is well. What happened in your lives that you both had to take such an extreme step? Tell me everything from the beginning.

Sudha ji says, before retirement her husband was working on a very good post in a bank. We have to two kids – Manish and Rashmi. We did everything for our kids and even went beyond our limits. We bought a flat for Manish and bought a bungalow for Rashmi in Thane. But they both continued to fight on the same thing. they wanted us to be with both of them.

Flashback shows Rashmi and Manish fighting for with whom their parents will stay. Manish agrees to let them stay with Rashmi for a month but then I will come to pick you both.

Present: We used to feel lucky that our kids want to keep us with them but we were wrong. After my husband’s retirement, only the one-third of the total salary started coming. That is when we realised that our kids did not love us but our money.

Flashback: This time the brother and sister tell each other to keep their parents with him / her. They both used to refuse to keep them because of their own selfish reasons. Mr. And Mrs. Joshi feel pained to see her kids thus.

Present: We both took the worst decision of our life that one of us will stay with Rashmi while the other will stay with Manish. We compromised thinking about our kid’s financial position, thinking that neither of them will be able to bear our expenses for long. We were away from each other for 7 whole months. One day, my husband gave me a good news.

Flashback: Mr. Joshi reminds his wife about their other flat which was stuck in some case. Court has decided in our favour. Now we wont have to be dependent on the kids. We will sell the flat and buy a cottage in Mahabaleshwar like you wanted. We will stay together always. They both smile thinking about it.

Present: That good news looked like a dreams. A dream has nothing to do with reality. When the kids got to know about that flat, then their behaviour changed again. they both started fighting for us again but we knew the truth by now This property was like a lottery for them. my husband is a very simple man. He doesn’t even speak in high tone but he had to explain it to the kids as he was helpless.

Flashback: Mr. Joshi tells his kids not to think of him as a fool. I have seen more world than you. When I dint have anything then you people thought of us as a burden. Today when we have a new property, you had a change of heart? I have worked on this flat for 20 years and have got it finally. Now your mom and I have decided to spend the rest of our lives on the basis of that flat itself. It is good for you too as we wont be a burden on you anymore.

Present: They dint like his decision. They locked us in their respective houses. We became prisoners. I cannot tell you how we spent that time. We have been through so much. Our own kids have done this to us. When our pain crossed all limits, we both came to a decision.

Flashback: Mr. Joshi and Mrs. Joshi promise to meet each other once again on their anniversary (17th April). He sings the same song for her that he had sung on that day.

Present: Prashant deduces that they both decided to kill themselves on that day. You cut your wrist while your husband jumped off the bridge. Mrs. Joshi says we dint have any other option. Ashima reminds her that they don’t have any right to take their lives. Your maid saved your life while 2 fishermen saved your husband’s life.

Flashback (17th April): Mr. Joshi jumps off the bridge willingly while Sudha ji picks up a kitchen knife. Fishermen found Mr. Joshi and maid notices Sudha ji’s wrist.

Present: Ashima says, you tried to take your life but you were unsuccessful. It is because a very beautiful chapter of your life is still left. Please don’t end it. I know your loved ones put a condition before you and you both were forced to take this step but there are many other ways to this problem too (police, NGOs, etc.). Never give up in life again. you both have been through a lot in life. You both are an ideal couple, ideal parents. This cannot be expected from both of you. Sudha ji wants to meet her husband. Ashima makes a condition – you have to bring him out of this shock first and then you will have to inculcate a new ray of hope in him to live. Sudha ji nods.

Ashima brings Sudha ji to meet her husband. She is in tears to see him thus. You can hear my voice, right? I am here. Please open your eyes. Ashima encourages her to keep talking. Sudha ji begins to talk when he opens his eyes. She assures him that they both are fine and alive. We will take a home in Mahabaleshwar and live there for forever, like we had planned. They both share an emotional hug. Ashima informs the same to her Sir. Manish has been arrested by police. He was forging Mr. Joshi’s flat papers and had wanted to sell it. he has been charged with fraud and defamation. Mr. Joshi has got his flat back. He can sell it to anyone whenever he wants to. Prashant is happy. stay in touch with the couple. We will help them in all the possible ways we can. Ashima agrees.

Sakshi says, when a tree grows old, it stops giving fruits but it never stops providing shade. Our elders are like them too. we cannot cut / break them just because they don’t yield fruits. Their blessings are very powerful. To make sure that their blessing is with forever, we should always support / be with them / take care of them and make sure they are not in any kind of problem.

If you too see such an elder person around you, who is in some sort of trouble then help them. You can contact the below mentioned helpline numbers. This is one such NGO who works for people who are mentally disturbed. You never know that your one endeavour can show a new ray of light to some elderly people.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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