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Television – a boon or a curse?

There is a news report of a 13 old girl named Anjali Sharma who is missing since last night from her house. It might be a case of child trafficking or she might have left her house on her own.

Anjali’s parents still have no clue about Anjali.

Anjali’s House, Lodi Colony, New Delhi:
At night, Rekha and Ranjeet Sharma are sleeping peacefully. Anjali is watching serials on tv. It is 12:30. She calls Monty. I am all ready. You were supposed to call me after reaching Delhi! He replies that he has reached just now. She asks him what the plan is. He says we will be heading directly to Mumbai. She ends the call. She packs her clothes in a bag walks out of the house stealthily at night. She is walking on the road alone.

Kabir is irked with

Kavya as she acts careless during a sting operation. I don’t want to work with her!

Monty finally picks Anjali’s call. He tells her that he wont come to Delhi. You took internet chatting so seriously. I really dint mean it. it was a joke. Go home and sleep. He disconnects the call. Anjali cries sitting near a tree. A constable notices her. Who are you? Do you know what time is it? We will talk in the police station. He talks to her about how reckless young kids have become. She frees her hand and runs away. He fails to track her as she hides behind a car.

Kabir brings Kavya to a local eating joint. She does not want to eat here but he clearly tells her that no restaurant will be open at this hour. He orders food and starts eating. Kavya is hungry too. She too orders something for herself. Anjali comes there too. Kabir notices her. What’s a young girl doing here alone? Junaid (the shop owner) talks to her. Kabir was about to go and talk to her but then stops. Junaid asks Anjali if she lost her way. I will get you food. He asks her about her whereabouts. She innocently tells him about her dream of going to Mumbai to Monty. He has a family just like they show in tv. He is my brother, my best friend. My parents don’t have time for me. They are always busy fighting with each other.

Anjali has won a prize. She is very excited to show it to her mother but she does not have time. She is busy in her office work. Ranjeet comes home. He is tired. He asks for water from Anjali. Rekha reprimands him for being forgetful. You forgot to give the maintenance cheque. They get into a fight. Anjali watches tv at night. There is a similar scene on tv wherein the kid wins a competition. The family is very excited. Everyone has high hopes from the kid and shower him with love and blessings. Kavya recalls the scene at her house. She is in tears.

Kavya is eating dinner with her parents. She tries to talk to her mother but she is too busy in tv. Her father calls her to his side. She tells him about parent’s teacher meeting tomorrow. He says your mom will come. Rekha is busy. They both fight over it again.

Ranjeet is going away for work. Anjali suggest going to see a movie on the weekend. He has plans with his friends and so has Rekha. He suggests her to go with her friend but Sarah has plans. Ranjeet talks rudely to her as she sits on a shirt. He sends her outside. She cries.

Rekha has to go to office. She has boiled milk. She asks Anjali to pour it in the glass. Anjali drops it on her hand and screams out in pain. Rekha pours water on her hand but is in a rush. She leaves after telling Anjali to apply ointment. There is a similar scene on tv at night. Anjali cannot stop her tears when she sees the tv mother acting all concerned for her son.

Ranjeet and Rekha get into another argument. Rekha is calling her mother over to their house. You had thrown away my mother when she was here so your mother too cannot stay here! Ranjeet walks away in a huff. Anjali watches them from a distance.

I get very scared when they fight. I switch on tv in my room then. They notice the constable coming to that side. Anjali hides. Constable asks Junaid about Anjali but Junaid lies to him. Anjali thanks him for saving her. Come to my house as it is too late now. I will help you catch the first train to Mumbai in the morning.

Junaid’s House, Sitapur Colony, New Delhi:
Junaid sets bed for Anjali. He asks her where she met Monty. She replies that she met him on internet. I used to get bored at home after school. I made an online account on Friendbook. I started chatting. Monty and Anjali happen to start chatting. Anjali tells Monty that she likes joint families. He realises that she watches tv too much. I have a joint family like they show in the tv. She shows an inclination to meet them. He welcomes her to his house. A few days later, they exchange mobile numbers too. I dint want my parents then. I used to chat with Monty all the time. He always used to listen to me. Our friendship deepened. But he did wrong with me today! She narrates the incident to Junaid.

I will never forgive him. Junaid tells her not to worry. I will arrange for your trip to Mumbai first thing in the morning. He covers her with a duvet and then switches off the lights. He switches off her phone and goes out to inform someone about the girl. I wont take less than a lakh.

Lodi Colony Police Station:
Ranjeet and Rekha are in the police station. Kabir is there too for some other work. Inspector asks the couple questions about Anjali. They give her photo to constable Yadav (the same constable who had seen Anjali that night). I saw her in Lodi Garden Area. She had a bag. I offered to drop her home but she just ran away. Kabir is in thoughts. The girl left on her wish this means! Why would such a young girl take such a big step? Inspector suggests going to Sharma’s house to look for a clue. Kabir too joins them. He notices the photo before leaving and recalls seeing her at Junaid’s place.

Kabir is angry with himself as he could have helped that girl last night. She wouldn’t have gone missing if I would have helped her. She would have been at her home safely today. Sakshi calms him down. You also made mistakes but then got a chance to correct them. You can correct your mistake now as well. The things we look too deeply for are generally near us only. Kabir decides not to sit peacefully till he finds Anjali.

Junaid and Anjali leave from his house.

Constable Yadav reaches Junaid’s eating joint. He gets to know that Junaid opens his stall at night.

Sharma’s don’t keep much cash or jewellery at home. Kabir thinks of checking ANjali’s laptop. Kids are often active on social websites.

Constable Yadav is trying to find Junaid’s place. Meanwhile, Junaid and Anjali get inside a taxi. Junaid’s ally is already in the car. He puts a hanky (filled with chloroform) over her mouth. She loses conscious.

Kabir reads Anjali and Monty’s chat on Friendsbook. Constable Yadav updates Inspector that Junaid puts his stall at night. Kabir asks Sharma’s if they know who Monty is. They don’t know anything about a friend called Monty. Police team decides to check all the trains and keep a tab on Monty as well. They leave. Kabir tells Anjali’s parents to read all the chats of ANjali so they get to know something about her. She hated her life as you guys dint have any time for her. She had started to depend on tv and internet as you dint pay heed to her feelings. She wanted a family, a joint family which is why she left for Mumbai. You could not understand her feelings? You guys forced her to run away. You only will be responsible if anything goes wrong now.

Kavya calls Kabir. He scolds her for her callousness. I dint help her because of you. You said that that man (Junaid) knew her. She remembers hearing him say his number in hindi last night. She tells him the number.

Police has questioned Monty in Mumbai. He told that he was joking with Anjali. He had told her to go back home. Inspector wonders where Anjali is now if she isn’t in Mumbai.

At some unknown place:
Anjali is gagged. Her hands are tied. Junaid collects his money and leaves.

Police nabs Junaid near his stall. He initially feigns ignorance about Anjali but then confesses everything. Police rescue Anjali. Ranjeet and Rekha are very happy / relieved to have their daughter back. Anjali clings onto Kabir. Kabir tells her that her parents were missing her very much. They will always be with you. The family has an emotional reunion. Rekha apologizes to Anjali. We wont let you feel alone anymore. Ranjeet too says sorry. We will try our best to spend max time with you. Rekha adds that her grandmothers will come to stay with them now. Anjali is thrilled. She thanks Kabir.

Outside, Kavya apologizes to Kabir. I know you aren’t comfortable working with me. I too don’t want to force myself on you so we should part ways. Kabir says that isn’t needed. I am ready to give you another chance. Try not to repeat such a mistake again!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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