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Code Red 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s epi has a big lesson for your kids. We hope you and your kids see it.

Kanpur Central:
2 March 2015, Pink Rose Convent School, Arya Road, Kanpur:
A girl reads an essay on friendship. Her best friend is Super Hero Jojo. It is a cartoon character. Her friend (Shruti) feels bad. She had added her name in her essay but the girl did otherwise. She gives chocolates to Shruti. They patch up again. The girl gives second position to Shruti. I am going to Mumbai on Monday. She also has a surprise for Shruti.

Take 9 Studio, Worli, Mumbai:
A guy gives a shot. The producer introduces his family to him. Kavya clicks a picture with the guy.

4 March 2015, Kavya’s House:
Kavya enjoys seeing so many likes on her photo. She chats with someone. The person asks her out

for a pizza date. Kavya happily agrees.

Pizza Centre, Swaroop Nagar:
Kavya is waiting for her friend. She gets happy when someone pats at her shoulder. She follows him. She gets slapped next.

Kavya’s House, Ashok Nagar:
There has been a ransom call so far. Kidnapper has asked for 25 lacs. Kavya’s father (Naveen) trusts his driver. We had told Kavya not to go with anyone else. Don’t know how she disappeared. Police assures him that they will find Kavya. Agree to the kidnappers that you are ready to pay them. A constable will stay here for your safety. Kavya’s mother breaks down. Kabir comes there. The Police Officer is amazed to see him here. We were trying to keep it a secret. It is a sensitive case. Nothing should come in the papers. Kabir assures him about it.

Kabir meets Kavya’s parents. He requests Kabir not to trouble him. you have done the sting operation on our factory. It was all good. Kabir says I dint write anything against you and your factory as I dint find anything wrong. I thought to meet you before leaving. I got to know about your daughter’s kidnapping. Naveen panics. Please don’t publish anything. Kabir offers to help him. Naveen is against it but his wife pleads Kabir for help.

Kavya is crying. I am really sorry mummy. I dint listen to you. I want to go home. Please save me God. Its all happening because of me.

12 January 2015, Kavya’s Home:
Kabya asks his father for a laptop. All my friends have it. it helps in studies. Her mother (Vaishali) doesn’t agree. There is already one laptop in the house. Kavya insists. Her father agrees. Naveen understands how beneficial computer is in today’s time. I will bring it. Kavya gets happy.

Pink Rose Convent School:
Kavya shares with Shruti that she is getting a new laptop. Shruti is happy that they can chat online now. Teacher is telling the story of how the crow drank water from a pot in which the water was very low.

At night, Kavya calls Shruti. Kavya has to open a Fab-book account first so they can become online friends. Kavya signs up on the website. She brings in her mother as the account holder has to be 18 years old. Vaishali tells her that it is not meant for kids her age. You need to wait for another 8 years. She switches off the laptopn and bids goodnight to Kavya.

Kavya and Shruti stand outside because the teacher has punished them. Shruti guides her that they filled false age to open the account. Shruti refuses to lie. God notices everything. Shruti offers to open an account for Kavya. You can change the password. At home, Kavya changes the password. She is excited when the account opens. Naveen comes there. He asks about her fab-book account. Vaishali again scolds her. What was the point of bringing a new laptop? Kavya apologizes to her parents. Naveen calls her genius. She opened a fab book account in this age. I couldn’t do anything at this age. Don’t add any strangers. Only add your best friends. Kavya promises her. Naveen has full faith in Kavya.

Kids discuss about their birthday pics and how many likes they got on their pics. Kavya closes her lunch box. She doesn’t have many friends. Shruti asks about her friends. Kavya only has 6 friends. The kids laugh at her.

Kavya talks to Jojo (toy) in her room. Why can’t I have many friends? She sits down to add more people but then recalls her father’s words. She is in a fix. She accepts all the requests.

Natwar’s Adda, Panki, Kanpur:
Chandu gets happy to see that his request has been accepted. He checks out the pictures. Her father seems to be a big businessman. She has a big house, a big car. She is a big fan of superhero Jojo. He tells his boss about the superhero. This girl is mad after Jojo. Natwar tells him to move ahead. Make a fake id with the name of Superhero Jojo. Kavya gets excited after receiving the request from Superhero Jojo. She accepts it and starts chatting with Jojo. The chats continue.

Kavya closes her laptop when her father comes to her room. He gets happy to see her studying. She opens the laptop as soon as his father leaves the room. She starts chatting again. The fake Jojo finds out all the details from Kavya about her background. She innocently shares everything with him. This continues for 2 months.

Natwar and Chandu decide to get hold of Kavya. The bungalow looks huge and posh. Money will rain if we get her once. Natwar talks about the technology advancement because of which they can find out info about everyone from any corner of the world. Let’s not rush. Natwar finds out about Kavya’s favourite food. Kavya pretends to sleep when her mother comes to room. She is chatting under the blanket. Natwar and Kavya decide to meet at the Pizza Centre one day.

Natwar tells Chandu to get Jojo’s clothes. Next day, he pats at Kavya’s shoulder. Kavya gets excited after seeing Jojo waving her hand at him. Natwar greets Kavya. I am Jojo, the superhero. He slaps Kavya and kidnaps her.

Present: Kavya apologizes to her parents. I wish I had listened to you. Please save me. I am scared. Natwar comes there dressed as Jojo. Kavya is all the more scared. I want to go home. Please leave me. Natwar shouts at her. Be quiet. He scares her and she cries badly. Natwar says this girl is weird. No superhero comes to save anyone. Chandu has brought rope, kerosene oil and another thing.

Naveen shows Kavya’s room to Kabir. She never went anywhere alone. She comes home directly from school. She doesn’t have many friends. She sits in her room and plays here, looks at her superhero’s videos. Kabir says I have understood from my experience that close people are involved in such crimes. Is it your driver? Vaishali denies. Naveen gets a call. The constable goes to track it. Keep him involved for long. Natwar gives address to Naveen. Vaishali and Naveen request him to let them talk to Kavya once but Natwar disconnects the call. They both break down.

Kabir asks for the details. Please control yourself. We will find Kavya. Can I talk to her friend? Maybe she will be able to tell me something. Naveen tells her about Shruti. Police has traced down the number and the location. The call was from a PCO of Roshan Nagar. Natwar observes the police talking to the PCO owner.

Natwar slaps Kavya as soon as he is back. His father has lost his mind. He went to police. I will take the money and kill this girl. tie her hands. We will throw her in Ganga ji. Her father will keep looking for her all life. He pulls Kavya’s earring and gives it to Chandu to make it reach Gupta House. Kavya cries in pain.

6 March 2015, Pink Rose Convent School:
Shruti was waiting for Kavya. Kabir meets her. Did something special happen yesterday? You are her best friend. Shruti denies. Superhero Jojo is Kavya’s best friend. He even chats with her. I too had sent him a request but he dint accept it. Kabir gets thinking. Someone has been talking to Kavya as her favourite Superhero Jojo. Kids upload anything and everything on social networking sites nowadays. He decides to dig deep to find out the truth.

Naveen receives a letter with that earring. The amount has been doubled. Vaishali doesn’t want the help of police anymore. We can give money and bring Kavya back. Kabir asks Naveen what if they don’t get Kavya even after taking money. Do you know Kavya’s fab-book account’s password? Naveen has no idea about it. She likes pink and blue colours. Kabir checks Kavya’s laptop. He recalls that Kavya’s best friend is Jojo. He types in a password and the account opens. He checks the chats. Kavya chatted last with Jojo. This man only is the kidnapper. The last meeting point was Swaroop Nagar. Police Officer thanks him for his help. Now we will track the location with the help of the IP address.

Chandu has thrown the laptop and chip in Ganga ji. Natwar tells his Chandu to call him as soon as he gets money. We will kill her, put her in a sack and drop her in Ganga ji just like the laptop. Do it only after getting money. His friend nods.

Naveen keeps the bag of money at the said location. Chandu picks it up after an hour. He checks the amount. He is about to call when Police reaches Natwar’s adda. They beat him up. They ask about Kavya. Chandu says I don’t have her here. Bhaiya took her. He calls Natwar. Natwar thinks that the work is done. Chandu got the money. Chandu tells the officer that he shouldn’t have made him call bhaiya ji. Now he wont spare the girl. Natwar wonders if he should kill one person or two. I will get the entire money if I kill Chandu.

There is police barricading everywhere. Natwar gets caught while he tries to run away. Police rescue Kavya.

Kavya reunites with her family.

Natwar and Chandu were charged under different acts of IPC. Innocent Kavya had no idea she will have to face all this. Kidnapping, blackmail and lot many crimes are taking place because of social networking sites. Think well before letting internet interfering in your life. Unknown dangers are looming over our head. You cannot judge the people who send you requests on the networking sites. You must make your kids aware of the pro and cons of using internet. It will be easier to stop people from falling in the trap of cyber crime this way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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