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Kalighat, Kolkata, 2015:
A car stops at Kalighat. They check out a few ladies. They signal a lady to come inside the car. She is hiding her vase with her saree. They stop the car at a distance. They have fallen for her eyes and body. She removes her pallu and asks the man if she is still beautiful. She kills both the guys.

Everyone is looking for beauty. People can go to any extent to become beautiful but can it turn out to be a curse for someone? This curse is on the women of Kalighat.

Am I Beautiful?

Kalighat, Kolkata, 2015:
A guy sells his niece Maya at Kalighat. Maya is sure Debo will surely come to take her one day. Maya begs her uncle to take her back but the guy at the brothel scolds her.

They pass by a room behind which there is a story.

A lady dresses

up Maya for the night. Maya is continuously crying. The girl tells her that she was born here. My mom never wanted me to get into all this. She wanted me to become an engineer. She got cancer. I got money but couldn’t save her. I have no one else. I had to return the money also so I had to do it. Maya shows her a ring which Debo had given to her. I love him a lot. We were about to get married when my uncle sold me. The same guy comes there. Is everything alright? He tells Maya not to cry before the customer or he wont spare her. He walks out with the other girl.

A customer walks inside. He praises Maya’s beauty. Debo comes there looking for Maya. She takes out the knife. I will kill you all if you don’t let us go. The customer hits Debo on his head. Maya still runs out. She finds all the doors closed. She finally breaks open the lock of the prohibited room and closes it from inside. The men bang at the door but Maya does open it. The room is all dusty with spiders. The men decide to let Maya stay inside only. No point breaking the door. We know what’s inside!

Maya is crying as she sits before the mirror. She notices someone’s reflection in the mirror. Her face / lips are cut. Maya opens the door. the men are still waiting outside. She calls it her room. I will clean it tonight after which you can send your customers here.

Maya is with the same customer. I am in this room with someone after so long. The guy removes his shirt. Maya asks him if she is beautiful. He turns to look at her and screams out in shock. The same guy (Keshto) comes to Maya’s room to ask her about the scream that he had heard. She asks him where to throw the something. He suggests her to throw it in the river.

Maya continues to kill everyone who walks inside her room.

Few weeks later:
Debo spots Maya in a taxi. You aren’t talking to me or replying to my texts. Maya refuses to acknowledge him. Maya signals one of the guys to handle Debo. Keshto asks Maya how her customer was. She gives him round about answers.

Maya’s uncle has come to meet Maya. He in fact tries to make a pass on her. Maya asks him if he finds her beautiful. He nods. If you would have agreed to marry me then you would not have been here. You would have been with me. She offers to show him her experience that she has gained here. She makes him sit on the bed facing towards the mirror. She makes him close his eyes. Open your mouth. He does it and she marks a cut from across his lips.

Hari Babu (a police man) comes to the brothel. There have been missing complaints about a lot many people. They were last seen here only. Keshto says Kalighat isn’t that huge. Hari babu replies that minister is missing since morning. He was last seen with one of your girls. The girl will be jailed as soon as I find some clue and Kalighat will close down.

Debo goes to Maya’s room. I am trying to talk to you. I love you a lot. Maya refuses to believe him. I know you love my beauty. He offers to marry her even after everything. This ring is a proof. Maya comes back to her real self. Go from here. They will not spare you. Keshto comes there just then. he holds Maya by her neck. What did you do with the minister? Maya declines doing anything wrong. Keshto holds the same razor. I will cut you if you have done something wrong. The spirit enters inside Maya again. Talk to me not her. You will ruin my face? She holds Keshto. Meanwhile, Debo notices Maya’s uncle lying dead on the floor. Debo stops Maya.

Police finds all the dead bodies near the river.

There are many hidden secrets in all the corners of the world. They come out one way or the other. Maya had seen the ghost in that room so she couldn’t believe Debo’s love for her. The spirit dint let her trust anything or anyone else. Keshto knew about the secret of that room so he decided to take help of a tantric to get the evil spirit out of Maya.

The tantric has tied Maya to a chair. What did you do to all those people? The spirit replies that she pasted a smile on everyone’s face. They smile even after I died. Tantrik asks her who she is. The spirit asks her to ask the people of the brothel instead. Ask them about me, my beauty and my love! I was the most beautiful woman here. Right, Keshto? Do you remember how you used to look at me?

25 years ago, 1990:
Nazneen is getting ready. Little Keshto comes to tell her about her customer Agarwal. I told him you are busy. Nazneen tells him to send Keshto in.

Manoj Agarwal tells Nazneen that he had a loss in business. Seems like he is her regular client. He professes his love for her. I can even die for you. He has brought a necklace for her and makes her wear it. He is waiting for his business to establish once again. I will get you out of here then.

Nazneen shares with other ladies that Manoj just talked to her for a few more minutes and then he left. Sophia’s mother too wants such a client so she can make her duaghetr an engineer. Nazneen offers to do it for her.

Keshto tells Nazneen that the Inspector is here. Nazneen goes to meet Yuvraj. They both love each other and talk about their future. They talk sweetly about their future plans.

Manoj Agarwal comes to meet Nazneen again. He cannot stop looking at her beautiful face. He brings another gift for her even though his business is not doing well. I am very worried. She asks him where he gets all these expensive gifts from. He replies that these are his wife’s jewels. I get happy to see you happy. She gives them back to him but he professes his love for her. I love you a lot. We both will marry. She tells him otherwise. She sends him out of the room with the help of a few guys from the brothel. Nazneen scolds him for dreaming of marrying a girl that is her daughter’s age.

Nazneen tells Yuvraj about the incident. He tells her to pack her stuff. I will take you away from here tonight. I will reach by 9.

Nazneen is packing her stuff. Manoj Agarwal comes there again. He is drunk tonight. Nazneen notices the commotion. He requests her to allow him in once. I want to talk to you. Nazneen allows him in. She gives him money. Manoj tells her that everything is over. My kids and wife left me. She apologizes to him for the last time. Don’t come here aging. He throws the money. It was all good till I gave you the gifts? Don’t I look smart enough? You are very proud of your beauty? He slaps her while she tries to call out for her. he marks a cut from across her face (both sides of the lips).

Manoj has been arrested. Keshto tells them that Didi cannot work now so her room is to be given to someone else. Yuvraj comes there so everyone else goes out. Nazneen asks him when he is taking her from here. Yuvraj says I cannot take you from here till your wounds heal. She talks about marriage once it is done. Yuvraj tells her that he is married. Nazneen is taken aback. You love me! You told me that you will marry me and take me from here. Why did you do this to me? You used to call me the most beautiful woman of the world. He affirms it. That is still the case. She cuts her bandage with scissors and shows him her face. He looks at her in shock as she asks him if she is still the most beautiful girl in the world. He quietly / stunned walks out of the room. Nazneen thinks of all the incidents (of Manoj and Yuvraj). Nazneen kills herself with that scissor.

Manoj had lost his everything in Nazneen’s love. he took out his anger on her beauty when he couldn’t get her. A lot many people died in that room afterwards so it was closed down. Maya walked inside the room and Nazneen entered inside her. Nazneen killed every man through Maya who loved the beauty and not the person.

Present: Tantrik asks Nazneen to leave Maya. My revenge is with every man who loves a woman only for her beauty. She hurts Keshto. Debo tries to stop Maya / Nazneen. Nazneen agrees to leave Maya but on one condition – I will make her ugly. Debo requests her not to do it. Cut my face if you want to not hers. Then our love will be through hearts and equal. Nazneen calms down. I died while looking for this love. I will leave this body but I will keep an eye on every single man who will use a woman for her beauty. Nazneen leaves Maya. Debo holds her.

We don’t love someone for their beauty but for the person they are! Debo and Maya went back to his town and got married. No spirit followed them ever again. But there were still many dead bodies found whose face were cut. Maybe Nazneen’s Talash is still on for all those people who had stopped loving her once she lost her beauty!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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