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Real hero – Stunt Artists or Actors?
Flimcity, On the sets of Virangana, Mumbai:
Reema jumps off from a very tall building while Vinni (Actor) lands on the ground. Shashi A minute later, Reema shouts out in pain. Everyone rushes to her side. Anand aka Toni (producer) asks people to help her. They put her on a stretcher.

Reema’s mother gives interview. My daughter is badly injured. The news gets covered in the media. Toni and Vinni give money to Reema’s mother for Reema’s treatment. Vinni lies that she only has done all the stunts in the film. Reema was called for only one stunt wherein she fell.

Kabir watches the news along with his editor (Mumbai office). Kavya too walks inside. She has followed him all the way to Mumbai. Kabir wants to cover this particular story. Kabir

gives her another story as she wants to do field job. She very smartly tells him that being his trainee she will do what he will do!

Kabir is intrigued by the news of Reema. A stuntman is never insured. Plus they have to live on other people’s mercy. But there is something wrong here. Sakshi too urges him to help Reema. Kavya joins Kabir.

The production unit is trying to replace Reema. Toni has to go as he gets some urgent call. He excuses himself for a minute. I have to talk to my financer. Kabir and Kavya sit with the other unit member. The guy (Mr. Mehra) tells them that the shooting has stopped. We have chosen the wrong heroine. Kavya has seen all movies of Vinni. There have been so many problems since we have signed her.

Vinni meets Toni to discuss about the script. She talks positively about the script. Of course I want to do this film. Toni assures her that by doing this film she too will make a name for herself in the industry. I am making the first heroine based action film in Hollywood. They agree on the deal. A press conference ensues where Toni and Vinni are present. Toni announces that Vinni will do all the stunts herself. Her rigorous training for 3 months will start now.

On the first day of training:
Vinni turns up for her practise / training session. Vinni has to take 4 rounds of the beach. Vinni only wants to focus on the stunts.

On the tenth day of training:
Vinni is not able to manage the sword even on the tenth day. She tells her trainer that she is bored. She tells Mr. Mehra that she has a meeting at 12. Mr. Mehra tells her that Toni will be joining them soon but she still leaves.

Another day, Vinni’s eyes are swollen / have dark circles as she was partying all night. On the 30th day, she is still unable to do anything and has so many tantrums. Toni gives an interview and talks good about Vinni. Mr. Mehra comes to a location to meet financer. He watches Reema doing action scenes. Everyone claps for her as the scene ends. Toni gets an idea.

Vinni is very tired the other day too. She tells Mr. Mehra that she wont be able to do any of the stunts. I do want to do the film though. Toni reaches there with Reema. He tells Vinni that Reema will do all the stunts. Vinni rebukes him. The world knows that I will be doing the stunts on my own. Where did she come from? Toni takes her aside. The world will see you only as the person who is doing all the stunts. Reema will do all the dangerous stunts. Your face will be in camera while her shadow will be scene in film. We will still tell people that you have done it.

Shooting went well but everything went for a toss on the last day! Kavya is shocked to know that Vinni couldn’t do any of the stunts. Kabir asks Mr. Mehra if Reema will come. He denies. Her back is broken.

Reema’s house, Varsova:
Kabir and Kavya come to Reema’s house. Reema’s mother wonders when her daughter will get well. Kabir asks her about the compensation from the producer. She replies that 2-4 lakhs cannot be enough for forever. there was no insurance or anything. Thankfully, she was alive. Reema has vowed that she will never make her brother enter this field. She wants to make him an engineer. Kavya talks that stuntmen in Hollywood get paid too well. Kabir remembers that Reema had an offer from Hollywood director (John). Reema says that is not gone now. Kabir asks her more about the offer.

Reema says I was doing all the stunts of the movie Virangana. Reema gets injured during one of the shoots while Vinni is busy drinking juice and gossiping with Suman. Vinni has to be present there for the main shot but she cannot even hold the sword right. Suman laughs seeing her. Vinni spends the entire day in managing one shot only. Suman later compliments her. Vinni tells her that the sword was very heavy. Reema’s master ji asks Reema if she is fine. Vinni cannot give that shot. Will you be able to do it? Reema joins him. Vinni has to go somewhere so she leaves early.

A spot boy mistakenly is about to give juice to Reema but she sends him to the vanity van. In the vanity van, Vinni asks Toni for a party as she has worked too hard. Another guy calls Reema for another stunt. Media asks Vinni and Toni about the movie. Reema looks on from far while Vinni talks highly about the hard work she is putting in in doing the stunts.

Reema’s mother tells Reema against going to the set. You are still hurt. Plus they wont even show your face. Reema doesn’t mind anything. Heroine’s face will be shown. Why would I be shown? Reema’s mother says you have taken after your father. He died for someone else. They are watching the news. A Hollywood director (John) is interested in making a heroine based action movie wherein he wants to take someone from Bollywood. He is thinking of taking Vinni. Reema turns to go. Reema’s mother talks about her marriage. Reema dismisses the topic.

John is on the sets of Virangana. Vinni pretends to do the stunt while Reema actually does them. Reema even has to work in dangerous situations which include fire and a lot other stuff. The Hollywood producer wants to meet Reema. This does not go down well with Vinni. She has her eyes on the Hollywood project.

John offers Reema a film as an actress. I will work on your expressions and acting. Reema accepts the offer after a little hesitation.

Later, Suman and Vinni talk about the offer. Vinni is over confident of herself and her position in bollywood. Suman intentionally talks to her about her body double (Reema) getting an offer from Hollywood.

Reema excitedly tells her mother about the offer. Now your daughter’s face can be seen on tv too. The mother daughter duo share an emotional hug. She watches the news with her family where Reema’s name is announced by John as the heroine of his new film. Vinni breaks her tv angrily. Reema’s family is overwhelmed. Reema talks about all their dreams which will come true soon because of this project. Her mother is very proud of her.

Vinni makes Reema repeats the stunts again and again. She is fuming thinking about Suman’s words. She keeps scolding Reema for no reason and even talks rudely to her. Reema is made to repeat the stunts. Toni tries to calm Vinni. He gets a call so he sends Mr. Mehra to explain Vinni. Mr. Mehra instead fills Vinni’s ears against Reema. Who will talk about you if Reema goes to Hollywood tomorrow? Your acting is a little weak. You cannot take the position of other heroines and if you continue doing so then! She slaps him and walks off. Toni scolds Mr. Mehra for complicating the situation all the more. Reema too witnesses the situation.

This happened the very next day itself. Maybe it was an accident. I had jumped off right. I don’t know how I landed on the ground. Normally it never happens. It has never happened in the past. John had called me to apologize to me. Kabir takes his number.

Kabir meets Reema’s Master. Does it happen often? Even Master ji is confused about the entire situation.

Kabir is a little irked with Kavya being on his head all the time. Kabir calls John.

The guy meets Suman at her house. They enjoy drinks together. He proposes to make her the new face of his film. She is thrilled at the news. I knew it already which is why I engaged the best stunt trainer for the next 3 months. He says I was trying to take Vinni’s audition too. Suman says Vinni should actually be in jail at the moment. Who pushed Reema? He calls it an accident but she declines. Vinni pushed her. I met Vinni three days ago.

Vinni vows to take revenge from that stunt girl Reema. She grabbed that opportunity. I would have been doing debut in Hollywood. I wont spare her now. That night, Vinni was quite mad. Stunt assistant Ravi came in the van. Vinni pays him money. Ravi removed the safety net boxes. He hid the ground with boxes then. Whatever happened is known to everyone.

The director confirms it with Suman once again. He sends her to get some ice and meanwhile calls police team there. Flashback shows Kabir telling John everything. It was Kabir’s plan to make John meet Suman to find out the truth about Vinni.

Vinni, Suman and Ravi got arrested. They were charged under the respective crimes. John took responsibility of Reema’s expenses. He gave a guarantee that he will take Reema in his action film as soon as she gets well. There is no dearth of talent today. We only need to learn to appreciate the talent.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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