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26th August 1988:
The incident that happened on that day shook the world.

Aakhri Sangharsh

26th August 1988:
Dhaula Kuna, New Delhi:
Captain Sooraj Pratap Singh (a navy man) asks his son Rahul if his studies are going well. Rahul wants to become a boxing champion. He refuses to eat oily food. Nanda (his sister) teases him. Her program will be aired on radio tonight. Sarita teases her husband Sooraj as he had forgotten about it.

Nanda is in a rush. She is waiting for Rahul when he boos her. She leaves her home at 6 pm. She is getting late. A car stops. They take lift from two men.

8 pm: Sooraj comes home. He switches on radio as it is time for Nanda’s program. Some other program comes. Sarita and Sooraj are confused as they dint hear Nanda’s name.


pm: Sarita is feeling restless for some reason. Sooraj goes to pick them up.

9:30 pm: Sooraj calls at home. Did the kids reach home? Their name is not in the register. Sarita panics. Sooraj decides to talk to their relatives also about the kids.

Sooraj returns home without any info on either of the kids. Sarita cannot stop crying. Captain Neeraj and his wife too reach. Neeraj asks the couple if they scolded the kids. Sooraj denies. Neeraj advises calling police. Sooraj calls police station but as per the rules, the missing report cannot be registered before 24 hours.

10:30 pm: Manoj and Deep rush to hospital. One of them (Deep) is badly wounded. He holds his head. Nurse notices that this wound is of knife. She sends Deep to emergency ward. She talks about informing police as it is accident case.

11 pm: A constable asks the men about the incident. They lie that someone stole their stuff. We were going home when a few men looted us. Constable talks about registering a report but the Deep refuses to register one.

Neeraj suggests Sooraj to check up in hospitals. It is rainy season. Many accidents happen nowadays. Sooraj agrees. He thinks of Nanda asking him not to go on duty a while ago.

11:30 pm: The constable stays put about reporting a complaint. The men look at each other. Sooraj comes to the same hospital to enquire about any accident case that came today. Constable and the men are walking out just when Sooraj talks about his kids. They all walk past each other without knowing anything.

12 am: Sarita asks for her kids from Sooraj but he himself looks shaken. Sarita breaks down. Neeraj does not want to waste anymore time.

27th August 1988:
Inspector Rajat Tokas keeps asking details of the kids from Sooraj. Sooraj loses his cool when Inspector Rajat keeps talking
Constable Triptahi recalls a call that he had received in the evening. A man had reported a blue car in which two kids were probably kidnapped. The girl was shouting for help. That was on Mandir Marg. Constable Tripathi had asked the man to call the Mandir Marg police station as that area comes in their jurisdiction. Inspector Tokas realises that it was Tripathi’s mistake. He calls there. The man is still at the police station. He sends Constable Tripathi there to bring that man here.

1:30 pm:
The man tells that he saw a white and blue colour Ford in which two men had probably kidnapped two kids. They were shouting for help. My friends and I tried to stop them but they drove past us. The man goes to help the sketch artist draw a sketch of both the men while Inspector Tokas takes Sooraj and Neeraj with him to Mandir Marg area.

2 pm:
They reach a secluded kind of place. Sooraj notices the marks of tyres. He begins to follow the trail. It starts raining so the police men rush back to the jeep. Sooraj and Neeraj keep looking in the forest area for some clue.

Manoj and Deep’s sketch are distributed in every police station.

Manoj and Deep are in the police station to register a complaint. Inspector gets an update about Rahul and Nanda’s case just then. Manoj and Deep exit just when another constable brings their sketches to the Inspector. He realises what happened. They rush out to see but don’t see / find them anywhere.

3:30 pm:
Sooraj is all dejected. Sarita asks for her kids. Sooraj breaks down. Sarita also keeps crying and asking for her kids.

28th August 1988:
Two bodies are recovered from around Dhaula Kuan. It is none other than Rahul and Nanda. Sooraj and Sarita are shattered to see their kids thus.

The post-mortem reported stated that Rahul was stabbed 26 times. Nanda had 6 wounds. They both died because of trauma and pain. The world was shocked to know about the incident.

31st August 1988:
6:30 am: One man updates Inspector Tokas about the white and blue car. It is spotted near my house. This isn’t the car of any of his society member. Inspector Tokas reaches there. A man identifies it as his car but the number is different. The car opens with his key. There is blood inside. Inspector Tokas calls Forensic department to collect samples and proof from the car.

This case was considered a landmark case. The scientific methods used in the case were very modern. The Prime Minister had spoken about the case in parliament. This incident had shaken the world. They were angry and wanted justice. Everyone all around was talking about this case. Everyone wanted the culprits to be nabbed!

8th September 1988:
Prize money has been announced for the culprits. Every person reads the news on the case of hears about it on radio. Manoj and Deep come to a dhaba. They ask for alcohol. They get into a scuffle with the dhaba owner. People tie them with ropes. One of the men identifies them to be the same men whose photo is published in the newspaper. The men instead feel proud to know that their photo is in newspaper. The dhaba owner calls police.

Manoj and Deep are handcuffed. They were the most dangerous criminals of that time. So many cases were solved when they started talking (from Mumbai to Delhi). The last one was the horrendous one.

26th August 1988:
Nanda and Rahul are waiting for a car. Deep notices them. They look from good families.

Deep says we dint want to kill them. We only wanted money.

26th August 1988:
Nanda doesn’t find the men right but Rahul assures her that her boxer brother will look after her. They ask her if their parents work in AIR India office. Manoj abruptly stops the car when they find out that their father is in Navy. They resume the drive then. They take another route to a secluded place. Nanda and Rahul try to object. Stop the car. We will go on our own. Nanda holds Manoj’s head. Deep tries to interfere when she stabs him on the head using his knife. This enrages Manoj. They stop outside Hanuman temple on mandir Marg. Nanda asks Rhual to open the gate when the men grab the knife from her. The kids try to seek the help of people standing nearby but the men drive away. Nanda keeps assuring Rahul that nothing will go wrong. Manoj stops the car in a forest area near Dhaula Kuan. They bear Manoj when Deep gets hold of Rahul. He stabs Rahul. Nanda rushes to his side. Meanwhile, Manoj hits Nanda on her head with a big boulder. Rahul and Nanda look at each other.

Manoj and Deep admit that they had to kill the kids to save themselves. Nanda and Rahul were two brave kids who dint get scared of such criminals. They fought bravely but had to die in the end. The bravery prize got named after them by Indian Government.

Sarita puts their medals over their photos. Our kids dint die. They are the light which will fight against dark till centuries.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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