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Govindapur, West Bengal, April 2015:
A mother ties her son’s feet. You are only 12 years old. You will be free from this after 2 more years. They hear someone playing flute.

There is a very weird tradition here. People tie the feet of their kids with theirs till the kids turn 18. They are scared of a

Nishi Daak:
Some people have heard Nishi Daak’s voice but some haven’t. They still believe that

30 years ago, 1985:
Two kids (Partho and one other kid) discuss about the sweets at someone’s (Thakur Kaka’s) place. They have only called boys today. There are 6 of them. Generally they call everyone.

Partho’s grandmother is not happy with her DIL sending Partho to Thakurayin’s house. The DIL says she had come specially to call people. Her MIL doesn’t

like them. Her DIL cannot understand the reason behind it. They always help everyone.

The boys find the haveli looking too sober today. Partho greets Thakurayin. She takes them to the puja ghar to seek blessings. The kids want to eat with Shubho and Viju. Kaaki says they have gone to Kolkata with their father. The kids feel that these rich kids will not play with them. Partho and his friends discuss on the topic. Partho notices something. He points it out to his friend. They have seen someone’s shadow in a room. A lady tells them otherwise.

Thakurayin takes a plate from someone. It has some coins in it. There is a vermilion mark over it. Thakurayin gives one to every kid. She looks tensed. A coconut falls right in front of Partho and his friends. A servant comes to pick it up and sends the kids out. Partho and his friend are sure there was someone upstairs.

At night, one of the kids picks up the coin. Ma kept this money in the puja ghar. He takes it. He hears some sound (of flute). He goes out to look who it is. He stares wide eyed at someone as soon as he opens the gate.

Someone cuts a coconut. It has red colour / mark all around it.

Shomu’s father cannot find his son anywhere. No one has seen him. Even Partho has no clue. Partho says he never goes anywhere alone. He accompanies Shomu’s father. Partho’s grandmother thinks about the incident. How can Shomu disappear like this?

Thakurayin looks at her kids. I am scared but I cannot see the kids like this. A lady (Mashi Ma) tells her not to worry. Everyone will forget it. Trust me. Nothing will go wrong till I am here. They both were so ill till yesterday but now they book look a little better. I will stay here till they are all fine. I promise nothing will happen to them.

Mashi Ma used to catch the souls of the kids after killing them. She used to keep them in coconuts. She believed that she could transfer it in Zamindar’s kids and keep them alive that ways.

A kid is playing flute outside someone’s house. The image is blurred.

Another kid is concerned about Shomu. His father is sure Shomu must have done something wrong which is why he disappeared. Be a good boy. Play at school only and come home directly. The kid nods. He lies down to sleep but is unable to sleep. He looks at the coin. The flute starts playing. The kid hears it. He peeks out to see who it is and looks at the kid playing it. Mashi Ma is doing some puja. The kid is lying in front of her.

One by one the kids started to disappear. No one could find out anything, including the police. Everyone was amazed as the kids left on their own and never returned.

An old guy tells the villagers about Nishi. It hypnotizes people by playing some tune. The kids leave everything and follow him. They never return. Another guy thinks that some guy is behind it. All the people decide to keep watch at night.

Everyone is awake and keeping tight vigil at night. Two people discuss about Nishi. Where do the bodies go if Nishi takes them? They are keeping a watch since yester night and haven’t seen anyone. Suddenly they hear some tune. They peek at the direction from where it is coming. They notice a kid playing flute. He is completely dressed in yellow. The door of the house opens and a kid steps out in trance. The kid follows the kid playing the flute. The guys keep watching it from far helplessly.

People realised that they cannot face Nishi Daak. They decided to keep the kids inside their house. Many people even left the village. There was only one lady in the entire village who had decided to face the problem.

Partho’s grandmother ties Partho’s feet with her feet. You don’t have to worry anymore. Partho tries to argue but she doesn’t let him say anything against it. She advises him to keep quiet at night. If you hear any noise at night, then keep quiet. Making a sound means inviting Nishi Daak. It will hypnotize you then.

Partho gets up at night when the flute is playing. He begins to go when his grandmother rushes after him. She covers his mouth so he cannot make any noise. She asks him if he got anything from the Zamindar’s house while returning. Is it still with you? Partho gives her the coin. She realises that this coin is the way to bring Nishi Daak here.

Partho’s mother comes to Zamindar’s house. Mashi Ma is talking to the couple about the kid. He cannot save himself from Nishi Daak till the coin is with him. my sadhna is not that weak. This will stop only when your kids are fine. Thakurayin is in tears. You have killed 5 kids up till now. Last time they got well with 2 kids death. Mashi Ma says the kids have grown up so we will have to do it. Servant comes to tell her about Partho’s grandmother. A maid notices her. Grandmother asks her about the kids of the house. Have you seen the kids? Maid says they have gone to Kolkata with their father. I don’t work full time here. I don’t even clean upstairs. Thakurayin comes there. Partho’s grandmother gives her the mangoes that she has brought for her. Thakurayin is in rush. She goes back inside. Grandmother gives 2 mangoes to Maid and asks her about Zamindar’s Mashi. Maid shares that Mashi Ma is here since last 2 weeks.

Partho’s grandmother tells all the ladies to tie their kid’s feet with theirs. Don’t let your kids make any noise. Making any voice will attract Nishi Daak. He wont leave the kids then. A man asks him if it is some gang or ghost which is going it. She replies that this is black magic that people do through Nishi Daak. I have seen it before as well. Some 25 years ago, Zamindar’s Mashi had saved Zamindar’s mother through Nishi Daak. A girl had gone missing then. We all had tried to catch hold of that lady but couldn’t. Two twin kids disappeared ten years later. A while later, twin kids were then born to the Zamindar. They were almost dead when they were born but they were fine later on. The villagers find logic in her words. We wont let our kids get harmed anymore.

Nishi Daak plays flute. Mashi Ma knows that Partho still has the coin. He will have to come here. Partho wakes up and walks out in trance. He follows Nishi Daak. The villagers follow them at a distance. They lose Nishi Daak so they scatter in different directions.

Partho enters inside a room. Zamindar’s Mashi Ma is doing puja. She is about to kill him when Partho’s grandmother holds her hand. She throws the coin in the fire. Mashi Ma shouts. Partho’s grandmother tells her that her game is over. She breaks everything. She is about to throw the coconut. Zamindar comes there on time. His wife requests her. My kid’s lives are in it. Take anything but spare our kids. Other people refuse to listen to them. You have killed our kids for your kids. Partho’s grandmother stops them. Police will punish them. She tells the villagers not to spare Mashi Ma though. The villagers take her out. Partho’s grandmother throws the coconut in the fire. Zamindar’s wife breaks down.

People think they can save their loved ones life by killing anyone. Truth was, there was an incurable disease running in that family. It had earlier affected Zamindar’s mother and then his kids. The kids were saved but maybe they were saved because of the medicines. Villagers believe otherwise. It is truth that villagers took Zamindar’s Mashi Ma out of their way forever. But they are still afraid of Nishi Daak’s return.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Whats this yaar sanskrit meaning of nishi or nisha is night. Their are 1000 girls whose name is nishi our parents kept our name so what can we do. Japnese meaning of nishi is getting stronger in life to face problems. N I ppl r making our name as ghost name .

  2. Im from west bengal nd wud lyk to say dat ‘daak’ means ‘call’…nd da term actualy is ‘nishir daak’ meaning nishi’s call….howevr i have nevr heard of this particular incident…bt in our bengali culture nishir daak is a situatn where ne black magician calls out a name of ne particular person nd if dat person replies to dat call den da person goes missing….nishir daak can occur even during afternoon wen bengali people generaly sleeps…

  3. Nishi means near full moon night in bengali…in our villages during earlier tym wen der was no electricity pple usd to fear such nights…nd black magician generaly performs der magic during full moon nights so de usd to capture rurals before dat tym…

  4. Tx.. I thot it meant something horrifying n if I visit village in west bengal then they would think of me as bad omen or sprint coz of name. Tx….full moon is toh beautiful n soothing so thank god my name doesn’t mean some ghost tx…..rosy

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