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Possessed Jennifer

Demonic Possession:
This has been discussed since the beginning. As per the scriptures, people become evil under the influence of evil spirits. Medical profession begs to differ. They call such people mentally ill.

M.N. Hospital, Mumbai, 2105:
Doc checks Jennifer’s reports. He had recommended her parents to take her to a psychiatrist a year ago. She might die if she is not taken care of immediately.

Next day:
Nurses, ward boys, and Jennifer’s parents are having a hard time trying to control Jennifer. She is making weird noises. Doc gives her an injection. He also notices some marks on her hands. Had you tied her at home? I will file a complaint against you and there will be an enquiry too.

Jennifer’s mother is praying as she sits beside

an unconscious Jennifer. Jennifer wakes up. She tells her mom that they all cannot hurt her anymore. It is time for me to go. I love you mom and dad. Her parents are in tears.

A reporter reports Jennifer’s case. She blames Jennifer’s parents for Jennifer’s condition. A case has been registered Father John. He took it as a case of exorcism. He has been arrested.

Jennifer dies.

Exorcism is mentioned in the new testament of Bible by Jesus. It talks about taking the evil spirits out of someone’s body.

3 years ago, 2012:
Malad, Mumbai:
Jennifer wants to go out for a night to a farmhouse along with her friends. Her friend (Sourav) agrees to drop her home by tomorrow afternoon. Jennifer’s father allows them to go.

Jennifer’s is having a gala time with her friends at the farmhouse. Sourav has brought a gift for her. He goes out to bring it. Jenny hears someone crying. She goes inside a room and finds a man crying. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Jenny’s father is worried about Jenny. Sourav is dead. Jenny has been admitted to the hospital.

Jenny’s friend tells Jenny’s parents that we were enjoying the party. We heard Jenny screaming. We ran towards the room. Sourav was lying dead on the floor. Jenny too was lying on the floor. She was behaving weirdly. No one knows how and why Sourav died. Jenny too might be in this condition after seeing him thus. It was so horrible. Jenny’s mother comforts her.

Next day:
Jenny has no clue about what has happened with Sourav. Her mother is about to tell her but her husband stops her. Doc too agrees with them. We should not tell her about Sourav. She needs time to heal. She had an ecliptic attack because of extreme mental stress. She needs rest to recover.

3 weeks later:
Jenny is on her way to her home with her parents. The car suddenly stops / breaks down. They stop right outside a church. Jenny notices it and there is a change in her behavior. She imagines her father’s face all red. She starts making weird noises. Take me from here! Go back! The car finally starts and Jenny’s father drives away.

Nurse has attached a wire to Jenny’s head. Doc is there too. The spirits take over Jenny once again. She starts behaving differently. She gets up all of a sudden. Jennifer, Just relax. You will be fine! She repeats what the doctor has said in different voices. She starts talking real fast. Nurse goes to bring injection.

Jenny’s parents are unable to understand what’s happening to Jenny. Doc says it is a case of multiple identity disorder. She will get fine with proper treatment. Her mother feels that it is some spirits but the doc says it is a mental disease. It can get well with proper medication. Jenny comes there. I want to go home. Jenny’s parents take her home. Doc is in thoughts.

Jenny’s condition began deteriorating day by day. Her behaviour was changing quickly. She wasn’t what she was before anymore. Her parents were really concerned for her. They couldn’t see her in such a state anymore.

Jenny’s parents meet Father John. He refuses to help them. Jenny’s parents request him. He stays put. Church has given me a warning. I cannot do what you want me to. I cannot help Jenny. You must listen to Church as a true believer in Church. Continue her treatment. They say otherwise. We believe that spirits have taken over her. Only you can save her. Father John agrees to see what best he can do for her. They thank him.

Father John comes to Jenny’s house. He comes to Jenny’s room chanting about God all along. The room is in a mess. Jenny is about to attack him but cannot do anything when he moves the Bible in front of him. She is making weird noises. He keeps on praising the Lord. He also reads a text from the Bible to ward off the evil spirits. Jenny shouts at him. She keeps on murmuring all along. He asks her who she is. Jenny counts till 6. He is surprised. Tell me their names. She takes 6 names. Father John asks them how they entered inside Jenny’s body.

Flashback: At the farmhouse, Sourav goes to bring the gift for Jenny. Jenny hears some noise from an adjoining room and goes inside to check. She asks the lady who she is and why is she crying. Jenny helps her in getting up but is shocked to realise that it is a spirit. She finds more spirits behind her. She calls out for Sourav. He returns and walks inside that room. Jenny is sitting in a corner. He pats at her shoulder and she instantly grabs his neck. She suffocates him to death.

Father John shares with jenny’s parents that there are 6 evil spirits inside Jenny. I had never experienced it before. These spirits are roaming around all the time. They got hold of Jenny that night at the farmhouse. Maybe they only have killed that boy Sourav. This case isn’t easy. There is only one way for this – exorcism. You and Jenny will have to bear a lot of problems for this. If you want Jenny to live and live normally then it is very important to take those spirits out of her body. They show trust in him. Please save our daughter.

2 months later:
Father John makes a mark of cross all around Jenny’s room. She is tied to bed. She keeps on shouting. Her lips have turned blue. She is in a very bad condition.

5 months later:
Father John performs the necessary actions to calm down all the evil spirits while Jenny keeps on screaming all along. The spirits refuses to leave Jenny. She becomes normal for a second. I am in very much pain. It is paining a lot. Her mother assures her that everything will be fine. Jenny recalls the stories of those spirits. Their bodies are still not buried properly and burnt yet. The spirits tell Jenny to tell the father to leave from here. We will have to get inside someone else’s body otherwise.

8 months later:
Jenny tells Father John to stop. They have spoken to me. Let me free them. Let me die. Let them take me. They will get inside someone else’s body if you take them out of me. They too will be free from this life if they go with me. They will get freedom through me. Let me take them. Please. Father John blesses her.

Father John does not tell Jenny’s parents about her decision. Your daughter is a very brave child. Jenny’s parents are in tears. He leaves.

It was a very different case of exorcism for Father John. He had seen 6 evil spirits inside a human’s body for the first time. He stopped the process in between as per Jenny’s request. He knew that this would mean Jenny has to die. He could understand her pain too so he agreed. Police arrested him when Jenny died. Docs called it medical negligence but there are many things in this world we cannot understand. Jenny helped those 6 evil spirits in gaining freedom through her death. This means that the good will always win in the end.

Father John is reading Bible in his cell. Jenny thanks him. You freed me from all the sufferings and pain. I am in a good place today because of you. Thank you for setting me free. He makes the symbol of cross on her forehead. She disappears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Praise God. For the gift of Jesus as our saviour, jenny did a good thing to end the it with her great sacrifice.

  2. I think dis episode was based on d movie exorcism of Emily rose

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