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I, Zarina, have come to Murtaza’s house as Afreen. When the name is a lie then the game will be of lie and deceit only. Rupesh calls it an extraordinary game as it involves 500 crores. Mushtaq says, one has set the game while the other is playing. I have come to take my share in this game.

Theme – Enemy (Part 2)

Rabya says I am lucky to have you with me as my sister. I am happy that I can share everything with you. Zarina in turn thanks her in her mind.

Zarina has planned to go to cafe with Rabya. She informs Mushtaq about the plan. Come there but our meeting should look like a coincidence. Zarina is already waiting in the cafe. Mushtaq parks his bike outside. He is in a jeans and shirt. Rabya reaches there just when he is cleaning his goggles outside. He notices her intently.


joins Zarina. They place an order. Zarina talks about resuming her studies. But it wont be easy after all these years. Rabya willingly agrees to help her. Mushtaq walks in and notices Zarina. He joins them and introduces him with Rabya. She is full of praises for Mushtaq. He always stood by me when I was in trouble. Rabya invites him home as her parents will be really happy to meet him. you have done a huge favour on us by helping Afreen Aapa. Mushtaq acts all modest. It is one’s duty to help friends.

Rabya’s car has broken down. Mushtaq comes there and offers to drop her home. She agrees. He drops her till the gate. She invites him inside but he politely refuses. He has a hard time holding back his urge to spit initially.

Rabya and Mushtaq slowly start spending quality time together. She falls for him with time.

Anand gives the new papers to Rupesh. They have to be signed by Murtaza ji. Rupesh agrees to get it done. He smiles as he checks the papers. Murtaza too is overjoyed by the news.

Mushtaq tells Zarina that Rabya is in love with me though she has a slight doubt / worry that you and I are together. She feels that she is coming between us. Zarina agrees to handle it. She ends the call when her phone rings. Rupesh tells her that it has been a week since he gave the papers to Murtaza. Why dint it come to you till now? She replies that she cannot ask Murtaza or he will instantly doubt me. rupesh suggests her to indirectly make Murtaza talk about it. She agrees. Rupesh wonders if she is planning something against him. it wont be a surprise anyways if she is actually thinking of something!

Sakshi (host) says Zarina’s plan of paving way for Mushtaq in Murtaza family is good. Everything looked good / smooth but will it ever be successful? Was Zarina gaining anything by this or was she going to lose her everything in this process?

Murtaza ji is happy to see the smile on his wife’s face. She nods. I had a burden on my but I am free now. though I still feel scared whenever she steps out of the house. I don’t want to be away from me for even a second. Murtaza points out that she has seen the world. She understands what’s right and wrong for her. Nusrat ji talks about Afreen (Zarina’s) wedding. I want to give her all the happiness of the world. Murtaza ji promises to do so.

Rabya lies down on her side of the bed when Zarina asks her what’s going on between her and Mushtaq. Rabya is taken aback. She yet again feels guilty that she is coming between her sister and Mushtaq. Zarina clears her misunderstanding. He is just my good friend. Rabya hugs her happily. you are the best sister in the world. I love you. Zarina thinks about how she has changed his whole plan. Now just wait for my next move.

Shabbier notices Mushtaq coming to drop Rabya till the gate one day. He tries to lean in for a kiss but she shyly moves away. she walks inside so Mushtaq calls Zarina. We have hit bull’s eye. Rabya doesn’t know that Shabbir has seen us. Zarina agrees to handle the drama at home.

Shabbier questions Rabya about where she is coming from. He demands to know about the guy who had come to drop her till the gate. Zarina comes there too. rabya tells her entire family about Mushtaq. Zarina vouches for him. he was the only one who helped me when I was stuck in Chandigarh. I assure you he wont be a bad choice for Rabya. Rabya too speaks in his favour. Nusrat ji suggests meeting him once while Shabbir feels that they should get all the info about Mushtaq first. Zarina gives his background. Shabbir sticks to the idea of finding out his truth.

Murtaza tells Rupesh to find all the info about Mushtaq. I don’t want to meet him before I know everything about him. Rupesh agrees.

Shabbir is in Chandigarh to get info on Mushtaq. On the other hand, Rupesh comes to meet Zarina. I knew you will play some game. She replies that she has learnt it from him only. Go and tell about Mushtaq to Murtaza after which my truth will be revealed which will in turn expose your reality. He asks her what she will gain by getting Mushtaq married to Rabya. Zarina says she will gain more than what he was going to give her. he makes her realise that once Mushtaq marries Rabya then he will get both the girl and the money. Why will he need you then? you should have thought well before laying such a big trap. Mushtaq will anyways gain everything if he becomes the SIL of the house. Murtaza will pay him to keep quiet in case he finds out about Mushtaq. He will separate him from Rabya but you wont have any place to go. what should I say? Should I speak in favour of Mushtaq? This game is between you and me. Mushtaq sneaked in between for no reason. think of some way out. Zarina thinks of taking Nazia’s (another pr*stitute from her brothel) help.

Shabbir tells Rabya that the address was wrong. Rabya thinks that he is saying so as he doesn’t like Mushtaq. Afreen Aapa knows him well. Door bell rings just then. Zarina comes home along with Nazia. I felt that I know everything about Mushtaq but I was wrong. You were right Shabbir. The address was wrong. I just got to know that Nazia is Mushtaq’s first wife. She apologizes to her parents for the same. rabya is in tears. She heads upstairs.

Zarina pays some money to Nazia. You can go now. Nazia replies that she may go but now Mushtaq wont spare you.

Mushtaq is irked by the new twist. He threatens to expose her in front of her so called family. She points out that she has exposed him in front of Murtaza and his family so whatever you say now will not go against me. they will only think that you are taking revenge from me. You should go now. I will give you something when I get my share. Don’t forget who you are!

Rupesh is happy by her moves. Handle Rabya till I get the papers. Anand asks about the papers for he had to send them for registration. Rupesh scolds him for walking inside his cabin without knocking. Anand leaves after apologising to him.

Rabya is distraught. Zarina comforts her. I swear on God I dint know about Mushtaq. Would I have done this with you if I knew the truth? Rabya denies. maybe love is not in my destiny. Zarina assures her that everyone gets their due share of love in life. We get lost but life brings us back to the right track. You will surely get your love.

Murtaza wakes up in the middle of the night and looks at Afreen’s photo.

Mushtaq is going somewhere on a bike when a car hits him. he dies then and there itself.

Rupesh and Zarina blame each other for Mushtaq’s death. They both plead innocence. Rupesh tells her that they have almost reached their destination. Murtaza is going to transfer the property in our names very soon. I will now give you 25% of the total amount. It is just about one week. Just play along silently and it will all happen smoothly. Zarina nods.

Zarina spots a sad Rabya going to college. Rabya talks about collecting the pieces of her life back till it all gets over. Please don’t worry. I want to and I will forget it all like some bad dream. She leaves.

Nusrat lovingly calls out for Zarina / Afreen to have food. She had a word with her husband regarding Zarina / Afreen’s marriage. He said that we will find a ghar jamai for you. we both don’t want you to go away from us for even a second. Zarina nods silently.

She comes to her room and thinks of her dilemma. You aren’t bad. You were caught in some bad circumstances. You are still caught up in a marsh. You still have time. Tell the truth to them. her other self tells her against it as Shabbir wont spare her. Murtaza ji and Nusrat ji will breakdown completely. Your sister Rabya too loves you so much. Just take your money, there is no harm in it. zarina decides to stop this drama. I was fine at where I was earlier. No one was concerned for me or could see the good or bad in me. I feel disgusted with myself while living amongst these people. I don’t want to live here. Her inner self prods her to speak up the truth once. Rest will be your destiny. the other self tells her not to act foolish as she is neck down in this.

Zarina goes to meet Murtaza ji. He makes a condition before he agrees to hear her out that she will have to hear him out first. Shabbir is good yet hot headed, Rabya is a little emotional. You would have understood your parents by now. I want you to help me in our business. We both will handle it together. She is taken aback while he has full faith in her. you have seen the whole world. You will be able to handle everything maturely. You only have to handle it all after I am gone. He now gives her a chance to speak but she is all tongue tied by the emotions and hugs him.

Zarina talks to Afreen’s photo. I don’t know you but now I feel that there is indeed some relation between the two of us. I too got separated from my family one day. I fell in trap and he took me to a brothel. I am at your house today. I had come to cheat your family members but today I only pray to Allah that you return home. Their real daughter, their real Afreen should return home!

Sakshi (hosts) says Zarina had never imagined that this will be the outcome. She had come to cheat Murtaza family but they had accepted her whole heartedly by now. Will she still be able to cheat them? will she only remain a puppet in Ruper’s hands?

Rupesh is shocked to know about Murtaza’s new wish. He talks about the 500 crores property. Another shocker for him is when Murtaza tells him how Afreen too feels that they should give that property to the trust. Afreen wants to handle business with me and Shabbir. I am going to do just that now. Rupesh breaks the stuff in his room angrily.

Rupesh meets Zarina. Great move! What did you do to Murtaza? Zarina says this is the magic of love. I have yearned for the love all my life that I got from them in such a short span of time. Rupesh reminds her of her past / reality. She isn’t affected. They have made me realise that I am human being. Rupesh tells her to stop her drama. Follow our plan. If I go and tell your truth to them then you will be either in jail or brothel. She tells him to go ahead then. I went to tell him everything but I dint want to lose my Abbu. You can do whatever you want to but I wont cheat them now. She leaves. Rupesh is in no mood to spare Zarina for deceiving him.

Zarina is scared but her inner self supports her / encourages her to stand by what’s right / true.

Rupesh comes and informs everything to Murtaza and Shabbir. On the other hand, Nusrat ji notices the sadness on Zarina’s face. She asks Zarina about it. Rupesh also tells them about Mushtaq. Rupesh calls Afreen / Zarina a pr*stitute when Murtaza ji slaps him. you are a fraud. You thought you will cheat me and I wont know? I knew the truth already. I knew it was all your plan. You wanted to sell our land to builders but you forgot that even the walls have ears. Anand had told him everything. Shabbir adds that he found out everything about Zarina and Mushtaq when he had gone to Chandigarh.

Flashback shows when Murtaza ji accepts it in front of Shabbir that he knew everything already. Your Ammi is my life but I saw happiness in her eyes after 12 years. I dint want to take it away from her. Shabbir insists that Zarina is a fraud. Murtaza nods. But your Ammi will breakdown completely if she finds out the truth! I cannot see her thus. She has yearned for 12 years and has blamed herself. I cannot see it anymore. Shabbir talks about the wrong consequences in case Zarina is able to get what she had come here for. Murtaza says it wont shock your Ammi as much as the truth, that I have hidden for 12 years, will do.

Present: No one could cheat me by acting to be Afreen as she is dead. She died 12 years ago itself. Rupesh is stunned.

Flashback (12 years ago):
Mrtaza ji finds Afreen’s dead body in the morgue.

Present: I had told you (Rupesh) everything about Afreen except this. Zarina has changed now. You must have heard that one bad fish maligns the entire pond. But if someone stays in good company then evil gives up in front of their good. Zarina is not a fraud anymore. She has changed for good. I am ready to accept her as my sister. Shabbir too accepts her as his Afreen Aapa. Murtaza ji warns Rupesh to be away from his family as much as he can. If you want to work here then do it quietly. If you try to speak up then a good person like me will have to dirty my hands with your blood. You too will reach where Mushtaq is! Remember that this time it will be such that no one will be able to even recognize the face of the body. Rupesh looks scared.

Nusrat ji tries to make Zarina talk. Zarina hugs her emotionally. What should I say to her? should I tell her that I had come to trap them all by pretending to be Afreen? They all loved me dearly and I changed. She cries her heart out in Nusrat ji’s arms.

The whole family stays together happily.

Sakshi says the story began with cheating. A fraud girl came in someone’s house but they actually made her their daughter. The girl, who was a pawn in someone’s hands, found a family. at times love wins over all the scheming and plots and makes enemies their own!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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