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How the one you trusted cheated you!

A lady tries to fight but dies in the end. The killer steals everything from the locker.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office, New Delhi:
Kabir thinks of Sakshi’s death and of Anwar’s arrest. He looks at Sakshi’s photo in his wallet. You were right. My mission is still incomeplte. The real culprit is still absconding – Rao Sahib! He gets a call about the murder of a lady in New Rajinder Nagar. His editor calls him in his cabin. A girl is going to work under Kabir. He has to guide her all along. He shares the details of Kavya with Kabir. Kabir tries to politely deny but his editor stays put. He is the daughter of a very influential person and I have told her that she will get trained under the best reporter here. Kabir agrees to call her to come over tomorrow

as he is going for covering the story. Kabir is irked. He dials Kavya’s number. The caller tune says she is busy.

Sanjana’s mother is comforting her grandson Monu. Aman picks up Monu in his arms. Inspector asks him when he found out about it. Aman says I came back and found my in-laws banging at the door. I opened the key and found Sanjana dead. Monu is in a corner crying for his mother. The locker was open. All the jewellery is gone. I don’t keep them at house but had got them home yesterday only. They cost around 6 lakhs. Inspector thinks that maybe an acquaintance is involved.

Kabir reaches at the crime scene. Aman’s aunty too reaches there. Monu is crying for his mother. Aman takes him outside that room. Inspector tells him not to go out of the city till the investigation is on. Aman’s aunt enters just then. She cries after her DIL’s death. Inspector looks at them curiously. Aunt is sure Alka is the culprit. Aman shares that Alka is their maid. She wont do it. She took off today as she had to go to her hometown. Aunt is surprised hearing about the theft. That thief only would have taken everything. Inspector tells Aman to share all the details of Alka.

Outside, Inspector updates the reporters / media on the same.

Monu cries for his mother as he looks at their photo. He kisses her photo. He misses his mom a lot. Aman and his aunt are in tears to see him thus. This little kid has no idea what has happened to his mother. How will you handle him on your own? You have to go to office. Who will take care of him? Keep me with you. I will take care of Monu. You could have called me. I would have looked after him but Sanjana wanted a maid. See what happened because of it. Aman too cries holding his son. Door bell rings. It is Kabir.

Kabir asks him about Alka. Aunt is irked that they will have to answer everyone now. Aman doesn’t mind it. Maybe we will track down the killer somehow. Aunt relents. She takes Monu inside. Aman advises her not to move the photo away from Monu or he will cry. Kabir asks Aman about Alka. Aman says she was with us since last 3 years. She was so attached to Monu. She cared more for him than any of us.

3 years ago:
She used to take very good care of Monu. She dint use to let us do anything. She looked after everyone’s needs. She used to take keys of our house from uncle’s house to clean the house. Sanjana was ill once. Alka took over all the responsibilities of the house. We trusted her a lot.

I cannot believe it that Alka can do something like this. She worked at Mr. Bansal too. Nothing moved from an inch in our house till date. Whoever came to steal jewels could do that only. Why did he kill my wife! He cries.

Kabir comes to the neighbour’s (Bansal’s) house. They loved Sanjana a lot. Alka used to work at their house too. She never used to talk badly about anyone. Why would she do it? Kabir thinks that no one thinks that Alka can do it. His wife says we cannot understand what’s going on in someone’s heart. She dint come to our house that day after completing her work in Sanjana’s house. She was all after Monu day and night. How could she not think how that little kid will stay without his mother!

Rohtak, Haryana:
Alka tries a neckpiece. Inspector reaches there just then. He asks her about the necklace. She replies that her owner has given it to her. They check all the stuff at her house.

Nayi Aawaz’s Head Office, New Delhi:
Peon tells Kabir that a girl had come to meet him. She waited for you for a really long time. He dials Kavya’s number but she does not pick it again.

Rajendra Nagar Police Station:
Alka says I dint steal. I cannot think of doing something like that. It wouldn’t have happened if I had not taken an off. This necklace was given to my madam only.

Sanjana gives a necklace to Alka as she is going for a wedding. Alka thanks her for the kind gesture. She makes Alka try it. Sanjana and Monu like it.

I only asked for one thing and took it. I don’t know anything else. She is taken to jail. Her husband is there only.

Inspector tells Kabir that they only found a necklace with Alka. It is articifical. Aman has confirmed it too. Kabir thinks that maybe she has hidden it somewhere. Inspector is exploring all the possibilities. Maybe she is saying the truth that she dint do it but we have to keep our eyes open.

Sakshi points out that the locker was not forced open. Maybe it was an acquaintance. Everyone is under doubt till the culprit is found. If it isn’t Alka then there was someone else too whom Sanjana trusted completely.

Monu roams in rooms while calling out for his mother. Aman’s aunt is munching onto dry fruits. The door bell rings. She acts in front of him. Aman picks him up in his arms. Aunt complains that I was trying to comfort him but he kept crying for his mother. Aman holds his son closer and cries too. Aunt asks him if Alka confessed. Aman shakes his head. She tells him about Kabir too. I told him that you will be late. Maybe he is at Bansal’s house.

Kabir asks Bansals about Aman and Sanjana. They talk nicely of the couple. They are very good people.

Both the families had gelled really well from the beginning itself. We were almost like a family. our duaghetrs are married and now this family had become ours. We used to celebrate evry occasion together.

Kabir wants to know about the relation between Aman and Sanjana. Mr. Bansal replies that Aman had only one bad habit. He used to drink with his friends at times. A little fight used to ensue then.

Aman rings the doorbell at night. She fights with him as he is drunk and Monu is unwell. Bansals manage the situation.

Elders sort the differences when youngsters fight. Kabir is about to ask something else when Mr. Bansal asks him if he has a doubt on Aman.

Aman tries to avoid Kabir but Kabir hints that he will ask Inspector to talk to him then. Aman gives in. Kabir questions him about his drinking habits. You had fights afterwards? Aman says they were just like any other fights. Monu says Aunty Mumma and attacks the soft toy. Kabir thinks that maybe the kid has seen something. Maybe he is trying to say something which we are unable to understand. Kids have their own way of expressing things. Take Monu along.

At the police station, Monu rushes to Alka and hugs her as soon as he sees her. Inspector and Kabir try to ask him if she is the same aunty. Monu calls Alka by her name. They line up all the photos of the possible suspects. Monu holds the photo of Mrs. Bansal and calls her Aunty. Aman tries to explain that a kid wont understand it. Kabir interrupts him that maybe he cannot understand what kids can. He puts the photos of Mrs. Bansal and Aman’s aunt at two different corners of the room. Monu walks towards Mrs. Bansal’s photo, picks it and gives it to Kabir. He says the same thing again. Kabir picks him up in his arms. I had a doubt on her already. You had told me that the keys of your house were with her. She already had the key then why was she banging your house’s door on that day. Monu went up to Alka affectionately and hugged her. He calls her Akka lovingly. You call Mrs. Bansal aunty and he copied you. I think you will find the jewels at their house only. Inspector makes Aman call Bansals to the police station. Inspector tells the constable to raid Bansals’ house well as soon as they leave from their house.

Bansals get out of the house and police team enters. They retrieve Sanjan’s jewellery from under a bed.

Mrs. Bansal lies before the Inspector. He shows her the jewellery. She finally confesses her crime. Mr. Bansal looks at her in shock.

Sanjana is showing her jewellery to Mrs. Bansal. She drops something intentionally while Sanjana tries to pick it. Mrs. Bansal pushes her on the bed. Next she keeps a pillow over her head and sits on top of it. Sanjana tries to break free but in vain. Monu wakes up from the noise of the glass breaking. He looks on from far in shock. Sanjana breathes her last. Mrs. Bansal steals all the jewellery and locks the locker once again.

Mrs. Bansal says I did so for both my daughters. They are getting tortured in their families. I killed Sanjana for that reason only. Inspector points out that she killed the girl whom she called daughter for her own daughters. Mr. Bansal says our two relatives got killed previously also. I thought that it is some bad luck. She said that she dint like it there so we switched house. What did you do! Aman remarks that people lose trust on relations, neighbours after knowing about these incidents only Mrs. Bansal gets arrested. Aman thanks Kabir but he tells him to thank Monu instead. He has found his mother’s killer. Aman hugs his son.

Kabir writes an article on the same. You should not stop trusting people but you should always keep your mind and heart open. His editor calls him. He is upset with Kabir for not calling Kavya. She kept calling you throughout the day but. Kavya adds that maybe he was busy but I don’t like if I have to wait. Kabir and Kavya exchange greetings.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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