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Code Red 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Semi Final, Expo Centre, February 2015, New Delhi:
There is a dance competition (Get up India and Dance). In the elimination round, Udit and Rahul are safe while Shikha gets eliminated because of low votes. The judges find it unfair. Udit’s mother is happy though. Shikha is in tears. She faints. Her father rushes towards the stage while her mother keeps looking in amazement / shock from a distance only.

City Hospital, Janakpuri, New Delhi:
Shikha is rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state.

Next day:
Kabir reads a news article. Kids dance competition participant Shikha is critically ill. She had a paralytic attack in the middle of the show. Kabir is shocked. An 8 year old girl had a paralytic attack?

Kabir comes to hospital to meet Shikha. He is shocked to

see her condition. He greets her parents and then asks them how can a 8 year old girl be affected by paralysis? Shikha’s father tells him about Shikha’s talent. Those reality show people are responsible for her condition. Shikha’s mother too curses them. they cheated us. There was politics in that competition and they got her out. there was no other kid there who was as talented as her. She was unmatched. You will never find such a talented and hardworking dancer.

Shikha was great in studies too. She is a multitalented girl. She was a favourite of all her teachers. She was learning everything – classical, western, and singing. She used to leave home at 7 am and would come back by 8 pm.

Shikha’s mother gets Shikha admitted for horse riding classes too. Shikha is excited. Shikha’s father tells them that his sister (Sunita) had a daughter. We all have to go there tomorrow evening. Shikha’s mother doesn’t want Shikha to miss all her classes. You should go. Shikha and I will stay at home. Didi too will understand now as she too is a mother now. It is the same thing whether we go or you go.

Shikha’s mother says Shikha toiled so hard to reach that stage and see what they have done to her! Kabir wants to know more. How did this attack happen? You feel it has happened because of the competition organizers? She affirms. They are no less than monster. They used to make kids practise for 24 hours non-stop followed by a long wait of 24 hours. They consider the parents of the participants nothing more than herd.

Audition round:
Judges are tired so they ask the director of the show to send 4 kids together. A kid comes and sings a song. The judge is irked. He complains to the director once again who tells them that it was a special entry. We have to do this to keep the audiences glued for TRP. The judge says your TRP comes because of me. I am the star. People see the show to see me. Who will tell us anything? It is Shikha’s turn after another participant. She touches everyone’s feet first and then starts her dance. She dances on a classical number. Everyone is impressed by her performance. She gets selected. Director suggests taking a shot. You (the same famous judge) can go and hug the girl. it will boost the TRP like anything. The judge tells him to wait for the show.

All the kids are preparing a dance to welcome the judges. The choreographer has Indian classical in his mind. Shikha takes the centre as she knows classical dance. Udit is made to stand in her place. His mom is not happy while Shikha’s mom is happy. A break is announced.

Udit’s mom tells him that only this girl (Shikha) can be a strong contender against him. Become her friend so you get to know about all her dance performances beforehand only. Udit says I too will have to share mine then. She tells him to lie to Shikha then. He doesn’t find it right but has no option. Shikha’s mother is watching them keenly.

A week later, first round:
Udit dances on Gangnam Style. His performance is very much appreciated by everyone. He gets full marks from all the judges. His mom is very happy while Shikha’s mother is upset. Shikha does a classical dance. One of the judges feel that the kids are following what is already their forte. Give us something different. The one who tries something different will be the winner for me!

Rehearsal room:
Shikha tries the steps taught by her choreographer but her mother wants her to try something that Udit does. The choreographer tells her that you need lots of time and practise to learn somersault. Shikha’s mother doesn’t mind it. Shikha too agrees. Choreographer starts teaching her some moves but Shikha gets hurt.

Udit’s mom gives a byte to the tv channel. I have faced a lot of difficulties in bringing up Udit as I am single mother. At times I used to have no money but I did every petty thing to get money for him. I feel he is born to dance only when I see him enjoying dancing. Today, when I see him on the stage, I feel I can be a called a mother of a successful dancer. The judges are touched by her story. Everyone claps for her.

One month later, Semi Final:
Udit gives another rocking performance. The same famous judge walks up to the stage to appreciate Udit’s work. He feels that Udit will be the winner. The other two judges also give nice comments. It is Shikha’s turn next. She dances on the song Kamli. Her jump from the table is not graceful. She kind of falls and balances herself quick. The rest of the song goes by smoothly.

Present: Shikha’s mother shows all the injuries that Shikha got while practising the new styles. She never thought of leaving the competition even then. She continued her practise and gave performances. The organizers are the ones who cheat but then ask people for vote. Nothing will come out of it! Shikha’s father says my daughter is a fighter but look what has happened. Kabir decides to investigate the whole matter.

Sakshi (host) says you will print it as a news now, right? Your 4 column news is ready. Kabir denies. I am worried for that girl. How did this happen? She tried her best to get something in life. How come she is in such a condition today? My story wont be complete till I explore all the angles. I will meet every single person and will try to find out the truth. My story will be complete then only. Sakshi urges him to do the same.

Kabir meets the Creative Supervisor of the Channel. She tells him that she handles all this. We want to encourage children through such platform. We want to showcase their talent to the world. I really feel sad for Shikha. She was my favourite.

The Show Producer tells Kabir that even he is very concerned about Shikha. My company is paying for all her expenses. Please mention in your article that we will show her journey in the show on the Finale Day. We will also pray that she gets well soon.

Kabir is not getting any fair idea of what happened with Shikha here. I should meet someone who would have all the inside info. He notices a crew member shouting at someone to send someone asap. He mistakes Kabir from the audience. Please take your seat or sir will scold me. a kid comes to ask the crew guy when is his shot. I have to get ready too. The crew member gives some directions to the spot guy. The kid leaves with the spot guy. Kabir address the guy who agrees to talk to him in lunch time.

The crew member tells Kabir that the channel, production house is only concerned about business. They don’t force anyone for public voting or TRP though. Kabir tells him what the doc had told him. It all happened due to mental pressure and stress. The crew member blames 2 people for it – Shikha’s mother and father!

Flashback: Shikha’s mother tells Shikha to work on her expression today as the judges had advised her to do so in the past act. The crew member seeks their permission to use the washroom. He goes inside while Shikha’s parents talk big as they have all their hopes pinned on their daughter. Shikha’s mother doesn’t let her husband say it that Shikha will lose otherwise she is very conscious about their position in the society. Her husband too is thinking on the same lines. They tell Shikha that she only has to think about winning. The crew member observes everything.

Shikha is doing rehearsals. Her mother is irked as Shikha is unable to practise one step since so long. It is so easy that even I can do it. She tries but fails yet insists upon Shikha to learn it fast. Udit comes there looking for his choreographer but Shikha’s mother sends him out. She scolds Shikha for not waiting for him to go. I am sure his mother would have sent him here to keep an eye on your dance. She tells the master ji to change all the steps. I don’t want anyone to copy her steps. The level of competition is too big. I don’t want to take any risk. Master ji obliges.

Shikha’s mother brings sweets for the judges and the director. They all discuss about the show and the TRP’s while Shikha’s mother is serving sweets to them. They politely send her out but she still stands outside the Vanity van and listens to their convo. The director says the show is not gaining much TRP as people feel that like past few years this year too, a girl will win the competition.

2 pm, Semi Final Day, Rehearsal Room:
Shikha is having trouble learning the new steps. She even hurts herself. Shikha’s mother is fed up. Shikha wont be able to do it. I am telling you that Udit is only going to win. He knows nothing, jumps like a monkey and people think it to be a dance! Judges too like that only. They are praising Udit. He is getting all the votes as well. We have got Shikha learn classical dance till now. She scolds / asks SHikha over it. Shikha replies that she has not learnt all this. Her mother tells her that she shouldn’t have entered this competition then. But now that you are here, you have to win. What will say to your friends? I will become a failure mom. I cannot face people thus. Shikha agrees to try harder.

8 pm, Semi Final:
Shikha hurts herself again during the performance. Her mother and the crew guy check her knee. He calls for first aid box. Shikha’s mother is still talking to Shikha about the flaw in her performance. You shouldn’t have stopped in between though! She tells the crew member to first bring the director, judges here. The crew member requests her to let him do Shikha’s first aid first. Shikha’s mother complains about Udit’s mom who got all the sympathy through her fake emotional stories. You showed it live on tv but no one is coming here to check on Shikha. She is injured for real. She takes the spray from him and sends him to call all the important people. Shikha continues to cry as she is in very much pain.

Result announcement time:
Shikha gets eliminated. She feels dizzy and eventually faints.

Crew member tells Kabir that it was bound to happen after all the pressure that Shikha’s mother had put on the little girl. how can a little girl bear so much pain? Her mother was only concerned about practise. Her daughter was screaming in pain but the mother is telling me to bring the reality show people and shoot it for tv. Sadly, it dint get air. The parents of the participants are to be blamed the most. They push their kids for greed of money and fame. The kids give in to the pressure. It seems as if they are preparing the kids for border.

Doc tries to help Shikha is moving her limbs. Kabir too comes there. Doc shares that it is mental trauma. She has recovered a lot though. He tells Shikha’s mother to make SHikha do some regular exercises as they can help her in recovering fast. Doc leaves.

Shikha’s parents ask Kabir to publish the news in his paper. Those channel people are to be blamed for our daughter’s condition. Please write against them. Kabir straight away blames them for Shikha’s condition. You put so much pressure on Shikha that she had a nervous breakdown. If you would have taken it as a game / entertainment then maybe this would not have happened. we have to anyways face so many competitions in life as we grow up. Let the kids live their childhood atleast. You were just putting so much excessive pressure on this little girl just because you guys wanted to win. Shikha couldn’t handle the pressure in front of the world and had a paralytic attack. Be thankful that she is recovering or you wouldn’t have been able to forgive yourself for life! Who is to be blamed here then? I don’t write half of the truth. I write the entire truth. He waves bye to Shikha. Shikha’s parents realise their mistake and apologize to her.

Shikha is recovering slowly. Her parents are now regretting their mistake. They shouldn’t have pressurized their daughter to fulfil their aspirations and desires. It is sad that parents want to fulfil their dreams through their kids. They forget it that they are hampering the childhood of kids in the process as they get all moony eyed for fame. It isn’t that everything is wrong in this field. We find good talent and many people survive because of the show so we cannot dismiss such shows completely. But yes, we can say that a little change is necessary. It is right to have hopes from the kids but we must not pin all our hopes on them only and force them for things. The innocence gets lost in the process of becoming number 1 as if no one cares about the kids in real. We must stop such thinking so we can stop such incidents from taking place.

Our society is changing real fast. It isn’t necessary though that all the changes are good. We go through so much pressure as the competition is really tough nowadays, especially kids. Their pressure doubles when the parents all pin their hopes on their kids. The parents don’t realise the extreme negative effect it can have on the kids both mentally and physically. We aren’t telling you to stop kids from entering such competitions. You should participate but with a spirit to enjoy it like a hobby.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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