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Tihar Jail

New Delhi:
Surbhi Jewellers Shop, Lodi Road, New Delhi:
Sandhya comes to the jewellery shop. She greets the manager (Mahesh) who knows that she has come out of jail just now. She asks him to give her work. I need money to run the house and for the kid who is about to come in this world. Mahesh agrees to give her some money. He starts counting money when she holds a knife at me. Give me everything. Guard holds her hand. She gets arrested.

1 week later:
Kabir wants to meet the editor of his paper. I don’t know how this decision has been taken. I have to find out who is responsible for it. Kavya offers to help him. I can talk to the owner of our paper but you will have to buy me a dress in return. Kabir gets a call from Inspector Sinha so he leaves.


Sinha needs Kabir’s help. There is one case which is troubling me. He tells her about Sandhya. She was arrested a week ago for trying to steal from a shop. It is her 9th month. She was caught stealing from the same shop 6 months ago. I only was on duty.

6 months ago, Surbhi Jewellers Shop:
Mahesh tells Inspector SInha that a very costly necklace has been stolen. He doubts his staff members but trusts Sandhya a lot. You should not check her. Inspector SInha shares that Sandhya had intentionally asked me to check her. we found the necklace in her bag which is why we arrested her.

Sandhya got out of jail early because of her good behaviour. Strangely, she went to the same shop to steal and then got caught by intention. She has two small girls.

Sandhya’s house, Uttam Nagar:
Adya cries as no one is letting her become police in police-thief game. Sonu (a kid of their neighbourhood) doesn’t let Adya become police as her mother is a thief. Adya’s elder (Nitya) sister slaps him.

Sunil and his mother talk about Sandhya and how she got jailed again. Sunil’s mother wants a boy this time or she talks about throwing Sandhya out of the house. Sonu’s mother complains to them for the Nitya has slapped her son. Don’t dare hit my kid again! Sunil’s mother says the same thing. Sunil announces that it doesn’t concern him now if Sandhya gives birth to a boy or a girl. She has nothing to do with us now.

Kabir comes to Sandhya’s house. He wants to clear out as to why Sandhya did so twice. Sunil shares that he started drinking since last 6 months. Kabir can see that he loves his wife a lot. How did you both get married? Sunil says it happened around 15 years ago. Ma was initially against it.

15 years ago:
Sunil his convinces his mom for his wedding to Sandhya. Everything was going well.

We needed money but never gave up. Suddenly, we got to know about Sandhya stealing in her shop. Police took her to jail. Things became tough slowly.

5 months ago, Sunil’s office:
Sunil gets into a scuffle with his colleague as he finds him talking about Sandhya.

Sunil says I dint get a job after that. Kabir advises him to think of his kids. Nitya shouts that her mother isn’t a thief! She walks away.

Surbhi Jewellers Shop:
Mahesh talks well about Sandhya when Kabir meets him. She was working here since last 4 years. I have no idea how she turned out to be like that! She was so good with work and used to tell others how to do it. Kabir gives him his card in case he recalls something about Sandhya and wants to share it with him. Kabir notices the camera above. Mahesh calls Surbhi.

Adya asks her sister if their mother really is a thief. Did she get jailed? The elder sister shakes her head. Remember that water bottle incident?

Adya shows her water bottle to her mother when she returns from school. Saloni and my bottle are same. She took my bottle today by mistake so I brought hers. It is good though as my bottle was a little worn. Sandhya very sweetly explains that it is wrong to hide someone else’s stuff. It is actually called a theft. This isn’t a good thing to do. Adya agrees to return Saloni her bottle tomorrow itself.

She dint even let us keep someone else’s bottle with us. She cannot steal! Sunil gets a call from someone. He later tells Nitya that Mahesh wants to give her a job. They still want to help us. He has a small kid. You only have to look after the baby. Nitya is concerned about studies. Sunil doesn’t have any money to support her studies. This way atleast we will earn something.

Nitya is at Mahesh and Surbhi’s home. She takes care of the baby well. Surbhi offers to make food for her but Nitya wants to eat with her sister.

At home, Sunil’s mother cribs and taunts Adya and Nitya over Sandhya. Nitya brings food for Adya. Their grandmother returns in the kitchen to taunt them one more time. Adya refuses to eat good food thinking that their mother will be eating bad food in jail.

Kabir meets Inspector Sinha. He is boggled as to why Sandhya did it. Inspector Sinha too has no clue. She can deliver a baby any minute. Why did she do it then? Kabir wants to meet her. Inspector Sinha allows him.

Surbhi falsely accuses Nitya of theft. She immediately calls Mahesh home. I don’t want such helpers at home. She is a thief’s daughter after all!

Tihar Jail:
Kabir meets Sandhya. He tries to make her talk but she refuses to say anything on the topic. This is my last crime. Kabir wonders why she had to come to jail so soon again. You dint even think about your baby! She knows the rules and law well. Kabir is still curious to know why she had to come to jail. You might not realise what your daughters are going through without you. Sandhya keeps mum on the topic. Tell them that I love them a lot. My husband too is a very good man. She ends the convo and walks back towards her cell.

Sunil apologizes to Mahesh on Nitya’s behalf. She is a kid. Nitya cannot stop crying. I dint do it. Mahesh talks about trust. Who will trust you or your family now? I made a very big mistake. Surbhi too calls NItya a thief. She is just like her mother. Mahesh wants the bangles back by tomorrow. if it doesn’t happen then she will be sent to jail too. Sunil agrees to get them back by tomorrow. Nitya cries. I dint do it. Sunil quietens her and takes her home.

Kabir is at a loss of finding any reason as to why Sandhya did what she did. She is well educated. She knows the law well. There can be no reason behind it. I don’t think she can steal. Sakshi suggests him to meet someone like him who doesn’t think of Sandhya as a thief. Kabir thinks of Nitya.

Sunil is searching the bangles in the house. Nitya swears on him and her mother that she dint steal at all. He finds Sandhya’s photo in a book and tears it. Daughter is just like her mother! I was mad to marry her. He raises his hand to slap her but stops. He hugs his daughter and they both cry. He asks her to give him the bangles. We wont say anything to anyone. Don’t become like your mother. I wont say anything to you.

Maid finds Surbhi’s bangles under her pillow. She gives it to the couple. Mahesh calls Sunil. We found the bangle. It was under the pillow. I have helped you once. I wont do it again. I dint register a case but don’t come to seek my help again. Sunil is glad to know that his daughter isn’t a thief. But if society calls her a thief once then it will never change!

Nitya is walking. She thinks of everyone’s taunts. Kabir meets her on the way. I met your mother. She asks him how she is. Kabir shares Sandhya’s message with her. You will have to help me. She agrees. He wants to know why she believes that her mother isn’t a thief. Nitya talks about the last day she had met her mother. She behaved differently.

Sandhya talks to Nitya and Adya. I have told you (Nitya) where everything is kept. You have to take care of everyone and the house. People will talk wrong about your mother but trust it that your mother is a good woman. Teach Adya and take care of each other. Sunil’s mother asks Sandhya to return with a son.

That was the last day. Mummy dint return home since then even after she got bailed. Kabir confirms with her that Dadi said the exact words.

Sunil mixes rat killer in the food as Mahesh’s words haunt him. He wipes his tears as he readies two plates of food. Sunil and Adya sit down to eat food. I am not upset with NItya. We three haven’t eaten together since long.

Kabir asks Sunil’s mother about her last words to Sandhya before she left for office 6 months ago. You knew she wouldn’t come back that day. What did you mean? She replies that Sandhya hasn’t gone to jail. I saw some clipping in the newspaper. I showed it to her and she readily agreed.

Sunil’s mother shows the news clipping to Sandhya wherein it is mentioned that whoever delivers a baby in Tihar deliver a baby boy. Sandhya reasons that only criminals go to Tihar. She convinces Sandhya. You have given birth to two girls already. God cannot do anything alone. You too will have to do something.

Sandhya took blame of theft on my insistence only. Sunil is shocked to know that his mother misguided her. We misunderstood her because of you. I was going to! He rushes to stop Adya from eating the food. Adya has fainted and is frothing from mouth. Sunil tells Kabir that he mixed poison in food. They rush her to hospital.

Sandhya experiences labour pain. She delivers a baby.

Doctors save Adya. Sunil thanks her tearfully. Kabir gets to know from Inspector Sinha that Sandhya has delivered a baby a while ago. Sunil’s mother thinks of a baby boy. Sunil tells her to be quiet. Be it a boy or girl, it is my baby. Kabir congratulate them for the arrival of the new baby girl in their family. He explains how girls are ahead of boys in every field nowadays. Every kid is equal.

Sandhya says sorry to Sunil. He tells her against it. You were mad to have taken that step. We will raise all our daughters nicely. Sandhya thanks Kabir.

Kabir writes, it was unthinkable that such superstitions can happen in today’s date also. The truth is max of the babies (out of the 120) who took birth in Tihar were girls. Only a few were boys. When will society stop fuelling such superstitions?

Kabir meets the proprietor (Kavya’s father). Why are articles getting published in our paper which speaks in Anwar’s favour? Who is helping him from our paper? Proprietor says whatever happens, happens as per my wish even though there is someone else above him too. You need money to run a paper. It is a game of money and power. You are at a very low level in that hierarchy so things cannot happen as per your wish. One cannot rely always on truth or lie always. You take some decisions to gain a position so the hidden matters can help you in future. He ends the discussion. KAbir does not look happy by his explanation.

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