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Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, 2015:
A couple is inside a tent. They are sleeping when the girl wakes up. She hears some noise. She looks around but cannot see anyone. She lies down to sleep again. Someone opens the tent.

Yeti / Him manav/ Big Foot. They are known by different names. They are said to be half men half animals. Scientists rebuff their existence. Is it really some stories?

Him Manav:
People in the hills believe in Yeti. He is very scary. Girls often go missing and no one goes to look for them.

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, 1975:
A girl (Gauri) is taking bath. Someone is watching her from far. The girl turns to look when something falls but cannot see anyone. She goes inside her house. Someone is still watching her / moving towards her. She screams out in pain

when her husband Kamal scares her. He wipes the mud off his face. Why are you so afraid? You go inside the jungle and aren’t scared but why now? Kamal tries to stop Gauri but she reminds him that his mother wants a grandson. She jokes that he should get married to Anu.

The couple is sleeping at night. Someone keeps on pulling the blanket from over her and keeps on pulling it back. Kamal puts anklet in her feet. Gauri wakes up. He talks romantically to her. She goes really far to collect woods. He agrees to bring oil stove for her. She wants him to bring a pink flower for her. It is found very rarely. It is poisonous. I will then only accept it that you love me dearly. I will sow it in the garden. I will die the day something happens to you. I will drink its juice. His mother coughs in sleep. Kamal bends down.

Kamal and Anu are singing native song. Gauri teases them. Anu jokes that she should have gotten married to her instead. I wont go to town every now and then. Gauri reminds him of yester night. Kamal walks away but Gauri gives him his lunch. Kamal promises her that he won’t return without the flower. Gauri’s MIL tells Gauri to take food with her. Gauri leaves with Anu and three more ladies. It is raining. The girls play in water. Gauri stops to look at a flower. Her friends go ahead. She hears some noise. She thinks that Kamal is trying to scare her again. She calls out for him. Don’t joke again. I will tell Ma that you haven’t left for the town yet. Someone is watching her. She hears some grunting sounds and moves back in shock but it is too late. She faints. The Him Manav touches her head and pulls her by her feet. The Him Manav brings Guari to his cave. He makes her lie down there and goes to the other side.

Anu returns to Gauri’s house. She finds out that Gauri isn’t home yet. They all go back towards the jungle to look for Gauri. Kamal meets them on their way. He finds out that Gauri is not home yet. Kamal asks his chacha to come with him. They don’t want to leave right now as the sun has set. Kamal doesn’t mind dying. They agree to accompany him.

Its been three hours since they have been looking for Gauri but in vain. They suggest Kamal to come back with them. Kamal doesn’t want to leave Gauri alone as she is scared of dark. A guy says it is impossible to live in this dark jungle. They decide to go back. Kamal requests them not to leave Gauri alone here. Kamal cries for Gauri. He was not ready to accept it that he has lost Gauri for forever.

Kamal returns next morning. He is shivering badly. His mother was worried for him and Gauri. Kamal is sure that he will bring Gauri back. She always used to say that Van-Devi will protect her. Nothing will happen to her. His mother tells him to eat something but Kamal cannot think of anything except Gauri. I don’t know how she is, if she has eaten anything or not or is hurt! You want me to eat?

Gauri wakes up. She looks around and then recalls what she had seen before passing out. She hears some sounds and calls out for Kamal. She cries badly as she screams for help / for Kamal.

It is raining heavily. Anu scolds Kamal for not understanding his mother. She stays with Gauri all day when you are away. She is very close to Gauri. Gauri is like her daughter. You should not talk to her like this. You will have to be alive and strong to look for Gauri. She sends him inside to talk to his mother. Kamal assures his mother that he will bring her daughter back safely. Nothing has happened to her. She breaks down. Kamal screams out for Gauri on top of his lungs. Gauri too is crying in the cave. Kamal is sitting in the middle of the river on a stone. His mother too cries for Gauri. Gauri sits sadly in the cave. Kamal removes his shawl and sits near a tree in cold.

1 week later:
Kamal is again searching for Gauri. Kamal finds Gauri’s anklet. He also spots Yeti’s footsteps. He shares the same with the other people back home. I have only heard about him but I have seen him now. They say that he is mistaken. It is all stories. Anu says since when did you start believing in such things. A guy says maybe Gauri ran away with someone. She made that foot step maybe. Kamal and his mother send him out. The others also leave. Kamal decides to find Gauri and bring her back. I now know where she is!

The Him Manav touches Gauri. She screams out in shock. Kamal has been searching for her everywhere.

7 months later:
Him Manav had fallen for Gauri. He loved her as much as he could and took care of her but it dint matter to Gauri. She asks him if he believes it that he loves her. You are an animal and will always be! You think I will fall in love with you this way? Never, I hate you. You know why God has made you so ugly? You are a devil! Ma says God is in everything / everyone. She is wrong. There is a devil inside me because of you. I am embarrassed of you. I detest you. I could have killed myself for long but I am alive only for my Kamal.

8 months later:
Gauri’s MIL is sure Kamal will bring Gauri back. I am not going to die. Anu asks her to eat something. Kamal is also not eating. Someone will have to understand. She gives her water. Kamal recalls Gauri’s wish about that poisonous flower. He is holding that flower in his hand. His mother tells him later that people call him mad. How will Gauri survive alone in that jungle for so long? He asks her if she wants him to believe it that gauri is dead. I don’t believe it. I can spend my entire lifetime looking for her. I will find her. He cries and lies down in her lap. She doesn’t want him to take her wrong. I too love Gauri a lot. I cannot see you like this. She too cries.

Kamal has long hairs and beard now. He comes in the mountains to look for Gauri again. He runs upon noticing Gauri. He picks her up. Gauri is pregnant. He brings Gauri home. Residents are not so happy as she is pregnant. Don’t know whose child she is carrying! Kamal’s mom scolds them all. They want Gauri to leave as the entire village will be insulted. Kamal’s mom warns them to stay away from Gauri. I wont let anyone even touch her. We wont go anywhere till this baby is born. We will leave town later if it is necessary. Gauri gives birth to a baby Yeti. The baby has big feet, big nails and hairs all over his body. His face is like an animal. It will be a disaster if we keep the baby. The residents decide to kill it right away. Gauri begs them not to do it. It is my baby after all. We will leave this place. She turns to Kamal but he sits in a corner and silently cries.

The residents have kept the body in the other room. They tell her to do the last rites of the baby properly so the ghost doesn’t roam around. Gauri cries. Kamal and his mother go to the other room but the dead body isn’t there.

People believe that Him Manav took the dead body of the baby with him. People have heard someone crying for days later on. It is only Gauri who can understand his pain though! She too may not be able to forget that incident ever.

40 years later, 2015:
Gauri has aged and is with her grandson. She is still lost in her memories. Kamal calls out for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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