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A kid is singing a rhyme as he plays with his toy. His face resembles that of a joker when he looks up. He tears the toy badly. His mother calls out for him. What’s all this Raunak? The kid replies that he has no idea what happened to him. There was someone in that mirror who murdered my doll. Please save me. I am very scared. He hugs her. He can still see that face in the mirror. There is a black shadow behind him as well.

Innocent Murderer

Bhopal, 2015:
Baal Sudhar Kendra:
A lady checks what the kids are doing. She tells them to put their heart into whatever they do. She hears a sound and gets curious. She (Riya) excuses herself to find out about the source of the sound. A senior compliments Riya for her efforts. Your presence has brought a change in everyone. She asks him

if there is any kid here whom she hasn’t met. He denies. He gets a call so goes aside to talk. Riya comes upon a room, a cell basically where she finds a kid chained. Ronnie walks up to the front of the cell. He is holding his mother’s photo in his hands and shows it to her
Ronnie feels that his mother has forgotten him. She doesn’t even come to meet me. Please ask her to come. She turns to go and talk to the warden but he requests her not to go anywhere. They keep me tied here. They don’t even let me go out. She goes to talk to the warden while he keeps on asking her not to.

Riya tells the warden that he is doing a crime by chaining a boy. He explains that that little kid is actually very dangerous. He doesn’t share much details as it is an internal matter. She persists. He agrees to tell her. Ronnie is not a normal kid. He is a murderer.

A year ago, 2014:
Ronnie’s mother is drying clothes in the balcony. Her husband taunts her as passer bys have been looking at her. You don’t even wear a dupatta when you go outside. He takes her inside. The other ladies notice his rude behaviour. Sonia is his second wife.

Inside, Rajat demands his wife why she is not wearing mangalsutra or vermilion. She says I had washed my hairs today. I forgot it afterwards. He twists her hand. Ronnie looks on helplessly.

Next day:
Rajat returns home. Sonia straightaway goes to the kitchen. He asks for tea and pakoras. She tells him that the tea is ready. I am making pakoras. He asks her why she doesn’t make it beforehand. She replies that she was helping Ronnie in doing his homework. Rajat doesn’t buy her logic. He calls her a liar in front of Ronnie. She lies to me all the time. I forgive her always as I love her a lot She can go away with any of her lover if she can do what she wants. Ronnie should know how to keep his things in his control. Ronnie observes his father’s behaviour carefully.

Ronnie and his parents are in a shop. Ronnie selects a toy. The shopkeeper lessens the price of the item when Sonia reminds him of his words. You talked about a discount if I come to buy something next time. Rajat loses his cool. He gets into a scuffle with the shopkeeper.

Rajat slaps Sonia at home. Ronnie watches everything from a distance. She tells Rajat to end the issue once and for all. I will kill myself one day if this continues! He apologizes to her. I lose my senses when I get angry. I promise I will never touch you. He apologises to Ronnie too. We should always keep our loved ones safe. They go away from us if we don’t!

Ronnie is crying. His mother tells him not to worry so much. I am with you. She sings a lullaby for him so he sleeps. Rajat asks them why Ronnie is crying. She shares that he got disturbed by the noises that the dogs were making. Rajat doesn’t want his son to be a coward. He takes Ronnie outside with him and locks his wife inside. Rajat makes Ronnie beat the dog. Ronnie’s hands are all bloodied when he returns to his room. Sonia asks him what he did. She tries to take his toy but he takes it back. This is my favourite toy. Papa says never let anything that you love go away from you. His expressions have changed.

Sonia decides to punish Rajat.

Ronnie wants to go to his father. Sonia assures him that they will go to meet papa soon.

Sonia and Ronnie come to police station to meet Rajat. Rajat apologizes to her. I have realised my mistake. You know how much I love you. I cannot see you with anyone else. It drives me crazy. I promise it wont happen again. Please get me out of here. I want to go home. There will be no fights, no negativity. He wants to talk to Ronnie alone so Sonia goes aside. Rajat tells Ronnie that he loves him very much. I am here because of your mother. Your mother is very bad. She doesn’t want us to be together. She wants to separate us but we wont let it happen.

At night, Rajat sits down to food. The other prisoners talk cheaply about Sonia. Rajat holds the guy by his collar. A constable takes him away. Rajat was found dead next day. Sonia started working to manage the load of household expenses. She started feeling independent whereas Ronnie started missing his father.

Ronnie is playing with his toy when he notices his father’s reflection. He looks back but finds no one there.

A neighbour tells Sonia that Ronnie is not going to school these days. Sonia asks Ronnie why he isn’t he going to school. He asks for tea instead. Sonia can see Rajat in him. Ronnie orders her to bring it.

New people shift in the locality (Shekhar and his son Vicky). Sonia brings sherbet for them. Vicky is holding his mother’s photo. She died in a car accident 5 years ago. Sonia introduces Ronnie to them. Ronnie declines to drink that sherbet. It was made especially for you. Sonia apologizes to Shekhar. Shekhar advises her to stop making the kids feel that they are kids.

Rajat is on his chair. He reminds Ronnie to keep their loved ones close or they go away. Ronnie repeats his father’s words. The chair is empty next second. Sonia asks him who is he talking to but he simply shakes his head at her. Ronnie smirks evilly when she leaves.

Shekhar tries to befriend Ronnie but he is not at all interested in talking to him. Shekhar has come to invite him for a match in the society ground in the evening. Ronnie reluctantly accepts it when his mother insists. He is making movement just like his father (which no one notices).

Shekhar keeps guiding Ronnie in between the game. Sonia gives him cold drinks and chips for all the kids. She also thanks him. Ronnie got out of the house after months because of you. Please let me know in case there is some vacancy in your office. Ronnie watches them from far.

Ronnie comes to Shekhar’s house to return the bat to him. Shekhar says I got this for you. Ronnie has learnt a shot that he had shown him the other day. My father had taught me a better shot. I will just show you. He smashes Shekhar’s head.

Present: Ronnie tries to ask Riya if she had a word with the warden. She nods. I need some time to talk to the warden. He knows that she will not return. I know they have told you about me. I haven’t killed anyone. I dint even kill Shekhar uncle. She wants him to tell her everything first before she can help him. He shares that it was his father who made him do it. He also killed my mother.

Rajat was there when Sonia was talking to Shekhar about the job. This is the real character of your mom. She will not mind killing you for that Shekhar. Kill her now!

Sonia is found dead in her house. Ronnie sits coolly in his father’s chair.

Present: Papa always says that one should never let go of the thing which is close to you. I want to get out from here. She makes the guard open the door and hugs him. I will take you out of here. Calm down. Everything will be fine. Ronnie smirks.

Riya took all the legal permissions and got Ronnie shifted to a bigger rehab. Was her decision right or was it going to turn out to be a danger?

Doc tells Riya that Ronnie is a truamatised kid. We will try to give him more love so he gets back to normal. It is Ronnie’s birthday today. he offers sweets to everyone. He tells a guy that he hasn’t celebrated his birthday in last 2 years. This birthday is very different. Riya aunty has promised to take me to a movie and get me chocolates. The guy says I will put on a cartoon film for you. She goes out for lunch with doctor uncle on every Sunday. She wont come today. Ronnie agrees but isn’t happy.

Ronnie comes to meet the doctor. Doc eventually gets busy in his work. Ronnie gets up and starts walking around the room. He picks up scissors and attacks the doc. He attacks him multiple times. The doc dies.

Ronnie hides the scissors when he notices Riya. She gives him chocolates. He is hiding the scissors behind his back. Later, Riya too was found dead.

There was no proof to prove it that Ronnie had killed all those people. The finger prints of the murderer were that of an adult. Ronnie had adapted so well to his father’s wrong teachings. He had started imitating his father. Plus his father was somewhere still alive in Ronnie’s subconscious.

After that incident, Ronnie was sent back to the same rehab centre later on. He was chained once again. No one has been able to find out the truth behind this story till date. The talash is still on!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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