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Sakshi says, when someone you have lost returns home but it is not easy to recognize that person. when someone is not able to understand the reason behind that person returning back home. The story talks about the plot behind the same.

Theme – Enemy

There are riots everywhere. People are running helter-skelter to save themselves. A girl cries besides a lady while the angry mob runs around to attack on everyone they can!

A board says, Private Property. This land belongs to – Afreen Murtaza Shaikh. A lady is travelling in a bus.

She reaches Delhi and comes to a house named Mannat. It belongs to Murtaza Shahbuddin Shaikh. She walks inside with a bag in her hand. she waits to meet Murtaza SHaikh inside the house. Murtaza comes downstairs. She tells him her name, Zarina. This

is my name for the last 12 years. Is Nusrat ji at home? He calls out for his wife. She is sitting lost in some thoughts when she hears his voice and goes downstairs. Zarina eyes her emotionally. Mr. Murtaza asks Zarina to tell them what she wants from them. Zarina replies that she wants her last 12 years that she has lost. I cried a lot, shouted too but in that one instant, I dint leave a hand but I lost all my happiness, my dreams. Where did you go?

Nusrat recalls the unfateful night. She and her daughter were running to save themselves when the angry mob had made them both leave their hands. They both shouted for each other when someone came and took Zarina with her. Nusrat ji shouts for Afreen.

Nusrat is all teary eyed realising that it is her Afreen. She hugs her while her husband looks on. He too is all emotional to see his daughter. A guy ends the call. His sister tells him that maybe their Ammi had another attack. They both go downstairs to check. Their Abbu tells them that Afreen has returned home. Afreen recognizes her brother Shabbir and her sister Rabya too. they both have grown up so much. Rabya hugs her sister happily while SHabbir is confused yet he smiles in cordially. Afreen turns to her Abbu next. He tells her that they have been waiting for this day. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find you. they share a hug.

Afreen tells them that she got separated from Ammi that day. I looked around for her, shouted for her and I don’t realise anything after that. Two people were staring at me when I got conscious. Little Afreen is shown. She wakes up and finds two men looking down at her. she inched closer to the wall but they only moved further in her direction. Afreen tells them that they both raped her one by one. I don’t even know about all the places where they took me to. They kept me in a room, all drugged. I used to beg them every night to leave me but in vain. Places changed, time changed but life dint! I am still alive after all this as I had to go back to my home. There hasn’t been a day when I dint think of you AMmi. I tried to run away a lot many times but they were careful. Allah heard my prayers one day and I ran away from there.

2 years ago I found out that I am in Chandigarh. When I escaped from there yesterday I straight away took a bus and came to Delhi. Shabbir asks her how she tracked them down. Afreen replies that home certainly changed but my parents’ name is still the same. Her father says, Allah always fulfils your prayers if you ask something from all your heart. It is ok if it got fulfilled after 12 years but he heard our prayers finally. Afreen nods tearfully.

Afreen looks at a wall which is filled with photos of all the family members. Nusrat ji says I am your culprit please forgive me. you had held onto my hand with so much trust. I shouldn’t have let go of it. Afreen denies. no one can change what’s written in destiny. we were bound to separate. You are not at fault here. Her AMmi is very happy now that she is with her. I wont let you go anywhere now. They share an emotional hug.

Shabbir tells Rupesh Uncle (advocate) that the girl is a cheat. Ammi and Abbu have accepted her as they are blinded by the love of their daughter. Rupesh cannot believe it that they fell for that girl’s story so easily. He agrees to talk to Murtaza ji and ends the call. His junior (Anand) comes to tell him about a hearing but he tells him to go with Geeta. I have some important work with Murtaza ji. Anand nods.

Afreen and Rabya will be staying in one room. Afreen tells Rabya that she knows that she and Shabbir will have a lot of questions regarding her or that maybe I am cooking some story. But the truth is I am your Afreen Aapa. I don’t want anything other than everyone’s love. Rabya says I was only 9 years old when we got separated yet you were with us every day in this house. AMmi has cried for you every day. She has smiled today for the first time. I agree and accept that you only are my Afreen Aapa. The sisters share a hug. Afreen is happy that she has got 3 people on her side already. Only Shabbir is left now! you all must have realised it by now that I am Zarina only, and not Afreen! She smirks.

Shahbuddin Group of Companies:
Rupesh tells Murtaza ji not to go mad in someone’s love. murtaza ji insists that the girl is his daughter Afreen only. Rupesh tells him to think. You have been to every Temple, Mosque and Church even to look for her. Don’t forget the face that you have done every possible thing that you could to find her 12 years ago. You gave an ad in every big or small newspaper. You dint find her back then so how come Zarina came to your house by claiming to be Afreen? She is cheating you. murataza reasons that that could have been done earlier only. Why now? Shabbir reasons that you have to look at the intentions, not time. Can you not see her truth? Rupesh tells him that Afreen was very dear to you, your wife and even to your late father. That girl knows it that you will fall in her trap. Think about it, what if she is a fraud? Murtaza ji replies that he has seen his wife smiling after 12 long years. Rupesh points out that his property is in crores. Anyone would want to trap you. it is a perfect story. Let’s test her if you still want to believe her.

Nusrat is not happy with the whole thing (of testing Afreen). Rupesh is just our advocate. My Allah has heard my prayers. You doubt my Allah’s decision? Afreen joins them. I knew it already that there will be questions and people will point fingers at me. now that I have found you, I am ready to give any test. You can test me Abbu. Murtaza ji feels restless.

Sakshi says will Zarina’s truth come out in the open while trying to prove it that she only is Afreen. Or is Zarina hiding a masterstroke to play this game?

Zarina is answering Rupesh’s questions correctly. We were returning from Khala’s house that day as there was a celebration in our house – my Bade Abbu’s 75th birthday. Shabbir used to stammer when he was a kid. Ammi and Abbu were really worried for him. He was getting treated by Dr. Sajid HUssain (Connaught Place). She asks Shabbir if he remembers how she used to accompany him. I am very happy that you are alright now. She talks about many incidents. I don’t know when you joined my Abbu as that happened when I wasn’t with you all. I can tell you how my Bade Abbu used to tease me. I couldn’t even see him when he was breathing his last. Murtaza ji tells Rupesh to stop. She is our Afreen only. Nusrat ji adds that you have to trust your heart for some things too. rupesh replies that it is his responsibility to take care of Murtaza ji as he is not just his client but a very dear friend too. he apologizes to everyone and Afreen too. I dint intend to hurt you. I only want that no one cheats a great man like Murtaza ji. You are Afreen only. All the family members hug Afreen as Rupesh leaves. Shabbir too apologizes to her for doubting her. it is very difficult to trust even your loved ones in today’s times. They share a hug. Zarina is happy that Shabbir too is on her side now.

Zarina knows that people will be surprised as to how she knows so much about Afreen. Zarina is actually with Rupesh. They have made this plan together. Rupesh tells her to wait for a while. Let Murtaza talk about property. She is sure he (Rupesh) will do that in case Murtaza keeps quiet. Murtaza tells her not to become so bold with him. don’t forget your place. Remember who you are and where you have come from!

Zarina was a pr*stitute in reality. Rupesh had been her client. He had told her about Afreen. Your face resembles her. They had made a deal of 10 crores. You will have to become Afreen from Zarina. She had agreed right away.

Present: Zarina reminds Rupesh of his promise. You have shown me a very nice dream. It will be good for everyone if it stays like that only.
Rupesh says Murtaza is ready to give his 500 crores property in trust for no reason. why shouldn’t I take it then?

A year ago:
Murtaza ji and Rupesh have come to the same land (Private Property named in Afreen’s name). He tells Rupesh how his Abbu had named his entire property and this piece of land in AFreen’s name. Rupesh cannot understand why he is giving away everything in trust just like that. Murtaza ji is only doing what his Abbu had wanted him to. He said that in case Afreen is not with us then this property is to go to Sufiya trust. I am just fulfilling his wish. Its been 11 years. I have given up hope of seeing my daughter ever again. I am that unlucky father who couldn’t find his daughter / save her. Rupesh gets thinking.

He had met someone named Virender. I promise you will get this land. Give me some time. Your hotel will be constructed here itself. Virender was more than happy.

Present: Rupesh calculates his property share out of 500 crores. The deal is good. Let one week pass. Murtaza will talk about transferring the property in your name. It will include a few changes and then I will handle everything. Property will be in your name then and you can transfer it in my name. Zarina assures him that she will only do what she wants him to. He tells her against thinking of anything else in any case. I have paved way for you to enter in that house so I can even dig a grave for you, if needed! I wont have to do much for that.

Murtaza ji is indeed giving her the property papers. Zarina says I only wanted to be with my loved ones and I have you all now. I don’t want anything else. He replies that he is just fulfilling his responsibility. I am getting these papers transferred in your name. Zarina is ecstatic.

Shabbir is again talking to Rupesh. He still is not too convinced about the whole thing. plus this property matter too has started. Rupesh supports Murtaza’s actions. He is giving Afreen what she has a right on. You and Rabya have lived a luxurious life in the past 12 years whereas Afreen had been through so much. Don’t doubt her for no reason. he ends the call.

Rabya comes to Afreen’s room. You have been through so much in your past. Zarina talks about forgetting all that. Rabya promises her that your past wont even touch you now. I am so happy with your return. I always missed having an elder sister with me. Zarina tells her to sleep as it is too late. Rabya leaves.

Rupesh gives the papers to Anand to make the necessary changes asap. Anand leaves.

Mushtaq (from her brothel) calls Zarina. he has tracked her down and has understood the whole story as well. In fact, he is standing outside Mannat only while he talks to her. She goes out to meet him. he has come to take her back as Mumtaz Aapa is after his life. She told me not to spare you if you try to run away this time. I searched for you so much but in vain after which I decided to keep an eye on your client Rupesh. I understood your game then. The bungalow, the drama is nice. He too wants a share.

Sakshi says Murtaza family had fallen in the trap laid by Rupesh and Zarina. But was Mushtaq going to be successful in making them dance on his tunes? Or he too was going to become a pawn in the game?

Rupesh meets Mushtaq and Zarina. Rupesh agrees to pay him 10 crores as well. Mushtaq is more than happy to be getting that much amount.

On his way, Rupesh wonders if Zarina is playing a game with him. is she using Mushtaq against me intentionally?

Zarina returns home. She too is wondering about Mushtaq. How did he come in the picture? Is he a pawn in Rupesh’s hand against me?

Shabbir comes to office. He tells his Abbu that he is not doing the right thing. murtaza ji stays put. Afreen is our daughter and she should get her right.

Nusrat ji tells Afreen to start her studies again. Rabya is in final year. She will help you. Zarina / Afreen too shows an inclination to resume her studies. I want to gain all those things again that have been snatched by me. She gets a call from Mushtaq so she excuses herself.

Mushtaq calls her to his place for tonight. I have to tell you something important. Rupesh wont leave you alive once your work is over. Zarina goes to meet him. he tries to get close to her but she tells him to come to the point. He tells her the actual value of the property in Afreen’s name. He will get 480 crores in the end. Once the property papers in his name, he won’t need you. he will end your story so Murtaza never gets to know about it. he will get a clean chit and people will think that it was all your plan. Zarina finds logic in his words. Mushtaq tells her to make Rupesh realise that she is not to be taken lightly or to be used only when he needs her. profit should be equal when you have taken an equal amount of risk. Ask for 50-50 share.

Rupesh refuses to give 50% share to Zarina and Mushtaq. Don’t even try to blackmail me. Zarina tells him that she can return to Chandigarh and write the entire truth in a letter for them. rupesh isn’t affected. I was the first person to doubt you, question you and even doubt Murtaza when he accepted you as his daughter. It was me only before whom you had to prove your innocence. You can write the letter but afterwards I will go to them. I will tell them that I had found out your truth, that you were a fraud. You ran away when I was going to tell it to them. who do you think they will trust – a girl who came in their life a few days ago or the man who has been working for them since last so many years? This trap is laid by me. you both wont be able to understand it. you have no choice but to do what I will tell you or I will make sure Murtaza is going to send ample force after you. you wont be able to get out of the jail ever if you get caught. all the pawns and even the king is mine so I only will win. You both are my pawns. Mushtaq is impressed by Rupesh’s plan. Zarina is in thoughts.

Rabya comes to her room. Zarina asks her if she has a boyfriend. Rabya says there was one.

Zarina calls Mushtaq. She has a plan up her sleeve against Rupesh. We can get all that we want by sticking to our plan instead of following Rupesh’s plan. I can get you inside this house. You have to steal Rabya’s heart and then you will come in this house. Mushtaq likes the idea.

Rabya tells Zarina about her breakup with her boyfriend Irshad. I broke down after it and couldn’t say anything to anyone. I am lucky to have you with me as my sister. I am happy that I can share everything with you. Zarina in turn thanks her in her mind. Epi ends on the split screen of Zarina, Mushtaq and Rupesh.

Sakshi wonders who will pull the trigger and who will die. Who will win in this Chakravyuh?

Precap: Mushtaq meets Rabya. Mushtaq eventually makes her fall in love with him. On the other hand, the property papers are ready. Someone gets Mushtaq killed. Zarina prays that real Afreen returns home somehow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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