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Code Red 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

January 2015, Mumbai:
A lady walks across the crowded streets all tired and exhausted as she clutches onto her stomach. She faints on the street eventually.

A.G.P. Hospital, Andheri, Mumbai:
Doc gives injection to the same lady. He tells the nurse to give medicine to the patient. Doc tells the Police Inspector that the lady is 8 months pregnant. The kid is fine. The lady is in trauma.

Kabir is in the hospital for some case. The lady is trying to walk but faints. Kabir rushes to help her. Nurse tells him that the lady was found on a street. She is not telling anything to the police. She only keeps trying to run away from here. The lady is muttering Madhu. Kabir gives his intro. I can help you. Tell me something about yourself or your home. The lady mutters Kanta tai, Jogeshwari,

Nandu Gali. He asks her her name but then the nurse asks Kabir to help her in making the lady stand. Kabir obliges and notices the tattoo on that lady’s hand.

Kabir wonders how someone can leave a pregnant lady like this. Sakshi (host) doesn’t find anything odd in this. There is nothing unusual about it. you will find thousands of women on the streets like this, pregnant or not! No one thinks about mother, pregnancy nowadays. He is actually tensed as to why the lady is not sharing any info about her with anyone. Why is she trying to run away from here time and again? I want to find out the reason behind it. Sakshi encourages him to do so. That lady has trusted you. she has given you a name and address, help her.

Nandu Gali, Jogeshwari, Mumbai:
Kabir tracks down Kanta Tai’s house. A man comes out and points out at Kanta Tai for Kabir. Kabir greets her. do you know Savitri? Kabir tells him that Savitri is in a government hospital. Police has found her on a street. She took your name. Kanta Tai tells him that Savitri was missing since last 3 days. Her husband is looking for her. That man has ruined her life. She has a daughter (Madhu). I know everything about Savitri. I will tell you everything.

March 2010, Goregaon, Mumbai:
Savitri was a maid in a posh colony. The lady (owner of the house) is narrating a fairy tale to her daughter. The little girl refuses to believe it and switches on the tv but Madhu is intrigued. Savitri had asked for a raise but another lady (from the same house) pays her what she has been getting since a long time. Savitri is irked. She leaves with Madhu. Madhu asks innumerable questions about what all fairies can do. Savitri comes home. Her drunken husband is waiting for her so he can take money from her. Savitri’s husband forcefully takes some money from Savitri’s bag and then Madhu gets pushed in the process. She is hurt on the head. Savitri takes her somewhere for first aid. Meanwhile, her MIL steals the rest of the money from Savitri’s bag.

Savitri and Kanta Tai are at the government clinic. Savitri laments all the facts. Madhu too wants to study in an English medium school like the owners daughter. She speaks so fluently. Savitri explains that it involves a lot of money. We don’t have any money. Two guys are overhearing their convo from a distance.

Next day, the lady (owner) is irked that Madhu is sitting on the sofa and comes here every day. Savitri notices her daughter’s sad face. Your fairy will bring tv for you.

The same guy from the clinic approaches Savitri. You can get loads of money but you will have to do something. There is a businessman in Andheri West. He wants a baby but his wife cannot become a mother. You can help him. He leaves a chit in her bag which has that businessman’s contact number. He runs away afterwards. Savitri angrily throws her slipper at him.

Savitri observes the condition of her house, her husband’s drinking condition and recalls the offer by that man. Madhu hugs her. Savitri caresses her head lovingly and thinks of what Madhu wants.

Next day:
Savitri meets the same broker again. He gives her an example of another lady named Surbhi. I helped her in gaining a new house, a bike and more.

A week later:
Madhu jumps excitedly seeing the tv in her house. Her husband asks her about it. Where did you get so much money from? She gives him roundabout answers and then gives him some money so he can keep his mouth shut. He is still a thankless man.

The businessman comes to pick up Savitri. Kanta Tai notices this from a distance and is tensed.

2 weeks later:
Savitri gets a fridge in their house. Her MIL is boggled. Her husband is about to say something but goes quiet when Savitri keeps some money in his hand.

A month later:
Savitri vomits. Her MIL is curious. Savitri lies to her. Her cell phone rings but she disconnects the call. The businessman holds out some cash for Savitri but her husband catches hold of his hand. He runs after Savitri, wanting to know if it was her lover! Savitri’s MIL deduces that Savitri is pregnant. Her husband slaps her. She has no option but to tell them the truth. I dint sleep anyone. I have mortgaged my womb for 9 months. I am getting 3.5 lacs for this. There is a businessman in Andheri whose wife cannot become a mother. I have to give them a baby. It all happened through IVF. Her MIL cannot believe the IVF story but Savitri reasons that it happens nowadays. I have signed a contract. I have to give this baby to them. I have taken some amount already and will get the rest of the amount afterwards. I don’t want any money though. I will abort this baby. Her husband denies. Who told you to do so? You should continue with what you are doing. We will put Madhu in English Medium School. We will shift to a big house. Take me to that guy. I wont beat you now.

Skylark Enclave, Andher, Mumbai:
Savitri’s husband (Mahesh) asks for 1 lac in advance. He takes the cheque in his name.

8 months later:
Madhu returns from school. She wants to go in English medium school. Mahesh agrees to get her admitted in an English medium school next month. The businessman and his wife come there. Mahesh tells them not to come here so often as neighbours ask many questions. Businessman tells them that he has booked the hospital. Doc has given the date of 3rd march. His wife gives some money to Savitri but Mahesh takes it from her. I handle all the expenses. Savitri cannot go out. The couple leaves.

Savitri gives birth to a baby boy. She is reluctant to let go of the baby but Mahesh reminds her of the contract. He gives the baby to the couple. Savitri looks on longingly / tearfully.

A month later:
Madhu has started going to English medium school. Savitri is impressed when she talks to her in English. Mahesh shows a chawl to Savitri. I had a word with the owner there. He is asking for 2 lacs. Savitri says give him the money that the businessman had given to him. Mahesh talks about the other expenses that he had to bear in all these past months. There is a party who is ready to pay 4 lacs. The couple has no baby. Think through, we will have our own house in the chawl. Madhu will live in the same place where other children going to English medium school live. We have to go to Santa Cruz. Get ready. We will go to Chaupati afterwards. Madhu has overheard their convo from a distance and is all quiet. Savitri too is not willing to do it again but Mahesh gives her no other option. Even her MIL supports her son.

January 2012, Santa Cruz, Mumbai:
Savitri is pregnant again. the baby was handed over to the couple while Mahesh got all the money. He got the house in the chawl, new clothes, new bike. He bought a gold bangle for her mother. Madhu started going to school in a rickshaw. Mahesh remained a drunkard though. He never got enough of it. the cycle continued; a baby every year.

2 years later:
Madhu was Savitri’s world. One day, Kanta tai comes to meet them. Savitri’s MIL shows off her new jewels to Kanta. She then goes to make tea for her. Kanta is concerned about Savitri’s health. She goes quiet when Mahesh comes there. He talks about big dreams, new car (which is going to come very soon). Kanta Tai leaves citing some excuse. Mahesh shows more money to Savitri. A foreign party has given him an offer of 6 lacs. I said yes. Savitri looks away but he again blackmails her emotionally for Madhu. Will you get her married to some drunkard like me? Savitri asks him where all the money went. I gave birth to 4 babies so far. He lies that it is all in his account. Don’t think too much, get ready, we have to go to a 5 star hotel! Savitri looks at Madhu.

Doc tells Mahesh and that broker that they should not think of having any more babies. Either Savitri or the baby will die eventually. She is very ill. I cannot take this risk. Mahesh asks him to save Savitri this time but the doc refuses to help them.

Madhu hugs her mother one night. I have found out everything. You are my fairy who fulfils my every wish. Savitri tells her to go to Nasik to her grandmother. I will go to hospital so who will take care of you. Madhu talks about the baby but Savitri stops her from talking on that topic. I will call your uncle and he will come to pick you up.

Mahesh has brought Savitri to a bigger hospital. The broker is tensed but Mahesh is not at all concerned about Savitri. It is mentioned in the contract that we have to save the baby if anything happens to the mother. There is nothing to worry. Tell the party to make a cheque. The broker gets a call so he leaves. Mahesh’s MIL is also tensed. He reminds her of what she had said. You can get me another wife. It will be a new, younger wife now. So there will be more babies and more money. She smiles. Kanta Tai overhears their convo from a distance.

Present: Savitri ran away from the hospital that night itself. Her life was in danger. Mahesh has made a business of her womb. She was bearing everything for her daughter. She would have died long back if she dint have Madhu. Kabir says this is called surrogacy. It is completely legal but when it is made a business (forcefully and against her wish) then it is a crime / an abuse. Kanta requests him to help Savitri.

Kabir walks back inside the hospital when he notices Mahesh showing Savitri’s pic to the nurse. Nurse guides them. Meanwhile, Kabir takes a u-turn and heads towards Savitri’s ward. They reach ward number 3 but Savitri has been discharged. Her husband took her with him. He talks rudely to her so she sends them out. he leaves with the broker. The nurse had hid Kabir and Savitri in an enclosed space. Kabir thanks her for her help.

Kabir meets the couple. They say they had no intention of hurting Savitri in any sense. We can bear all the expenses of her treatment now. Mahesh walks inside just then, demanding to know where Savitri is. Kabir tells him that Savitri will now lodge a police complaint against him. you have forced her to give birth to 5 babies. Her life is in danger today. It has all happened because of you. You and the broker will be punished. The broker blames Mahesh. Doc tells something to Kabir. Mahesh and the broker leave.

Week later:
The couple apologizes to Savitri for they had no idea what all was happening with her. Savitri hands over the baby to them. They give her a cheque in return. Kabir tells her that he has opened her account. She thanks him.

Kabir comes there. He asks for Madhu. He tells her that he has brought her fairy for her. The mother daughter duo cries as they see / hug each other. Kabir is touched to see them thus.

A charge sheet has been filed against Mahesh for forcing her wife to do surrogacy under section 498A of IPC.

Surrogacy is a boon for all those couples who cannot have a baby. It is a blessing in disguise for them. But on the other hand, those who do it illegally, torture woman mentally, physically and in all humane ways are the real criminals.

India is the biggest destination point for surrogacy in the whole world. It is a legal medium for some unfortunate couples to find happiness. A lot many women have become financially strong because of it as well. But don’t disrespect / misuse or commercialise the womb in the process. The boon can very soon turn into a curse otherwise!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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