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Raey Road, Mumbai 2009:
Two guys are returning home. They work in a restaurant. One of the guys (Mazhar) were planning to go to Dubai but he dint get visa. He goes to a corner to pee. His friend tells him against it as there is a very old fable about a Jinn here. Mazhar takes it lightly but the Jinn enters inside him. He starts questioning the other guy. Why did you guys come here? No one will be saved. The guy somehow frees himself and runs to save his life. Mazhar is following him. The guys come to the mosque. He asks Maulvi Sahab for help. Khabees wont spare me. Maulvi assures him that nothing wrong can come inside. The Jinn / Khabees leaves Mazhar’s body.

Jinnat means the one who is hidden from you. Allah has brought three things to life – humans, angels and Jinn’s. You cannot see

those Jinn’s but they can see you. Jinn’s are of two types – good and bad (Khabees).

Many people have experienced it. They believe that Khabees exists.

Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai, 2014:
Adib joins his father in the shop. He is studying MBA. Adib’s father tells him to sit in the shop for a while every day. My daughter (Misbah) is better than you. He tells him to bring something home for lunch. He is also given a chadar to offer in the mosque. Adib remarks that one day he will be proud of him too. Adib smiles seeing a lady. At night, Adib is about to close the shop when the lady comes to his shop. She checks the perfumes. He asks her if she is new to this place. She likes one perfume. He offers to gift it to her but she asks for money. Her mother comes there. She tells Zara not to buy it as there are already many perfumes at home but Zara stays put. Adib goes to bring change but she is gone by then.

Adib and Misbah are at a shop. She talks about business and profits. He has forgotten to go to the mosque. He gives it to a passerby. Zara comes there to buy naan. Adib greets her. She doesn’t want the change. He tries to talk her but she walks away. He follows her along with Misbah. She asks him where they are going. He replies that they are going to find out Zara’s address. Zara asks them as to why are they following her. He says Misbah wanted to befriend you. He tries to introduce himself but Zara tells him that he wont like it. Zara heads home. She apologizes to someone. I wasn’t talking to him. Please don’t beat me. Adib tells Misbah that they will have to play family game. Zara is talking to no one actually. Please don’t be upset with me. no one here knows about our relation.

Adib is lost in Zara’s memories. His Ammi brings milk for him. He talks about his marriage and then of Zara. She finds Zara a little weird. She walked out while the Quran was being read. He says she might have some important work. Let’s go there and get to know them.

Adib, Misbah and their Ammi come there. Zara asks him if he has come to return the change but he uses Misbah as the shield again. They go inside. Adib compliments Zara from Misbah’s side. Zara is not comfortable. Adib says Misbah’s brother likes you too. The namaz plays and Zara walks out of the house. Zara’s mother tells them not to mind it. Zara has been through a lot. Her husband died 2 years ago in a car accident. She tried to commit suicide. There is some spirit on her because of which we have shifted here. Adib gets curious. Zara knocks at the door. Adib wants to help but Zara’s mother sends them off. They hear Zara screaming loudly, begging for help from her Ammi.

Next day, Adib notices Zara but she walks past his shop. He calls out for her and then follws her. He has to hold her hand to stop her. She knows that he likes her but it cannot continue. He asks her if she likes him. you don’t have to be scared. My family is ok with it. It is a great deed to marry a widow. She replies that she is only a widow for the world, not for him. Let me go or he will come. He also tells her not to be scared of her Abbu. She says my Abbu died when I was really young. He dint die in some accident. He killed him! He wants to know who she is talking about. She pushes him and speaks in a male voice. How dare you touch my wife? Zara faints. Adib brings Zara to her home.

Zara’s mother says we have been to lot many places, mosques but he is not leaving her. It is sad that a pious soul is needed to free someone from that. We had thought that changing the city will help but he came here as well. Adib tries to be naive but she tells him that a Khabees has got over Zara. Adib looks at her in shock. She got under a Khabees’s spell 4 days before the marriage. Adib asks for details.

2 years ago, 2012, Hyderabad:
Zara is talking to her fiancé at night. He wants to meet her right now but she suggests meeting tomorrow. I have just washed my hairs. One should not go out with wet hairs at this hour. He doesn’t want to hear any of her excuses so she agrees. She puts perfume. It is a windy / stormy night. She is on her terrace. A Khabees notices her. Zara feels that there is someone around but cannot see anyone. She continues to wait for her fiancé. The Khabees gets inside her. She screams out loud and then faints.

Khabees or bad jinn’s are not the kind of ghosts that we usually hear about. Beauty, nails and fragrance are the three things that attract a Khabees. That Khabees fell for Zara’s beauty. He started thinking of her as his wife. Her first husband died because of it. Now Adib wanted to marry her. Will that Khabees leave Zara so easily?

Adib’s mother hasn’t shared it with her husband yet. I don’t know how he will react. Don’t get into all of this. He is not scared of Khabees as Allah is above everything. Science has found all the necessary way outs today. I was researching online. I want to show her to a psychiatrist once after seeking her Ammi’s permission.

Dr. Syed Kadri is with Zara. He has sent everyone out so he can talk to her alone. How is your health? Are you upset with someone? She replies that she is upset with herself. I can see that Adib loves me a lot. She goes quiet when he asks her if she too loves him. The Khabees takes over. What kind of a question are you asking from my wife? She is my wife! Why would she love someone else? Dr. smiles when Zara replies that I am a jinn. Such things don’t exist. It is just inside your head. The jinn challenges doc. The wind starts blowing. The jinn / Zara laughs hard at doc.

Adib is tensed. Doctors are saying that Zara will never get well. Her Ammi is saying that a Khabees is making her do it. I don’t know who is right. I cannot understand anything but I love Zara a lot. His father overhears their convo. Adib gets a call from Zara’s Ammi. Zara has slit her wrist.

Zara’s Ammi doesn’t know if it was Zara or the Khabees who did this. Doc said that she has lost a lot of blood. She wont be able to live if she gives up on life. Adib assures her that nothing will happen to Zara. I will pray to Allah for her. There must be some way. His father has a solution. You will need good people to fight with this evil spirit. There is a dargah on Raey Road. Evil spirits are taken out there. Only good souls can make it happen. It is said that Pak Jinnah also helps good people. Adib is sure his Allah will help him.

Adib reaches that dargah. He is holding a chunri in his hand. He is about to go in when a lady asks him for some monetary help. I don’t have money to buy a chadar. He gives her his chadar. A man notices this from inside and smiles. It is the very same man whom he had given that chadar the other day. He asks Adib why he gave that chadar to that girl. Adib replies that a wish is fulfilled by its intention. She needed that chadar more. my dharma also tells me to help the needy people first. I have full faith on my Allah that he will fulfil my wishes even without asking for them. The guy agrees. Adib has prayed for the good health of his love. He shares Zara’s situation with him. The guy asks Adib if she likes perfume or if she has eaten her nails. Adib recalls both and nods. The guy says there is a Khabees inside her then. Allah can make her well but it isn’t that easy. He wont leave his wife without killing her. It can only work out nicely if we bring her here somehow. Adib asks him as to why is he helping him. The guy says you are like my son.

Adib is holding Zara’s hand while she is sleeping. He helps her in getting up when she wakes up. She thanks him for taking care of his Ammi. In case I die! He says that he wont let it happen. She shares a secret with him. I like you since the time I saw you on your shop. I was scared of losing you. Now I don’t trust life at all. She suddenly starts breathing heavily. Adib gets concerned. The Khabees takes over Zara. Zara scolds the man standing beside Adib. What are you doing here? No one can stop me. The guy sprinkles some holy water (Zamzam) on Zara. The Khabees leaves Zara’s body for the time being. The guy says this is the perfect time to take Zara from here. Few guys are playing drums. Zara stands in the middle and holds her head. The Khabees says Zara is my wife. I will take her with me right now. The guy says Allah has given everyone a right to live. You cannot force anyone. The Khabees scolds him. What are you doing amongst the humans? The guy calls Adib his son. You cannot withstand his pious soul. He pours more holy water on Zara. Khabees challenges him. Zara continues to shout badly. Adib goes to bring the chain. The guy chants something. He tells Adib to tie it on Zara’s feet so the Khabees is not able to get away. Adib tries to do it but Zara pushes him away. Don’t you dare touch my wife! I will take her with me at this very moment. Adib comes inside the dargah and prays to Allah. He picks up a Quran. Meanwhile, the khabees makes Zara tear her bandage. Zara starts scratching herself. Adib gives the Quran to the guy. Khabees tells Adib to go away with the book. Adib instead tells him to go to his world. Khabees leaves Zara’s body. Adib rushes to Zara. He wants to make sure if the Khabees has left her completely or not. There is a dargah where you will have to go. if you enter there then it means that the khabees can never harm you again. She thanks him for all his help but he tells her to thank Allah instead. He sent this old man to help us. She asks about the old man. He turns but finds no one standing there. Adib recalls his father’s words about Pak Jinnah. He smiles. He was a very good old man. He went back to pray to Allah. Zara is able to enter inside the dargah. This makes both Zara and Adib very happy.

Some things in life are not explained. It is just felt and experienced. Zara and Adib got married and are very happy now. No Khabees took over them again. That old man helped them and then disappeared but no one knows where to! Maybe he is still looking for good souls on earth who are looking for Allah’s help.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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