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Shree Balaji Mandir:
Raghav (a 27 year old Psychotherapist) has a spirit inside him. Mahant ji is doing puja. Priests ask the priest who he is. Raghav replies that he won’t spare anyone who comes between him and Sapna. I am not Raghav. Leave me! Raghav’s mom and wife (Sapna) request Mahant ji to save Raghav. He asks them to have trust on Shree Balaji.

1 month ago, New Delhi:
Raghav’s family meets Sapna’s family. They fix the alliance. Sapna’s family wants the wedding to happen in Delhi only. The couple have no problem. They get married. Sapna too has a little interest in Psychotherapy. He asks her if she had any problem with this wedding. She denies.

1 week later:
Sapna and Raghav have to go to Saharanpur for Pag-Phera ritual. On their way, the car breaks down.

The engine has over heated. Raghav goes to look for water. Sapna looks tensed. Raghav finds a well. Sapna tells him not to go there. He needs water or they wont be able to reach her home. She shares that this well is cursed. Raghav laughs at it as he does not believe in it. I am a Psychotherapist. It is my duty to clear the delusions of people. He gets water from the well. Sapna hears some voice.

Raghav and Sapna reach Sapna’s home. They ask him if about their journey. Raghav jokes about the ghost in the well. I couldn’t see him. Sapna’s family looks tensed.

Voices keep coming from the well. Come to me. I am waiting for you. You will have to come to me!

Raghav has eaten too much today. He is sitting on the porch. He wants to go for a walk. She is going in her room. Please come back soon. He nods and leaves.

Raghav ends up reaching near the well. He walks past it when he hears someone calling out his name. The weather changes. Raghav walks up to the well and looks inside. He hears his name again but cannot see anyone. He peeks down and the spirit is standing right behind him. Only I have a right to love Sapna!

Sapna tells her brother that Raghav is still not back from his walk. He scolds her for sending Raghav alone. They go outside and see Raghav returning just then. He tries to talk to Raghav but Raghav straight away goes inside his room. Sapna tells Raghav that she was very scared. He holds her hand and caresses her cheek. She moves aside. Raghav / spirit say I have waited / yearn so much to touch you.

The pot has broken. Priest had told Sapna’s family that the spirit cannot harm them till the time this pot is intact. Sapna’s mother is berserk. Raghav’s mother takes it casually as she knows nothing about the past. Sapna looks up tensed.

I am very scared Raghav. I cannot understand if I should tell this to you or not. Raghav says I know everything. You put that pot to save you from me. Sapna steps back in shock. She tries to open the door but the spirit stops her. Don’t be scared. It is me Neha. I have been waiting for you since so long. I love you Sapna. Sapna faints. Sapna’s brother (Bali) knocks at the door. Raghav opens the door. Her brother is concerned about Sapna. Raghav replies that everything is fine. Bali wants to talk to him so they go out.

Outside, Bali tells Raghav about what had happened in the past. It is about a year ago when Sapna was studying in college. She had a friend called Neha.

1 year ago:
Neha wants to go see a film with Sapna but Sapna declines. A guy (Vishal) gives something to Neha to give to Sapna. It is a love letter. Neha reads it and hides it from Sapna.

Neha comes to meet Vishal at the destined place. She has covered her face with a dupatta. He thanks Neha for helping him. Where is Sapna? Neha turns towards him. He tells her about his hesitations in telling his feelings to her. Neha tells him clearly that Sapna is only hers. No one can be in her life till I am in her life. I love her. Vishal laughs at her. You want to marry her? Neha nods. Vishal cannot stop laughing hearing what all she has been thinking. I don’t need you now. I will handle everything. She holds his shirt. I love Sapna. No one can come between us. He instead tells her to get herself treated. He turns to go when she hits him on the head. She kills him.

Neha and Sapna are sitting on the porch. Neha has changed her hair colour just because Sapna had liked someone having a similar hair shade. Neha says I love you to her and makes Sapna says it in return. You know there is no destination of our relationship. Neha assures her that they will never get separated. She even kisses Sapna on the cheek.

Next day, Sapna skips college as someone has come to see her. Neha is not happy to know it.

Neha breaks everything in her room. I love you a lot Sapna. I wont be able to live without you. you are only mine! I wont let you go to anyone else.

Neha tells Sapna’s family her feelings. Sapna and I love each other a lot and want to get married. Sapna declines. Neha questions her about it. What about those promises? You don’t love me? Sapna says I don’t know what you are saying. You are talking like a mad person. You should leave now. Neha agrees to go but on one condition. You will not be anyone else’s if you cannot be mine. You are only mine! Bali pushes her out of the house and warns her not to be seen near the house or Sapna.

1 month ago:
Neha had tortured us with calls and letters. We sent Sapna to Delhi. Neha committed suicide that day itself. We thought that everything was fine but weird things started happening in our house. Priest told us that Neha committed suicide. Raghav / Neha’s spirit says I dint commit suicide. You had killed me.

1 year ago:
Sapna’s bother drags Neha near the well. She swears that she wont leave anyone. I will kill everyone. He bangs her head on a stone and then throws her in the well.

1 month ago:
Raghav is holding him by his neck. Neha says I told you that I won’t leave you. She is holding a big stone. This is how you had killed me. He begs for forgiveness. Neha / Raghav throws the stone on him. Neha smiles seeing him writhing in pain.

Sapna is still unconscious when Raghav returns to their room. Raghav / Neha caresses her face. Open your eyes. Everything is fine now. I killed your brother. No one can separate us now. Open your eyes. Sapna steps back in shock as soon as she wakes up. Neha says don’t be scared of me. I love you. I had told you that we will be together. See we are together today. No one can separate us now. Come to me. Meanwhile, Bali has told everyone everything. They all enter inside along with the priest. Neha tells them to get lost or she will kill them. Raghav picks up a stool to hit them. Whoever comes between me and Sapna will get killed. Priest chants shlokas and throws vibhut on Raghav. The spirit inside screams out in pain. Raghav faints. Priest tells them that this wont last long. Take him to Mehandipur Balaji Mandir. There is no other option.

Shree Balaji Mandir:
Neha is in pain as Mahant ji chants some shlokas. He keeps his hand on her head. What do you want? Neha only wants Sapna. Sapna is ringing the bell all along and is in tears. Mahant ji gives two options to Neha – either leave for forever or be ready for punishment. You can choose. Mahant ji starts his prayers. Sapna continues ringing the bell. Mahant ji tells a priest to dig something near the well and keep a coin along with it too. He gives it to Neha’s family. They leave immediately. Neha has no option but to leave Raghav. Raghav has no clue about anything afterwards. Mahant ji says your wife and mother brought you here to get you blessings of Balaji. You are free now.

Bali got arrested for killing Neha. Raghav too believes in Shree Balaji’s prayers now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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