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May 2013, Yavatmal, Maharashtra:
Kabir’s senior calls him but there is a network problem. He is in an auto. He notices a sign on the side of a road which says – Khair Village , For Sale! He gets down there and is intrigued. He walks inside the village. One kid is beating another kid. Kabir interrupts them but they tell him that they were just playing a game (where one has to enact as Raja Bhau). Raja Bhau is very rich. Village people look up to him. one of the kids too wants to become like him. Kabir asks them about the board. Sarpanch has put up that board. They guide him towards his house. He advises them to play some nice game before leaving.

Kabir meets the sarpanch. Why do you want to sell your village? Sarpanch tells him that another man committed suicide today only. Someone has

cast their evil eyes on us. 30 people have committed suicide in the past 10 years. Kabir is taken aback. The reason is draught. There is no water. People want to shift to some other place. People had made up their mind to fight with the problem but they all were heartbroken again when Gulab Rao committed suicide some 4-5 months ago. Kabir asks about Raja Bhau. Sarpanch points out to a man who is passing by from there on his bike. The entire village is bearing the brunt of this draught but Raja Bhau is sill prospering. It was his suggestion to sell the village.

Some people are taking a dead body to cemetery. Sarpanch and the other villagers too get up to go and join them when Kabir asks him the address of Gulab Rao’s House.

A man is having a hard time pulling a cart. Kabir notices this and rushes to help him. They finally reach their destination. The man thanks Kabir. You don’t belong here. What are you doing here? The guy turns out to be Gulab Rao’s son, Madhav. Kabir wants to help the villagers by raising their issues in front of the world.

Madhav says, that year we had done a lot of hard work in sowing the fields. Baba was sure that the harvest will be good too. My father had excitedly fixed my sister Teju’s wedding. He had invited the entire village in Satya Narayan’s Puja.

2 years ago:
Gulab Rao had fixed his daughter’s wedding. He is talking to Teju’s in-laws. The harvest will be good this year. We will do the wedding after that. We will make the rest of the preps till then. I have also decided to gift a motorcycle to my SIL. Teju’s in-laws are happy. Raja Bhau too comes there. He is the one who had got the farmers seeds. I will get you imported seeds this time. He suggests Gulab Rao to buy a tractor too. I will help you in arranging money. But next year, the crop was ruined as there was no rain. There was nothing but despair at home.

1 year ago:
Gulab Rao was still as cheerful as ever. His wife is amazed to see that. How will we arrange money for Teju’s wedding? Harvest or no harvest, the expenses don’t stop! Gulab Rao is sure Teju’s in-laws will understand as they are good people. I will go and talk to them.

Next day, Gondhni, Maharashtra:
Gulab Rao tells Teju’s in-laws that he cannot arrange for the expenses as of now. We dint earn anything this year. We will have to postpone the wedding for a year or we can get the kids married now and I will arrange everything later. The lady (Teju’s supposed MIL) tells him that this cannot happen. We are respected people. What will people say if we bring such a DIL (whose family is not in a good financial condition) in our house? They will feel that there is some problem in our son. we don’t want such a DIL. Gulab Rao requests them but they call him a cheater. They break the marriage. Gulab Rao is tensed.

Gulab Rao’s family is heartbroken. Savita (Teju’s mother) knows it is very difficult for a girl to find a match again once her marriage is broken. Everyone will taunt her. They (the other family) will be punished. Gulab Rao promises to find a good guy for Teju.

Gulab Rao decides to mortgage the jewels. I cannot beg anyone for money. This is the only option we have. We will get them back once we earn money. Savita gives them to him reluctantly.

Gulab Rao mortgages the jewels to Raja Bhau. Raja Bhau gives him imported seeds. I will give you money but with 5% interest. Gulab Rao agrees.

It rained next year but the harvest was not good. All the hard work went down the drain. All the farmers had bought imported seeds from Raja Bhau. A few villagers go to talk to Bhau. Madhav leads the group. Raja Bhau indirectly blames Gulab Rao. I had told him to sow these seeds differently. They were imported seeds. No one can blame me for wrong seeds if the harvest was not good. You all have taken loan from me. You all will have to pay it back to me.

The situation of Gulab Rao’s house is not good. Gulab Rao gives his watch to Madhav to bring rice for his grandson. Gulab Rao decides to get bore well this year. That will solve our problem of water.

Raja Bhau tells Gulab Rao about yesterday’s incident. Gulab Rao doesn’t blame him though for the bad harvest. Gulab Rao is tensed about the money involved in getting a bore well. He decides to sell the bulls. Savita denies. they are like my kids. You have already mortgaged the jewels. Will you also mortgage / sell us if you need more money tomorrow? I wont eat / drink anything until you give up the idea of selling the bulls. I will die if my Heera Moti go out of the house. He tries to explain the logic. The man to whom we will sell the bulls is a very good man. He will take very good care of them. we will get them back once we get money. He feeds Savita with his own hands.

Gulab Rao sells the bulls. Savita is not happy but she has no option. She still tells Madhav to pack fodder and water for them. she bids them a tearful farewell only after properly doing their puja. She assures Savita that they will get them back. He also tells the buyers to take good care of his bulls. I will come to take them next year. They nod back and then leave with the bulls. Savita cries badly.

Gulab Rao and Madhav toil hard in the fields along with Teju’s help (as there are no bulls to help them) so they can get the bore well asap. They are tired but Gulab Rao continues to motivate them. Madhav says we were thinking about bore well but something else was being written in our destiny.

The digging work starts for bore well. They dig 200 feet but haven’t found water. They need to dig deeper but the cost will be extra. Gulab Rao doesn’t have that much money so the work is stopped. The labours go back with the engineer. Savita cries and Gulab Rao is distressed as well. Madhav adds that they stayed there from morning till evening. That was the first time when I saw my Baba tensed. He suggested us to go to market, return and seeds and take the money in return. All the family members help each other in pushing the cart.

A man tells Gulab Rao and Madhav that Raja Bhau has fooled them. Those are not real seeds. He shows them the real seeds. I have bought them from a company. They will surely yield a crop. I wonder how you fell in Bhau;s trap. Gulab Rao and Madhav see the seed. The man leaves. Madhav and Gulab Rao head to Raja Bhau’s place / makeshift office. They tell him that they feel it is phony. Bhau sticks to his point. You are changing your words as now it is the time for you to pay the interest. I will teach you a lesson and I wont spare any amount. He even misbehaves with Gulab Rao. Pay my entire amount (for one year) asap.

Bhau’s men throw Gulab Rao’s (GR) belongings out of his house. GR requests him to give him some time. We will pay you back sooner or later. Bhau is not interested in any of his excuses. He takes all the stuff with him so he can sell / use it for himself. Savita stops his men from taking her trunk but Bhau pushes her instead. This infuriates GR. You have insulted me enough but now I wont tolerate it anymore. How dare you push / touch my wife? Beware! Bhua slaps him. I will cut you all in pieces if you try to be smart with me. I give you a month’s time. Give me my money with interest or forget your house and your fields.

Baba was shocked after seeing the change in Bhau’s behaviour. I too couldn’t understand anything. Baba was completely quiet afterwards as if he is lost somewhere. 2-4 days passed. One day, Teju comes running to tell her family members to come to Baba’s room. He is not opening the door. they manage to break open the door but GR was dead by then.

Madhav says we dint even imagine this. it became tough to take care of the fields after Baba’s death. I sold them to Bhau. I started water work with the rest of the money. I had no idea I will become a labourer from a farmer. I feel I will die this way one day. That is when I will be free from this trap. Kabir tells Madhav not to lose hope. Bad days too wont say for long. Everything will be fine soon. He leaves.

At times, your own words sound so hollow to yourself. It is so sad that the farmers of our country are going through so much but no one knows anything. Sakshi (host) asks him what he will do now. You alone cannot find a solution for so many farmers but you can help Madhav so he can come out of this situation. Kabir agrees to do everything that he can for Madhav.

Kabir meets other villagers. Many people blame Bhau for compelling farmers to take their lives.

Kabir comes to meet Bhau too. I have heard that you do social work here. The lands are barren, some villagers have nothing to eat yet you are running a very big office / shop here. How is it so? Are these seeds or manures certified or are you misguiding innocent farmers? Bhau tells him to mind his tongue. Farmers are doing because of their own mistake. Kabir blames him for it. the entire village is talking against you. I will tell your story to the world now through my newspaper. Bhau threatens him not to get involved in all this or it might even cost him his life. Kabir is not affected. You will be punished for your sins. It is time to face the outcome of what you have been doing.

Agricultural Help Centre:
Kabir complains to the authorised person (Shyamal ji) at the Centre about Raja Bhau. He promises to teach a lesson to Bhau.

Police comes to arrest Bhau. They get lot many fake documents, fake seeds there as well. Bhau confesses all the crimes. Police takes him away.

Shyamal tells them what all they should do and what all they should avoid. He guides them what they have to do so their barren fields can get them a harvest too. There is a compensation for those whose family member has committed suicide. I am putting a tv here so you can learn new techniques and info about farming. People clap for him. Kabir too thanks him for his help. Kabir tells the villagers that Shyamal ji will keep visiting them. But you should fully understand every aspect first before even agreeing to what we are saying.

Raja Bhau was charged under Section 268, 273 and 304B for misguiding / cheating the farmers and for compelling many farmers to commit suicide. Indian farmers have the most undetermined future in our country. The conditions that they go through are very tormenting. They are still trapped in interests / loans and are forced to commit suicide. Harvesting is like gambling for them. They have to bear losses because of fake seeds, mixed manures and a lot many factors. There has been no solution so far to help them come out of these problems. Everyone will have to raise their voice against people like Raja Bhau so society can be free of any such cheaters in future.

There are many Raja Bhau in our country who use farmers for their own benefit. It is sad that we survive on the food that the farmers grow yet they are forced to commit suicide because of a lot many reasons. Help centres, people and government will have to make ample efforts to help them. Code Red Awaaz urges everyone to look around them, contact us if you want to raise a voice for yourself or for someone else. Please write to us on the Post Box number (7626) and e-mail us at ([email protected]).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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