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Code Red 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khooni Highway

Delhi to Haryana Highway:
Tulika is going on a long drive with her daughter Anjali and son Anuj. The kids are excited as they are getting to spend time with their mother after so long. Tulika and Anjali have promised each other not to use their phones for calling or chatting purposes.

Baldev and Jagat Tyagi seek help from Tulika. Baldev is coughing badly. They need to go to the nearest hospital. Tulika gives them lift. On their way, she asks about Buldev. Jagat says he has sugar. His bypass surgery is due. I will get him admit as soon as we reach. He makes Tulika stop the car at a place citing that he wants to pee. Baldev and Jagat murder Tulika and her kids. They flee with their car and other stuff.

City hospital, New Delhi:
Kabir and the team reach

hospital. Tulika and her son are dead. Anjali is alive though. Car theft is very popular on that highway. Anyone gets killed for that reason.

Baldev slaps Jagat. The lady whom we killed used to work in newspaper. Now everyone will be after me. I told you so many times to ask people who they are and where they work. The little girl is alive. You will ruin my name! Now open this car and take out its parts. We cannot risk getting caught.

Shraddha Apartments, New Delhi:
Harmeet Singh wakes up Bobby as it is time to go to school. Simran helps Bobby get ready. She sweetly complains to her husband that he has spoiled their son. Bobby wants to stop at the car shop as he loves car. His father agrees. They reach outside the shop. The red car is gone. Bobby is sad. Harmeet promises him that he will buy a car for him. I am arranging money for the same.

Doc tells Kabir that Anjali is in post traumatic shock. We have to bring her out of it somehow. She has seen her mother and brother dying before her eyes. We have to make her cry. Kabir thinks of giving it a try. Anjali sits all blank in the bed. Kabir introduces himself. I work in the office where your mom works. I had met your mom on Friday as she was excited about spending time with you.

Last week:
Tulika tells everyone at the office that no one should call her on the weekend. I have promised my kids that I will spend quality time with them. Do not call me! She makes them take a picture of the board with her.

Kabir shows the photo to Anjali. She recalls the horrific incident and starts breathing heavily. Kavya calls doctor in. Doc gives her an injection to calm her down. She tells Kabir that this wont work. We will have to do something else.

Shraddha Apartments, New Delhi:
Harmeet looks at Bobby as he sleeps. He talks to Simran about the new car. We only have 4 lacs while the car will come for 5.5 lacs. I think that I should take loan from the bank. Simran is not comfortable with the idea of taking loan. She gives him her bangles to sell. He disagrees. This is the only gold that is left. I will find some other way. Bobby keeps his savings before them. Now we can buy the car with all this money. Harmeet hugs his son.

It is Bobby’s birthday. His birthday cake is also in the shape of car. Harmeet has brought a surprise gift for Bobby. Bobby knows that it will be a remote control car. You always give me a fake car. Harmeet asks him to open it. We will return it if you don’t like. Bobby finds a car key inside the box. He hugs his parents excitedly and runs downstairs. His red car is standing in the parking area. He sits in the car. Shall we go on a long drive? Harmeet says we will go to Gurudware first and then I will drop you off to school. Bobby gladly agrees. He kisses his beloved car happily.

1:30 am, Lodi Colony, New Delhi:
Baldev scolds Jagat for sending him the photos of old cars. Send me something new. Jagat tracks down Harmeet’s car at around 2:30 am. Baldev approves of the car. Get this car! Jagat steals the car. The guard looks on from a distance.

Next day:
Harmeet goes to wake up Bobby but he is not in his bed and not even in the bathroom. Harmeet realises that the car key is missing. Let us go and catch that naughty boy. He must be sleeping inside the car. They go downstairs but the car isn’t there. They both panic.

Baldev scolds Jagat for not noticing Bobby in the backseat. Jagat thinks of selling the kid. He will get us some money too. Baldev disagrees. He has seen us. We will have to kill him tonight only. Bobby locks the door from inside. Jagat brings a scale and opens the door. Bobby looks scared.

Lodi Colony Police Station:
Harmeet and Simran register Bobby’s and the car’s missing details.

2 hours later:
Kabir reaches police station to ask about any clue in Tulika’s case. Inspector says nothing has been clear so far but their (Harmeet’s) case is quite similar to Tulika’s. Flashback shows an auto driver telling police about Baldev and Jagat. They looked a little weird but had their back to me. The watchman saw a man coming and taking the car. Bedi Sir had a scooter and we knew nothing about the car. He couldn’t see the face of the thief. Harmeet and Simran move aside. Inspector tells Kabir that he hasn’t shared anything with them about Tulika’s case. Maybe they would have killed Bobby by now. Only Anjali can help us but she needs to come out of the shock.

Kabir cannot understand how to help Anjali come out of the trauma. She is super scared. I don’t think she will be able to do it. Sakshi suggests talking to her about Bobby. Meet Bedi’s and ask them to talk to Anjali. Maybe it will bring her out of her trauma.

Kabir meets Bedi’s. He tells them about what had happened with Tulika and her family. It isn’t necessary that something similar has happened with Bobby. You have to talk to Anjali like your own kid and make her talk. Maybe your words can touch her heart. She might start talking. Bedi’s agree.

Kabir brings Bedi’s to Anjali’s room. Harmeet tells her about Bobby. He loves cars. He cannot stop dreaming about cars. We bought a new car. It got stolen and maybe Bobby is also in the clutches of those people at the moment. He is just 6 years old. He was so small when I first held him in my arms. Anjali recalls the first time when she had held her little brother in her arms. Harmeet says Bobby fell ill once. I dint go to office for a week. I sat near him all the time. Anjali thinks of the time when Anuj had fallen off the stairs. He was crying as it was paining and she had taken care of him. Harmeet adds that Bobby wanted to become a mechanic when he grew up. Simran walks out as she cannot take it anymore. Anjali thinks of her brother’s wish to become an astronaut. Harmeet too breaks down. We don’t even know where he is, whether he is alive or not. Tears roll down Anjali’s face. She touches Harmeet’s hand.

Baldev warns Jagat not to make any mistake now. I have given him a medicine. He wont wake up before 4 hours. Take him in fields and kill him. Set him on fire. Make sure no one sees it.

Anjali is looking at the file records of the suspects. She identifies Baldev. Inspector shares that his name dint surface in any crime in the last 10 years. He has shifted to Haryana. Surely his son or nephew will be helping him. Kabir asks him to be quick.

Jagat is still on his way to reach a safer place. He talks to a sleeping Bobby. I got slapped so many times because of you. My father has slapped me 521 times till date. I listened to everything he said. I killed people; I stole but got nothing in return except bad words and slaps! Next time I will kill him using the knife so he realises I know how to use a knife! He is drinking as he drives.

Police is looking for Baldev in Haryana. They reach his shelter finally. Baldev says this is a garage. We don’t steal anything. Inspector asks for Bobby. A worker (Raja) tries to flee but constable catch him. Inspector beats Raja and threatens him when he speaks up. I don’t know much but I am sure this father son duo is up to something wrong. Jagat has taken the kid outside Haryana to kill him.

A secluded place on the outskirts of Haryana:
Jagat keeps talking about his plans to kill his father in a similar manner one day. He pours kerosene over Bobby after keeping him out on the fields. He heads back to the car to get matchstick. Inspector reaches there on time. Jagat tries to run but Inspector shoots him in the leg. They take Bobby.

Inspector gives a statement in the media about Baldev and Jagat. They have killed Tulika and Anuj. Baldev was a hard nut to crack but Raja and Jagat have told us almost everything. We are looking for more info at the moment. They had an eye on Tulika’s car since long. There was tight security in her home and office so they couldn’t do much. Tulika’s car was equipped with latest systems and functions so they needed it. They pretended to be two villagers who were heading to hospital. This is how they took lift from Tulika. They used to steal cars. They had links with scrapers or other similar kind of people. They get the chassis numbers replaced with the numbers of the cars which have aren’t working anymore. The papers of such cars can be obtained easily / legally so it becomes difficult for us to catch them!

Bedi’s bring ANjali to their house. Bobby calls her his elder sister. I always wanted one elder sister. He takes her to show their room. Harmeet and Simran are content as their family is complete now.

Kavya is at the proprietor’s house. She has come to tell him that she has given an answer to his challenge. He appreciates her guts. She says I have won always from you. I am your daughter after all! He hugs her.

Why people like Baldev and Jagat don’t feel anything while killing people? Are their souls really dead that their hands don’t even shake while even killing a little kid? It is very difficult for people like Harmeet Bedi to get a car. It means putting all the savings of their life in buying a car. Why is it so difficult for people to understand other people’s problems? Giving lift to strangers on highway is never a right thing to do. It was the same mistake that Tulika did! Anjali has got a new home now but what could have happened if she hadn’t come out of that shock!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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