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17 August 2014, Borivali, Mumbai:
A mother picks up her son (Atul) from the place where the bus drops him. They are heading back home when a van stops near them and kidnaps Atul. She (Sudha Narang) tries to run after the van but fails. She faints.

5 year old was kidnapped. There was no call for ransom or any clue.

Atul is crying for his mother. The kidnapper signals him to keep quiet.

Surbhi gives an audition but doesn’t get selected. Her friend asks her about it. He recommends her to a producer who signals him something before leaving. The guy tells Surbhi that there is one role for her but she will have to meet him in the evening. Surbhi walks off angrily.

Vikram tries to talk to her but she is against it. Vikram tries to make her understand that one

needs to have contacts here too. She cannot take this way. I came from Kanpur to become a heroine. I have dreams like all the other people who come from small towns. They all have to struggle all the time. Vikram talks about his convo with a producer. He needs 10 lacs to give me a second lead role. There is another course which promises of a role but I don’t want to get in all that. I just want 10 lacs.

Doc checks Sudha. Her BP is really low. She asks for Atul. Her BIL offers her water but she keeps on asking for Atul. Ranvir (Sudha’s husband) is talking to the police. Please do something. I have no enemies. I haven’t received any call for ransom yet. I can give my everything. Police tells him against it. Kabir too advises him against it. Doc tells Ranvir to take care of Sudha as she is not at all well. Her health may deteriorate.

Kabir thinks how people can use kids to get something. Sakshi (host) explains that approx 4.5 lacs kids get kidnapped every day in their country. They fall prey to jealousy, anger and enmity of adults. Most of the times, the kidnappers are relatives or acquaintances. Kidnappers make use of the fact that parents can give anything for their kids. Kabir wants to wait to understand what the motive of the kidnapper is. No call has been made yet. Sakshi tells him to do it fast or it will get late.

Vikram reaches the place where Atul has been kept. Atul wants to go home.

Sudha is watching a video of her happier times with Atul. Ranvir closes it. Sudha cries. Please bring Atul. She hasn’t eaten anything. Ranvir and her brother are concerned for her. Ranvir is unable to make her understand. He is my son too. His brother comforts him. we have to stay strong for bhabhi.

They receive the posters that they had ordered for Atul.

Vikram and Surbhi read the poster. Surbhi feels bad for Atul. It is so disgusting how people can kidnap kids for money. Vikram walks away. She follows him.

Vikram and Surbhi do the role of waiters. Surbhi is not happy with the way it is going. Vikram gets a call. Feed him. I will come there soon. Surbhi calls out for a spot boy. He too has no idea if they have some work. Surbhi thinks that she can do the heroine’s role better than her. Vikram gets a call again. The production team loudly asks everyone if they have taken the beard from the makeup team. Return it. Vikram touches his jeans pocket. He walks away without saying anything leaving Surbhi confused.

Kidnapper calls Ranvir. He demands for 70k at some point. Ranvir goes there all by himself. A man dressed as a rag picker picks up that packet. Sudha and Ranvir have been waiting for 2 hours but Atul is still not back. Ranvir calls back at the number from which he had received the call but it is a PCO number.

Its been a week since Atul is missing. Atul’s parents were advised to tell them as soon as they get any call from the kidnapper. They avoided it because of fear and gave in to the demands of the kidnapper. They have taken 70k so far while Atul is still missing.

Sudha is again watching Atul’s videos. Police and Kabir come to meet Ranvir. They are shocked to know that Ranvir paid the kidnappers 70k. Ranvir wants Atul. Kabir reasons that they would have been able to catch the kidnapper that ways. Did you get to talk to Atul? Ranvir requests them to help him find Atul. Sudha will die this way. Please help us. Police assures to do their best. But you will have to inform us in case you get a call from the kidnapper.

Surbhi is crying. Someone stole all my money (30k). Vikram gives her money. She wonders how he got this much money. He lies to her. I am working on a new project. This is the advance. He asks for tea. His phone rings again and he leaves immediately. She is curious about his new project. He agrees to tell her everything in the evening.

Police have found Atul’s dead body. Sudha and Ranvir are shattered to see their son. They break down.

Surbhi does her role. She calls Vikram but he isn’t picking her phone.

2 days later:
Beena and Mangal Joshi are in the market with their daughter Trikha. They are drinking coconut water when Trikha smiles looking at someone. They turn to look for their daughter but no one around has seen her. one guy tells them that the girl left with a man. They left in a car.

They register a case at Borivali Police Station. Inspector informs them about Atul’s case. Kabir tells them to be very alert. Don’t trust the kidnapper if he doesn’t make you talk to your daughter. Inform police right away. The parents are worried for Trikha. She is very innocent. They are shocked to know that Atul was found dead.

Surbhi comes to Vikram’s house but his house is locked. Its been 7 days that he hasn’t met. She calls Vikram. He lies that he is busy. I will call you. She is confused.

People paste the posters of Trikha all around the place. The parents are not able to think of anything. Kidnapper calls them and demands for 1 lac. Your daughter will be home after 2 hours. Mangal wants to talk to Trikha but the kidnapper disconnects the call. Beena only wants her daughter but Mangal calls and informs the Inspector.

Ashish (a friend of Vikram) tells Surbhi that he isn’t doing the right thing nowadays. Police is after him too. He comes late at night. He gives her an address. Meet him and try to talk to him.

Surbhi reaches the place where Vikram is staying nowadays. He is shocked to see her there. She notices a girl in the bed. Is this the right way to earn money? He reasons that he dint come here to waste time. I want money. She slaps him. He throws her out of the door while she keeps on trying to put some sense in him.

Mangal gets another call. Mangal notices the number. The kidnapper has made a mistake this time. He has called me from a mobile number. Till now he was calling from a PCO but this time it is a mobile number. He informs Inspector.

Police reaches Vikram’s place and arrests him. he confesses that he was making C grade films. He has no clue about the kidnappings.

Someone rings the doorbell of Joshi House. A guy brings Trikha. They are relieved to have her back home safe. The guy had noticed the poster and brought her home.

Mangal thanks Kabir for his advice. Kabir is sure the kidnapper will call again. This time don’t ask about talking to your daughter. Just make him talk.

Mangal gets a call from the kidnapper. He still asks for money. You will get your daughter in an hour’s time. Mangal agrees to reach the said place. He next informs the police.

Mangal keeps a packet on the spot and drives off. A rag picker comes there and picks it up. Police too reaches there just them. The kidnapper is caught. It is Surbhi.

Surbhi says I am a very good artist but no one gives consideration to talent. My friend told me to join an institute but the fees is very high. I dint kidnap anyone. I noticed that poster. All I wanted to do was change my appearance. She mimics in a man’s voice to prove it to him. Kabir points out that a mother lost her baby because of her. The kidnapper killed the baby while she was busy making threatening calls to the parents whose kids were missing. Surbhi tells them everything. I was angry with Vikram when I noticed him making C grade films. I had a fight with him and I got his phone somehow. I used his phone so police could track him down. I dint do anything. She cries. Inspector asks her if she will choose this path to become famous. Kabir adds that this isn’t how people become famous. People become successful by their struggles. She is taken to jail.

Ranvir comes to his brother Vineet’s room. He finds Atul’s chain in the room. Ranvir confronts Vineet. He slaps him hard.

Vineet confesses that he is a cousin brother of Ranvir. I considered him as my real brother but he slapped me hard that night when I came late.

Flashback: Ranvir slaps his brother. He is irked that it troubled everyone. Vineet explains that his bike had broken down but Ranvir doesn’t listen to him. Sudha tries to make him explain but he walks out of the room. Atul asks his uncle as to why papa slapped him.

Present: I had no fault in all this. I felt like either killing myself or do something bad. I made a plan along with my college friends.

Flashback: I had kept Atul in a chawl. I was scared of police. Plus the chawl was very far from home. One day they would have found him and Atul would have recognized me. I suffocated him to death even though I dint want to. I was insulted. Kabir reasons that his ego was hurt. Get it right in jail now.

There is a motive behind every crime. No motive can be good enough for committing a crime. No one has a right to kill innocent people. Ajay Devgan promotes his new film.

There is no dearth of opportunities. You can still reach your destination by struggling and choosing the right paths. Vikram, Surbhi and Vineet were punished for their respective crimes.

Sometimes one has to wait while trying. But some people are in a rush and they take shortcuts. It is good to take someone’s help to reach your destination but hurting others in the process is not right. Targeting kids for your crimes should be certainly avoided.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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