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Vinod is a scientist. He had gone to America some 7 years ago, fell in love with a girl there and settled down there only. He never got a chance to come back to India in all this while. Plus being a scientist, he wasn’t too much into prayers or believed too much in Gods. He finally returns to India for his son’s Janeu Sanskar after 7 years.

Dhanipur, Uttar Pradesh:
Vinod returns to his hometown with his wife Angela and son Sunny after 7 years. He couldn’t come to India when his mother died. He couldn’t come at the time of his father’s death. I hope we find some news about him. They finally reach their destination. Vinod’s uncle and aunty welcome them. Vinod’s uncle is very glad to see him. Vinod gives him credit for it. We came to India atleast for Sunny’s Janeu ritual. Do

you know anything about father? His uncle dismisses the topic.

Angela meets everyone at the house. She is curious about the Indian food that they have cooked. They are amazed to hear her talking in Hindia. They are going to stay for a while. She offers to cook a few. At night, Sunny is asleep. Angela and Vinod talk about how good it is that Sunny adjusted here. Angela says I adjusted so my son too will. Vinod is sure the news about their arrival would have reached everyone by now. They lie down to sleep.

Sunny is all shy to go out wearing just a lungi. Angela explains that this Hindu ritual is very important. The puja begins. Sunny gets to know about Janeu. Priest does the rituals. As per one ritual, Angela has to put tilak on Vinod’s mother and father’s photo. Angela gets hurt when she tries to putt tilak on her FIL’s photo. The puja thaal drops from her hand in shock. It catches fire. Everyone rushes to get water to douse the fire. Angela is drawn to the photo. Vinod’s father’s spirit enters inside her. Vinod comes to take her but she speaks to him in different language. Leave me! She faints.

Angela has high temperature. Vinod’s uncle sends someone to bring the doc. Doc is checking Angela when she opens her eyes and holds the doc by his neck. Vinod tries to talk to her but she reprimands him. Doc gives her injection because of which she loses conscious. Doc gives different reasons for her behaviour. Vinod’s uncle suggests Vinod to go back to America if Angela doesn’t like it here. Vinod denies. One of his aunties tells him that something got inside her. Vinod’s aunt decides to call Bhruelal. He can treat anyone. Vinod gives in.

Sunny cannot see his mother in pain so he runs out of the room when Bhurelal is chanting mantras around Angela. He tells Vinod to fill water in a pot and then mixes something in it. Smoke comes out of the pot. Vinod’s aunt sits down beside Angela. She does not have fever now. Vinod is surprised. He thanks Bhurelal. Vinod tries to pay him but Bhurelal doesn’t want any money for it. Your wife is fine which is my fee. He leaves. Everyone leaves the room. Angela / the spirits screams.

Sunny prays to God to make his mother well. Vinod tells him that God will surely listen to his prayers. Sunny cannot understand why she is behaving like this. I get scared of her. He talks to him sweetly. My strong son never cries. He hugs his son.

Angela wakes up in the middle of the night and starts breaking things. Sunny stands in a corner scared. Vinod tries to stop her but in vain. She behaves weirdly and eventually passes out.

No one could understand what had happened to Angela. Vinod wanted to get her well so he took Bhurelal’s help. Mentally he was upset / troubled. He was sure science only can help him. He contacted a psychiatrist fro Mumbai to check Angela.

Dr. Sumit meets Angela. He has brought some cards for her. You have to tell me what you see. She answers him as per her understanding of the pictures. Sumit tells Vinod that maybe Angela is facing some problems in adjusting here. She feels lonely at times. Work pressure, home pressure, the pressure to keep everyone happy! She feels bad when she fails to do any of it. She gets depressed. Don’t lose your patience. The process can be long. Sunny takes a sandwich for his mom. Angela is touched by her son’s gesture. He asks her if she is fine. What has happened to you? I am very scared of you now. You still love papa and me? please don’t hurt us. She tearfully replies that she loves him more than anyone else. I will be fine soon don’t worry. She hugs him. the spirit enters inside her again and she screams out loud.

Outside, Vinod is talking to Dr. Sumit. Sunny comes out running to tell his father that his mother is behaving weirdly again. Angela attacks on Vinod. She tries to hit Dr. Sumit too. Vinod’s uncle and aunty come out too. Vinod’s aunty sprinkles holy water over Angela and chants Hanuman Chalisa. Angela passes out eventually.

Vinod’s uncle and aunty advise Vinod to take Angela to Shree Balaji Mandir asap. Vinod doesn’t mind it. He only wants Angela to get well. I will take her and Sunny back as soon as she gets well.

Angela wakes up in the car. I know something is wrong. Are you hiding something from me? I have never seen you so tensed. He tells her that its nothing like that. You are a little unwell so Mama ji suggested me to take you to Shree Balaji Mandir. She wants him not to hide anything from her. Am I going to be ok? He answers in affirmative.

Vinod and his uncle bring Angela to Shree Balaji Mandir. The spirit takes over Angela as soon as she is inside the temple. Vinod has to hold her while she keeps fighting with him to leave her. Angela reacts badly when priest approaches her. Mahant ji keeps his hand on her head. Who are you? What do you want? Why are you troubling this girl? Angela replies that she is Rameshwar Sharma, Angela’s FIL. Vinod is shocked. Mahant ji asks him what he wants. You are troubling your DIL so much. Rameshwar wants Vinod to know how much problems one has to face when the Pitr-Rinn is not done.

8 years ago, 2007, Baroda, Gujarat:
Rameshwar had gone to visit a holy shrine when he meets with an accident and dies on the spot.

Vinod’s uncle says I looked for you everywhere but couldn’t get any clue of you. I too help of every medium but couldn’t track you. Mahant ji tells Rameshawar that Balaji wants him to leave his DIL. Your son is very sad. Rameshwar ji refuses to go anywhere. I have been wandering for too long. Mahant ji puts the coin on Angela’s forehead. The spirit becomes weak. Mahant ji says everything you say will be done but you will have to leave this body. He agrees. I will leave once my Pitr-Rinn is done. My body is still in Baroda. Mahant ji takes a promise from him that he wont trouble anyone till Purnima when his Pind-Daan will be done.

Vinod and his uncle come to the police station to seek help. He is missing since last 8 years. Please find out about him. Inspector gives them the details. They collect the skeleton of Rameshwar ji. Vinod and Sunny follow all the rituals of the Pind-Daan. Vinod’s aunty is sitting next to Angela taking care of her and taking Balaji’s name. Vinod finishes his puja. Rameshwar ji fulfil his promise and leaves Angela as soon as Vinod pours his father’s ashes in the river.

Angela wants to stay back for a little longer. He replies that she did more than what they had come here for. You have freed Babu ji and me from Pitr-Rinn. Vinod’s uncle and everyone too are very thankful to Angela for what she has done. Vinod leaves with his family.

As per Hindu traditions, one has to free everyone as soon as the person dies. It is very important to do Pind-Daan after doing the last rites of someone or the soul cannot be reborn again. Completing Pitr-Rinn is as important for the father as it is for the son or it creates problems for those who are still there. The dead person tries to convey his message to the living ones by taking their family members’ help. The same happened with Angela. If Vinod had not returned to India then he would have never got free of his Pitr-Rinn.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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