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A road in Delhi, 9 pm, 2014:
A man drives through a deserted road. His wife calls him. Jagrata is going on at home and you are still not here. He tells her that he had no idea that the meeting will stretch for so long. Don’t worry I will be home in half an hour, I have taken a shortcut. His car breaks down. He reads a board on the road that advises people not to use this road late at night. This road is dangerous. Don’t stop the car even if someone signals you to. His wife is scared. It is surely Mata Rani’s signal. Turn the car around and take other route. He reasons that he has already travelled half of this route. I will be late if I turn back now. He thinks of getting down the car to check the problem but it starts just then. he starts driving once again and switches on the music.

The signals are not strong.

He notices a lady standing in the middle of the road. Her hands are all red (blood). She requests him to stop the car to take her son to the hospital but he doesn’t stop. She runs after the car but he simply increases the speed. He notices her in the side view mirror. Suddenly she is next to his window. He keeps on increasing the speed and after a while he cannot see that lady anymore. But he is shocked to hear someone humming in his car. It is the very same lady. He tries to say something but she signals him to be quiet as her son is sleeping. We hear a car banging into something later on.

Passer bys from that road:
Many people have seen that women. She had green eyes and her hands were full of blood. Some people call it superstitions while some call that lady a ghost. Who can run along with a car and match the speed of 120-130? Wonder how many people would have seen that same lady at that road!

If this was not just a story then who was that woman whose ghost is seen there on that road since last 10 years? Everyone had their own opinions, a new story. But one thing was common in all the stories – a woman who tries to stop the car. She runs along with the car matching its speed when the car doesn’t stop. It is something that we humans cannot imagine ourselves doing. Who is she waiting / looking for?

Brijwasi Colony, Mehrauli, Delhi, 2005:
Ganga calls out for her son Sparsh asking him to come out. He finally comes out and boos her. he doesn’t like going to school but has to go as both his parents have to go to office. He holds her tightly as he sits on the scooty. She asks him if he feels scared on scooty. He denies. I know you wont let anything happen to me.

Ganga is driving on the same road. Sparsh asks his mother to drive a little fast as all the other vehicles are going ahead them. She advises him never to drive fast as one can have an accident. He understands her logic and agrees to drive slowly when he grows up. I too will come to drop you to your office then. they share a very cute bond. She drops him off to school.

Ganga is in office. Her friend notices her desk all full of Sparsh’s photos. She knows that Ganga keeps on looking at her son’s photos in the office. You wouldn’t stop looking at him when he is in front of you at home. Ganga smiles. I miss him whenever he is not in front of my eyes. I come to office every day but the day goes by normally as his photos are here.

Ganga’s MIL knows that Ganga works runs around all the time to make things work. The house can sustain on Sushant’s salary. Ganga knows that too but they save some money through her salary. Sparsh wants to become a Pilot when he grows up but he can change his mind while he is growing up. These savings can help in securing his future only.

At night, Ganga tells a story to Sparsh. While hearing the story, he says that he too will become a star and look over her. She stops him from saying it. You are only mumma’s star. Promise me you won’t say it ever again. Sparsh promises her. Is Papa not coming home tonight as well? He had promised me. Ganga explains to him that Papa is very busy in his work. He called up to tell you that he loves you a lot. He will spend the whole day with the two of us tomorrow. She puts him to sleep and sings a lullaby for him.

Sushant comes home really late. He talks about meetings which go on for longer than expected. Ganga talks about their priority Sparsh. Sushant gets irked but apologizes later on. He sits down to have dinner. She requests him to come home early tomorrow as it is Sparsh’s birthday. Mom dad have kept a small party. They have called Sparsh and us at home. They have agreed to meet us for the first time after our wedding. Please don’t be late tomorrow. Sushant promises to be on time.

Next morning, everyone sings a happy birthday song for Sparsh to wake him up. He gets a helicopter in gift and thanks everyone with a kiss. Sushant notices tears in Sparsh’s eyes. You are amazing. You cry when Sparsh is sad and happy. His mother says you wont understand it. Ganga is a mother.

No one can define mother. It is a feeling. Her baby is the most important thing in the world for her. She does everything for her baby.

Sushant calls to inform Ganga that he will take a little more time. An urgent meeting has come up. I will meet you at your parent’s house directly. She says they already don’t like you. You are just adding fuel to the fire by doing this. it is our son’s birthday today. You had to be here. She refuses to understand anything more when it comes to her son. She disconnects the call. Ganga and Sparsh leave on their scooty.

A road in Delhi, 9 pm:
Ganga is driving at her usual speed. A car is speeding on the same road. People inside it are drinking alcohol and playing loud music. Ganga notices the car approaching them in speed but it hits their scooty even before she can think about anything. Ganga is injured but Sparsh is bleeding profusely because of the accident. The guys get down and are shocked to see it. Ganga requests them to take her son to hospital. I wont register any complaint against you. They don’t want to be involved in it and drive away. Ganga screams for help but in vain. Sparsh is in pain. Ganga screams for help from passer by cars / bikes but no one stops by to help them. She picks him up in her arms. He murmurs that he is in very much pain. She sings a lullaby for him as she cries. Sparsh eventually breathes his last. She screams in anguish.

Ganga kept on shouting / asking for help but no one heard her. Nothing is greater for a mother than her baby. Her life stops if something happens to her children. That incident killed her desire to live. She was alive but not in the real sense. This incident raises a question on humanity too. those 3 men guys ran away but no one else stopped by to help Ganga. Maybe Sparsh and Ganga’s lives would have been saved if they were taken to hospital in time. Her life got ruined for forever.

Ganga calls out for Sparsh to come out as she will get late for office. She notices his photo and thinks of all their happy moments together. she cries. Why did you leave your mother alone?

Ganga looks at Sparsh’s helicopter and smiles but a tear escapes her eyes.

Mehrauli Police Station:
Sushant is with the inspector. What are you doing? We have been coming here since last 10 days. You know the car number so why are you taking so much time to nab them? Inspector tells him to calm down. We know you have lost you son in the accident but listen to me carefully. Madam is in shock. The number given by her belongs to a minister. The driver drives the car. Plus the car was in Faridabad at that time. How can it be there then? He refuses to take action against the minister just because Ganga is saying so. You have no proof or witness. Ganga notices his son’s photo at his desk. She throws it on the floor angrily which infuriates him. She points out that he reacted this badly when she just threw his son’s photo on the floor. Those guys have killed my son. you are asking for a proof from a mother just because they are the sons of a politician? Who gave them a right to kill someone? My kid was dying in my hands. I begged them for help but they just walked away leaving me and my son in that same condition. I requested all the passer bys to help them but in vain. The culprit is not just those 3 guys but every single person who passed from there but dint stop by to help us are also the culprit here. Inspector can understand their pain. But those people are very powerful and dangerous. Ganga replies that the person who has lost her everything is the most dangerous person in the world, i.e. her. my son was my everything. I have lost him. I have nothing else to lose now. Your politician might feel that he can scare me but people like you are afraid of him, not me. I will get justice whether you help me or not. Tell this to your minister as well.

A child is both the biggest weakness yet the biggest strength for any mother. Ganga was not afraid of anything anymore. She was emotionally weak after losing her son but had become all the stronger to get justice for her son. That was her only motto now. No one could stop her from doing so.

Minister slaps his son as the incident has ruined his image. His wife supports her son. He just made a mistake. She sends him to his room. She then tells her husband that no one drives a scooty (with the kid on board) nowadays. Our car might have just touched her scooty but she might have realised that the car belongs to some rich person. She might have blamed our son because of the same. Her husband agrees. Your son was drunk though. I had to get the reports changed. They decide to close the case somehow (by paying extra money).

Sushant tries to cheer up Ganga’s mood. Please eat something. It’s been a month now. Till when will you stay like this? Sparsh was my son as well. I am equally pained to lose him. But he wont come back if you don’t eat food. Truth is, we will have to learn to live without Sparsh. I am going to office from today onwards. She asks him if he really loved Sparsh. Your son’s culprits are roaming out freely. You have always loved your work, your office. Why don’t you accept the compensation offered by that politician? It would make your life easier. I don’t need your help to get justice for my son. her MIL tells her to cry her heart out once but Ganga vows to make the culprits shed tears of blood. Her MIL too decides to support Ganga.

Ganga and Sushant meet a tv news channel. They agree to share the story on their channel. The minister and his wife are shocked to see the news. Their son is also scared / shocked. Ganga talks about the minister Bhuwan Pratap and how they have been pressurizing them to take the case back. Their goons come to house every single day to threaten us. There can be no compensation for my son’s life. Every kid sees a dream. My son also had seen one. He wanted to become a Pilot. He wanted to fly big planes but his dream went away with him because of people like Bhuwan Pratap’s son. Ganga urges the people to support her. I don’t want any other mother to lose their children. Help me in teaching a lesson to Bhuwan Pratap and her son. they should be in prison for their mistakes. The minister decides to end Ganga’s story once and for all.

It was Sparsh’s love only that prompted Ganga to fight for justice. She didn’t give up. She might have continued her battle if she would have been alive. She dint give up but life gave up on her. that was the last time (on the news) when the world had seen her. Her dead body was found under mysterious circumstances after 2 weeks of that tv appearance. She was killed. Minister’s men had killed her. But did she get what she wanted? Did Sparsh’s mother gave up?

2 months after the incident:
Minister’s son and his same friends are again drinking alcohol, driving fast again. they are driving through the same road. They are shocked to see Ganga banging at the car’s window all of a sudden. She disappears for a while so they calm down but the guy in the back seat hears her voice and screams out in terror. They all turn to look back and are shocked to see Ganga sitting in the car, holding Sparsh in her lap. The car rams into a truck.

No one understood how it happened. those 3 guys died in a car accident as well. The question is, how could they not see such a big tempo approaching them? We know the reason. the law might not have helped but a mother got justice or a mother took it. hope no one goes through the same ever again in life. Humanity is above everything. Those 3 guys got punished but what about those people who turned deaf ears to her that night? Humanity too died that day along with Sparsh. They say, Ganga’s spirit is still here. But only she knows for how long it will go on for!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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