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Under the Shadow of Guns

24 September 2014, Patna, Bihar:
One of the kids demands his money from the other kid. The other kid refuses to give it. They get into a scuffle when finally the kid shoots the other kid. All the kids run away.

Kabir is at the crime scene with the police team. He cannot believe it how a kid can get hold of a gun. Inspector doesn’t find anything unusual about it.

Kabir wonders how such a small kid can get a gun. It happened in America and now this is happening in India too. Sakshi (host) reasons that not country but the people, the society, the family around the kids become the reason for kids taking such a path. Why a small kid killed another small kid? Kabir too wants to find out more about the story. How can such small kids find a gun and dare

to kill another kid like them!

The lady (of the kid who shot the other kid) cannot agree that her son can do this. We just got him operated a while ago. He had a hole in his heart.

Flashback: Doc tells Vicky’s parents about his problem. They will need lacs (2.5 lacs) for this. Doc gives them some time to do it. Vicky’s parents think of doing every little job possible. Vicky thinks what if his operation does not happen. His mother comforts him. Nothing will happen to you. You are our life.

Vicky’s mother gets a job in a saree shop. She can take her little daughter to the shop as well. She also gives chocolate to Vicky. No one has eaten till now. She reasons that she will have to go out daily now but they will have to manage the home in the meanwhile. We have to collect the amount (2.5 lacs) come what may.

Vicky’s operation turns out to be successful.

Present: He is our life. We did every possible thing. We even got him everything that was beyond our capability or means. We took very special care of him, fed him well. We sent him to English medium school when he was healthy once again. The people here are very jealous. They cannot see anyone being successful. Kabir asks her about the dead kid. She declines knowing him. All this has happened due to jealously. She too has no idea where Vicky would be at this moment. I had even given him a mobile. She prays to God to help her find Vicky.

Vicky is hiding somewhere. A kid brings food for him. Police is looking for you. Bunty’s brother is searching for you frantically. Vicky explains that he dint want to kill Bunty. He took my mother’s name and I lost it. He wants to call his mom but the kid stops him. Police will track you if you switch it on. Think of going out from here. Go to some other place. Police will surely come to my place if they find out that I am your friend. I will drop you to the bus stand.

Bhupesh scolds his wife for spoiling their son. She wonders where she went wrong. I did everything that he ever asked for. I dint do anything wrong. I wanted good for him. She cannot stop crying thinking about her son. What if something happens to him. Someone calls her. Your son shot someone and ran away. Be careful!

Bhupesh and his wife pull out a trunk from under their bed. At night, they dig in their backyard and hide the trunk there.

Next morning, Vicky’s friend decides to stop the bus on the way. Vicky has no idea what he will do now. His friend suggests him to do some small work or something. They reach a road. Two bike men notice them. They stop the bike in front of the kids. The kids run but Vimal shoots Vicky. Vicky falls. Vimal still shoots more bullets at him and drives off with his friend. Vicky’s friend sits in between the bushes all shocked.

Vicky’s mother keeps trying Vicky’s number but it is still switched off. Her husband still is angry with Vicky. What will you say to him now? Everyone is looking for him. And please ask him how he got that gun! She is sure she will be able to make Vicky agree to come home for safety reasons if his phone switches on. Vicky’s friend knocks at their door. He shares that Vicky has been shot. They run with him to the place where Vicky is.

Vicky’s parents are shattered to see their son lying dead in front of them. Police is also there. Tara is beyond

Vicky’s mother has stopped eating since her son has left them. Bhupesh tries to feed her but in vain. She keeps asking for Vicky. Please bring our son. I want to see him once, even if it is his dead body. She cries. Her MIL tells her to think about her daughter. She too is your responsibility. Eat for her. She again gets a call from the same man. Your son has been murdered. Take care of yourself. She runs out.

Khajanchi Police Station:
Kabir is at the police station. They discuss about the clue. Vicky’s parents enter inside just then. Tara is in tears. No one else has killed my son. Arrest me I have killed him. Bhupesh tries to comfort her but she continues saying it.

Tara and Bhupesh find out about Vicky’s illness. They decide to look for a job so they can get some money for the operation. We both were looking for a job but it isn’t easy to find one. A man happens to notice Tara and calls out for her. I have work in Sales. Will you do it? It is a little tough job. You can get 30k plus commission. You will have to use a little brain too. She is a little surprised but tempted as well. He takes her to his shop.

Hasdiya More, Munger, Bihar:
The guy brings Tara to his place. She is a little uncomfortable as it doesn’t look like an office. What is made here? He opens a drawer and shows her guns. She is shocked. He says it isn’t a thing to be scared off. He shows her all the guns / mousers. You have to show it to our party in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. She refuses to do it. It is illegal. I wont do it. He reasons that people keep it for safety. Plus it is difficult to get it through the legal process. She can see the danger lurking in her work. I wont do it. This work is done by men. He replies that people don’t doubt women. They can do it much more easily. He tells her the price of each of the arms. Plus you will not go out alone. Someone will be accompanying you. It is a risky work after all. She doesn’t want to do it. I have a family. I cannot do it. He takes her to the factory where the arms are being made. Many little kids, women, men are doing the work. Everyone here has a family. Tara still cannot do it. He keeps on trying to convince her but she runs off.

At home, Vicky is in very much pain. Bhupesh keeps on trying to comfort him but in vain. Tara enters and rushes to his side. She thinks of the job that has been offered to her as she notices her son writhing in pain. Tara later confirms the guy that she will do the work.

Tara is on her way to the first place with another guy and her daughter. The guy assures her that nothing will go wrong. There is a police check post on their way. The guy covers it well and lies that his wife is pregnant. Police leaves them.

Tara is shocked to realise that her first customer is a little school going kid. What will he do with it! They head off to meet their next clients. The same little school going kid shoots his Sir.

Tara gets his first salary 35k. She is not so happy about taking her daughter along but her boss wants the baby so no one doubts on his people. He gives her a gun as well.

Tara’s purse falls. Bhupesh is shocked to see a gun in her bag. What’s all this? Tara confesses that this is what she sells. He asks her if she has lost it. This is illegal. She gives him her salary. We get this just for one trip. I want to get Vicky operated at any cost. He wants her to think what if someone dies by the gun she sells. Will you not be responsible?

Three months later:
Tara returns home. She has fixed a date for Vicky’s operation. Her MIL is angry with her as she stays out of the house for days. Tara replies that she does sales work. Now everything will be fine. Vicky asks her if he will really be fine. Will I be able to play games? She nods. I will get you everything. I will get you admitted in an English medium school. You will get well.

Present: I couldn’t understand anything as all I wanted was to get Vicky operated. I used to supply arms to gangsters, politicians, naxalites, doctors, engineers, etc. This is supplied worldwide. Women are employed for this work. I got one lac in a month. I got the money in 2 months for my son’s operation. I got him every little thing that he asked for. I got him admitted to a very good school.

Flashback: Vicky shares with his mother that Bunty and his brother bully him. I am weak. She denies. You are not weak and you don’t have to get into all this. He eventually fell in the wrong company. He started playing cards. One day, my husband caught him red handed. Bhupesh beats Vicky for gambling with his friends.

Vicky is playing with the gun. Bhupesh slaps him hard for the same.

Present: Tara says we used to explain our son to go to the school. We wanted to do everything for him but everything finished. He had a fight with someone 2 days back.

Present: Bunty loses 1k in gambling. Vicky asks for it but Bunty and his friends beat him. Vicky cries for his money but then he decides onto something. Vicky gets the gun out of his mother’s purse and confronts Bunty. Give me my money. Bunty still refuses so Vicky shots him.

Present: I only have killed my son. Arrest me. Police arrest Vimal. Vimal confesses it that he took his brother’s death’s revenge. Tara looks at him in shock. He is the same kid who had bought a gun from Tara and Bhupesh a few days back for 50k.

I only sold the gun that killed my son. I have killed my son! Kabir thinks about Bunty’s mother. She too would be crying at this moment. Police arrests Vimal. Tara’s boss calls on her phone again. Vicky’s killer has been caught but you should continue your job. Meet me in a day or two. Don’t disclose anything to the police.

Police raids Tara’s boss’s factory and arrests everyone.

The process of gun licensing is so tough in our country that even the people who really need are unable to get it on time. The police must be more stringent to make sure the illegal arms are not available so easily. The process of gun licensing should be reworked upon and made a bit more easier so people don’t think of taking wrong path.

Tara, Bhupesh and Tulsi Ram (Tara’s boss) got arrested and were charged under different sections of IPC.

Kids, toys and clothes are not enough for a kid’s upbringing. Good thinking, atmosphere and concerned parents are equally necessary. What will the kids think if their parents don’t have a stern approach to such things? These arms will become normal toys for them if the parents aren’t concerned. The laws, the parents should be stricter so they can keep the innocence of their kids intact or otherwise innocence will kill innocence.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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