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February 2014, NH 24, Maharashtra:
Kabir is following an auto on his bike. The milestone says, Thane – 5 kms.

Bhiwandi Police Station, Thane, Maharashtra
Kabir meets Constable Pawar. They discuss about a kid from Ravi Raj Society. Constable tells him that the parents of the kid are registering a complaint inside. Kabir thanks him and then goes inside.

The kid’s parents (Shah’s) give Chirag’s photo to inspector. His mother (Kalpana) says, we had celebrated Chirag’s birthday in a grand way few days back.

Flashback: Everyone gives lots of gifts to Chirag on his birthday. There is a very big function and lot many guests are there. Chirag cuts the cake with his parents and everyone wishes him one by one.

Ravi Raj Society, Thane:
Chirag is opening his

birthday gifts along with his parents. Watchman (Moti) offers to take Chirag out for a stroll. I couldn’t give him anything yesterday. How could I do so when all the big people were there? I will get him something when we go out together. Chirag’s parents agree. Kalpana tells Moti not to give ice cream or cold drink to Chirag as he catches cold. Moti assures them that he will only give chocolate to him. chirag’s father (Amit) offers him money but Moti politely declines. I am poor but not that poor that I wont be able to buy a chocolate for him. I haven’t seen my son in last 2 years. I see him in Chirag. Kalpana sends Chirag with Moti. She later makes her husband that he should respect Moti’s emotions. Everyone in the society loves Chirag a lot. Honestly speaking Chirag is very safe here. Her husband agrees. They resume checking all the other gifts.

An hour later:
Kalpana comes downstairs. She asks Moti about Chirag. Moti tells her that Mr. Sharma took Chirag with him. She then heads to Mr. Sharma’s house. Mrs. Sharma tells her that Mrs. Basu (Sharmila) took CHirag just now. Sharmila tells Kalpana that Chirag went with Mrs. Gupta to play with her kids (Rinki & Pinki). Kalpana finds him there playing with his friends. She tells Mrs. Gupta how CHirag cannot stay at home for even a minute. He doesn’t even feel hungry. Mrs. Gupta has already made his favourite dish for him. Kalpana jokes that this is why her food is wasted. They all talk very sweetly with each other.

Present: Kabir wonders how Chirag went missing when everyone in the society loves him so much. What was the watchman doing? People talk in favour of Moti. He too loves Chirag a lot. He is a good man. Constable brings Moti there. Moti tells everyone that he dint see Chirag going out of the society. I work dedicatedly. I haven’t made any mistake in the last 5 years. Kalpana tells them that Chirag was fond of cartoons and cars.

Flashback (Today at 10 am):
Kalpana was cooking while CHirag was watching cartoons on the tv and playing with his new car. The main door is open. Chirag’s car goes out of the main door and stumbles on the staircase. Chirag starts following it down the stairs. Kalpana comes out but CHirag is not there. She thinks he went out again to play and goes to look for him.

A car stops at the gate. The man inside the car scolds Moti for not cleaning the vehicle properly. Meanwhile Chirag’s toy car goes out of the main gate with Chirag following it. No one notices him because of the car. Kalpana continues to look for Chirag in the houses of everyone turn by turn. Chirag reaches the main road and is still running after his toy car. Kalpana asks Moti too but he too hasn’t seen Chirag. All the society members get worried for Chirag. Kalpana is in tears as she cannot find her son anywhere.

7 pm: Mr. Gupta returns home. He gets to know that Chirag is missing since afternoon. His kids are worried for Chirag.

9 pm: Society people comfort Shah’s. They have checked in the nearby societies, market too but there is no clue about Chirag. Landline phone rings. They get tensed thinking that it might turn out to be a call for ransom but are relieved when Amit hears his Kaka’s voice. He suggests Amit to register a police complaint right away.

Present: Inspector assures them that they will do their best to find Chirag. Do tell us in case you get any info. He gives Chirag’s photo to Kabir. Kabir assures Shah’s that he will do whatever he can as it is his duty too now to find Chirag. Kalpana is in tears. They all leave for home.

Sakshi asks Kabir how can a 2-3 year old kid go missing from his own home and society, that too in the middle of the day. It prods us to think. Everyone in the society loved him dearly. Kabir says Chirag’s parents trusted everyone a little too much. Sakshi says it might be the case but there might be some carelessness too. they don’t know when their kid goes missing from the house? Kabir is really worried. Sakshi tells him to think from all the angles. We don’t know what condition that kid will be in right now. It is really important to find him. do whatever you can and more too but try to reach out to that kid anyhow. Kabir wonders where Chirag would be!

A day after the incident:
Kabir has published Chirag’s photo in the paper. He is talking to someone on phone and is tensed as to why there has been no ransom call so far. He thinks whether Chirag became a target of child trafficking. Who would have kidnapped him and why?

2 shadows (of a small kid and of an adult) appear on the wall of a room.

Mr. Basu tells Rajesh to stop the car. He gets down and finds Chirag’s toy car in the hands of one of the kids playing on a construction site. The kid runs to his father when Mr. Basu tries to ask him about the toy car. Mr. Basu gets no answer from the kid or his father so he calls the cops.

8 pm: kabir reaches police station. Kalpana asks that kid’s father about her Chirag. Have you hidden him somewhere? Amit calms her down. The guy pleads innocence. I am an ordinary labour. I was standing at Shastri Nagar footpath with my son. I stand there daily. He got that car there only. Kabir feels that the guy isn’t lying. Inspector thinks about whole situation. A two year old kid cannot cover the whole distance on his own. Maybe someone picked him up from the colony and took him somewhere in Shastri Nagar area. The one who picked him up left the car at the footpath maybe. Kalpana is in tears.

The shadow man finds Chirag cute. He eats whatever you give him and plays. He never cries. Another shadow appears near him as they both watch Chirag eating ice cream.

Kabir stops his bike when his phone rings. He is shocked by what he hears.

9:45 pm, Shivaji Nagar, Thane:
Cameramen / photo journalists continue to click photos of something. Constables are already there. A police van also reaches the crime scene. There is a kid lying on the ground and his throat is slit. Kabir too reaches there. He is shocked to realise that it is none other than Chirag.

Morgue, Shivaji Nagar:
Chirag’s parents breakdown seeing the dead body of their only son. kabir too is in pain seeing it all. Who would have been so ruthless? Who would it be? Why did he kill a little kid?

2 hours after the incident:
Inspector tells Kabir that they got some new clues after doing the post-mortem. The kid was fed laddoo. There was a tilak on his forehead which could only be seen if you look very closely. The murder happened around 0000 hrs. This means that! Kabir checks the calendar in his phone. It was new moon night yesterday. Is some tantrik involved in all this? I am sure this is about tantrik killing. Inspector considers it as a possibility. The toy car and the dead body were found in Shastri Nagar which implies that the killing has happened in Shastri Nagar area only. He orders his 2 juniors Patil and Waghmare to track down all the tantriks in Shastri Nagar area and bring them here. They leave immediately. Kabir cannot believe that people still believe in tantra mantra in today’s world. They kill a little kid! Unbelievable! What kind of a country is this!

Police arrests all the tantriks from Shastri Nagar. Inspector interrogates everyone one by one. They all decline doing anything like that. He tries to use divide and rule formula amongst all the Gurus and their disciples. One disciple admits doing Chirag’s tilak and feeding him sweets. Guru is the one who killed him. constables beat both of them until they finally agree to spill the beans. Disciple agrees to tell everything to the inspector.

A couple had come. They wanted a son.

Flashback: A couple comes to meet the tantrik. We want a son this time so that our family gets a heir. Guru agrees to help them but asks them to bring a baby boy first. He also demands 25k to do the necessary puja.

Present: Tantriks tell police that the couple agreed. They were ready to do anything to get a son. they had tried every solution but in vain.

Police reaches Ravi Raj Society.

Flashback: Guru tells the couple that he will have to sacrifice the kid. You will able to have your own son then only. The couple is none other than Mr. & Mrs. Gupta. They get happy at the idea.

Present: Police arrests the couple. Kalpana slaps Mrs. Gupta. Amit consoles Kalpana.

Mr. & Mrs. Gupta confess their crime. I came home a little early that day. I noticed Chirag in Khalasi lane. Chirag was about to meet with an accident when Mr. Gupta picks him up in time. He hugs / kisses CHirag.

Inspector asks them that the whole society was busy in searching for Chirag. You both were doing a drama all that while! Flashback shows when each member of the society was busy looking for Chirag. Mr. Gupta calls his wife to tell him that he has left Chirag with Baba. He was playing nicely and dint even scream or shout. His wife tells him to check on CHirag one more time before coming home. Mr. Gupta handed over Chirag to Guru ji then. he only did some tantra mantra on Chirag. CHirag stands in a dhoti while Guru ji performs his puja. The disciple carries on Guru ji’s orders as Mr. & Mrs. Gupta look on. Chirag cries seeing the knife but Guru ji slits his throat in one go. the couple turns their face away in fear.

Inspector and Kabir are disgusted with them. Kabir tells them that they have committed a heinous crime. You have killed humanity itself. Chirag’s parents trusted you so much. Your own daughters loved him like their younger brother and you sacrificed that kid only? You killed someone else’s kid just to fulfil your incomplete wish of getting a son? you will be cursed by that innocent kids’ parents. You wont be able to sleep peacefully. Have you thought about how your daughters will live now? you dint just snatched someone else’s kid but have also orphaned you own daughters. The constables put them in jail.

Mrs. Basu and Mrs. Sharma comfort Rinki & Pinki. Shah’s are watching CHirag’s birthday video. They cry thinking about their son. amit comforts Kalpana as she cries for her son.

Kabir writes, a wish for a son made Mr. & Mrs. Gupta commit such a crime. Why do we trust such fake tantriks? Can you imagine a God who can accept the sacrifice of a baby and bless someone else to have a baby? This is impossible. God cannot be so cold hearted. It is just a facade in the name of God. It is sad that educated people fall in the traps of such people. This story also teaches us a lesson that we shouldn’t trust someone blindly. We have to keep our eyes open for our family and our kids. It is necessary to install CCTV cameras in every society so that such incidents can be avoided. One cannot be careless with kids or it will cost us dearly. Kids are innocent. They can trust anyone. it is our responsibility to protect them. hope no one ever gets lost!

Sakshi urges people to look around and raise a voice in case they find something wrong. Contact the below mentioned numbers. Maybe your one voice can save someone’s life.

Bachpan Bachao Andolan
011-4921 1111 | [email protected]

Update Credit to: Pooja

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