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A girl is looking at a necklace kept before her. She wears it but the very next moment, shoots herself dead.

Another girl who likes the necklace is found hanging from the roof.

A man / a priest throws the necklace in the river along with the ashes.

Mumbai, 2015:
Kavya loves Manyata’s sarees and necklaces. Manyata’s father has gifted her that necklace too. Kavya is smitten by the necklace. She caresses it.

Kavya wakes up in the middle of the night. The necklace keeps flashing before her eyes. Next day, Kavya steals the necklace from Manyata’s cupboard. Manyata is shocked to see Kavya trying to wear the necklace. She asks Kavya about what she will wear tomorrow. Kavya doesn’t reply. She walks out of the room in trance. Manyata tells her that she can wear her

necklace but Kavya is gone by then.

There is a puja at home to welcome the new bride. Kavya goes to Manyata’s room. Her eyes shine differently as she looks at the necklace. She finally wears it. She starts choking all of a sudden as if the necklace is trying to kill her. She sees her shadow in the mirror (of the evil spirit) and faints.

The diya blows off when priest gives the puja thaal to Manyata. He lights it again. Kavya comes downstairs. She is looking pointedly at Manyata. She covers her necklace well with dupatta.

Manyata cannot find her necklace anywhere. She notices it in kavya’s neck. It suits you very much. You can take it from me anytime you want it. Kavya stands there all quiet. This necklace is mine. Dare not talk to anyone about it! She talks in Bengali which stuns Manyata.

Kavya’s mother gives food to Manyata to give to Kavya. Manyata does not share anything with her.

Kavya talks to herself as she checks out herself in the mirror. She is talking in Bengali and laughing. She praises herself. She notices Manyata standing behind her and turns around her head 180 degree. Manyata runs out in shock.

People’s greed drives them crazy or to wrong path. Kavya got smitten by the necklace when she first saw her.

Manyata tells her husband about what Kavya has been doing. He pays no heed to her words. Manyata turns and sees Kavya on the ceiling of the house. You can fall. She calls out for her husband and then runs inside to bring him. Kavya isn’t there by that time. He asks her to relax. You are stressed. Take some rest.

At night, Manyata cannot sleep. She hears some noise. She thinks against waking up her husband and goes out to check. She cannot see anyone initially but then Kavya appears there upside down. She pulls Manyata downstairs by holding her leg and then holds her neck. She picks her up higher in air. Manyata’s husband wakes up and finds her missing. Kavya talks in Bengali again. She throws Manyata on the sofa and beats her. She tries to choke Manyata but her husband comes down. He tries to bring Kavya to senses. She holds him by his neck also. He frees himself and shakes her. Kavya faints. They lock Kavya in her room. She vows to break everything. Kavya’s mother is concerned for her. Her son decides to take her to a psychiatrist. Kavya requests her mother to open the door. Her mother cannot see her condition. They open the door. Kavya’s mother talks to Kavya. I know you feel a little sad as the attention of the family has diverted to Manyata since she has come here. She is also a part of our family now. Forget the past. Apologize to your bhabhi. Kavya / the spirit looks up angrily. You talk so much. You will die. Kavya’s brother takes his mother outside.

The family realised that an evil spirit has got hold of Kavya. They decided to take her to Shree Balaji Mandir.

Shree Balaji Mandir:
The spirit keeps on asking to let go. Kavya’s brother has tp pull her. Manyata tries to feed holy water to Kavya but the spirit doesn’t let her drink it. Mahant ji comes there. Those who come here once only obey Balaji’s wish. Spirit warns him to stay away. we will kill you all. He realises that it isn’t just one spirit inside her but it is a fact that no one can stand in front of Balaji. He puts his hand over her head because of which Manyata feeds her holy water.

Mahant ji asks Manyata about the necklace. He tells her everything. The problem is in this necklace. Now it will tell its story. Every evil spirit needs a medium. They are very powerful but dead. They need someone to become their medium. This necklace has made Kavya its medium. Now she will tell the story. He sprinkles holy water on Kavya. How many of you are inside Kavya? Kavya talks in multiple voices. Sukanya, Mona and Roopa are inside Kavya. They used to live in Kolkata. Sukanya was about to get married.

Kolkata, 1975:
Ghosh Babu (the father) brings a necklace for his daughter. He had to break his PF to get it as it is antique. Sukanya isn’t happy as her father had to break all his savings. He has high dreams regarding her daughter. Your jewellery has to match the status of your in-laws. They are coming in the evening. She is irked what if they demand something else tomorrow. He asks her about the necklace and he is relieved.

Sukanya’s in-laws like what all Ghosh Babu has planned for the wedding. They keep a demand of scooter too. Ghosh Babu agrees in the end. Sukanya asks him what he is thinking about. The parents of the groom are taken aback to see her style. Ghosh Babu requests them not to break this alliance. My daughter wont be able to live if that happens. Sukanya is pained to see her father spending his everything for her wedding.

1 week later:
Sukanya overhears her parents’ convo. They are worried over the demands. Their house is also on mortgage. Ghosh Babu decides to sell his kidney to get money to fulfil all the other demands. Sukanya is in tears.

At night, Sukanya tells her sister that she cannot see her parents’ like this. I will commit suicide. Mona reasons that there are two more girls too. he wont be able to take it. Roopa suggests that they all should eradicate the problem from the main root. All three of us should commit suicide. There wont be any problem then. Sukanya likes the idea. We will fulfil their dream of seeing their daughters in bridal dress before we die. All three sisters get ready. Sukanya wears the necklace. The sisters call it a curse. Baba brought it for the wedding but it hasn’t brought any happiness for anyone in our house. It has only brought problems for all of us. Whoever gets it will have to go through the same turmoil. Their lives will be ruined. They promise that they will never leave this necklace. They all drink poison one by one. Their parent’s gets the shock of her life by seeing their daughters’ dead.

We dint leave this necklace since then. Whoever got this necklace died! Mahant ji understands that injustice was done with them but they cannot punish this girl for that. What’s her fault in it? Why are you troubling her? It is time for you all to go. I will free your spirits for forever. The spirits deny. We will never leave her. We are very happy here. Mahant ji keeps the coin on her forehead. The spirits cannot withstand it and have to leave Kavya. Mahant ji takes the necklace. Kavya is normal once again. They all say Jai Balaji. Mahant ji looks at the necklace. These three sisters are caught up in the necklace. I had promised to free them. Balaji can defeat any bad power as he is pure and chaste. He tells the priest to make jewellery from the necklace for Balaji’s feet. They will get their freedom then only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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