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2014, Mumbai | Boomerang Disco, Vile Parle 12:45 AM:
An auto driver waits outside the disco for passengers. A girl from the opposite side tells him that she needs to go to Shanti Nagar. He starts the auto happily. the girl picks up a call from on her way. She tells Parth that she never breaks her promise. I fulfilled the promise that I had made to you. Now it is time to fulfil the promise I have made to Papa. I have to reach home before 1. Now you enjoy your party. She ends the call and then tells the driver to drive a little fast.

1 pm: The girl gives her Rs. 500 note. He doesn’t have change so she goes to her house (house no. 603) to bring change for him. She goes upstairs to get Rs. 45 for him. Dogs start barking. The driver waits downstairs. Long time has passed so he decides to

go upstairs. The lift is not working. He finds the atmosphere of the building, the life a little creepy. He takes the stairs hesitantly. The lights continue to flicker all along.

The auto driver finally reaches House No. 603 and rings the doorbell of Mr. Patil’s House. He asks for his money from Mr. Patil. His wife asks him who has come. Her husband replies that it is Aarohi. The auto driver curiously peeks inside and notices a girl’s picture. A garland is hung on the picture. The driver gets scared. He recalls bringing the same girl till downstairs. Mr. Patil brings the money. The driver is not able to utter a single word. He shivers / stammers and then runs downstairs, starts his auto and drives away.

Aarohi had come. Was it a father’s faith or madness? There is no answer for some things in life. You cannot break the faith of some people. Aarohi’s father too had a similar kind of belief. Half of the people from the society had left from there. They dint want to live here. But a father was still looking for his daughter who had made a promise to him before leaving. Who is this Aarohi? What is her story? What happened that people call a normal man, mad? What’s the mystery behind 603?

A working woman, a security guard leave the building because of the so called ghost stories associated with the building.

A year ago: 2013, Shanti Nagar, Santa Cruz, Mumbai: Aarohi’s House:
Mr. Patil is watching news. His tea is all cold as he dint drink it in time. She refuses to heat it again. He notices his daughter Aarohi eating something. She doesn’t share it as he isn’t supposed to take too much sugar intake in a day. They share a very cute and cool bond.

Aarohi’s College:
Aarohi is in class but she isn’t paying attention to what her teacher is saying. A guy (Parth) comes inside to seek Mam’s permission to talk to Aarohi. The teacher sends Aarohi out as the entire class is getting disturbed because of her.

Parth wants Aarohi to come to his birthday party day after tomorrow. She agrees to think about it.

At night, Aarohi is out for a night walk with her Papa. She seeks his permission to go to Parth’s birthday party at a late night disc. He realises that it is her special friend. Is your mobile bill coming high because of the same person? Aarohi tells him about Parth. Her mother overhears their convo and gets curious but her husband hides the main matter. He diverts it and then agrees to let Aarohi go to late night disc. Aarohi writes, You are the bestest Papa in the world, and keeps it in one of her father’s books.

Mr. Patil had full faith in Aarohi. She will never break her parents trust. Aarohi too never let them down. We often look for big happiness to stay happy in life when our real happiness comes from small happiness. All such things were a part of this family.

Aarohi gets ready for party. Her mother is not happy with the fact that the new generations prefer to go to disco to celebrate birthdays. I don’t like it when girls stay out of their house till late night. Her husband again pinpoints that they are in Mumbai now. This city never sleeps. His wife sticks to her point. How can you let your daughter go out by trusting any random person? He walks near Aarohi and says I dint say I trust that guy but I do trust my daughter completely. This is enough for me. He tells Aarohi to come back before 1 am. I am not well so I will take medicine and sleep. My sleep will break if there is any noise. Aarohi agrees to abide by his words. Aarohi leaves. Aarohi’s mother is tensed. You have spoiled her. He smiles at this. He reads his book and finds Aarohi’s note.

Boomerang Disco, Vile Parle, 10:30 PM:
Aarohi arranges the dress just like her mother had liked it before joining Parth at the disc. All the friends enjoy a lot together. It is time for Aarohi to leave for home. Parth requests her to stay back for some more time but she cannot break her Papa’s promise. He offers to drop her but she tells him to handle his party. I will manage don’t worry. He is sad that she is leaving so soon. She kisses him on the cheek to cheer him up. I don’t want to go but I really have to go. She leaves.

12:45 am:
Aarohi is looking for an auto. She finally boards one. Parth calls her then. She tells Parth that she never breaks her promise. I fulfilled the promise that I had made to you. Now it is time to fulfil the promise I have made to Papa. I have to reach home before 1. Now you enjoy your party. She ends the call and then tells the driver to drive a little fast. He stops the auto and goes behind to look for the problem. She tells him to hurry up. He returns after a minute and puts his phone in his pocket.

He stops the auto again. Another guy joins him. The driver lies that he is my brother. Can we take him with us? I just have to drop him nearby. Aarohi agrees. The guy sits in the auto.

1 am: Later on, they both forcefully take her to a deserted building. The meter says Rs. 45. A little while later, Aarohi comes down all dishevelled / bruised. She cannot see clearly but still looks at the number plate of the auto from a distance (the both guys are sitting near it).

2 am: Parth calls Aarohi as it is 2 am. Her phone is lying near the auto. The guys notice it and disconnect the call. Parth is concerned but his attention is diverted when one of his friend’s girlfriend pukes. The auto driver stomps over Aarohi’s phone. Aarohi looks on helplessly. She escapes from there and runs off in the opposite direction with the two men chasing her. She screams for her Papa.

3:10 am: Mr. Patil suddenly wakes up and checks the time. He goes to Aarohi’s room but she isn’t back yet. He gets worried. He calls Aarohi’s number but it is unreachable.

It is shocking to even think of what had happened with Aarohi that night. She was shouting for help but there was no one to hear her out. On the other hand, her father was yearning to hear her voice. He wanted her to come back home and then they all can be at peace. No one knows where Aarohi disappeared to after that night. She ran away from that building but never reached home. Her search began then!

7 am: Aarohi is still not back. Her parents are worried. Mr. Patil wants to go to police station but his wife is against it. The party might have stretched on till late. She might be at her friend’s place. Her husband is sure something is not right. Aarohi would have informed me if that was the case. She never breaks her promise. She never breaks the promise that she has made to me. They go to police station.

Aarohi’s papa was sure Aarohi wont break her promise to him but his faith turned into scare when Aarohi dint return home till morning. Her family and friends tried to look for her everywhere but in vain. A father was still looking for his daughter thought, for that truth! Police helped Mr. Patil a lot. A case was registered officially and the investigation started right away.

Parth too misses / thinks of Aarohi as he looks at her desk. She has scribbled a lot on her desk. Even the auto number is scribbled there in a random manner. Parth has never seen it before. What does it mean? Was Aarohi really trying to tell something to Parth and her Papa? Mr. Patil takes the lift. He presses floor 6 but the lift highlights the number of the auto. Those particular numbers blink continuously. Mr. Patil is confused.

2 months after the incident:
The auto driver and his friend try to rape another girl at the same place when suddenly the auto driver is flying high up in the hair. He walks back scared / in shock as he looks around and falls off from the building and dies. His friend watches in fear while the girl has run away by now. The other guy sees Aarohi standing there.

Later on, police reach that place. The driver’s friend tells the inspector that it was all his friend’s plan. That girl is back though. She will kill me too. I have seen her with my eyes. I don’t want to die like this. she will kill me.

A lot many people dint listen to that auto driver’s friend. Do you? Think, did Aarohi come there for real to save the girl? Is it possible? A few days after this incident, Mr. Patil was informed about the incident. They update him about the auto driver’s death who had killed Aarohi because he dint want to be caught.

Mr. Patil recalls Aarohi’s promise. She will come back. I will wait for her. she never breaks her promise to me. She will surely come home. He goes to her room and thinks of all their happy moments together. He is all emotional. He still refuses to accept that Aarohi is no more. it may be as he never found her dead body.

Aarohi’s House, 1 am:
An auto driver knocks at Mr. Patil’s house. Mr. Patil opens the door. the auto driver complains to him as Aarohi kept him waiting for almost an hour. she told me to drive fast as her papa was waiting for her and now this! Please go and get me my Rs. 45. Mr. Patil notices Aarohi’s room’s door opening and closing on its own. The driver continues to ask for his money. Mr. Patil finally gathers himself and thinks of her promise. He tells his wife that Aarohi is home. He finally sleeps peacefully.

This was the first time when an auto driver had come to take money from Mr. Patil. He slept after so long. For him it is Aarohi only who had come home or his hope to live. That auto driver getting scared and then eventually dying; the numbers on the lift and on the table; is it all just a coincidence? What do you think? Was it a father’s belief that his daughter never breaks her promise made to him and still returns home on time? Or is it an illusion? It is a search of a father for her daughter/ the faith that only people like Aarohi and her father can understand. It is just a search!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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