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Nanhe Nautanki Comapny, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh:
A lot many people whistle and enjoy when Kusum (Dhaniya’s wife) dances on stage.

At the same time, a little away from the Nautanki Area:
Three men loot a house. A woman tries to call for help but one of the guys hit her on the head with a stick. She dies.

Next day:
Police team investigate the crime. It was a house of jewellers. The husband and son of that woman had gone to attend Nautanki Comapny’s dance.

The incident is reported on the news. This is 7th such incident. Only women were targeted. Kabir is thinking of investigating this particular case. Kavya too wants to come along but he asks her to stay in the office only. I might need you for some research work.

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh:

comes to the jeweller’s house but he shuts the door on his face. He meets a local vendor outside. The guy says nothing like that has happened here before. This is one of its kind incident! A tea vendor tells him that Nautanki happened here a few days back. Kabir meets the people from the Nautanki Group. Dhaniya’s father, Parshuram, shares that 3 people were taken to jail just because we did Nautanki there. We are not thieves. Who will steal as all those who are jailed were with us at that time! We aren’t criminals for artists! Naubat tells Kabir to leave. We don’t want to get into all this. Kusum cries in another corner.

Kabir advices Inspector to search the house of these people. Inspector is in no mood to be lenient with the people from Nautanki. Dhaniya and his friends request Kabir to help them. Kabir offers to talk to City SP. Inspector finally gives him a choice to bail all of them. Ramsevak (a member of the group) requests Kabir so he finally agrees.

Naubat and other members of the group keep prodding Dhaniya and Kusum to get ready for tonight’s show. Sikander suggests Kusum to wear little revealing clothes. It wont do any good to us if you wear clothes which hide everything. Parshuram tells Kabir that they will be performing in Ansari Road tonight.

Kusum is not so comfortable during the dance. She sits in a corner. Dhaniya pulls her back and dances with her. Sikander collects money from the crowd. Kabir is there too. He watches them. Kabir asks Parshuram what is all this. I thought you show plays in Nautanki. Parshuram sadly says this is what is prevalent today. Public goes mad when people girls dance on peppy songs and wear short clothes.

Kabir is back in Delhi office. Kabir asks Kavya to find out more about Nautanki. She agrees to find more details on the same. Kabir’s editor wants Kabir to look into another story for now. at night, all the employees leave except Kabir and Kavya. She begins to tell him about Nautanki when Kusum walks in. She has come to meet Kabir.

Kusum requests Kabir to help them. We are in a big problem. This never happened before. 6 months ago it was all different. We used to do plays.

6 months ago:
Nanhe Nautanki Team does a play on Raja Harishchandra. They only get Rs. 32.50 for the day. The men discuss that they need to do something that is in trend nowadays. Kusum refuses to wear short clothes and dance. Dhaniya wants to do something new. Kusum asks him if he will be comfortable seeing other people watching his wife dance wearing short clothes. People walk up to stage while giving money. Dhaniya replies that they are doing it only for money.

Kusum does not want to dance the next day but Sikander point out that they earned 4.5k yesterday. The tickets for next two days are sold out. Don’t you want your son to go to city? Kusum gives in. The programs keep on happening. The brothers refused to stop since then. I know how I went through all of it. The main problem started when father’s (Parshuram) health deteriorated. Doc tells Dhaniya that they might need to shift their father to city hospital. An operation is necessary. 2 lacs might be required for it. Sikander and Naubat tell Dhaniya about a plan that they have in mind. Dhaniya outright refuses to be a part of it.

One night, Kusum cannot see Dhaniya anywhere at night during the Nautanki program. He lies that he had constipation. She asks him if Sikander and Naubat got ill at the same time. He diverts her question. I am positive that I will arrange for money for his father’s treatment soon. Kusum is confused.

2 months later:
Dhaniya is happy as his father got admitted in the hospital. I took loan from one of the big shot person who came in the Nautanki. She throws a small bag full of jewellery before him. Were you stealing? Have you killed someone too? He refuses. I dint kill anyone. It was Sikander! Flashback of the incident is shown. The three / thieves on that night were none other than Dhhaniya, Sikander and Naubat. Kusum finds it right that they were put in the jail. That reporter saved you. He tries to calm her down but it is still wrong in her eyes. He denies that he stole something. She asks him to swear on their son then. He stays rooted to his place. She reminds him that Nautanki people are artists and not thieves.

Next day, Kusum tells Sikander and Naubat to get out of the group. I will go to police if you don’t leave us. The men get into a brawl. Kusum warns them to leave from here to she will send everyone to jail. You made me dance. I will do what I have said if you don’t leave the group. Both the men walk away. Dhaniya looks sad. A little while later Dhaniya and Kusum are looking for Nanhe but in vain. Sikander and Naubat tell Kusum that Nanhe is with them. They both want to go to Mumbai to work in movies. We need 50 lacs for it. You will have to do Nautanki to get that much money. Nanhe will live with our friend in Mumbai till the time we arrange that much money. Nanhe will lose his life if you (Dhaniya) don’t support us.

They have looted a lot many times sicne then. They included Dhaniya too. Nanhe has to bear the brunt of it all. Please get Dhaniya out of this situation. She hasn’t told anyone before coming here. The next Nautanki is in Jhansi after 2 days. kabir tells them to go back for now. I will join you in Jhansi. Kavya too wants to go with him. Kabir agrees.

2 days later, Jhansi:
Kabir updates the Inspector about it as Kusum is not picking her call. He is concerned for Kusum and Dhaniya.

At some unknown place:
Ramsevak has told everything to Sikander and Naubat. He is on our side. This is our last warning. We will kill your son if bhabhi does anything wrong this time. Dhaniya assures Kusum that nothing will happen to Nanhe. He will manage it.

It’s been a week but both Kusum and Ramsevak’s phones are off since then. Kabir receives a call from an unknown number. It is Kusum.

The Nautanki will start in Chaudhary Tola at 8 pm. They both decide to give the weapon in Dhaniya’s hand this time. We both have killed 3 people each. It is your turn now. Be ready in the evening. Dhaniya breaks down.

Police arrest all 3 accused from the location. Kusum had shared everything with Kabir. Police was already waiting for all the 3 accused at the location. They were nabbed before they could flee. Police rescued Nanhe from Ram Singh. He too was arrested for the same. All the criminals were charged under different sections of IPC.

Nautanki is a medium to connect with the people and spread strong messages across the society.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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