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If a common man and police come together then they can set everything right. But what if the saviour becomes the devil?

Mumbai, 2015:
A lady (Neha) recites some dialogues. The producer claps for her. She has been chosen for the role. Mushtaq congratulates Neha. Collect your contract in Sir’s cabin. The producer holds Neha’s hand in his cabin. She refuses to work with a cheapster like him. He questions Mushtaq. Mushtaq tells Neha to understand how things work in this industry. She is about to walk out of the room when Mushtaq holds her hand. She slaps him.

Neha meets Kunal in a restaurant. He tells her to forget it. You have sacrificed so much to be here. Don’t let them get you. Neha believes in her talent. I will get work because of that only.

Neha’s parents tell

Neha that Vaibhav has to submit money for next semester next month. She tries to make her mother understand that she has been transferring a lot of money in his month. What is he up to? Her mother is not happy with her for leaving her job and getting into this glamour world. Her father (he is on wheelchair) makes his wife understand that all these aren’t Neha’s responsibilities. Neha promises her parents that she will invest 1 year in chasing her dreams after which she will join her corporate world again if she fails.

Neha gets a call from some producer. She is thrilled that he liked her act.

J.P. Hotel, Worli:
Kunal brings Neha to the hotel to meet the producer. She goes to meet the producer while he waits outside. The producer tells Neha that he is very impressed by her acting. Our film is ready to hit the stage but we have not finalised any female lead so far. Let us go to my room. I will give you the script there. Neha is a little uncomfortable. The producer understands it. He asks her to invite her friend too. Neha thanks him. All three of them go upstairs.

Someone bangs at the door of the hotel room. A few people (Inspector Yadav and a few men) walk in. He holds Kunal’s collar. You sell women. This producer is our man. Mushtaq walks in as the witness from the Producer’s side. Neha reasons that Mushtaq is an artist coordinator. He is the wrong guy. He tried to use me too. Inspector Yadav refuses to let Neha go. Inspector Shinde holds Kunal while a lady constable takes Neha.

Neha had never imagined in her life that something like this would happen to her. She was a girl from the middle class. She valued her talent and hard work above everything else. Mushtaq used that against her.

Worli Police Station:
Mushtaq takes commission from Inspector Yadav before leaving. Inspector Yadav has bad intentions towards Neha. Neha keeps trying to make Inspector Yadav understand but in vain. He does not even allow Kunal to make a call to his lawyer. He takes Kunal’s phone. Should I file a case or you want to do setting? Kunal gives him all the money that is in his wallet. Inspector Yadav asks it alms. Bring 5 lacs. I will leave both of you. Kunal replies that he doesn’t even have that much savings. Neha asks him to let her go with Kunal. We will arrange it together. Inspector Yadav refuses to let go of her. Kunal leaves to get money.

Neha cries in the cell. The lady constable checks Neha’s purse but finds nothing. She calls Neha a call girl. Neha keeps trying to make her understand that she is innocent but it falls on deaf ears. Inspector Yadav walks in. Let your friend come. He asks the lady constable to call Shinde. Shinde puts the phone on speaker. Neha asks Kunal to take her out asap. Kunal assures her that he is coming soon. I need a little time though so I can arrange money. The call ends.

The lady constable leaves. Inspector Yadav forces himself on Neha. Neha lies there like a stone. Kual brings money. The lady constable brings Neha. Kunal looks at her. Are you alright? She stares blankly at Inspector Yadav. Kunal understands everything. He signs some papers and leaves with Neha. Before leaving, Inspector Yadav warns them not to speak about this matter to anyone or the case will reopen.

On the way, Kunal suggests Neha to forget everything. Don’t tell anyone anything. Tears keep rolling down her cheeks. She thinks of all the instances from the start and cries. She adjusts her appearance before entering her house. Her mother asks her lots of questions about last night but Neha quietly goes inside her room. She closes the door from inside.

Neha cries in her room. She empties her bag in anger. She notices scissors. She picks them up and is about to hurt herself when her phone rings. It is Inspector Yadav. I was missing you. The night went well. Thank you. We will have to meet again soon. She disconnects the call. Neha makes up her mind.

Civil Hospital, Vile Parle:
Neha tells Kunal that she wont sit quietly. I will get my medical tests done after which I will file a rape case against the Inspector. Kunal asks her if it be of any help. You saw last night how our system works? She refuses to keep quiet.

Neha and Kunal are with the doc. She tells him everything clearly. I am a model. I was in that room last night but it doesn’t mean that I do all that. He agrees to get her tests done. Later, Neha thinks that Kunal was right. I should commit suicide instead. Kunal gives his support to her. We will fight against this system and win!

A storm came in Neha’s life. She only had two choices – to break down or to stand again. She chose the second one. She knew that she wont back down without getting justice.

Inspecotr Yadav is not happy to see Neha at the police station. She submits a letter, photos and the detailed medical report of her case to the Senior Inspector. Inspector Yadav is watching them from far. Senior Inspector agrees to look into the matter. Outside, Inspector Yadav threatens Neha and Kunal. You made a mistake. Now it will cost you dearly.

Mushtaq is at Neha’s house. She is really talented. I thought she will become a very big star one day but. Neha’s parents are confused. Mushtaq says some girls in our industry choose the wrong path to earn money. Neha’s father shows him the door. I trust my daughter. Neha is angry to see Mushtaq there. He smirks. My work here is done. The rest is up to you. He leaves. Neha’s mother asks her about Mushtaq. Neha tells the truth to her parents. They are heartbroken. Neha too cries. Mushtaq was my coordinator but his real work is to run extortion mafia along with Police. I have no fault in this. I have decided not to sit down quietly till the time I get justice. Her mother is not so positive on the idea but her father asks her to fight for justice. You are nowhere at fault. Neha hugs him. Neha hugs her father.

Mushtaq is taking audition of new girls. Neha comes there. Talk in my face if have guts. I will tell everyone your truth. He asks her who will trust her. Your reputation is already gone. She doesn’t care about it. Think about yourself. She advises the girls never to trust this man if they love their dignity.

Neha is at the police station. Neha insists that she has a right to register her case. Senior Inspector sends Inspector Yadav on leave for a few days.

Kunal meets with an accident. Inspector Yadav is responsible for it. neha is with Kunal in the hospital when she receives Yadav’s call. He hints that people can even lose their life in an accident. Anything can happen next time. Neha reacts all confidently. Next time you wont be able to do anything. Kunal too nods positively at her.

Police Headquarters, CST:
Commissioner reaches Police Headquarters. Neha is already waiting outside to meet him. She is holding her file in her hand. Two lady constables try to stop her but she keeps telling him about her. I have been raped by a police officer! I want justice. Commissioner is certainly taken aback her words. He asks ACP Patil to find out more about her case. He takes Neha inside.

Neha tells everything to the Commissioner. I believe that system will help me get justice. Please do not disappoint me. He calls ACP Patil inside. Commissioner apologizes to her on behalf of the entire police force. I am personally going to look into this case. ACP Patil comes in. SI Yadav is on off. Commissioner asks him to call all the Inspectors. Set up an enquiry with everyone who is involved in this case. We have to help Neha so people don’t stop believing in police.

All the culprits are nabbed. A case was registered on them. Neha got justice in the end.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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