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Solapur, Maharashtra, 2015:
A lady reaches a forest type place. A girl takes her to some place. The lights outside continue to flicker. The girl (Aastha) disappears when afterwards. The lady’s hands are bloodied. The lady wakes up with a start and goes out to look for her.

Aastha disappeared around 4 years ago. A lot more kids disappeared too. All the mothers saw a similar dream afterwards. What was the story behind that door?

Solapur Police Station, 7 months later:
Savita’s husband tells her to stop. People have started getting upset with us. She reasons that they cannot give up. Supriya (her SIL) supports Savita.

Savita cries looking at Aastha’s pic. I don’t know where she is! I don’t know where I will find her! Supriya comforts her. 30

kids are missing. Vitthal Kaka (a neighbour) adds that 1 more kid is missing since morning. No one can find Nandu anywhere. He is a naughty kid. Sarika greets him. He gives her mangoes. He reminisces how Aastha too loved mangoes. Sarika asks him to bring something else tomorrow. Supriya asks him if his owner doesn’t like fruits. You always distribute them amongst kids. Vitthal Kaka replies that his owner stays out of town for work. Sarika goes inside. Vitthal Kaka too leaves.

All the ladies have seen the same dream. Sarpanch explains that these dreams are a sign from the kids to tell you that your kids are dead. They are trying to contact you through the dreams. Vitthal Kaka says if a mother believes it that her kid is alive then they surely are alive.

The kids try to escape. Someone enters in that place. A kid is halfway up the window when the guy pulls him down and kills him.

Sarika wants to go for some district level game. Her mother doesn’t want her to go as it is in some other town. Sarika doesn’t want to sit at the house because of fear. Will you keep me at the house when it will be my boards next time? She requests her mother. It’s been my dream to play for the district level. I am going to some other village. My teachers will be with me. That place will be safer than this village. Please let me fulfil my dreams. Supriya gives in. I want you to get everything in life. I know you will win this game. She gives Ganpati idol to Sarika. Supriya requests Sarika’s teacher to make her talk to Sarika once in a day. He nods.

The bus halts at a dhaba. Sarika and her friend wants to use the washroom but it is too smelly. The other girl is against going towards the bushes but Sarika wants to pee urgently. Sarika goes to towards the bushes when someone kidnaps her. Later, her teacher and Sarika’s parents talk to the dhaba guy. Sarika is smart enough to raise her voice. She goes downstairs near the toilet. Police is with them. They check in the bushes also but in vain.

Sarika is tied up in the same place. Her mouth is also gagged. She hears some noise and is scared. The lights are also flickering. A guy comes there. He has a big knife in his hand. He advances towards Sarika. He says something to her and then caresses her face. He goes away.

Police blames the parents for being irresponsible. Vitthal Kaka says no one will do anything. I just found out about Sarika. Everyone wants money. Police doesn’t think of our pain. We are common people. Supriya faints.

Even police faces problems in solving some cases. They too have no explanation for some things.

1 week later:
Supriya and her husband are at the police station. Constable tells them that they are investigating the case. There has been no call from anyone for ransom. Generally girls are kidnapped for ransom or for flesh trade. We will update you when we get any info. Vitthal and his owner (Damodar Lal) meet them there. Vitthal Kaka requests him to talk to the big officers. They may help the couple. Damodar agrees to help them. Vitthal shares with the couple that another couple has started seeing the same dream. Surely some spirits are behind it. Supriya denies. Someone is doing it intentionally. Sarika is a brave girl. She will surely fight back.

Sarika breaks open the cloth from around her mouth. She opens the ropes from around her hand and foot. She finds a window. She hears the same sound and puts everything back in place. She lies down on the floor again (with her back towards the gate and everything tied loosely around the same places). He laughs seeing her thus. I will give you an easy death if you continue to be a good girl. Sarika gets out in the alley as soon as the guy leaves. She finds more kids there. She frees them from the bondages. They call that man an animal. He will eat us. Sarika assures them that nothing will happen to them. She picks up a saw. We will run away tonight itself. We will kill him if he tries to attack us. I promise you. They hear the sound of that man approaching them. Sarika hurriedly ties the hands and foot of the kids. She hides behind a big contained. The kids cry upon seeing him. He frees the foot of one of the kid and takes him with him. Sarika frees the other kid and signals him to be quiet. Stay here and don’t be afraid. She very carefully moves in the direction where the guy had gone.

The guy tells the kid to be quiet. I love blood, especially kid’s blood. I will hurt you here. Your blood will flow. You will cry and yearn for life. Scream. The kid cries out in fear. He notices Sarika. She signals him to be quiet. She screams as she tries to attack the guy.

Supriya wakes up and finds Sarika standing there. She takes her mother to the same place. Supriya wants to rest for a while. Sarika wants her to come. I have promised those kids to save them. You promise me that you will save them. They start walking again. Sarika brings Supriya to the same place. She leaves Supriya’s side before that door. Supriya wants to come with him but Sarika tells her against it. You cannot come with me. I have gone very far. Fulfil my promise. Save those kids. Supriya calls out for Sarika but in vain. Supriya faints. Supriya wakes up screaming Sarika’s name. Her husband rushes to her. Supriya tells him about her dream. She needs our help. We have to fulfil her promise.

The guy puts both the kids in a room and closes the door. All the people set out to look for the missing kids. Supriya thinks of the way which Sarika had shown her in the dream and guides them. The guy gets ready to kill the kids. The villagers are inching closer to that place. The guy takes the same kid. You got saved yesterday but it is your turn today. I saw the fear on your face when I killed that girl in front of you. It was fun. I will play the same game tonight. The villagers reach Damodar Das’s place. Supriya’s husband says this is why police wasn’t helping us. They find a secret passage. The guy thinks of killing both the kids together. Supriya screams when she sees that particular door. This is where Sarika left me. the other ladies too had seen it in their dream. A guy breaks open the door. The guy’s hood falls. It is none other than Vitthal Kaka. His game is over finally.

Vitthal was mentally ill. He was an old Kaka for the village kids but no one had any idea about the evil that was inside him. Damodar used to give money to police to save himself for something or the other. Vitthal misused it.

Vitthal accepts his crimes. I killed all those kids. I cut them in pieces. I enjoy seeing kids in blood. I enjoy seeing them screaming for help. He asks the inspector if he has ever eaten the flesh of a 5 year old kid. There is nothing sweeter than that. I will resume this once I get out of there. I will grab a kid and cut him in small pieces. He laughs at his thoughts.

Vitthal had killed 25 kids. He had abused lot many kids, ate the flesh of many. Supriya couldn’t save her daughter but she fulfilled Sarika’s promise. This would have continued if Supriya hadn’t believed her daughter. Vitthal is in jail. No one can still understand how such an old guy kidnap so many kids. The age of these kids varied from 11-15 years. It is still a thing to wonder how he did all this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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