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Hazratganj, Lucknow, 2015:
Leela is lying on the bed staring blankly at the wall. She is not well. Her daughter sits by her side. She hears some sounds and notices a shadow outside the window. She goes out to check but sees no one. She returns inside and finds blood stains on her mother’s duvet.

Hazratganj Police Station:
Shabnam Ali (reporter) tries to ask Inspector Tiwari about the murder case. He too has no clue if it was indeed a murder. Plus we don’t have time. He scolds her and tells her to leave.

Shabnam reports the news. There have been 4 deaths so far in the same area. The body parts were scattered in different parts of the city. Did they all have any enemy? Why is it becoming so difficult to find a clue!

Property dealer Yadav gets down from

his car as the signal is not good enough. He suddenly notices something / someone and starts running. He stumbles and then screams out loud.

Shabnam reaches the crime spot. She questions Inspector Tiwari again who refuses to tell her anything. She tries to record it. Constable updates Inspector.

Shabnam follows Inspector Tiwari to Charbaug. They find another body part (hand) there. A guy tells Shabnam that he saw that hand floating in the river.

6 deaths back to back! This was the first time such serial killings were happening in Lucknow. It was a task of someone with a mental problem

Shabnam meets CBI Officer Avinash Singh. He has come to investigate the serial killings. We are having a tough time finding a breakthrough. If you print these pics then the people will lose trust on us. We can work together. You can share info with us if you get any clue. Maybe some criminal or person says something to you that he is not comfortable in telling us or maybe you witness something weird. She thanks him for trusting her. He gives her a file to photocopy.

Inspector Tiwari stops his jeep for his fellow Inspector to use the loo when he hears someone screaming. He gets down seeing what happened. The guy returns and finds only Inspector Tiwari’s hand at the spot.

Avinash is tensed as the pressure is building. Builder Yadav was some relative of the minister and now Tiwari is dead too. Shabnam wants to meet the family members of the victims. Avinash allows her but asks her to be careful.

Shabnam is reading the file. She records her statement in her phone that she will be meeting the family of victims tomorrow in Aawas Vikas Colony. The victims belong to that colony only.

Aawas Vikas Colony:
Shabnam comes to meet Mrs. Trivedi. Her daughter (Jyoti) shares that her mother is unwell. I can talk to you. I was in college. I got news that papa is missing. We found his incomplete body parts in a few days. My brother too disappeared then. Ma has stopped talking altogether. Jyoti knows Inspector Tiwari too. Did he get transfer?

Shabnam records another statement. If Inspector Tiwari knew this already then why did he not write it in the file? What’s the relation with builder Yadav? I will go there again tomorrow.

Shabnam comes to the place where Shakeel Ansari and Vivek Pandey used to stay. She enquires with a vendor outside. He says no one else lived there. No one came to ask anything about them since then. Its good that they died. They were good for nothing, used to spend their days in the club.

Shabnam comes to the club. She asks a passerby. He shares that it has been closed down since long. 4 people have died here only. They all used to come here regularly. There is another guy (Moses) who used to come here often. He lives near the church.

Shabnam comes to Moses’s house. He is not opening the door. Shabnam requests him to let her in. I will help you get police protection. He allows her in. Moses says I knew everyone will die. Tiwari knew it too but he dint do anything. Tiwari closed the case then and there only. No one can save those who are supposed to die. Everyone will die!

2 months ago:
Builder Yadav talks to the club members about making the society people agree. He talks to making a complex there. I will give all the residents plots in my new complex. Just make them sign the property papers. Trivedi and Shakeel take charge of doing it. You will get it in two weeks time.

Trivedi and Shakeel Ansari come to meet Genelia. She is feeding her dogs. They are scared of dogs. Please tie them inside. She refuses to do so. They are my babies. Trivedi tells her about the proposal. She is not interested. I don’t want to sell it. Trivedi tries to lure her for money. She retorts angrily.

Genelia scolds the club members for playing loud music at night. Amar (Trivedi’s son) replies rudely. The dogs bark at them for talking rudely to their master.

Trivedi wants to close this deal at any cost. We will get loads of money from the builder if we succeed. We will be able to repay our loan. Leela (Trivedi’s wife) thinks of talking to Genelia.

Next day, Leela comes to meet Genelia. She calls Genelia’s babies dogs. Genelia is not happy. Leela talks about staying together in the new flats. Your kids can stay with us too. genelia does not want to sell the house. My husband left me followed by my kids. I want to live with my babies too. They are too big for the flat. Leela suggests her to get smaller dogs then. You feed street dogs and bring them home. Genelia scolds her but Leela retorts. Genelia’s dog bites Leela.

Trivedi knocks at Genelia’s house. Leela has got injection for rabies. Genelia says my babies have those injections already. Trivedi demands for money. Genelia calls Trivedi and her son illiterate fools. She throws money at Trivedi. Amar vows to throw her and her dogs out of this house at any cost.

Shakeel is going for namaz. One of the dogs touches him. Shakeel tells Genelia to keep her dogs away. He tainted me. I was going for namaz. We find the scattered pieces of beef everywhere. You have made things so impure for us. Genelia asks him if talking like this makes him pure enough. Trivedi too tells her to go somewhere else with her dogs or they will throw her out of here. Genelia instead tells them to leave from here or next time I will leave these dogs after you.

All those who died had troubled Genelia aunty some time in life. But was it Genelia aunty who was taking her revenge? Or was it someone else?

Inspector Tiwari is at Genelia’s house along with the other club members. You feed beef to the dogs. The pieces are found lying around. You can instigate a mob here. You will have to come to the police station. She understands their plan but refuses to sell her house. I will come to police station tomorrow.

Genelia notices some men outside her house. They were trying to feed something to her dogs. Genelia immediately rushes inside and gives water to her babies. She calls Inspector Tiwari and complains against the club members. Inspector Tiwari tells her that many people’s money have been invested in this. We will have to use other options to get the house if you don’t agree on your own. I can help you but if the problem increases then even I wont be able to help you.

At night, Genelia wakes up as the club members are again playing loud music, lighting crackers. Genelia comes outside to question them. She scolds them. Moses is also one of them. Amar and the other guys surround her. Amar breaks the beer bottle on her head. Leela shouts from inside the house. Beat her. She made her dogs bite me. Amar and the guys continue to beat her while the dogs keep shouting from inside. Trivedi, Shakeel, Yadav and Inspector Tiwari return. They are shocked to see this. Inspector Tiwari tells them to cut Genelia’s body parts and scatter them around the city. Genelia looks at her babies standing in the window as she breathes her last.

Present: Moses says Trivedi dint return from the market since that night. His body parts were torn and scattered all over the city. Then it came to Amar, Shakeel and the other guys. Shabnam tells him to go to the police station. They will save you. He is sure it is Genelia aunty’s ghost who is doing this. Shabnam says there is nothing like ghost. Someone knew your secret. He is using it against you. Shabnam goes out to update Avinash. Moses is sitting inside all scared. Suddenly he runs past her. Shabnam too follows him. In between, Genelia’s babies appear and start following Moses. Genelia’s ghost appears there too. The babies tear off Moses’s lungs. Shabnam reaches there with Avinash. They find Moses’s hands.

Shabnam records her statement in her phone yet again. Do dogs have feelings too? If it wasn’t so then why did Sheru and Tommy took revenge for aunty’s death? If they are merely dogs who cannot think or feel anything then why did they killed all those people who had harmed aunty? Why dint they instead eat those parts themselves?

Shabnam solved the case but never made this news public. She thought that it was justified. What those people did to Genelia aunty was not at all right. Sheru and Tommy took aunty’s revenge but their Talash is still on!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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